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FRINGE Recap: ‘Bloodline’

March 25, 2011 by  

FRINGE Friday!

Savor this one, kids, because after tonight’s episode, we have a mini-hiatus. Boo! But we did get an early season four renewal, so…yeah, I can deal with this break.

Before we start off with the meat of the episode, did anyone else notice the odd camera angles for certain parts of the hour? Before and as Fauxlivia was kidnapped, when Walternate found out about her being taken, etc, the cameras were at a clear sideways tilt, but when Lincoln’s scenes was shown, he was being shot straight on. Anyone have a theory about that? Or am I reading too much into nothing?

Fauxlivia: Tonight’s episode was perhaps the most vulnerable and badass we’ve ever seen either Olivia persona. This is not at all a knock towards the original Olivia, but there is something different in a woman when she is also fighting for the life of her unborn baby. Fauxlivia only had herself to count on after she was kidnapped and doctors accelerated her pregnancy. She tried appealing to one of her kidnapper’s human side, but when that didn’t work, she used her previously mentioned badassery to escape from where she was being held. She did what she needed to in order to make it out of there alive.

What the audience knew but Fauxlivia didn’t was that she was the carrier of a disease that made it virtually impossible for her to deliver the baby without it killing her. When she reached full-term near the end of the episode and started going into labor, her only concern was that her baby was okay. She made Lincoln (who we will be talking about in a minute) promise her he’d save the baby, which he reluctantly agreed to.

For a second there, it looked like we lost Fauxlivia. I’m going to be completely honest — I cried. It was a completely unexpected reaction because I didn’t know I cared that much about Fauxlivia. I knew I had gotten past my dislike of her, had started to enjoy her, but at the same time, logically, things would be so much easier if she was dead. Yeah, her kid would still be around, but Peter wouldn’t have to choose between Olivias (and thus would pretty much secure our universe was safe), he could raise the kid in our universe…things would be simple. But when I thought she was dead, I cared. So…congratulations FRINGE writers. I officially want both universes to survive. I fear this doesn’t bode well for my emotional well-being comes the end of this season.

Speaking of our side and the end of the season, Fauxlivia is now a mother. This alt-baby is now a living, breathing human. Peter has a son that he has no idea about. There is no way this doesn’t change everything.

Lincoln: “Though I do think if she was going to cheat on Frank with anyone…you know what? It’s none of my business.” Poor Lincoln. Quietly in love with a woman who was committed to another man, but showed up pregnant by an unknown (to him) third guy. But instead of pouting and rejecting her, he still stood by her. And when he found out she was kidnapped, he did everything he could to find her.

In many ways, Lincoln was the star of the hour. Yes, Fauxlivia kicked butt and delivered a kid and managed to not die while doing it (thanks to the kidnappers progressing her pregnancy faster than the virus could mutate) but wow, Lincoln. When he found Olivia, we got some of the most emotional scenes this series has produced to date. His silence and heartbroken look after Fauxlivia asked if he talked with her mom about the test results killed me.

As far as I can recall, I always liked Lincoln. Never had a problem with him. But during those delivery scenes, he went from being a cool character to one I don’t want to lose. “Just look at me,” he told Fauxlivia. “Don’t think about an hour from now, you don’t think about a minute. We’re going to focus on this moment, okay? It’s you and me.”

I mean, how can you not fall a little in love with a character like that? How could your heart not break a little for this man as he held the woman he loved as she delivered another man’s kid — knowing very likely she would be dying in his arms during the process? A lovely scene.

Lincoln and Fauxlivia had a very Charlie/Claire (LOST) vibe tonight. Maybe it’s an overly obvious comparison, but I hope this doesn’t mean doom for Lincoln. However, Charlie and Lincoln are now on to Walternate, I fear for both of them. They’ve started to put together the alt-Broyles connection and while Walternate admired their talents as agents, I have no doubt he’d have them both killed if it meant avoiding a conflict with his plan.

Also, Lincoln has an unexpected parallel with Peter: not only do they both love the Olivias of their world, but neither was able to tell when they were in the presence of the other Olivia. So if the two ever meet again, they can bond over that fact they can’t tell their women apart.

Henry: I adore that Henry kept checking up on Fauxlivia. Considering what a vital role he played in getting Olivia home, it’s only fitting he helped save Fauxlivia and her baby. Him teaming up with Lincoln was an unexpected delight, and it’s too bad he can’t be a part of the team on a regular basis. I mean, think of how helpful it would be to have shortcuts to ALL of their locations! No? Not gonna happen? Fine. At least let us meet Henry over here, too.

Walternate: He reiterated his “we are not experimenting on children” stance, but apparently that doesn’t apply to his unborn grandkid? Ouch, dude.

