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BONES: Stephen Nathan Teases Fallout From Booth and Brennan’s Baby Cliffhanger and Season 7

May 20, 2011 by  

Did everyone watch the BONES season finale “The Change in the Game”?

It seems fair to say Brennan’s announcement at the end of the hour that she was pregnant — and, oh yeah, Booth is the baby daddy — will change the show significantly.

So what comes next for our dynamic duo?

BONES executive producer Stephen Nathan was kind enough to get on the phone with me to discuss what may be happening with Booth and Brennan in season seven now that they’re parents-to-be…

Congratulations on having a happy, controversial season finale! You did what you said you would!
Stephen Nathan: Yes, of course! I never lie!

That will make this interview nice and painless. So can we safely say 100% that Booth and Brennan had sex and that is how this baby was conceived?
SN: [Joking] Oh God no, this is a dream sequence. We’re going into a whole science fiction thing. She was impregnated by the smoke monster [from LOST] and it’s going to be a very bizarre baby.

This honesty thing is going spectacularly so far.
SN: [Laughs] Yes, it’s no dream, it’s no alternate reality, this actually happened.

And it was by them having sex and not by artificial insemination?
SN: No, this is…what you see is what you get.

So then should fans assume that the first time they slept together was in “The Hole in the Heart”?
SN: That’s what I’m assuming.

I’d assume you’d know…
SN: Well, I’m just saying that’s what I’m assuming. Somebody asked me last night what happened and I can only tell you my opinion about what happened between the two of them, from what I saw of them as well. I think all the viewers should be making up their own minds on exactly what the history was.

Which brings up an important question: how much of their relationship have we missed? Have they been a couple since they slept together?
SN: I don’t think we’ve missed anything, really. I think we saw Brennan go to Booth in that penultimate episode and obviously something happened and she became pregnant. I’m not exactly sure how that works, I’ve got to ask my dad. [Laughs]

Good luck with that conversation. How would Booth and Brennan define their relationship right now, aside from being parents?
SN: Booth and Brennan have always had a relationship for six years. They’ve spent more time with each other than anybody else. And that becomes the primary relationship. Whatever it’s called, whatever the outside world says it is, that has become…they’re the closest to each other as they are to anybody else. And that’s now codified because of this baby. So the two of them have to figure out a way with all of their differences — without compromising their characters, keeping the same characteristics they’ve always had — how do they now form a life together around this upcoming baby?

And they are committed to forming a life together versus forming a life as co-parents?
SN: They are at this point committed — because they are both good and decent people — to forming a life around this baby. How that manifests itself in terms of them being a couple is something that will be explored in season seven. I mean, you have Brennan who is not the marrying kind and Booth who is the marrying kind. That creates conflict. We don’t want to lose any of the conflict that the two of them have. We don’t want them all lovey-dovey and sharing dessert or things like that. We still want the same conflicts and things that exist all the time.

So even though they’ve slept together, there still is the aspect of the will-they-won’t-they relationship because we don’t know if they’ll be in a relationship together?
SN: They definitely have a relationship together. What that is, what people say it is, how others define that relationship, that’s up to each individual viewer and up to how they view the show next season and how the show evolves next season. And that relationship will definitely evolve next season.

Right. Are we going to see how this plays out for Booth given that this is now the second relationship where he’s gotten a woman pregnant who doesn’t want to marry him?
SN: Absolutely, we’ll see how this plays out for both of them.

And will that specific issue be addressed for Booth?
SN: Yeah, I imagine it will. We haven’t gotten incredibly specific about all the episodes of next season, but we know where we’re going. We know where the trajectory is.

I know BONES creator Hart Hanson has said he pitched 8 ideas to the network and studio for next season. Does this mean you guys have landed on one?
SN: That was totally different. Those options were how we would be handling things — juggling two shows [BONES and THE FINDER], Emily [Deschanel (Brennan)]’s pregnancy. None of that had anything to do with how BONES unfolds as a story. That was more political. [Joking] Because Hart’s also running Obama’s reelection campaign. So he gets all that stuff mixed up.

Clearly if he’s doing all that, he doesn’t have time to sleep.
SN: [Joking] He runs all of the Canadian political campaigns as well as the America [ones]…dual citizenship is a lot of responsibility. And running two shows now? He’s a remarkable human being.

Speaking of Canada, were you guys disappointed that some fans found out about the pregnancy twist before it aired here because the Canadians got the finale a day early?
SN: Not really. I know that that’s the case online, that a lot of fans found out before, but we have essentially in America, between 10 and 11 million people watch this show. I’ll bet you, tops, 25,000 people out of all of that — and I’m being generous — found out about the end. I think most people were helping their kids with their homework, making dinner and not checking the internet for it. I really don’t think that’s the case. And as I wrote on Twitter just to try and placate people, each country gets their own ending anyway, so it’s different for everyone.

Yeah, I had a friend contact me for reassurance to make sure you were actually kidding with that tweet.
SN: Everybody was going crazy [over that tweet]. “That’s not true! How DARE you say that! He’s lying again like he always lies!” Apparently I’m a horrendous human being. I’m a liar. It is my mission to a lot of these people to make their lives miserable [as far as they are concerned]. And I’m a very lovely man. And I just want everyone to be happy. If I could share my cake with them, I would.

Fair enough. Earlier in the season, Booth and Brennan wrote down the dates they felt they’d be ready for a relationship and burned the papers. Has that date passed or is that issue a moot point now?
SN: Well, I think events have occurred that might make that paper unimportant.

That’s what I figured, but good to have confirmation. Are we going to be jumping forward in time significantly next season given how far along Emily is in her pregnancy?
SN: There are a few months between the end of this season and the beginning of next season. Emily being pregnant, she’s probably going to be showing a little bit more than she is now. There’s a realistic time jump and we’re still working out how we’re going to deal with that.

Given the leap forward, does that mean we won’t see the rest of Booth’s reaction to the pregnancy news or how Angela, Sweets, etc. react when they find out?
SN: Everybody’s going to know. When we come back, people will know [about the pregnancy]. People will know.

I know a lot of people are saying we should have seen this [conception] happen. I’m thinking if you really want to see that happen, there are many, many websites that you can go to that your parents disapprove of, where you can watch and see how that happens. I don’t think it’s really necessary. We know.

Was there any concern that people have invested six seasons in this relationship and this couple, but this very important detail of their relationship was kept hidden from the audience until she said she was pregnant in the season finale?
SN: No. No concern at all. We didn’t care. We didn’t feel it was necessary and we still don’t feel it was necessary. The most important thing happened — you saw in the penultimate episode, Booth and Brennan, as loving a moment between two people as you could possibly see. And the next episode, you saw the result of that moment. And if people want more than that, honestly, you need to go find a [makes cliche porn soundtrack noise and laughs].

It’s a shame that audio can’t be placed in the post because that noise you just made was hilarious. Before I let you go, since we just saw Hodgins and Angela dealing with a pregnancy, will we have a full season of Brennan’s pregnancy and will it be an easier pregnancy, heath-wise, than what we saw this season?
SN: It is not our intent at this point to recreate the Hodgins and Angela pregnancy. That was their pregnancy, this is going to be Booth and Brennan’s pregnancy, totally unique.

