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BODY OF PROOF Series Premiere Preview

March 29, 2011 by  

The Dana Delany-led BODY OF PROOF debuts Tuesday night on ABC. Delany plays Dr. Megan Hunt, a former neurosurgeon who became a medical examiner after a car accident left her with a lack of feeling in her hands. She’s a tough woman, who alienated her family by focusing on her career…but she’s not entirely well-received by many of her coworkers, either.

Intrigued? Check out some clips from the series premiere…




Will you be giving BODY OF PROOF a shot?

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2 Responses to “BODY OF PROOF Series Premiere Preview”

  1. Canakatydid on March 29th, 2011 7:41 pm

    I’m confused by it’s regular time…it’s premiering tonight (against The Good Wife…wow!) but then on again (I think) Sunday. What’s its regular time slot?

  2. lucy in chicago on May 20th, 2011 12:18 pm

    Dana Delany is AWESOME and I’m glad she has this show. I like the warmth of the characters, and the intelligence and strength of Dana’s. I DO NOT like the recent changes to the production and set design as seen on the 5/17 “Broken Home” ep. AWFUL. The people were all silhouetted and shadowy, backlit; very very dark and frustrating/annoying to watch. I hate the new paint scheme in Megan’s office, and the general redesign of the “workplace.” Used to be bright and fresh and spacious and colorful, now is dark and ambiguously arranged and crowded/cramped, alienating. YUCK. Megan’s 5″ heels are ridick but they used to get a fun campy cameo in every opening scene which I miss. She’s still in the inappropriate but stylish footwear but now we only see the shoes from a distance so seems pointless. Before it seemed like the shoes were a sub-character emphasizing the vulnerability and stubbornness and deliberate beauty of the lead character, nice counterpoint to the type of serious messy work an ME does. I hate that they have added gratuitous flashbacks to the violent crime taking place now in the ep instead of just the aftermath, clues, and solving it. I do not find violence entertaining and don’t want to see it. Just show us the smarts and the process of solving and bringing justice, not dwelling in gratuitous violence! Also, the episodes are introducing too many unsupported twists/turns late in the ep then rushing to wrap up the crime in the last few mins based on those outta nowhere herky-jerky wild reaches. It’s like the story unfolds at medium pace and draws viewer in with supported logic and then three-qtrs in turns into a pedal-to-the-metal bucking bronto version introducing unsubstantiated theories and veering the story through some U-turns to solve the crime in an unsatisfying 2-min end-of-episode wrap up without the enjoyment or investment of the viewer. I watch Body of Proof b/c of Dana Delany, and am enjoying Windell’s char too, and the characters as played by Geoffrey Arend and Nicholas Bishop, and the progressive developing expansion of John Carroll Lynch’s character, too (though wondering if he has been dropped as he was absent from final ep). Sonja Sohn is leaving me cold with her gutteral cardboard flat delivery no matter what the scene, but maybe it’s the 1-dimensional writing for that character? Good to see Joanna Cassidy on tv again! Hoping her character grows less caricature-like. The mother-daughter relationship is heady fascinating stuff (and this show offers 2 generations of this.) I like smart/vulnerable, emotionally complex character studies; humor (but not clownishness), tenderness, believability (relatability), conflict resolution, romance, caring passionate sex; and absence of either gratuitous drama and/or gratuitous violence. I despise “reality” shows and contests, and seek programming which engages my mind and spirit, and which respectfully deliver the product of inspired creative endeavor. I miss Judging Amy, and am a huge fan of The Closer.