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THE BACHELOR: Hometown Visits

February 22, 2011 by  

If you watched THE BACHELOR Monday night, I’m guessing you weren’t at all surprised by who went home. Going to the hometowns of the women is always a little awkward and I can’t imagine the weirdness for the contestants as they introduce the bachelor to their families for the first time on camera. Plus, imagine being the girl he picks in the end and then having to see him getting along so well with the other families? Eek.

But during tonight’s episode, it became crystal clear one woman was having a really hard time bringing Brad into her life and she wouldn’t be part of the competition for long.

Poor Shawntel N. She was doomed as soon as she took Brad to her job, which just happened to be at a funeral home. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a grown man look so petrified as Brad did on their tour, and she completely lost him when she had him lay down on her table and she showed him her embalming tools.

Making matters worse was the obvious tension with Shawntel’s family. Her father was under the impression Shawntel would be taking over the family business in Chico, but since Brad’s life was in Austin, she broke the news to her dad that if Brad chose her, she might be moving to Texas with him. Sure, Brad and her family smoothed things out by the end of the night — and the cynical side of me couldn’t help but wonder if things would have gone as well if cameras weren’t there — but would you want to be the person to knowingly take someone away from their family and always have to deal with that fallout?

When Shawntel N. told Brad she loved him, that was apparently enough for him to realize he shouldn’t keep her around. So when it came time for the rose ceremony, she was sent home.

So let’s talk about the remaining girls:

Chantal O.: Honestly, she doesn’t leave that big of an impression. I know Brad majorly bonded with her father and I do wonder if that will play into his decision, but unless something goes terribly wrong with one of the other girls next week, I’m guessing she’ll be the odd woman out next episode. The spark that seems to be there with Emily and Ashley just isn’t as obviously strong with Chantal.

Ashley: If she can stop being insecure about their relationship — which honestly is understandable given the circumstances, but I also can’t blame him for being put-off by– she’ll go far. The Ashley homedate was the most relaxed Brad appeared to be all episode, both with her and with her family.

Emily: Yes, it’s clear she has chemistry with Brad and he’s obviously crazy about her…but her past keeps coming between them.  Emily isn’t over her dead fiance and she comes with a built-in family thanks to her daughter. Emily and Brad have taken turns pulling back from each other during the run of the show, with the latest being Brad unwilling to kiss Emily with her daughter upstairs, so at some point, they’re going to need to decide whether they’re in this or they’re not.

Which girl are you leaning towards at this point? Did the hometown visit change your view on any of the relationships?

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