And when the baby is being born is also not going to be done in the same way. We have a plan for that and I will divulge that plan on the television machine.

Are you excited Booth and Brennan are going to be parents?


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133 Responses to “BONES: Stephen Nathan Teases Fallout From Booth and Brennan’s Baby Cliffhanger and Season 7”

  1. Laffers18 on May 20th, 2011 4:31 pm

    I’ve accepted it…just.

    Excitement is a bit too much to ask for right now 😀

  2. Ellie on May 20th, 2011 4:32 pm

    Lol, people didn’t want to see two hot people get it on, like Booth and Brennan the porno. They wanted to see the emotional pay-off of a love scene between two characters whose relationship they’ve been invested in for six hours. I think he’s deliberately missing the point. I wasn’t actually bothered by the lack of a love scene peronally, but I feel annoyed on behalf of the people who were after reading these belittling comments – it was a legitimate criticism, imo.

    I did find his “different endings” tweets funny, though. It was hilarious how many people actually believed him!

  3. Alanna on May 20th, 2011 4:32 pm

    Very, very excited to see where S7 takes us! 😀

  4. Ellie on May 20th, 2011 4:33 pm

    haha, I meant “years”. Not “hours”.

  5. NautieWon on May 20th, 2011 4:34 pm

    ONE of the WORST shows of Bones EVER in the 6 years. The WHOLE premise of the show was about B & B getting together and they didn’t have the B***S to show them “together”, together (you know what I mean), HOW THE HELL can Ms. B know she’s pregnant in a weeks period of time? THIS WHOLE THING SUCKED,,,it’s like a third grader wrote this episode,,,PLUS the whole bowling thing,,,,,,Mr. B is one gawwwwwd awful bowler to boot,,,being a bowler myself and maintaining about a 215 avg,,,,for Booth to say his avg is about 280 IS A LOAD OF CRAP,,,last bowling episode he said he has about less than 2 open frames per game,,,given that,,,he might be about a 150 bowler AT BEST! This WHOLE THING WAS CRAP,,,used to be that there was maybe 1 show during the year that sucked but this year was the worst of the 6.

  6. Jess on May 20th, 2011 4:36 pm

    I don’t feel like we needed to see a love scene and I agree that given their characters B&B would never have the traditional lovey dovey relationship. But I have to say that after waiting for six years for Booth and Brennan to get together I feel a little cheated that we didn’t even get to see a kiss.

  7. Delph on May 20th, 2011 5:03 pm

    I think the beginning of their first love scene (not a porn, but just the kind of love scenes they usually do) was needed after all the emphasize on sex vs lovemaking, and the supposition that Brennan didn’t know what it was like to make love, loose herself in another person, how it is mind-blowing emotionally etc… Now it looks like it is no big deal, no more special than any of her other sexual intercourses, like it is just sex… That smirk on her face was not enough to show us that is was a “miracle”… They have shown sex scenes before on Bones, but they say no for love scenes???

    He says they want them to keep their individual integrity, I hope it means Brennan won’t keep ending up agreeing with Booth all the time.

  8. It'slikeyouwatchPBSonpurpose on May 20th, 2011 5:04 pm

    Ohhhh, I didn’t want to see hot sex. I wanted to see affection between them. I wanted more obvious glimpses of the fact they were in a secret relationship. When Booth kissed Bones on the cheek on the bowling alley, I got the butterflies I used to have when I watched this show. He was giddy. I wanted to see more of that. I don’t need to see passionate sex. I want the loving moments.

    After Blizzard, they could have had many more moments between them where the affection towards each other returned, seeing as Booth had previously just seemed irritated with her for large portions of the season. But… they abandoned all of that in favor of the shock of a Bones pregnancy finale cliffhanger.

    I wanted to see a hug, a kiss, a hand hold, more than we got. It’s been six years and you know, it’s been a really, really tough season. I know some are really pleased, but I can’t help feeling a bit cheated.

    Also, I will never believe this was a planned development before real-life kicked in. Never.

  9. Shelly on May 20th, 2011 5:37 pm

    Interesting that we got to see Hannah and Booth bounce around in bed, but when it comes to Booth and Brennan suddenly it’s “not necessary”.

  10. ann on May 20th, 2011 5:38 pm

    i wouldn’t marry booth to me the hannah war zone is too sordid for bones to make that mistake,but even if they had sex don’t mean thats how bones got pregnant.

  11. Jessica on May 20th, 2011 5:40 pm

    Yes I’m so exicted about Brennan & Booth having a baby!!!
    Also I’m very very very exicted about season 7 can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  12. sam on May 20th, 2011 5:58 pm

    I am very excitd to see what happens in season 7.

  13. Try on May 20th, 2011 6:11 pm

    I totally agree with you Shelly! Now all of sudden, we need to watch a porno but we were forced to see Hannah and Booth in bed several times. Ugh. SN is so much worse than Hart. He should stop talking.

  14. AJ on May 20th, 2011 6:12 pm

    Look, we OBVIOUSLY don’t watch Bones for the porn. I’m a little bothered by that “we don’t care” attitude, because so much attention before has been given to the romantic component of Booth and Brennan’s relationship. I mean, clearly they were always going to get together. It just seems like we should have seen them get to the realization, on an emotional level and in no uncertain terms, that they were finally ready to take that leap forward.

    And there’s the keyword: uncertain. I’m getting the notion that Nathan and Hanson want us in the fog as much as possible. The problem with that is, I cannot buy for a second that after all they just went through, Booth and Brennan would settle for a) comfort “it doesn’t have to mean anything” sex and/or b) a friends-with-benefits situation. In their specific context, those ideas just strike me as completely ridiculous and untrue to the characters.

  15. melinda on May 20th, 2011 6:27 pm

    I love that we didn’t know exactly what was going on with Booth & Brennan and then she announces she is pregnant a the the end and a volcano of thoughts went through my head! I can go on youtube anytime and watch hundreds of fanvids etc and see their relationship develop over time and the first kiss one where they are both tipsy on tequila and contemplate sex is a good testament on how far they have come since that. We have actually seen their relationship build especially since the exit of Hannah! When brennan locked arms with booth in “Hole in the heart” that to me signalled something big and that perhaps a change in the game was coming or arrived….Now they have given each other the green light to be together they will have the extra challenge of having a baby added to it and manage their working relationship as well. Season 7 is going to be great people’s!!!!!!!!!

  16. Rosie on May 20th, 2011 6:40 pm

    Anyone else really pissed after reading this interview?

    “We don’t want them all lovey-dovey…” – Erm, sorry, whut? That’s EXACTLY what we want after investing in a UST couple for six years and being put through some terribly written storylines. I understand that you’re trying to get them together without losing the tension, but you also have to reward the viewers, and you’ve basically just skipped past every single scene that viewers were desperate to see. The first moment they gave into their feelings at last. Their first proper kiss. The first time they said ‘I love you’. The first time they had sex. I find it ridiculous how you seem to be mocking us for wanting to see at least part of this sex scene. Why wouldn’t we? When Hannah was on the scene, it was pretty much ALL we saw, but now suddenly between the couple who are actually in love, it isn’t necessary. That feels like a major FU to the fans, frankly.

