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Dancing with the Stars Recap – Week 2

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With eliminations this week, the contestants tried their best to increase their scores and most of them got into a groove. Romeo stopped complaining about looking feminine and instead went the polar opposite, constantly flirting. Even Wendy managed to bring some personality out despite her obvious dancing difficulties.

But I really dislike the fact that several teams had to rely on props this early into the competition in hopes that it would boost their appeal. The pros know that Len is not a fan of routines that depend on props, so I’m surprised they thought that was a good idea.

I’ve never been a big fan of host Brooke Burke, who took over for Samantha Harris, but she was definitely channeling her inner Elvira during this episode. Whoever dresses her should be fired. The contestants, whose interviews seemed really off, might’ve been distracted by a number of things, her outfit choice probably being one of them. And then there was the point when Brooke just blatantly cut Dmitry off — who, by the way, needs just as much help trying to portray a likable personality.

But I digress. Let’s get to the performances and break things down…

Sugar Ray Leonard & Anna Jive – Sugar Ray was happy that his posture wasn’t criticized too much, but was worried about the speed of this week’s dance. Anna tried to put some boxing into the choreography and I got this horrible image in my head of Sugar Ray beating her down. For some unknown reason, their performance began in black and white. I liked the fun in the beginning of the routine, but the side-by-side looked horrible. Anna tried her best to make sure that Sugar Ray looked decent, but he needed to work on his arms.

Len thought Sugar Ray lacked any refinement, but was entertained. Bruno thought the dance was pleasant to watch, but his kicks needed sharpness. Carrie Ann thought he was engaged, but his lower half needed to be less wild. Score: 17 (6,5,6)

Kendra Wilkinson & LouisQuickstep – Kendra wanted to make sure that she had elegance, but she seemed to lack the ability to look ladylike. Louis tried his best to make sure that she was feminine, however she started to second guess herself. She was in tears trying to be someone different. As the team danced, their side-by-side was decent. I thought they started off a bit slow, but they maintained strong energy throughout the performance.

Bruno thought Kendra tried too hard and needed to portray the right style. Carrie Ann understood that Kendra was good at learning choreography, but felt she needed to gain more elegance. Len thought the posture was hit or miss, but there was improvement. Score: 19 (7,6,6)

Chelsea Kane & MarkJive – Chelsea was really happy about her performance last week, but this week she wanted to break away from the pack. She was worried about the aggressive choreography with Mark incorporating unnecessary kicks into the routine. I never thought I’d ever hear Panic! at the Disco on DANCING WITH THE STARS, nor did I ever expect the outfits. The dancing actually wasn’t that bad, but I was distracted by the horrible arrangement the band had, changing the lyrics.

Carrie Ann thought the dance wasn’t jive enough, she has potential, but there wasn’t enough content. Len thought it was too much and he knows that Chelsea has potential. Bruno liked the weirdness of the routine, but felt the jive needed to be sharper. Score: 18 (6,5,7)

Chris Jericho & CherylQuickstep – Chris said that Cheryl is the most aggressive teacher he’s ever had. He struggled with frame during the practice, but I was surprised how light Chris was this week after how robotic he was last week. However, he again lucked out with a quintessential quickstep song. I would hope that in the future, he can control his mouth movements because he’s been going back and forth from the weird open mouth to a smile.

Len said that he was light of foot and had a good frame. Bruno thought he was a gazelle dancing. Carrie Ann loved the performance. Score: 23 (8,7,8)

Petra Nemcova & Dmitry Jive – Petra was worried about her height, but more so about the tricks in her dance this week. Dmitry brought her to a trampoline to gain fearlessness. Although she started a second ahead of the song, she recovered. I didn’t think Petra was comfortable with the routine at all, she kept looking down and then in the middle of the performance, she stood there with Dmitry. I didn’t think it was planned at all. The fact that she was reduced to dancing on the judges table was a bad sign.

Bruno thought that she needed to work on her core strength. Carrie Ann saw sharp kicks and flicks, she agreed about the core. Len thought the technique wasn’t good, but she was beautiful dancing. Score: 18 (6,6,6)

Kirstie Alley & MaksQuickstep – Kirstie was happy to get eights last week, but the two were worried about the quickstep because of its speed. Kirstie couldn’t catch the Maks train. Kirstie asked if Maks’ skinny partners struggled as much and he said that she needed to find her inner confidence. Kirstie then thought she was “winning.” Kirstie definitely benefitted from a long skirt, but she did manage to keep up with Maks. She showed some fear on her face, but when the song got to the chorus with the spinning sequence, Kirstie found some groove. I loved how Maks incorporated the spins into the dip at the end and the fact that he managed to support her weight was equally commendable.

