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GOSSIP GIRL: Kaylee DeFer Teases Charlie’s Secrets and an Unexpected Romance

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As GOSSIP GIRL’s newest Upper East Sider, Kaylee DeFer (Charlie) is getting right into the mix of things. In tonight’s brand new episode, “Petty in Pink,” Serena sends her cousin on an adventure to find out what’s really going on between Dan and Blair.

But Charlie has a few secrets of her own. Give Me My Remote chatted with DeFer about Charlie’s upcoming unexpected romance, her secrets and much more…

You made your big GOSSIP GIRL debut!
Kaylee DeFer: I did, I finally did.

Have you been hearing feedback from fans yet?
KD: You know what? I actually skipped out of town the day after it aired. I just became an aunt, so I’m in Arizona right now meeting my nephew.

KD: He was born like a week ago so I haven’t seen it. I haven’t really been out of the house yet and seen anyone yet so, no. [Laughs]

But it’s given you time to breathe which is probably a good thing!

What can you tease about tonight’s episode? Charlie seems to be up to some tricks on behalf of Serena…
Obviously her and Serena get really close and you can see [Charlie] starting to grow a little bit, start to figure things out. She, I think, has always been told that this family is [filled with] just horrible people and Serena’s just totally taken her under her wing and been mentoring her and I think that she is growing on her. So you can see her starting to figure out — she’s become a little more comfortable in her Upper East Side skin.

Charlie and Serena seemed to have formed an interesting bond. Serena doesn’t usually get along with other girls, but they’ve taken to each other immediately.
Well, you know, we’re family. I think that with anyone, especially with family, that connection is deeper, so I think it’s going to be easier for her and I to bond.

What Serena doesn’t know is that Charlie has a bit of a past. The audience is pretty in the dark at this point, too, but do you know all of her secrets?
I know everything at this point. I think I’m actually the only person that does know everything. Yeah, I had a long conversation with [GOSSIP GIRL co-creator] Stephanie [Savage] the week before I even got to New York and they were even hiding it from me! [Laughs] So I think that was the hardest part about the whole thing, just keeping my mouth shut. My character definitely has some secrets and you’ll definitely — within the next few episodes — you’ll see what’s going on with her full-blown. And of course they leave the best for last for the season finale. So it’s going to be an interesting ride, that’s for sure.

It seems like a lot of these characters have a lot of dark in their past, but they do have a decent amount of good in them. Do you think Charlie is a good person?
Absolutely. I think that, just like any of the other characters, it’s like they get caught up in one thing or another. And with Charlie…[Pause] Without giving too much away, I think she didn’t really understood what she was getting herself into. So you’ll see a little bit of the good and the bad and the ugly and all of the above, just like any good GOSSIP GIRL character.

Yes, that would make her blend perfectly into the GOSSIP GIRL mix, because if people didn’t have skeletons in their closet, there wouldn’t be a need for the “Gossip Girl” character on the show.
Exactly. She wouldn’t exist. [Laughs]

So far most of Charlie’s interaction has been with Serena. Will she be spending a good portion of time with the rest of the characters before the season ends?
Yes. Yes, I definitely come across more than just Serena and Dan. I get the full broad spectrum of the GOSSIP GIRL world.

Obviously there are tons of convoluted love triangles and quads on the show. Does Charlie have her eye on anybody this season?
[Pause] At some point, yeah. I think she does. You can expect a little romance in one way, shape or form.

You’re good at the teasing thing! Is it someone we know?
[Pause] Yes.

Was it someone you were excited to have Charlie interact with?
Honestly, I thought she was going to connect with a different character. I thought she was going to go somewhere else, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Now I’m intrigued! I know you can’t say too much, so let’s talk about Charlie’s family. Will she be causing trouble for her them?
You know, as far as that goes, she’s loyal and I think she’s a good person at heart and she’s loyal to her family and…I’ll just leave it at that. [Laughs]

Was there anything you wanted to see Charlie do this season that you didn’t get the chance to do?
Every week I was just blown away when I’d read the scripts. I’d be like, “Nooo! Oh, nooo!” [Laughs] And you know, GOSSIP GIRL is very protective of their scripts, so a lot of the storyline would be X-ed out for the other characters to see so that they couldn’t even leak anything. I don’t think I went in to it with many expectations. I just wanted to be surprised and I definitely was surprised every week.

Yeah, GOSSIP GIRL has a way of doing things that you don’t necessarily know you want until they’re showing it to you.
Yeah, I’ll just say I was shocked.

How hard is it for you to keep all of these various storylines quiet?
It’s so difficult. It’s so horrible, any of my friends will tell you, I’m like the worst liar in the world. And if something’s going on….I am so bad, it’s like I can’t even start talking about something without feeling like I’m already giving it away. [Laughs] I always stop myself and apologize in the middle of interviews. I’m like, “I am so sorry, I am just not a good person to interview at this point!” My mom always taught me if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all. [Laughs] I’m like, “I don’t know. I can’t say anything! Must stop talking!”

You’re like, “I didn’t mean anything I said in the last 10 minutes! It’s all lies!”
KD: [Laughs] No, no, no. Not all lies! I mean, I’m working on it. I’m trying very hard to tease without giving things away because I know they’re very, very, very protective of their storylines, as am I. I want people go on the roller coaster with the characters when it airs. I want people to enjoy that ride. And that’s what’s so great about the show is that is so secretive and I think that’s why people really love to follow it. And the twists and the turns are just epic. I also don’t think anybody does better twists than Stephanie and [co-executive producer] Josh [Safran].

In the spirit of teasing, is there anything you’d like to tease without spoiling too much for the fans?
You can expect a lot more from Charlie. She definitely comes into her own, that’s for sure.

Who do you hope Charlie’s unexpected romance is with? Dan? Chuck? Nate? Weigh in!

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  1. Megan on December 12th, 2011 3:08 pm

    I like to give a freedback about Gossip girl tv show.Charlie why you didn’t told Serena’s family about Carol, and what is she doing. I like to see Carol getting trouble. Charlie you are a good person and I like to see you be honst with Serena’s family and tell them your secret.