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DANCING WITH THE STARS continued to trim the little fat it has for the weaker dancers. With a ten point difference between the top scorers and Wendy Williams, she was behind the eight ball. There were several moments of Disney integration with Hines bringing his son to Disneyland and Selena Gomez’s performance, but I’d prefer the Disney advertising over watching Chris Brown, so it didn’t faze me at all.

We were also reminded that Brooke was not as quick on her feet as she stumbled through her words. I’ve never found reading off of a teleprompter to be that hard, but this is also piled with the fact that Brooke has a very similar script every week of the competition.

Judges’ ChoiceHines & Kym’s Samba – After finding out that they were safe, we saw that even with Kym’s stumble, he succeeded. The second time around was equally as fun. The dance was looser and Hines attempted to walk with his toes instead of his heels and succeeded occasionally. The final spin that left Kym wobbly originally was successful this time.

We started the eliminations with Sugar Ray and Romeo. This time Sugar Ray didn’t have to wait. Both he and Romeo were safe.

Musical GuestOneRepublic “Good Life” – OneRepublic was located on the B-Stage with Lacey & Dmitry dancing on the floor. Interestingly, the two had a very contemporary approach to their routine and it harkened back to both of their experiences on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. I found it interesting that Ryan Tedder chose to have his microphone a bit low forcing him to crouch during the whole routine. Lacey was amazing during the routine, her legs going every which way.

After a highlight reel of Petra and Wendy and a commercial break that felt like it took longer than it actually was, Petra was safe and Wendy was in jeopardy.

Behind the Scenes Video – The celebrities got a camera for random behind the scenes shots that AT&T will try to milk as much as possible. We got some nice parent/child videos: Hines went to Disneyland with his son. Kendra’s son drooled on her eye. Sugar Ray’s son made fun of his dancing. Wendy explained her show and shamelessly got to advertise herself. Chelsea and Mark were hanging out and Romeo had his posse. Ralph had to ice his knees and then stripped to head into a tub.

Musical Guest Selena Gomez & the Scene “Who Says” – As much as I liked the dress that Selena Gomez was wearing, she looked like she felt uncomfortable…as if Selena borrowed the dress and didn’t want one of the flower cut-outs to fall off. Mark and Chelsie were performing and Chelsie was doing a great job in flats leaping and being spun around. Mark wasn’t as cocky looking because he finally had a partner that could match his cheesy over-dancing.

There was a clip of Chelsea and Kendra and interestingly there was some funny banter in the background between them. We found out that Kendra panicked because of the smoke monster. Chelsea was safe, but Kendra was still under the spotlight.

Pro Analysis – The pros explained the positives of the celebrities. Even low scorers like Wendy got positive motions about her over-the-top personality, even though she had no positives about her dancing skills.

Musical Guest OneRepublic “All the Right Moves” – The DWTS Troupe assisted this time and I still can’t tell who is who. If the Irish one could talk, I could tell him apart, but they just seem like a lot of Barbie and Ken dolls dancing with one couple a few beats behind the other two.

The final three couples were up and Ralph and Kirstie were safe, which meant Chris & Cheryl were in jeopardy. After the commercial break the three couples in jeopardy were placed under the lights. Kendra & Louis were the first ones announced safe, leaving Wendy & Tony and Chris & Cheryl in the bottom. Len appreciated Wendy’s improvement and pointed out Chris’ growing potential. It seemed a bit obvious but Wendy & Tony were eliminated. Wendy genuinely sounded like she had fun. She spent her time shaking hands and hugging fans instead of really dancing with Tony.

Next week sounds promising with the theme of classical week and I hope it will prove that classical music could be as dynamic as trying to turn Katy Perry into a Cha-Cha.

Do you think the right person went home?


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