    “Everybody’s going to know. When we come back, people will know [about the pregnancy].” Ah, fabulous. Another moment that people were looking forward to – when everybody finds out about the relationship – conveniently skipped past. We didn’t get to see the full scene where Brennan told Angela. We’ll never see Sweets’ over the top reaction. Or the rest of the lab. Are you trying to make your job as easy as possible?

    It’s not enough to KNOW that Brennan is pregnant. We’ve seen literally nothing of their relationship on screen. We’ve gone from them not being a couple at all, waiting six years, to them having a child and being a fully committed couple, WITH NOTHING INBETWEEN. Where’s the emotional payoff? We’ve invested in these characters, we need to see it.

    You’ve always said you don’t believe in the Moonlighting curse, but you certainly seem to be doing a ridiculous dance to avoid it.

  17. Eve on May 20th, 2011 6:54 pm

    I would like them to show that Booth is in love with Brennan and not just the idea of finally having a family. (with anyone, since he did propose to Hannah).
    this may be when they have hannah come back to show it but I hope not because then it is really a soap opera.

    My prediction: they will bicker back and forth, Brennan has the baby.
    The show ends next season with a wedding because Brennan has accepted Booth’s ideals (surprise) and they will both decide to not work together or change jobs because of their new family. Brennan would not want to risk having their child without parents and their jobs are dangerous.

    However they do it, I just hope they show a couple who truly loves each other and they have at least some element of romance between them (it does not have to be sex scenes). I know SN thinks that so much is the interpretaion of each viewer, but I watch TV to have a story told to me. In his case, this show this season has been left up so much to each person’s imagination. Knowing what Booth really feels, why they got together, etc.
    I want to be told or shown. I just think they drop the ball in that area.
    I read their interviews after shows and I just am “disconnected” from what they say happened (sunglass scene or Booth’s feelings toward Brennan)

    Having a baby is fine, I just want to see two people who love each other and not just two people commmited to having a baby together. After six years,
    I think this should be the case.

  18. osteon on May 20th, 2011 6:54 pm

    I love a show that lets my imagination run free. I do not feel cheated that I did not see a love scene just so I can consider them a couple. B&B is not a conventional couple. B&B made a commitment to each other in Blizzard. B&B are friends to begin with. Between Blizzard and the finale, I have seen moments, indicators of their transition to being a couple. I think that there are many ways of coming together, and I am glad that SN/HH chose to show those moments in stages.

    Kudos and thank you, Marisa and Sarah, for all the things you’ve done for us Bones fans!

    Season 7 is going to be interesting and exciting!

  19. skylark66 on May 20th, 2011 7:45 pm

    Please somebody send SN back to PR school. (They)He doesn’t care that the loyal fans of 6 years are perturbed that we saw no buildup to the coupling. Even if they feel that way, why rub it in our faces?

    Nobody is asking for a graphic love scene? How about any indication that they are more than work friends now having a baby. A little eye sex and a jubilant smile by Booth is supposed to do the job.

    What happened to Booth’s expounding for years the difference between crappy sex and love. A little discussion would have been nice after the deed was done.

    The couple that has been touted to have the best sexual chemistry on tv is reduced to a few wistful glances and we are supposed to get they are a couple?

    I can’t believe how disrespectful SN & HH are to their fans.

  20. jupiter on May 20th, 2011 7:50 pm

    I am not so concerned that Brennan will give into Booth’s wishes, I am more concerned he will cave on everything that is important to him because he is now in the same position as before, having a child out of wedlock, and at the whim of the mother until at least the child is born and he is listed as the father. Replaying history here, anybody remember Rebecca?

  21. ForensicMama on May 20th, 2011 7:59 pm

    Excited is an understatement! Thanks for the great interview, Marisa and Lovely Stephen!

  22. Crystal on May 20th, 2011 8:22 pm

    Someone brought up a very good point. We can see a sex scene between Hannah and Booth or Rebecca and Booth but the one woman we wanted to at least see a bit of lovemaking with is not possible? I just don’t understand this. We saw them do it in a coma dream, so why not outside of Booth’s head?

    Again, I don’t think we are wanting stuff to the extent of porn but if these two people care about one another and the powers that be are all about showing how their story organically unfold,s then this is a part of how humans bond. I have always wanted to see Brennan’s progression as time passes because it is the most fascinating aspect of this show. But I feel like a lot was fast fowarded through these past two episodes. I may be speaking for myself, but I just felt this could have been handled better. Yes, they could fix a lot of the problems I have with the finale and penultimate episode if they chose to open the season with some flashbacks for clarifications sake. Whether they choose to do that or not, I suppose we shall see.

  23. Drea on May 20th, 2011 8:50 pm

    “The most important thing happened — you saw in the penultimate episode, Booth and Brennan, as loving a moment between two people as you could possibly see. And the next episode, you saw the result of that moment.”

    Sure, I’m pissed, because I’m a hormonal girl who wants to see what happened, BUT ALSO that is TERRIBLE storytelling. It’s like reading the first chapter and the last chapter of a book and expecting to be satisfied. He has done so much writing, so can he really believe that? I know that there probably isn’t a lot to tell about that “three weeks” before Brennan told Booth she was pregnant, but I’m just offended by that statement in general. It’s very immature.

  24. Ann on May 20th, 2011 8:55 pm

    I’m worried that by avoiding the “Moonlighting” curse, HH and SN have invented the “Bones” curse. Give the two leads a child and don’t discuss how their relationship has changed.

  25. Nancy on May 20th, 2011 9:00 pm

    Great season ending!! You know, you don’t have to see two people have sex to know they love each other and these two love each other. The coy smile while talking to Angela said it all. Well Done! Keep their love life a mystery, but keep those flirtatious looks, teasing and bantering going…makes for great stuff. It was like they closed a door and put a do not disturb sign on the door knob….leaving the rest to our imagination. Love it. Love this show and all the characters as they evolve…looking forward to season 7….gonna be a good one!

  26. VAMDM on May 20th, 2011 9:07 pm

    I felt a bit cheated, but I think that is the essence of Bones, how you never know exactly what’s coming, but I really do hope in next season they show more of them as a couple, whatever that implies, showing just a little bit more affection and love between each other, and of course at least the story of how they got together in the first place or how they felt, is just that a really need more information, more development on them going from partners to parents… I’m Really exited about season 7, and I hope the see finally what I want to see, regardless of the way.

  27. Mandy on May 20th, 2011 9:15 pm

    We saw Hodgela love, the little we’ve seen of ‘Cam/Paul we’ve seen the progression of their relationship but B&B whom we’ve followed for six years we get nothing.
    For SN to imply we want porn because he and HH failed to deliver on the B&B front is as insulting as Bren getting knocked up from having unprotected -comfort sex with a man who has repeatedly told her this season, he’s not interested.

  28. Mandy on May 20th, 2011 9:18 pm

    Ann, I’m sure there isn’t another writer/ep around who would ever think about coping the worst written supposedly coupling in primetime.

    B&B went from Booth boinking Hannah for most of the season, dissing Bren, to unseen grief sex, to Bren being pregnant and having to tell Booth he’s the father. What a story!!!

