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GREY’S ANATOMY Recap: ‘No Responsibility’

February 25, 2011 by  

Wow, lots to talk about in this week’s GREY’S ANATOMY! Clearly the writers have been listening to my requests for a meatier episode after a few weeks of relatively uneventful ones. This Thursday’s hour, while still pretty light in tone, was packed full of juicy developments. Let’s get started!

It’s all about couple issues on GREY’S right now. First up, we have Meredith and Derek, who are still determined to have kids. Problem is, the fertility treatments are causing Mer to lose her eyesight. It gets so bad that she can’t even do surgeries anymore, and even then she hesitates to follow Lucy’s order to stop the treatments. (Can you blame her though? Derek’s hair genes are just too good to go to waste.)

Richard and Adele are dealing with health issues as well. Adele is back in the ER for the second week in a row, after injuring herself in yet another fall. What’s worse, she’s still having the same memory issues that Meredith unsuccessfully tried to tell the Chief about last time. This time he pays attention, ordering Bailey to run a bunch of tests. When all the tests come back negative, Richard has no choice but to break down and admit there might be a neurological issue. He asks Derek to examine her, but apparently that’s not going to happen immediately because the episode is over and Derek still hasn’t done it. That’s okay – it just means we have even more Loretta Devine guest appearances to look forward to! I’ve missed Adele.

If it’s not medical issues bothering the couples of GREY’S, it’s emotional ones. Cristina and Owen, out of nowhere, end up in a fight about whether or not they’ll have kids. Even though Cristina has been very clear about not wanting any little ones in her future, apparently Owen thinks she’ll change her mind when she gets older. Cristina firmly tells him that that’s not going to happen, and really I have to take her side on this one. C’mon Owen – knowing everything you know about Cristina, do you really think she’s going to budge on this? It’s kind of condescending that you would expect her to. Yes, sometimes people change their minds about having kids, but if you marry someone you marry them for who they are in the present, not for who you hope they’ll be down the line. Cristina has always been upfront about not wanting a family, and you knew that going in. I hope the writers have Cristina stick to her guns on this issue, because honestly it would be insulting for her character to change an outlook she’s held since season one just for Owen. I understood when Arizona decided she wanted children. With Cristina, it just wouldn’t make sense.

Speaking of Arizona, she’s having a pretty hard time with the idea that Mark is always going to be in the picture with her and Callie from now on. This comes after an argument between the three of them about whether or not Callie should have an amnio done. Mark makes it very clear that while he doesn’t always expect to win, he is not going to be left out of any decisions involving his baby. The whole situation is far from ideal for Arizona, and it looks like she has a lot of thinking to do.

On a happier note, major developments are happening for Lexie and Jackson! Lexie is still casting longing looks in Mark’s direction, but Jackson and his pretty, pretty eyes are there every time. He tells her that she can do better than being a background player in the Mark/Callie/Arizona drama, and when Lexie jokingly asks him if he’s the “better” guy in that scenario, he says he sure is. Damn, his eyes really are gorgeous. I’ve noticed them before, but the close-up shots in this episode are hypnotizing.  I am DROWNING. Lexie obviously is too, because at the end of the episode she and Jackson hook up at last in a hot shower scene. (Of course no shower scene will ever compare to McSteamy walking out of a hotel bathroom in a very loose towel…but this one’s still pretty good.)

The new couple is almost caught when April walks in the bathroom to tell Lexie some surprising news, which brings us to the most WTF development of the episode. Remember Dr. Stark, the guy who I affectionately refer to as evil Dr. Stark because he’s, you know, evil? The guy who doesn’t care about anyone? Well apparently he has a heart after all, and April is the one to find it. She manages to change his mind when he wants to call social services on a couple who can’t take the best care of their son since the mother is struggling with Alzheimer’s. April convinces Dr. Stark that the parents are doing the best they can under difficult circumstances and it’s in the best interest of the family to stay together. Apparently it’s the first time in ten years anyone has changed his mind about anything, and he’s so impressed that he asks her on a date. Yes, you read that right. Even more shocking…April accepts! April…and Dr. Stark…are going on a date. A date…where sex could happen.Well, probably not on the first date, what with April still carrying her V-card, but the very thought makes me yell “Ew!” at my television. At the same time I’m pretty intrigued by this crazy pairing. Will it be a complete disaster? Or the start of something really interesting? I guess we’ll have to wait until GREY’S returns to find out…

That’s it for this week! What did you think? Will April and Dr. Stark’s romance crash and burn or will they be oddly good together? Do you think Lexie is truly over Mark? And will Arizona be able to cope with her situation or will she cut and run? Let us know your opinion in the comments section!


One Response to “GREY’S ANATOMY Recap: ‘No Responsibility’”

  1. Magy on February 25th, 2011 8:36 pm

    Every week I read this review and every week I’m always surprised that it doesn’t get any comments, while Bones gets about five hundred. I think Grey’s is worthy of some conversation, too, so I’m going to stick my neck out here.

    I totally agree about the Cristina and Owen thing. Owen is an idiot if he’s expecting Cristina to change. And she better not. I will be epicly pissed if she’s suddenly like, “OMG, I just discovered my maternal instincts and now cannot live without a baby.” But, I have to admit, I did see where Owen was coming from at the end of the episode, when Cristina immediately jumped from “we disagree about having kids” to “I think we might need to get a divorce.” In all fairness, Owen didn’t say the kid question is a make or break thing. All he wanted her to do was think about it again in a couple of years. I thought it was a little bit obnoxious that she basically threatened him with divorce so quickly.

    I totally felt for Arizona at the end of the episode. I loved her comment about how Callie is basically living the bisexual dream life. It’s kind of true. Callie has everything she ever wanted and Arizona is caught in an awkward position. I’m curious to see how this one plays out. A part of me wants Mark to back off a bit and let Callie and Arizona just BE together for a while. I think they really need it.

    Oh, MerDer. There are no words for how much I love you. When I watch them bicker over house plans and his-and-her sinks, I just get so happy. I mean, wasn’t it just five years ago that they were having angst sex in an exam room? I cannot even say how much I LOVE how far they’ve come. They are just so sweet and married and adorable.

    Um, and about Jackson’s eyes? Can I just say: holy shit?!? *fans self* He is sooo gorgeous. What is it with Lexie and attracting these BEAUTIFUL men? I’m a little jealous. Okay, a lot. But seriously. SOOO pretty.

    Anyway, I guess I’ll stop rambling now. Can’t wait for new episodes and more of shirtless Jackson! I’m lovin’ it.