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SMALLVILLE Recap: ‘Scion’

March 5, 2011 by  

After finding themselves in quite a mess on last week’s episode — which was a tribute of sorts to THE HANGOVER — things were toned down a bit in the latest SMALLVILLE episode entitled “Scion”! That’s not to say that this week’s storyline was boring in the least!

In a major turn of events, Tess’ big gift to Lois and Clark was awesome. Of course we knew what was about to go down since SMALLVILLE has managed to stir up such a buzz in its last season. But who really could have guessed that Alexander was going to turn out to be Connor Kent of all things?!

And did you imagine that Tess turn into such a softy! I like it! She’s actually nervous, especially when she pays a visit to the Kent farm to drop a huge bomb on Clark and ask him for a favor. She wants Clark to guide Alexander — who was now Connor — with his super powers. Tess explains to Clark that Connor shares half his DNA. A definite attention grabber, right?! It was like watching scenes from a superhero soap opera mixed in with a little Maury Povich to boot!

The face off between Clark and Connor was great! Familiar with all those unsure feelings and a need to discover his own beginnings, Connor tries to leave the farm until Clark shows him he’s just as fast and equally powerful! Connor has also inherited heat vision as well, and nearly burns a whole right through Lois, literally, until Clark saves him!

After finding out who Connor is, Lois takes the words right out of my mouth when she asks if Connor is the love child of Lex and Clark?! Yes, this is slightly strange, but did make for a good storyline! And while Clark continues to train Connor with chores around the farm, Lionel is still out to find his son, and Tess and Lois have teamed up to take him down. After Lois shoots down Tess’ plot to kill off Lionel, their only option is to prove that Lionel isn’t the real thing and they manage to.

Fast forwarding past the scenes where Lionel meets up with Connor and gives him a red kryptonite ring that has him crazy and violent towards his crush Lois, Tess manages to score the old Lionel’s fingerprints and prove Lionel 2.0 a fraud. Lois nearly dies before Lionel is escorted right out of Luthorcorp and laced with nano transmitters so that Tess can track him.

By the show’s end Connor is straight again, Lois is fine, Lionel has walked away and Clark resembles Jonathan Kent to the tee! Being a huge fan of John Schneider’s former character on the show, this new little Kent family is intriguing and fills that void I have been missing for season after season! A little visit from Chloe and Oliver would have completed things but you can’t have it all!

Unfortunately we have to wait until April 15th when SMALLVILLE returns to find out how Connor will do now that Clark has enrolled him at Smallville high. It looks like showrunners are really trying to give us all they can before the show ends.

Until April, SMALLVILLE fans! In the meantime tell us what you thought about Connor Kent coming to the show!

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