  29. Cheryl on May 20th, 2011 10:25 pm

    Has anyone thought that maybe the actors were uncomfortable doing a sex seen with each other when one of them was actually pregnant. Just sayin.

  30. LostDeeJay on May 20th, 2011 10:40 pm

    I just wrote a great long post that disappeared when my internet connection failed. LOL. Is probably for the best 😉

    Let’s just say I agree with Mandy and others who have similar sentiments. For all that talk about “the dance” and “enjoying the journey”, they sure did take some major short cuts in that journey and ended the dance abruptly.

  31. LostDeeJay on May 20th, 2011 10:43 pm

    And that is after spending a good part of the S6 journey on major detours involving endless Hannah-and-Booth-in-bed scenes, similar BB scenes of which, evidently, are no longer deemed necessary to the storytelling.

    And yet it is the FANS, not the writers, who don’t “get it”.

    Go figure.

  32. Try on May 20th, 2011 10:46 pm

    Cheryl, we aren’t asking to see just a sex scene though. A kiss would have been fine until next season. We just want to see some actual affection between them. It’s not unrealistic for a couple expecting a child to kiss or tell each other they love each other. Stephen is basically saying we will never see those aspects of their relationship because it’s not “them.”

    We have seen Brennan with Sully and Booth with Cam and Hannah and the writers had no problem showing love scenes with them and Booth and Brennan had no problems being affectionate or expressing how they felt about their partners. It’s just a cop-out and I’m actually shocked that so many fans are accepting this. House and Cuddy got a whole episode dedicated to them having sex. I’m not saying we need that but that’s a payoff to the fans who waited so long for them to get together.

  33. Chloe on May 20th, 2011 10:53 pm

    I honestly don’t really mind that they didn’t show a sex scene, but I would like some sort of confimation that it was making love and not jut sex, like a flashback to the morning after or something. And I’d really like to see a flashback of when Brennan found out and her thoughts, like a conversation with Angela or something. And to know if they talked about what happened at all the morning after.

  34. tracy on May 20th, 2011 10:56 pm

    I think bones is the best show but i feel like we the viewers are being left out of the important bits yes we can use our imagination but this is what we have been waiting and watching for 6 years and now we find out we wont see others find out and see their expressions and the i dont care what viewers think comment.. Hello we are important if we dont watch you wont have a show.. No one asks to see porn just love

  35. Shelly on May 20th, 2011 11:31 pm

    If that’s the case, and ED is uncomfortable with doing a love making scene, then why doesn’t he just say so. I’d get it and understand. Instead he does a “double down” on the fans, and implies that we’re all looking for “Bones porn”.

  36. AngelMoonGirl on May 20th, 2011 11:37 pm

    YES, I’m incredibly excited! Sure, I’m disappointed with some things- I wanted to have more of a build-up to the pregnancy. I wanted to see Booth and Brennan’s first time. I wanted to see when people found out and freaked out. But I guess I’m okay with where this is heading. It will no doubt be unique, adorable and… OMG… it finally happened! Booth and Brennan a couple… and expectant parents! Woo! That child… can you imagine? *dies*

  37. osteon on May 20th, 2011 11:53 pm

    Any person who watches any show for just one reason is bound to be disappointed by it especially if that person’s lone reason for watching a show is the romance/possible hookup between the characters of the show. That person has already set expectations, ideas of what it would look like when the characters become a couple, how they become a couple; wants to see a single moment before s/he can finally accept that the characters are already a couple.

    That’s where the problem comes in. Those set expectations cloud one’s mind and prevent one from seeing or enjoying the story a storyteller (who believes that there are many ways for two people to come together) is telling.

    I started watching the show knowing that it is not my story to tell, I am just here to enjoy the ride, and I will still be.

  38. Jen on May 21st, 2011 12:10 am

    SN is crude and insulting. And this finale was a joke. I’m almost embarrassed to have been so addicted to this show.

    Why should we believe that B&B have a relationship? I have seen no obvious signs of it since before the 100th. It seemed like it was SLOWLY getting back to normal after the blizzard episode, but it never developed. Instead we got an imagined sex scene which was confirmed to be just that… only sex. Before the finale, I believed that they had made love and I was okay that I didn’t see it. But the finale proved that it had nothing to do with love. It was only sex. Brennan had to actually tell him he was the father. Very insulting. There was affection at the end of Hole in the Heart. I personally saw none of that in the finale. B&B had to be told to show affection when we got to see a kiss on the cheek. Booth still walks next to Bren with enough space for the Holy Spirit unless Bren links arms. What happened to Booth’s hand at the small of her back? If I had seen that, just that, I could believe they were in a relationship that was moving forward with trust and love.

    Not only have we had to endure Booth and Hannah talking about their sex life, we’ve had to see PDA and a few times going to bed or finishing up in bed together. One episode started with them in bed… makes me want to puke. We’ve seen Booth in bed after sex with Cam and Rebecca, too. And we don’t even get a real kiss between B&B. Where is the relationship HH and SN want us to believe exists? And I’m tired of reading and hearing that they’ve had a relationship for 6 years. Huh? Booth wanted nothing to do with Brennan for over half of the season. The Hannah arc ruined everything for a believable B&B relationship. It could have worked, but HH and SN failed to deliver a believable story.

    Before the finale, I was considering buying season 6 on DVD and just not watching the first 10 episodes ever again, but the finale made everything in the season’s 2nd half a huge mockery.

    It seems like everything before season 6 was a lie. Crappy sex vs making love… doesn’t exist for Booth anymore or on the show in general. Booth not wanting a baby with Bones unless they had a committed relationship. We can say anything to each other… right Bones? (Season 5 Bond in the Boot). Of course we know that isn’t completely true with feelings. But now, in the Pinocccio episode, we hear Booth make a toast to things unsaid. Seriously?

    I do believe that Brennan being pregnant will create some fun bickering and bantering but only if they’re in a committed relationship. If they are only friends and partners after a one night stand, then it will be bickering out of annoyance from Booth like when he was with Hannah. That is not funny and it is not entertaining.

  39. athena on May 21st, 2011 12:54 am

    “SN is crude and insulting. And this finale was a joke. I’m almost embarrassed to have been so addicted to this show.”

    This. I had decided to keep watching, maybe they’d flashback to that moment, or something. But this? They clearly don’t care about the fans, what we think/want, why should I still care about this show?

    And no, SN, I don’t want porn, just some buid up, a heartfelt scene between two people who used to love each other. Hell, even just a kiss would have been great. This was a joke.

    But there’s always Castle. And their PTB actually respect their fans.