Carrie Ann loved how Kirstie was in her element; she’s in tune with her body. Len thought she was losing energy and there were slight hiccups. At that point, Kirstie cursed and was muted out. Bruno pointed out that talent outweighs weight, he agreed about the loss of energy, but tried to give a positive critique in the end. Score: 20 (7,6,7)

Mike Catherwood & LaceyJive – Mike gave Lacey flowers to apologize for his horrible performance last week. He knew he had to dance to succeed. Mike said doing silly things during dance rehearsals was a defense mechanism. Lacey pointed out that Mike still has a “chance” to succeed. That’s the most lukewarm confidence she could muster up. Mike started this week’s routine on top of a platform and faked guitar strumming. Then he tried to throw the guitar, but it looked like whomever was catching it probably missed. Mike was as awkward as he was last week and his jump off the platform was unnecessary. He showed confidence in his face during the side-by-side section. I was afraid that one of his really odd kicks would eventually get Lacey in the face, but she survived. Lacey tried her best to put a very intricate sequence at the end, but that probably wasn’t enough to outweigh the awkward.

Len thought the dance was better, but he looked frantic. Bruno thought there were moments of good, but he looked like a fly stuck on flypaper. Carrie Ann thought the kicks were better, but she thought the dance was performed in sections instead of as a whole. Score: 17 (6,5,6)

Romeo & ChelsieQuickstep – Chelsie and Romeo wanted to portray a 60s prom kind of theme, but Chelsie said it still had to be romantic. Romeo was just silly during rehearsals and didn’t understand the difference between being a gentleman and a flirt. The two performed to a classic from GREASE, so it was probably really easy for Chelsie to choreograph. Their hops seemed a bit uneasy. Chelsie tried her best to infuse that 60s spirit into the dance. There were some shots of Romeo that showed fear in his face, but he quickly regained composure and created a smile.

Bruno thought Romeo was the one to watch in the competition, he was seamless and musical; he suggested fixing the posture. Carrie Ann agreed and emphasized that his posture and dynamic were improved. Len thought the quickstep was the best of the night. Score: 23 (7,8,8)

Wendy Williams & Tony Quickstep – Wendy listened to the critiques last week and wanted to change. She was worried about the jiggling in her boobs during the rehearsal and thought it was a mess. Tony wanted to make sure that she wasn’t timid during the performance. The dance started off with a silly story, but Wendy improved even though their quickstep wasn’t as fast as others. She was all smiles as she held on to Tony. Wendy benefitted from being in hold for almost all of the performance and I didn’t mind the shtick for this week, but if she relies on gimmicks, I suggest we get rid of her.

Carrie Ann loved the sass in the dance, she lost some steam but she gained some energy right at the end. Len thought the movement was economical, but it was an improvement. Bruno loved the personality and said she’s slowly progressing. Score: 17 (6,5,6)

Ralph Macchio & KarinaJive – Karina wanted to make sure that the dance was all about fun, but not thinking. Ralph was now under pressure because of the high scores, but also because he’s a father. His kids came in and tried to be as constructive as possible. After a blinding opening, Ralph and Karina were spinning like crazy. The dance had a high amount of energy and Ralph kept up. It was interesting that Ralph had white accents on his shoes because his kicks were even more obvious. Occasionally, they looked funny, but he was definitely having fun in the performance.

Len thought the dance was okay, but a bit over the top. He had too much attack. Bruno pointed out the likability and character, but said his kicks weren’t that strong and his hands were everywhere. Carrie Ann understood the likability, but said he has to be sharper. Score: 21 (7,7,7)

Hines Ward & KymQuickstep – Hines was worried about posture because of his shoulder issues, but didn’t want to make excuses. Kym tried her best to learn some of Hines’ slang. Though the arrangement to “Part Time Lover” left a lot to be desired, the two tried their best to dance as well as they could. Hines had moments where he looked really wobbly, but I attribute that to Kym’s choreography. They had strong moments gliding across the dancefloor and kept character.

Bruno thought he led with ease and confidence, he appreciated the technique. Carrie Ann thought he did a great job. Len appreciated the good frame and movement. Score: 23 (8,7,8).


Week Two Totals

Hines & Kym – 23

Romeo & Chelsie – 23

Chris & Cheryl – 23

Ralph & Karina – 21

Kirstie & Maks – 20

Kendra & Louis – 19

Petra & Dmitry – 18

Chelsea & Mark – 18

Wendy & Tony – 17

Mike & Lacey – 17

Sugar Ray & Anna – 17


Combined Scores


Ralph & Karina – 45/60

Hines & Kym – 44/60

Kirstie & Maks – 43/60



Chris & Cheryl – 42/60

Romeo & Chelsie – 42/60

Chelsea & Mark – 39/60

Kendra & Louis – 37/60



Petra & Dmitry – 36/60

Sugar Ray & Anna – 34/60

Wendy & Tony – 31/60

Mike & Lacey – 30/60


It seems obvious that Mike & Lacey will get eliminated first, though you never know where America’s votes will go. If they agree with the judges, maybe Lacey will have the opportunity to color her hair correctly… though there’s an outside shot that Petra has no actual fans and could get eliminated with weak audience support.

As for the good dancers, I’m happy to see both Romeo and Kendra improving, but it will take a lot for them to catch up to Ralph and Hines. I think Kirstie will continue to do better as she loses weight during the show, I’m hoping she gets to the Argentine Tango, because I’d love to see how she copes.

How about you?

Any thoughts on DANCING WITH THE STARS this week?

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