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MODERN FAMILY Recap: ‘Someone to Watch Over Lily’

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Now this is MODERN FAMILY the way MODERN FAMILY should be: laugh out loud funny, infusing morals without being overbearing, and best of all, LILY!

The episode mainly revolves around Cameron and Mitchell deciding who would take care of Lily in case something happened to either of them (God forbid).  I loved their unannounced visit at Claire and Phil’s –- not only was there breaking glass, but there was a frying pan on fire (twice!), Alex getting locked in the garage and Luke thinking about learning to juggle with knives.  And the yelling.  Don’t forget the yelling.

After stopping by Jay and Gloria’s, Jay takes Cam and Mitch to a sporting goods store -– naturally -– to buy Manny supplies for a weekend trip and Cameron’s mom some snow shoes so she could go deal with her frozen cows.  Gloria takes the chance to babysit Lily and take her to the mall.  When she finds out Cam and Mitch are testing our potential guardians, it’s all she could do not to kill them right there and take Lily for herself!  At the sporting goods store, Jay gets mad at Manny so Cameron takes it upon himself to climb the rock wall to prove all you need is trust and encouragement…but then Jay drops him and Cam drops him out of the guardian running.

Later, we were privy to a touching conversation between Manny and Jay in the car on the way home where Manny tells him the real reason he doesn’t want to go on the trip and Jay calls him brave.  After relaying this conversation to Cameron, he decides Jay and Gloria would be the perfect guardians…until he finds out Gloria pierced Lily’s ears (or, as he called it, “drilled holes in our baby’s head.”)

The Dunphy’s were all over the place this episode.  Claire takes Luke to a child psychologist because she is worried about his habits and concentration, and later blurts out she doesn’t want him to end up like Phil.  That leads to a fight in the parking lot where both parents drive away without Luke and neither realizing it until hours later.  Luke really is quite the neglected child, isn’t he? I feel like they’re always misplacing him.

Alex and Haley had their own side storyline involving skipped cello lessons and vandalizing their school.  I love when we get a glimpse into the sisters’ world –- we don’t get to see that enough.  Their conversation in the backseat of the car about Alex not needing to be perfect all the time and how that would take some pressure off Haley was sweet.  And Haley spraying Alex with the shaving cream was very sisterly.  One question though -– how did they get caught?  Did Haley’s friend they were with tell the security guard?  Or were they found hiding in the car?  Either way, they were taken down to the police station.

I absolutely loved this episode.  It’s right up there with “Halloween,” “Two Monkeys and a Panda” and “Boy’s Night” for me.  Before I turn it over to you, how about a few of my favorite lines?  And there’s a ton of them!

  • “No one from Missouri would say ‘Missoura.’” – Cam
    “I’m so sorra.” – Mitch
  • “Oh, yay, a reason to stop by the frame store.” – Mitchell, after learning Cameron’s mom was going to send pictures of the frozen cows.
  • “Well, honey, you’re going to have to smell Daddy’s receptionist some other time.”  – Claire
  • “One time she gave me a Woody…she remembered he’s my favorite character from TOY STORY.” – Luke, about the receptionist.
  • “He was 2 and all he could do was bark.” – Claire, about Luke
    “I understood him.” – Phil
  • “Wait, I think I hear future Lily sending us a message from her stripper pole: ‘Thanks, gay dead dads, this dance is for you.'” – Cam
  • “Excuse me, Sherpa, can you assist me with the harness?” – Cam
  • “Do not minimize this, you who I had to rush to the emergency room that time you fell off your clogs.” – Cam, to Mitchell. (my favorite line of the night!)
  • “But did you see both sides?  I didn’t just do the gay ear, look!” – Gloria, after piercing Lily’s ears.
  • “Lily, when something horrible happens, you’re going to be all mine!” – Gloria

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