  40. Amber on May 21st, 2011 1:50 am

    Thank you so much for that interview. I love HH and SN. They truly crack me up. For all the fans who decided to in their comments: Leave Castle out of it thank you very much. Yes, comparisons are to be made between the two shows. I enjoy Castle but for me they’ve got nothing on Booth and Bones. Right back to the interview.
    SN: No. No concern at all. We didn’t care. We didn’t feel it was necessary and we still don’t feel it was necessary. The most important thing happened — you saw in the penultimate episode, Booth and Brennan, as loving a moment between two people as you could possibly see. And the next episode, you saw the result of that moment. And if people want more than that, honestly, you need to go find a [makes cliche porn soundtrack noise and laughs].
    ^This so much is why I love them like I do. They are willing to do something that some of fandom will hate. They’ve got balls. I love them for it. I am so happy right now. I can’t wait to see how Season 7 unfolds. I leave you with my feelings towards all unhappy fans. I bring it to you in the form of the Madagascar penguins, “Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave.” I am good over here. *does a happy dance and leaves*

  41. Jay on May 21st, 2011 2:12 am

    Idk if someone has already brought this up but I’m, at this point, more willing to accept that Bones went and some how got artificially inseminated with booth’s sperm…Because them randomly having sex when bones was clearly emotionally unstable doesnt scream ROMANCEy scene we have all been waiting for. More like an emotioned-filled, spur of the moment, accidental one night stand. Is that really the CLASSY kind of episode they wanna give us? Altho he did seem to insinuate that us fans were CLASSY porn addicts…Also its uber irritating for their “Relationship” to be referred to as a “relationship” bones doesnt even think it is one, and this is gonna sound bad, sorry, im venting, but why does Booth need ANOTHER child out of wedlock again…out of bed with hannah..into bed with bones for A NIGHT…. speak of CLASSY SN?!?!?!!?!?

  42. Crystal on May 21st, 2011 2:40 am

    I feel so completely cheated. I’ve been watching for six years, waiting patiently for them to get together and it’s like they just decided to skip right over it. I don’t need the sex scene but at least an emotional one where they decide to take things to the next level. I really wish they saved the baby for later and let us watch them be a couple first. I know it’s Booth and Brennan and too much mush wouldn’t work but can’t they give us a little affection? I’m sick of all the anticipation and no payoff, huge let down.

  43. Jay on May 21st, 2011 3:10 am

    crystal!!!!! finally someone who agrees its really crappy timing

  44. Drippan on May 21st, 2011 3:15 am

    Thanks Marisa for the interview. I find it a shame that a TV series has to explain to the audience WTF is going on in order to save face.

    This union of B&B finally taking place is not about HH/SN flipping the finger at the Moonlighting Curse. This was about one thing: The legacy of the Bones series. This was about the nickname that was already associated with the series and the one that AM of ‘Castle’ has been fighting.

    ‘Pulling a Bones’ is not nor was not the legacy HH/SN wanted for the series. The series was no long known as ‘The Little Engine that Could’ but has had a new industrial tagline associated with it. Just as much as HH/SN tried to deny the Moonlighting Curse, AM is fighting the ‘Pulling a Bones’ Curse.

    I’m okay with the B&B union and the cleverness of the way it was handled. What is sad is the cluminess on the way it was handled. IMO, it shouldn’t have been rushed into two episodes but spread out to make more comprehensible sense to the loyal fan. It would have been nice for ‘Hole’ to air before ‘Silence’ then the pregnancy announcement. As a long time shipper, I feel a big let down by the producers.

    Anyway, to reiterate, this was not about the ‘Moonlighting Curse’ but about saving it’s own legacy of not being tagged with the motto ‘Pulling a Bones’.

  45. Acacia on May 21st, 2011 3:17 am

    Honestly I feel a little cheated. I’ve been watching Bones since the very first episode. I am so happy to know that B&B are expecting a child together, but the fans missed out on everything the show had been building up to for the last 6 seasons. We hardly saw any affection between B&B, and only had a small ‘kiss on the cheek’, when Bones’ father practically forced Booth to. I don’t see any emotional connection between the two characters anymore. It seems as though they simply ‘had sex’, than making love. I’m not asking for a ‘porno’ (reference to Stephen Nathan). All I’m asking for is a simple kiss or sign of affection between B&B. We had to sit through numerous scenes of Booth and Hannah in bed together, as well as Cam. Why is this ‘unnecessary’ for the B&B relationship? Stephen Nathan also said when the season starts back, everyone will already know about the pregnancy! Another important moment the Bones fans will miss out on. All I’m asking for is that chemistry the fans have been longing to see all these years. B&B having a baby is more than fine with me, I just want to see them committing to each other, rather than just sticking together ‘for the sake of the baby.’ I hope HH know what he is dong and we get to see that spark between Booth and Brennan we’ve been hoping for. As for me, I will never stop watching this show. I still have hope that things may pick-up next season. The last scene has given me some hope that maybe we’ll see Booth and Brennan connect during the course of her pregnancy and hopefully this will bring the two closer.

  46. Mary T on May 21st, 2011 3:20 am

    Brennan/Sully in bed were shown the morning after
    Booth/Hannah in bed together..

    Not even a kiss from the 2 lead characters. But she becomes pregnant and not
    even a kiss or loving touch on her face by Booth.

    Also, was Brennan sleeping around… since the point was made Booth was the father.
    In other words so and so…. ….. are not the father. You Booth are the father.

  47. JDB on May 21st, 2011 3:50 am

    I would have loved to see more physical interaction between B&B, but SN and HH have clearly mastered one of the golden rules of television…leave the viewers wanting more so they’ll tune in for the next ep.

    I want more- so I’m going to watch season 7. Mission Accomplished.

  48. GRACE ERIN on May 21st, 2011 4:08 am

    We didn’t want a porno. But some physical contact would of been nice. Believably that she was actually pregnant with his baby!



  49. m. on May 21st, 2011 4:28 am

    There’s probably only one explanation WHY no bedroom scenes were filmed – the actress, Emily Deschanel, is pregnant, and she was already showing when the epsiode was filmed. So that was a no. Now… why they did not show the morning after short moment (even if it would have been as vague as The X-Files once did), or the Brennan-Angela girl-talk, I do not understand. I really hope they filmed some scenes, and are just keeping them to show as flashbacks in the new season. If they have no such plan, then that’d be one more thing I don’t like.

    There’s probably one main reason WHY it all happened now. No matter what the producers say, I am 100% certain that they choose this route once they found out about Emily’s real life pregnancy (I am truly happy for her!) I would be okay with them writing it in the show, but I think the way it was written in/handled, is not the best way. They may have not had much time, but it still doesn’t feel right. But as seen before, their way of doing relationships is “Bam! And they are a couple/married.” Since they wasted over hald the season, they had only the last part, 6 episodes to get teh story to this point, and it is too rushed AFTER the S6 events. BB had been a couple perhaps until epsiode 100 (6 years), but after that they had a ‘break up’ and them getting ‘back together’ so quickly after the separation is what I don’t SEE possible, although I HEAR about it being in character.

    This quote could be about the show: “FATE CAN BE UNKIND. BUT YOU CAN’T FIGHT IT.” Not in a bad way. More like life keeps dealing the writers cards that without any clear plan (they have just been pushing the hookup to the furure for so long, for no other reason than to maintain the UST in their opinion, and it has been showing) means that real life events have been dictating the writing more than ideas and characters. I know that is always a case when it comes to TV, but in this case it’s been too obvious. It’s really sad actually.

