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THE CHICAGO CODE’s Jennifer Beals Teases Teresa’s Fight Against Gibbons

May 9, 2011 by  

With just one week until Fox decides what its 2011-2012 schedule will look like, if you’ve been meaning to tune into THE CHICAGO CODE, now is the time.

Why should you be tuning in? Series star Jennifer Beals (Teresa) has a good reason for the remaining doubters out there.

“I just think that the story [and] the writing is really fantastic,” she told me earlier today. “It’s fast and it’s smart and you cover the whole spectrum of action and intelligence and I don’t think you get that often on many shows that air on television today.”

Beals speaks the truth. So what’s going on in tonight’s episode for Teresa?

“Teresa is boxed in a corner and she has to figure out a way to get herself out of Gibbons’ box,” Beals teased. “In these last few episodes, we really play out [their dynamic] at warp speed. This episode starts it off and the last few just go like a bullet train. Tonight is seeing what kind of game Teresa can have to deal with the situation.”

A game?

“In the beginning, she feels like she has no moves that she can make,” she explained. “She’s looking at the chess board and going, ‘There’s nothing I can do.’ And then she finds a little hole to squeeze through. I think that she’s realizing she has lots of different cards to play that she didn’t necessarily see before.”

And while Jarek is still Teresa’s main ally in the fight against Gibbons, Beals teased that her character will be branching out in the remaining episodes.

“She’s starting to learn to extend herself beyond the CPD,” Beals noted. “Because Chicago is all about power. It is a city in love with power the way Washington is in love with power. People play that out through personal and city politics and the two come together quite often. And I think she’s learning to work outside the police department. I think she understands politics outside of the police department, but it’s parlaying that knowledge into a bigger arena.”

THE CHICAGO CODE has a brand new episode tonight at 9 PM. Will you be tuning in?

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