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BONES: Michaela Conlin Teases ‘The Feet on the Beach,’ Prompting Radical Honesty and an Upcoming Surprise

April 7, 2011 by  

BONES is back!

After enduring yet another hiatus, the show returns tonight for the first of seven weeks of brand new episodes.

So what’s on tap for the rest of the season? To get the scoop, Give Me My Remote went to BONES star Michaela Conlin (Angela) to talk about “The Feet on the Beach,” Radical Honesty, an upcoming surprise, whether she thinks Booth and Brennan should get together this season and more…

How is Angela handling the not-so-good health news she and Hodgins received about their baby?
Michaela Conlin: Well, it’s interesting because we’ve had kind of a discombobulated season at the end here because of the spinoff episode. We ended up shooting [episodes] concurrently and a little bit out of order. We definitely deal with this topic again, but there’s also something else that comes up prior to them having the baby. So it should be an interesting end of the season for the two of them.

Something besides the baby?
MC: It deals with the baby, for sure. But yeah, it is dealing with the baby. It’s just a different kind of scare.

Uh oh. You know as soon as you say the word “scare,” fans will think the worst is going to happen. There’s a sniper out there on the loose!
MC: Oh no! That’s horrible. I hope that’s not what they think!

Well, if you say there’s a different kind of scare with the baby…
MC: Maybe I’m really getting good at teasing you, Marisa. I don’t know. Is the sniper going to be back this season?

He’s coming back in episode 22.
MC: Well, I’m done talking. [Laughs] No, I don’t have any idea if that’s going to happen. If I knew that, I wouldn’t tell you! [Laughs]

Do you know if it’s a health scare or some other issue?
MC: It’s just regarding the baby. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad scare. It could be a good scare. A scare could be good or bad…I guess.

A good scare?
MC: A surprise. A surprise is a more positive word. I don’t want to worry anyone, that’s not what I want to do.

Well, maybe it’s some sort of TV miracle twins, where they’re like, “Oops, we missed one in there!” I think that’s the only good scare I can think of.
MC: [Laughs] Well, that [pregnancy] suit is pretty big, I will say that.

That would be an, um, interesting twist.
MC: Yeah, it would be.

So looking forward to what’s to come, are you going to be a bigger part of the upcoming episodes?
MC: Now I know that 21, 22 and 23, we are [heavily in them]. I can’t really recall 18, 19, 20, probably because I’ve done over 100 of these.

There’s the episode set at the body farm coming up…
MC: Oh, I definitely have some stuff coming up in the body farm episode, with the podiatrist that visits us.

MC: There’s a visiting doctor that comes in to help us with that [case], so Angela has some fun scenes with him. He knows quite a lot about feet, that’s all that I can say. [Laughs]

Oh, Angela is going to have a field day with that. And how about next week’s episode “The Truth in the Myth,” which John Francis Daley (Sweets) co-wrote?
MC: How cool is that? We were giving him a hard time on set. “Is the writer here? Because I don’t understand this line.” I’m so proud of him and it’s a great episode. We debunk some mythical creatures in it and it’s a lot of fun. I like that episode a lot.

That’s really good to hear. I know they swapped the next three episodes around from filming order, but did you debut your latest faux-baby bump during one of them? Last time the episodes unexpectedly got switched, we got the bump one week, no bump the next and then it returned back to the bump the third week.
MC: What episode did I move to the big one? I don’t even know which episode it was. I don’t know, honestly, I’m sorry! But I’m in it by episode 20. It is big.

Well, episode 20 is a good episode to remember, because the team will be dealing with the Radical Honesty culture in that hour. Is Angela prompting any honest confessions out of anyone?
MC: Yes. She is. Good question! Yes, Angela is pumping some radical honesty out of someone. Yes. [Laughs] She always is, on a certain level, pumping honesty out of someone. But yes, she is for sure in this episode.

And is this the Angela-and-Brennan-talk-about-Booth scene?
MC: I’m not gonna say. I am not gonna say.

I’m thinking I should take that as a “yes.”
MC: You can take as what you want, but Angela does pump it out of one character, yes.