    I agree, lots of viewers don’t expect any bed scenes, or domestic scenes, and it is a little insulting (at least to me) to hear as a viewer that they believe all people want to see is naked skin, and lots of kissing. I truly hope he was just kidding. What they really should do (even if it’s OOC for BB) is to at least hint that these two have been talking about things, and dealing with what they haven’t ever even mentioned – their relationship. I don’t even expect to see the conversation, let what goes on between them be just theirs, but if they inted to tell the story that way, then it isn’t that smart to speak all over the press about it all. Without Emily’s pregnancy their reasoning that “porn” is not something they want to show, is not valid at all – they have had no problem with addin those scenes when necessary (or not) – Bren/Michael, Bren/Sully, Booth/Cam, Booth/Hannah. And yet he keeps singing a new song now in interviews.

    I have been amused at following the ‘Bones producers soap-opera’ ever since last year. Maybe they’ve always done this, I just didn’t know about it before? But it’s really sad actually how the producers and writers have been trying to sell their story by repeatedly telling in interviews WHAT they want to tell with their story, and what they intend to do, and how this or that character is feeling this or that. Only to speak something different when a new plotline is introduced. It’s been amusig. Like when they tried to convince the audience that Booth was in love with Hannah, and all that. Now they keep saaying no, she was not important, he’s always loved only Brennan. What they should have been saying is that in Booth’s mind he wanted to be in love with someone, and be loved by someone, and the reporter just happened to come in his life in a convinient moment. Because that was always the case. And I cannot believe any viewer ever thought of any other possibility. The point they failed to SHOW me on screen.

    And I don’t care if the reason for no mention of his son is that Rebecca doesn’t let Booth see Parker, but in my opinion he is NOT a good father anymore. also: just mention the boy at times, if the child actor can’t be in the episode.

    Yes, everything that has happened, is what happens in real life. But… completely diffeent things happen in real life, too. It’s their story, and their choice, but it doesn’t mean everyone’s gonna like it. They’re choosing the scenarious from life that I am pretty much against. I’d like to hear the writers answer to the question “what is so original about two people atrracted to each other, but afraid to commit, and then in a moment of weakness and hurt they cross the line of doubt? and what is so original about people in their 30’s starting to think how they want to have a family and how when friends around are having babies, then you start thinking about the same. In my opinion – nothing. And it just feels strange to read how they keep repeating how unique, and different, and original their way of approaching the story is.

    This show has never been any good at continuity, but could they at least TRY sometimes. If they keep preaching in interviews how Brennan is so closed off, and not imprevious (really?! I never ever saw any hint about that, only heard about it when it was mentioned in S6. but that’s another story), then could they please not make it loo like she goes back-and-forth between episodes. In one epsiode she’s open, the next she’s closed, then open again. And yet they keep saying she’s always been closed off because of her parents leaving. The thing they need to adress teh most, and ‘right now’ is Booth’s past, life choices, and his behaviour. To quote somethings I read somewhere on the web “He’s got some explaining to do. About Hannah for example.”

    My biggest problems with this episode had nothing to do with Booth & Brennan’s story. Not going to talk about that here. Just that I didn’t like the episode. It was dull. Not funny, not entertaining, not anything. The undercover epsiodes before have been entertaining, this one wasn’t. There was nothing to watch except for Brennan’s ‘journey’ – if you focus on her character, and see all else as backnoise, you can see her thinking and waighing options all through the episode. As revealed to those, who didn’t have a clue before, all this was about her dealing with the fact that she’s pregnant.

    All this is why I consider the show an excellent example of “how not to write a tv show” because I care more about the story than popularity (viewer numbers), but they are obviosult forced to think mainly about the numbers.

    Victim of the circumstances. That’s what the show is to me. (the writer’s strike, some actors being unavailable to appear, and everything else)

    In reality I see two shows: Bones before S5 (and that show had the BEST ending ever – 4×26 BitE, I’m happy the show I liked had that ending, and a good last season, S4 was the best, because it had the most balance between everything and everyone. And BB development was done well.) and another one after S5 began.

  50. m. on May 21st, 2011 4:29 am

    I almost forgot: THANK you for a good interview, and questions.
    and I am sorry my comment doesn’t have a positive note.

  51. m. on May 21st, 2011 4:33 am

    *IMPERVIOUS (not imrevious)
    I have obvioulsy been watchiong another story with different characters.
    Yes, Brennan is not the most open person, but I don’t see the other characters being any more, so why is it important to point out that feature in her?

  52. Raffy on May 21st, 2011 5:23 am

    Nathan are you kidding me?
    Booth and Hanna’ s porn yes and B&B no?
    This is six years lost for nothing!

  53. ann on May 21st, 2011 5:55 am

    we watch porn with booth and hannah.that why fans wanted her off the show’/lets hope bones does keep some morals about her and won’t just be living with me you just turn me away from this show,NATHAN,hurts bones every time he does an article.

  54. Delph on May 21st, 2011 5:58 am

    Maybe we should let S7 to our imagination too and not watch it…

    I agree with almost everything that m. said, except that I think the frontier between the 2 different shows is S4, I even think there was already a crack between S1/2.

    And yes, we saw more between Brennan and Stires….

    And I for one am very concerned about Brennan giving into Booth’s wishes and caving about everything that is important to her. It’s time Booth makes some compromises and cave too, and change his mind adopting some of Brennan’s POV too. It’s always the other way around. But I guess it won’t happen, they will disagree at first like always, and Brennan will change her mind like always. The marriage topic will be addressed in the premiere but not resolved, they will disagree, but I predict it will be resolved in the finale by Brennan changing her mind. At the end of the show she will have done a 180° turn from what she was at first, supposedly because she was not her true-self back then, I don’t like that, like she was putting up a persona all these years, even thought we have been told that she doesn’t play games, and that what you see is what we get with her… Some of us don’t Brennan becoming like most people, or don’t want to be told that she has always been like most people deep inside…

  55. Drippan on May 21st, 2011 6:16 am

    I don’t think Booth and Brennan had sex. I think Brennan got pregnant by using Booth’s toilet the next morning. I’m sticking with this story because it makes a whole lot more sense than we got on the series.

  56. AMy on May 21st, 2011 7:59 am

    i think B and B’s relationship deserves more respect than Hannah and Booth..and i’m totally happy with the way they got em together..can’t wait to see what happens next season

  57. m. on May 21st, 2011 8:02 am

    @drippan LOL
    @delph Thanks. Just one thing – I never saw Brennan as against marriage. To me she has just always believed and needed it to be about the right person, and the right cicumstances. I just ‘ignored’ her comments in early seasons about *never* getting married and having children. because I always saw her as a good (future) mother, though not one who needs a man or a relationship to become one (adopting for example), but that it’d all depend on….things.

    It should’t really be about who is right or whose view is correct (science/fate), but about the compromises, and sadly this show has IMO done the compromises thing poorly. But to me (I’m not married, so what do I know?) a good marriage, one that lasts is, among other things, about compromises. But really not about one partner being always ‘right’, and the other has to adapt to that. I would not be happy if it were the other way either – Brennan’s POV being ‘right’ and Booth changing his mind all the time. There may be many couples and marriages where one partner is dominant like that, but I don’t consider that to be a good partnership.

