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THE CHICAGO CODE’s Devin Kelley and Todd Williams Tease Vonda and Isaac Getting Closer

March 7, 2011 by  

Ever since THE CHICAGO CODE’s pilot episode, the connection between Vonda and Isaac has been obvious. But how far will their relationship go?

I caught up with series stars Devin Kelley (Vonda) and Todd Williams (Isaac) at the AMERICAN IDOL Top 13 party and they dished on Vonda and Isaac growing closer, what cases are coming up and more…

Have you been getting a lot of fan feedback from the first four episodes?
Devin Kelley: Being that this is my first thing, I haven’t had a lot of fan feedback, but as a whole, [THE CHICAGO CODE creator] Shawn Ryan has a killer fanbase and they’re pretty tough. And Chicago cops, and cops in general, they’re pretty tough critics. So I think if we’re winning their praise, we’re doing something right.

Todd Williams: That’s what’s been encouraging — to know that actual police gravitate [towards the show]. You want to make sure things are as authentic as possible.

DK: You want to not be phony bologna and we’ve been noticed for doing some good work.

Yeah, as a viewer it certainly feels believable. What can you tease about what’s coming up?
DK: We have quite the rollercoaster for our viewers. Just specifically between Vonda and Isaac, we get bumped up to organized crime division so there’s drugs busts, there’s a big shootout, we’ve got chase scenes. Can’t get enough of chase scenes!

TW: Not at all. Grabbing and dragging people out of bed, getting shot at, chasing them down and tackling people.

Why do the perps always run? That’s what I always yell at my TV during those scenes.
DK: That’s what I’m asking!

TW: It keeps us fit.

DK: When we get a script that says, “Vonda and Isaac run for 15 million yards,” I’m like running up and down Lake Michigan, trying to get in shape. Take two, you feel all right. Take 15, however, is like huff and puff city.

TW: It’s all about the appropriate shoes. At first they tried to give me the stylish shoes and they weren’t really working out —

DK: — so we went for orthopedic [shoes].

TW: Actually they have these boots that they look heavy, but you put them on and they’re light as a feather. It’s the utility belt that’s the problem.

DK: Oh yeah. You tack on 15 pounds with that.

TW: You have guns, you have this, you have that.

DK: So professionally speaking, that’s what’s coming. Personally, Vonda and Isaac get to know each other a little more better, I’d say.

TW: Yeah.

How much better do they get to know each other?
DK: I would say we get to know each other in a way that Uncle Jarek would not be proud of. Maybe. Possibly. Jarek has a temper so [Isaac] better watch his back.

Out of the characters on TV right now, he’s certainly one I would not want to cross.
TW: Yeah. We butt heads a little bit.

DK: He went postal in the last episode. There needs to be a Jarek and Isaac duke out for Vonda’s love.

TW: Oh, I like that. Season two?

DK: Call Shawn, let him know.

Does Jarek find out what’s going on between the two of you?
TW: Perhaps. See, that’s the thing — I don’t know what to say and what not to say. I love Vonda and Isaac. I love their characters and you get to see them professionally and personally. Most of everyone else, you just get to see them on the job. You get a hint of their personal lives, like Jarek and Teresa. But for [us] — by episode seven, ooh wee.

DK: That’s all he’ll say.

Hide the children!
DK: My parents have been warned to not watch. I will say that.

It’s network TV, how far are you guys going to go?!
DK: Yeah, but still, it’s Mom and Dad. It’s like, shield yourself, okay? They’re good mid-western people.

Fair enough. Any cases you want to tease?
TW: [Tonight’s] episode is centered in Chinatown and there is a little boy who gets his head chopped off. And Jarek and Caleb are pretty much up against Chinatown and the way they dish out justice.

DK: And Isaac discovers a little something about the Irish mob possibly starting to torch houses in order to get insurance business. So Vonda and Isaac tip off Jarek and we help solve a crime.

Will you be tuning in to THE CHICAGO CODE tonight on Fox at 9 PM?

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4 Responses to “THE CHICAGO CODE’s Devin Kelley and Todd Williams Tease Vonda and Isaac Getting Closer”

  1. John Ertel on March 14th, 2011 7:11 pm

    Best show on television, ever!

  2. joann on April 1st, 2011 12:05 pm

    Love this show the entire cast is amazing,hope it gets pick up for second season.

  3. Phil on April 11th, 2011 9:48 pm

    I have watched this show from day one and have enjoyed it but when tonight in the episode “Wild Onions”, your writers felt it was necesssary to add the interacial crap, then I decided to click off the show and cross this show off my list. This baloney may appeal to your liberal viewers but your viewers of the active and retired cops world have left the building.

  4. robin on May 22nd, 2011 6:53 pm

    Hey Phil, you know what? Your comment is bullsh–. I honestly had a little problem with the interrracial aspect, but only from a Black Woman’s perspective of dating. But to throw in that crap about active and retired cops is messed up. I am an active duty law enforcement officer, and I find it stupid and offensive to state that we would all stop watching for that reason.
    Give your racist view if you want, but don’t lump all officers together in your shit..