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COUGAR TOWN Returns Tonight and We’ve Got Scoop on What’s To Come

April 18, 2011 by  

Slap out of it, kids!

After a nine week hiatus, COUGAR TOWN returns to ABC’s schedule this Monday, April 18th, airing in a special time slot, at 9:30 p.m. after DANCING WITH THE STARS.

The network is hoping to attract a whole new slew of “DWTS” viewers who perhaps haven’t yet seen the hilarious show that COUGAR TOWN has evolved into over the last year.

So, for these folks — as well as those who may just need a refresher course after nine, long Cougar-less weeks — let’s review where the cul-de-sac crew was last we saw them.

Rewind back a couple months to Valentine’s Day…

Laurie and Bobby, the only two singles in the group were hard at work, staging a fake break up — complete with screaming, yelling, crying and a storm off — in order to snag a free meal at a restaurant.

Ellie and Andy, the crew’s comfortable married couple, were pretending not to care about their relationship — as only they can do — which completely fell apart when Ellie crashed Andy’s VDay date with Bobby, announcing her desire to spend the occasion with her husband, who promptly expressed his love with a seriously grand gesture: lighting the neighbors’ leftover Christmas decorations (which had been driving his wife mad) on fire.

Jules and Grayson, who’ve now been dating for almost a year, spent Valentine’s Day on each other’s last nerve, as Jules — upon hearing that this holiday is the anniversary of Grayson’s father passing away — just could not bare the thought of him keeping his feelings from her. Determined to get her dude to cry, she hounded him all episode, in true “overbearing Jules” fashion, finally settling for a weep while watching “Field Of Dreams.”

Travis, Jules’ son, the sweet college freshman who seems to be just smitten with his new girlfriend, Kirsten, went to great lengths to give his lady what she wanted on their first Valentine’s together: dirty photos of himself. So, yeah, there was a miscommunication between them and that’s not exactly what she requested. Still, it was sweet to see how much Trav was willing to do to make Kirsten happy…and a little creepy (aka absurdly funny) to watch the once-again overbearing Jules get far too involved in her son’s sexy photo shoot.

We pick back up with many of those COUGAR TOWN themes this Monday when Ellie begins suspecting that Travis may be planning to propose to Kirsten. Unfortunately, she lets Jules in on this, instantly propelling her into crazy mommy mode.

“One of the things I like doing on TV shows is [make] the end of the year about something,” says COUGAR TOWN executive producer and co-creator Bill Lawrence, musing about Monday’s script and this second season’s remaining episodes. “This is a cool story for us because it’s not just about [Travis] and his chick. It’s about Courteney [Cox]’s character Jules being a little bit too intrusive of a mom and too clingy and having to back off.”

Lawrence shares that Jules’ overbearing nature this season was something they built on purpose, as it plays into this important Travis storyline, which is an adventure that carries COUGAR TOWN through to the end of the year, a year that will culminate in Hawaii, where May’s finale takes place.

That’s right, the cul-de-sac crew is going to Hawaii, kids. But not before a few other interesting things go down. Like, say, Grayson getting a serious case of baby fever — which may or may not have Jules trying to sew her lady parts shut — and Bobby coming into a bit of money which could catapult him out of the boat house and into adulthood once and for all.

But just as Bobby turns his life around, Travis will take an unexpected twist, veering off course in a way which will have his mommy very unhappy.

Do not fret though, there will be plenty of funny to go around as per usual, as well as some exciting, fan interactive stunts, which pop up in the form of “easter eggs” in the episodes. Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for Penny Can hotlines, some Twitter account call outs and more. You may just get some quality phone or online time with the cast of the show, perhaps win a thing or two, who knows…

So watch COUGAR TOWN this Monday, April 18 at 9:30 p.m. and again on Wednesday, April 20 at 9:30 p.m. and be sure to pay attention!

Oh, p.s., a sweet, new COUGARism saying — a la “slap out of it” — is making its debut in this first episode back. And it’s good. Yeah, this one is going to stick.

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One Response to “COUGAR TOWN Returns Tonight and We’ve Got Scoop on What’s To Come”

  1. rose on April 19th, 2011 9:38 pm

    I have been waiting for Cougar Town to come back on what seems like forever. I absolutely love this show. I however didn’t realize it switched to Monday, so I was watching live on my iPhone. I have the TV Everywhere with my provider/employer DISH Network. I was at the gym working out and was able to watch it live on my phone. That app is so awesome. I can access my DVR and watch any of my subscription channels live from anywhere. It was so hilarious at the end to see Jules moving Ellie’s truck after Ellie was talking about thinking her truck is haunted.