    I do think S3 would have been able to further the sopry more without the writers strike, so that was a sad fact. But I still saw good things, and balance up until S4. If I’d draw a graph, then it’d look – Uphill until season 4, peak at the end of S4, and downhill ever since, until the series finale. (If someone wakes up and says then that it was all a weird dream, the graph would go up a little at the very end).

    to make it clear: I don’t want to SEE anything on screen, but I expect to HEAR (a hint) about things. (that’s only 2 of the 5 senses) That’s a big problem imo when it comes to Bones.

  58. sunny on May 21st, 2011 8:32 am

    Wow way to reassure the audience and bring us back for more. NOT.

    First of all nobody is asking for porn. We sure as hell didn’t ask for it with Booth and Hannah but we still nearly got it anyway. Second, that ‘moment’ in the penultimate only made me sad for Brennan that she had to go begging for comfort after Booth never once reached out a hand to her or so much as said a kind word to her over her dead intern until then. Third, how is it B&B could be loving, affectionate, and emotionally intimate before the 100th, and even some after, but they can’t now that they’re having a baby together and supposedly in a relationship? At this point in B&B’s dull, lifeless, dreary, uninspiring ‘relationship’ I’m left wondering how they even mustered up enough desire to even conceive a baby! Hell I wouldn’t even care–much– that we haven’t seen those milestones we’ve longed for all these years if the moments of B&B that we DO get to see inspired some kind of excitement and hope but they demonstrably do NOT.

    Man, I thought I couldn’t BE more pissed at the finale than I already was but SN just proved me wrong. I thought he was the one who cared about the fans? How can he believe this insulting attitude will leave fans wanting more? I hope he knows that I, for one, will never watch another show with his name on it.

  59. Flashback on May 21st, 2011 8:56 am

    Flashback episodes…that’s what they’re going to do to pacify everyone’s need to see how B&B got to what they showed in the finale. It would be a way to deal with the time gap between NM’s death & the baby announcement (& ED’s baby bump showing). All these posts are giving the creators more ideas & material to write about. So, Mr. Nathan, please use the power of the Flashback to give the audience what they want & keep the money flowing. . . I mean the show going.

  60. Laura L on May 21st, 2011 9:07 am

    Booth/Hannah…. both should some intimate scenes.
    Yet with Brennan/Booth nothing. At least a kiss or a tender touch on her check.

    But a smile…. come on. I wonder if season 7 will be the last for Bones.
    After 7 years any series starts to get old.
    With The Finder filling in at some time…… I can only believe that HH is going to
    replace Bones with The Finder.

    Overall, this has been a horrible season.
    The writing was poor and adolescent at times.
    The writers seem to be targeting a younger fan base… say high school girls.
    Anyone over 30 years old would loose interest as I have ….. with the direction
    of Bones past 2 years.

  61. Linda on May 21st, 2011 9:13 am

    @ Flashback..I wouldn’t hold your breath.. This statement makes me believe as a viewer, I will just have to keep guessing..

    “Was there any concern that people have invested six seasons in this relationship and this couple, but this very important detail of their relationship was kept hidden from the audience until she said she was pregnant in the season finale?
    SN: No. No concern at all. We didn’t care. We didn’t feel it was necessary and we still don’t feel it was necessary.”

    It kind makes me sad not to feel any emotional connection between the two of them. A kiss before the fade out would have made the connection for me. I’m not looking for hot and heavy “porn” scene. I had to cringe through those with Booth and Hannah. Just a scene that would show Booth and Brennan’s commitment and love for each other. Something that shows me that Brennan is just not a consolation prize. I’m getting tired of guessing what is going on in their heads. And SN’s comment is not making me feel confident that we will be seeing any of this in season 7. I guess time will tell.

  62. Saffron on May 21st, 2011 9:21 am

    Intimate scenes for everyone. But Booth and Brennan not. The only important couple of the show nothing. No love, no tenderness, only consolation.
    Worts series ever.
    X Files was better.

  63. Temperance Emily Brennan on May 21st, 2011 9:25 am

    I think that Tempe and Booth will make great parents and their kid will be lucky to have them as parents.
    I want to see what their baby looks like it will probably be so cute like booth and smart like tempe

  64. sunny on May 21st, 2011 9:33 am

    Why is it B&B could be affectionate and emotionally intimate but they can’t now that they’re having a baby? Seasons 1-5 I saw a lot of guy hugs, eye sex, arm touching, face, hair, and back touching, cheek kissing, walking arm in arm; I heard many intimate conversations, saw Booth threaten to kill a gangbanger for Brennan, watched him get up from a hospital bed to rescue her, step in front of a bullet to save her, run like the wind to ‘his girl’, growl at potential suitors, tell her father she was beautiful, wordlessly admit to Cam he was in love with Brennan…shall I go on? Have we seen ANYTHING like this in season 6? If we have I missed it. Before 6 everyone who came into contact with them thought they were lovers. Now they have to ACT like a couple; they have to be told to ACT affectionate.

    They seem hellbent on contrasting B&B with Hodgela and it makes me want to cry and cry at how lacking B&B come up in comparison. Theirs was an epic love story, it really was, that has been reduced to what seems to me to be force of habit. It’s not only sad and depressing, it’s dull and boring. Why would they do this to one of the most exciting and realistically emotionally intimate couples I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch on television? I thought I had an answer in the coma dream theory but now that it’s been shot down I can think of no rational, logical explanation as to why the creators and writers thought shattering their main couple and reducing them to a sad shadow of their foremr selves was a good idea. I get that they might want to tell a complex story but this isn’t The Sopranos or Six Feet Under–this is network entertainment and as much as they might aspire to such heights SN and HH are NOT David Chase or Alan Ball and should stick to what they know.

  65. Skybridge on May 21st, 2011 9:50 am

    Oh joy! Now I get to prepare myself for another Booth proposal and rejection, cause there is no way that even an oops baby would be “reason enough” for Brennan to marry. so that is what Sweet has to help Booth work through next season.

    A nervous Brennan and sweet smile from Booth…and I am supposed to now interpret they have a relationship, but what kind is left up to my imagination. This coming from the on screen couple that has been labeled having the best sexual chemistry.

    A little affection, a hug, some touching, hand holding in private would go a long way in establishing they are more than partners who “got caught.” No, according to SN, I am looking for porn. See he doesn’t understand what his audience is looking for either.

    One last thing, when is it that disclosures of pregnancy are revealed on a street corner? Perhaps between casual lovers who are NOT in a relationship.

  66. Emily on May 21st, 2011 10:27 am

    I’m excited by this. I really am. I just wish we could have more of the reaction. I mean, the reaction post-sex (just some acknowledgement, as others said I don’t need porn). More of Booth’s reaction (the smile was great, but seriously! MORE)…. and COME ON, we had an entire episode about Hodgins and Angela’s announcement (which I seriously HATED that entire storyline), but we totally miss out on Booth and Bones’ which is like the whole point….

    I WANT MORE! I’d pay them a thousand bajillion dollars to do that.

