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THE BACHELOR: Whom Did Brad Pick?

March 15, 2011 by  

Emily or Chantal? Who would Brad pick?

For the past few weeks, the answer seemed super obvious, but tonight, there seemed to be the first real hint of doubt in Brad’s mind.

Brad’s family came to town to visit him and meet the women and they were first introduced to Chantal, whom they loved. Chantal bonded with his family and even Brad seemed smitten for the first time. “If everything works out, I will marry her,” he said.

Well, that was his mindset until his family met Emily. They were a little gun-shy around her, especially when she mentioned she had a kid, but as soon as they heard her past, they warmed up. After Emily left, Brad’s family sang her praises more and everyone pretty much said he should pick Emily. Was that the first time a family so blatantly picked one contestant over the other? In the past, I seem to recall them being portrayed as being more neutral.

But Brad still had two final dates to go on with the women. He went shark diving with Chantal and the duo clearly had physical chemistry, but it wasn’t an ideal date to talk to with someone. Later, Chantal gave him a map of their travels and a note declaring her feelings for him. Brad thanked her, but didn’t reciprocate. I can’t imagine how hard it was for Chantal to watch this and see how often he didn’t return her obvious feelings for him.

Whereas with Emily, he basically couldn’t shut up with how strongly he felt towards her. They had a nice helicopter date exploring South Africa, but things got intense when Emily put him on the hot seat after he said that he wanted to be her daughter’s father. Brad wasn’t shy telling her how much he cares about her, but Emily’s concerns caused him to get agitated and he clearly was second-guessing their relationship.

But in the end, even his doubts about their final date wasn’t enough to turn him away from Emily. When it came time for the final rose ceremony, he told Chantal that the bottom line was, he had stronger feelings for someone else. Brad told Emily she was it, she was his once in a lifetime love and she happily accepted his proposal.

While I don’t doubt that Chantal is heartbroken, thank goodness he picked Emily. After he spent weeks mooning over her, had he ultimately picked Chantal, how horrible would it have been for her to watch what we had seen? The only other girl that seemed to capture his attention in the slightest was Ashley H. and with her gone, there really was no contest.

Brad and Emily are still together now and apparently had planned on getting married today, but that got nixed. Emily appears to be having some doubts and isn’t ready to even move to Austin, so we’ll see where the duo goes from here.

So tell me, are you happy Brad picked Emily?

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