But I bought his act. When he tearfully confessed how Fauxlivia infiltrated our universe to Lincoln and blamed himself for the mess with his unborn grandchild, I felt bad for Walternate. After witnessing in “Subject 13” what the loss of Peter did to him, I wondered what would happen if something happened to his grandchild and he felt he caused the mess. Instead, as we found out at the end of the episode, the entire kidnapping was orchestrated by Walternate.

Is it weird to feel betrayed by the “bad” version of a fictional character? Because I kind of do. I wanted to believe the best of him.

Not to mention, his involvement in the entire thing brings up a ton of questions:

– Was Walternate originally planning on stealing the child until Fauxlivia escaped?
– Did he (and the team) know about Fauxlivia’s condition? If so, was this done to save her and the baby?
– Was this done to give Peter a living and breathing reason to come “home”? I feel like that blood sample was taken so it could be sent back to our side, so Peter will have proof there is a kid of his in his “real” universe.
– Will this kid keep speed growing? (Like we saw in season one’s “The Same Old Story”)

There were a few other non-Walternate related questions, too:

– This is the first time we learned how alt-Rachel died, right?
-Apparently in the alt-world THE WEST WING is in season 12? Ha! Wonder what other shows are still going on over there…
– “It is happening.” Um, who are you talking to Observer? What is happening?

My favorite exchange of the night:

Charlie [to Henry]: “Fringe Division, hands on the wheel!”
Lincoln [to Henry]: “Get out of the car!”
Henry: “Which one is it?”

You know, it’s hours like this that make me so incredibly thankful to Fox for the way they’ve treated this show. FRINGE took its time to find its creative footing. Season one showed potential (and in hindsight, an incredible amount of foreshadowing/groundwork being laid towards what we would eventually see), but it wasn’t fully “there” yet. Season two started off a little rough, but by the 2010 episodes, it seemed like everything had finally clicked into place. And now with season three? It’s been incredible. If season three continues the way it’s been so far, it’s going to rank up there as one of my favorite television seasons of all time. I am just so thankful to Fox for trusting the show, the writers, the cast, the fans, etc. enough to pick up the show early, because I’m guessing a lot of fans watched tonight’s episode with a much lighter heart knowing we’re absolutely getting another season.

Okay, so enough emotion from me. What did you guys think of the hour?

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16 Responses to “FRINGE Recap: ‘Bloodline’”

  1. Noita on March 25th, 2011 9:23 pm

    Absolutely loved it! The hiatus sucks but it looks like we have an awesome hour of TV coming.

  2. Morgan on March 25th, 2011 9:29 pm

    I’m still trying to recover.

    I’m also in the same boat. I don’t want the gingerverse to die. I want Lincoln/Fauxlivia to be together.

    This was the most amazing hour of television. I love this show. I love this show so much.

  3. Amy on March 25th, 2011 9:40 pm

    That was my favorite quote too!!! Loved Henry.

    I think walternate knew about her condition and wasn’t willing to take a 20% chance that she could carry to term. Or he waited until those lab results came in and then pulled the trigger on the kidnapping. He is focused on the baby and Peter.

    That heel test is the same one we do to test for PKU as an infant-for whatever that’s worth. Only the baby always screams bloody murder through it!!!

    Loved Lincoln. I felt bad for him when fauxlivia died but not for her. Does that make me bad? But I trust the show to not turn this into a giant love triangle, which is not something I want to see.

  4. Marisa Roffman on March 25th, 2011 10:03 pm

    How amazing is Henry? I want to keep him. Can we keep him?

    It’s amazing how connected I feel to these alt-characters. I don’t mean to imply I love our originals any less — because I don’t — but it’s gotten the point where I would definitely mourn this group if we lost them.

  5. Victorious on March 25th, 2011 10:29 pm

    I am so excited!!! I just can’t put into words how happy I am about Fringe being renewed!!!!

  6. Shelly on March 25th, 2011 10:29 pm

    Incredible hour of television! I, too, started to cry when I thought Fauxlivia was dead. I, too, want both universes to survive. I, too, want to keep Henry.

    Hey, are we sharing a brain? 😉

    I think I pretty much dislike Walternate now. This was the first time John Noble in Fringe reminded me of John Noble in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. He was so despicable there that it took me a while to like Walter. Walternate has now brought that back with a vengeance.