Fair enough. You know, fans have been really vocal about where they stand on Booth and Brennan’s relationship. But do you as someone who is involved with the show feel like they should get together by the end of the season?
At the end of this season? [Pause] I don’t know about the end of this season. It’s hard to say. I think emotionally they really have gotten close this season, especially with Brennan dealing with Hannah in many ways. That fact that she proved she was able to deal with that, that he could let her in afterwards. I definitely want to see them together, I’m not sure if I would want to see them together at the end of this season. Soon. I’d love to see them together soon. Yeah. That’s a tough one. In some respects, yes. I don’t know. I would hope soon rather than later. I feel like they’re moving in the right direction.

What are you looking forward to seeing in the final episodes of BONES season six?


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8 Responses to “BONES: Michaela Conlin Teases ‘The Feet on the Beach,’ Prompting Radical Honesty and an Upcoming Surprise”

  1. Kikacr on April 7th, 2011 12:07 pm

    MC is so sweet and funny…I hope this scare is not a bad scare. And I love to see more of Ange and the rest of the cast, now that we got rid of that little pest called HB.
    About B&B, my shipper heart is so skeptical lately…I don’t have any hope in me! So I am not going to get excited now to just be disappointed later in the finale! The last 3 season finale are good examples of why you can not be excited about this show without huge reservations.
    This season is fo far, the one I want to forget…

  2. sarah on April 7th, 2011 1:44 pm

    what I WOULD LIKED is booth tell bones some truth about hannah and just to bones/then I would liked for him and her both to work toward a closer friendships/booth and bones are not ready to be a couple/can the show survived hannah if the writers tied the shows together a little more they can. parker needs to be more on the show,for angelea she could be brennan friends.

  3. carl on April 7th, 2011 5:35 pm

    just ,watch clips for the feet on the beach ,booth lost his car phone. they had a 3 week hiatus hope this episodes goes a long way in explaining the half-truths about hannah/but dont get your hopes up fans.

  4. Eve2 on April 7th, 2011 5:45 pm

    I love MC but the character of Angela has just turned too sweet this season.
    Just because the character is pregnant, she should not have to be boring.
    I miss Angela as Brennan’s best friends. I will not be surprised if Brennan/Angela scenes are cut from the final episode. They have done it before. First time watchers this season would really not know that they are supposed to be best friends. You would have thought it was Hannah and Brennan.

    Terrible season for Bones. It feels like the entire season was just a “filler.”
    I will catch up with the episodes this summer on TNT. The only episode I really look forward to is the last sniper episode. Everything else just seems like it is silly and “filler”. Hopefully, next season (?) they can bring Bones back with the banter and the good cases. They need to bring back the relationships with the entire team. B & B is just old and not going anywhere.
    The team dynamic is missing.

    However, very happy for Emily and her pregnancy. To me, she is what makes Bones and the only reason I have really watched what few episodes I have this season. I hope they restore her character to the strong, independent woman that she was before this season. Sad Brennan became very depressing. Ridiculous Brennan is just not fun to watch either.

  5. carl on April 7th, 2011 7:43 pm

    agreed eve/this seasons hannah was easy and nothing was showed that even hinting of any respectable/booth was stupid enough to ask her marry him and he is still dragging hurt,but if you watched the reworked version of the maggotts episodes the bed scene barely passed censors,was that another insult fans/its almost 9 so we will see.

  6. Bo on April 8th, 2011 2:44 am

    I think they can’t wait anymore about B&B!If producers prolong that situation too much the moment will be lost!the character and the actors will be in a different place! Look at Daved he cant goof around with Emily as much as he as use to because of whole cheating situation!He wants to but now he’s little bit held back!

  7. carl on April 10th, 2011 12:10 pm

    marisa, I Am going write the dialouge for booth to said to bones/Bones when hannah came into the diner and said that about us under a fig tree,Bones that didnt happened hannah was just acting and bones hannah and I DIDNT live together all the timed when parker was coming she always stayed with her friend/to me thats enough said. as far as the bed scene go I WOULD KEEP THEmaggottts bedscene and put the one in the reworked version of the couple in the cave on the editing floor. MARISA, do you agreed?

  8. carolyn on April 11th, 2011 6:11 am

    until nathan admits the mistakes in his introduction of hannah NO ONE WANTS THIS SHOW to act liked they didnt put all the unneccary crap out their,as everyone knows they were aparts for7 months why not of let hannah wear a nice dress and booth say bones this hannah we are living together instead of the diner scene and the labscene,bones was once a really good show/but either they have already been told no hopes for a7 are they are insulting fans.