  7. teniba on March 25th, 2011 10:30 pm

    So the only way he had to save a baby is to kidnap a pregnant woman, knowing that she is trained agent and she could have fought back and might have lost the baby while fighting the people he sent to abduct her???

    he might not be the bad guy, but i think he is completely crazy

  8. Neoshia on March 25th, 2011 10:31 pm

    This review nailed all of my feelings on this episode! I loved it. I want to know what Walternate I up to and where the Fringe Division takes it on that side. The scene where she was in labor and Lincoln was holding her brought me to tears. Again, great episode!! I’m so glad we get a fourth season!

  9. Clare on March 26th, 2011 12:43 am

    Like everyone else, I can’t help but love tonight’s ep. We all know we’re in for a wild hour whenever we’re in the alt universe. You were definitely not alone in being forced to tears for Fauxlivia, though mine were also for Lincoln. OH LINCOLN LEE.

    “Also, Lincoln has an unexpected parallel with Peter: not only do they both love the Olivias of their world, but neither was able to tell when they were in the presence of the other Olivia. So if the two ever meet again, they can bond over that fact they can’t tell their women apart.”

    Best point EVER.

  10. Laura on March 26th, 2011 12:09 pm

    I officially put in my vote that she names the baby Henry! 😉

    And how freaking amazing was that birth scene?! (I cried too. And then watched it over again.) So beautifully acted all around. And Walternate! What a shocker! My jaw literally dropped!

    Great recap!

  11. ambershadowz on March 26th, 2011 12:20 pm

    I think considering what Lincoln and Olivia have been thru with Peter and Fauxlivia, if they did end up with them, will they ever be able to trust the feelings of the other two? Won’t they always be thinking that Peter and Fauxlivia are still secretly pining away for each other? Would it make for better drama? Yes, it would, but a better show? It would end up being more like a soap opera and in my opinion Fringe is too good for that. Not to mention it would be too predictable and Fringe is not about predictability. I think the end result would be better if Lincoln and Olivia bonded thru this ordeal. I think it could be a very strong bond in fact. What would happen to both universe’s with this new bond? Well that would leave a whole lot of unpredictability, and thus a better show.

  12. RPA on March 26th, 2011 12:21 pm

    It wouldn’t be that hard for Walternate to find out about Rachel dying when giving birth because of VPE, I think that he knew about Bolivia’s condition and didn’t want to take the risk that she would terminate the pregnancy to save her life, Bolivia wasn’t sure about being a mother, at least not yet. He wanted the kid to survive at all costs, he didn’t care about the mother, even if it meant accelerating the process.

    I couldn’t understand why Walter wanted the test blood for, what you said about sending the test to the other universe makes sense, at first I thought he wanted to test if the baby was really Peter’s.

  13. John on March 26th, 2011 1:12 pm

    I thought the blood test was to confirm to Walternate that the baby really is Peter’s.

    I also wonder if the baby (after more accelerated growing) could power the machine.

  14. Marisa Roffman on March 26th, 2011 1:17 pm

    @Shelly: I think we are! At least we’ll be devastated together if we lose one of the universes.

    @teniba: Very good point. And when Fauxlivia (and Peter) find out what Walternate did, they will kill him.

    @Clare: 🙂 You could just see Lincoln kicking himself over not putting the pieces together.

    @Laura: BABY HENRY! I’d love that. I think naming him Lincoln would be a bit creepy, even if it was sweet. But Henry is perfect.

    @RPA: I was 100% speculating on the blood test. But that’s the nagging thought I had. After all, why would Peter believe anything Walternate said without proof?

    Glad so many of you guys enjoyed the episode, too! 🙂

  15. Cortexifan on March 27th, 2011 11:32 am

    Awesome episode and great recap.
    Watched 3 times already and am still in awe. Great acting and music. Lincoln and Charlie make a great team and I hope they will kick Walternate’s …
    Very intense scenes as they experimented on Fauxlivia and kudos again to Anna Torv. I’ve never really been against Fauxlivia but this episode completely made me feel for her as much as for our Olivia. Walternate not only underestimates his male agents but he for sure has no idea what’s going to come at him through Fauxlivia if she finds out (jmo). There better be some awards showing up at Anna’s doorstep soon.
    I know the wait until the next new episode is long but …
    there are re-runs. And just because we’ve got the hard earned 4th season does not mean to slack off. Fringies, keep watching even the re-runs, keep promoting, keep blogging, keep spreading the word. This is the one show that is worth investing in and in my case I would most likely do anything that I can to do so.
    Fringe rules!

  16. Kristy on April 4th, 2011 11:03 am

    I am so happy that we get a season four!!! You are right, it does make the mini-hiatus tolerable! And, the Lincoln/Fauxlivia dynamic makes me want to keep the alternate universe around. I don’t actually call it Friday anymore, it is now known in my house as Fringeday!
    PS, I’m thinking our Olivia is pregnant too…