  67. Eve on May 21st, 2011 12:47 pm

    This is a show that sold “the sizzling chemistry” between two leads. Now they don’t want to show that because it is lovey dovey. I am not talking about sex scenes, but moments of tenderness is something I would like to see. I know the shippers read into every glance and sometimes I think they are just using their imaginations (which is apparently what the producers want viewers to do)
    But I really want to see something on screen. For the better part of this season, it appeared that Booth did not even like Brennan. Even the episodes after hannah only restored their friendship. I really did not see anything in Booth’s eyes in the scene where they apparently ended up having sex.
    Then she has to tell him it was his baby.

    I was OK with the end scene but after this episode it seems like they are going to go back to business as usual. I hope they improve the cases, but there has to be some balance. they claim they have been together for six seasons, but not really “together.” When a sexual relationship is started, there should be some romance and or lusty looks between them. I have seen couples much older on TV who exhibit more romance than B & B. I just don’t have faith that the producers think they have to show it.

    Honestly, I think the chemistry between them has been seriously lacking for a while, but this season almost non-existent. I did not even find their “AU sex scene” very convincing. I think they should work on getting some chemistry back, even with the looks. My husband does not like PDA at all, but when we are out (not with friends) he will take my hand or look at me in a certain way.
    When I see them together, acting, of course, it just does not seem like Booth looks at her like someone he loves. Maybe someone he likes.

    They always said that these two belonged together. Now it just seems like they are being put together because they both want a relationship or a family. I really feel like they missed their moment. However, as a big Brennan fan, and this being her first love (and I do see emotions in Brennan) I don’t want to see he being settled for by Booth because she is giving him a relationship and a child. I don’t want to see just gratitude and a strong bond between them. For heavens sake, if they created a child, it could not have been all clinical and just physical.

    I just feel cheated because the whole premise of this show for five years was the chemistry and underlying love of these two characters. And now they don’t feel like when they are actually together that needs to be shown. It’s like they are saying “been there, done that” when actually they really did not.
    I just see them as playing into the moonlighting curse by really making them boring together.

    They want to make all the loving connections between Angela and Hodgins.
    They are not the couple who sold the show. I thinks they went overboard with them this season and I really hope Angela gets some of her edge back.
    She is really not that sweet and her only non-sweet moments were hormonal.
    Very cliche.

    I really enjoyed the silence episode. I loved Brennan in that. My fear is that the whole relationship next season is going to be again using Brennan as the comic relief and make her more awkward and clueless. I am really sick of seeing the perfect Booth (yes he is flawed but for some reason everyone just accepts his and does not challenge them)

    In short, for me personally, this was a TERRIBLE season. Each season they have made fewer quality episodes, but this season I think only about 4 were good, and for me the Silence episode and the first Sniper were really good.
    both of those did not focus on the relationship of B & B. They really dropped the ball on the chemistry of these two and I was hoping they would bring it back.

    Apparently, the producers don’t think they need to show chemistry. Fans should all imagine it. I know many shippers out there are OK with that. I gave up being a true shipper a couple of seasons ago because I just stopped seeing that chemistry. I want to see a story told on TV. If I have to make up my own, I don’t need to watch the show. That is probably why I have not rewatched episodes this season and no longer watch old ones.

    They keep saying this relationship is real and organic. Well life is often very sad and sometimes watching TV is a break from it. The premise of the show solving gruesome crimes is sad. I don’t want to see lovey dovey scenes every week but I want some genuine feeling of affections displayed.

    Why did I watch for six seasons to see them deciding to stay in a relationship because of a baby. The writers don’t feel like fans are owed anything and i can’t argue with that.

    I just hope that the majority of fans feel like they do. If not, I think people will be very disappointed with the storyline and tune out. S7 is going to be touch enough with the big gap in the middle of the season. Obviously, they are not going to have a full season, and before the birth of ED’s baby in real life, I imagine her time will be limited on screen. I think they need to make the most of her when they can. I truly believe S7 will be the last season so the producers really won’t care. They will just tell their story.

    However, the numbers at the end of the season were similar to the numbers at the beginning of the season. If they truly did get a great boost from AI, then apparently they lost about that same number from the beginning of the season.

    I actually considered watching the Finder. But after seeing the interviews with the producers, I doubt very much that I will.

  68. Katie on May 21st, 2011 12:47 pm

    I think i wanted a kiss in the finaly, but i would have liked an akwark moment where they agree and then look at each other and then look away. That whaud have been enough to see that they love eachother but are trying to keep it perfesional.
    I liked the finale but i wish there was an episode in between when Vincent died and the finale.
    Loved the look on booths face though. Priceless.

  69. clahain on May 21st, 2011 1:48 pm

    I’m very happy with this turn of events. Was it expected? No. Is it consistent with the characters of Booth and Brennan? Absolutely.

    I can understand why some shippers might feel cheated. If you are comparing B&B’s relationship to the plot of a romance novel or a feature-length romantic comedy, you will be disappointed. This is a relationship developed over HUNDREDS of hours. And, hey, it’s a crime show.

    Poor Hanson and Nathan are victims of their own success. Most entertainment is so In Your Face that understatement gets little appreciation.

  70. Delph on May 21st, 2011 2:34 pm

    I for one will ask for less alpha male Booth, and don’t want to see him being territorial, Brennan is not a territory nor an object but a free human being. And make Booth overcome his white knight syndrome the same way Brennan is asked to overcome her abandonment issues. Also make Brennan assert herself again, she is way too passive and soft lately, and make her have a mind on her own again that will not change everytime Booth disagrees. JMO

  71. Kim on May 21st, 2011 2:55 pm

    I was pissed off before I read this interview, now I’m even more pissed off after having read it. That Stephen Nathan is both insulting and clueless. He (they) totally cheated the fans out of every scene we have been waiting for. And it sounds like there’s going to be even more of it next season, what with everybody going to know about the pregnancy already. I’m not even sure I’m going to watch S7, and that pisses me off too, because this USED to be my favorite show until they screwed it up. SN and HH et al, you all seriously suck!!

  72. Eve on May 21st, 2011 3:01 pm

    SN’s comment about them being committed because of the baby indicates to me that they will show them together for the baby. To me this angle has completed wiped out the romantic nature of their relationship. Booth will feel he needs to marry Brennan because of the baby. He wanted to marry hannah for love and to share a life. The producers are now saying that he will be committed to Brennan for the baby they will have.

    this is completely the opposite of what this show was about. Where is it now shown that these people belong together and love each other.

    I personally think they had to do this (for the last year to encourage people to tune in after this terrible season.). I don’t think DB ever wanted to play them as a couple and I think with ED’s pregnancy this gives them an excuse to take the story their way. Yes, they can tell the story any way they want.
    Many people just watch the show for DB and hang on his every glance. They see things that I obviously don’t.

    I just think that everything they did to sell this show and attract viewers is what they are now saying viewers have no right to see. What happened to lightening in a bottle.

    Truth be told I think they are just looking for a way to end this show and will throw us all kinds of crap in terms of episodes. I am sure there will be a few good ones and every now and then there will be puppy dog eyes from DB.

    that may be enough for some fans but it did not hold me this season and I can honestly say that I will only watch after reading reviews next season.

  73. Sandra on May 21st, 2011 3:30 pm

    Hello???!!! Dear Stephan, I didn’t want to see a hot sex scene!!! I didn’t want to see them naked or something!!
    I wanted to see them make LOVE, cause Bones doesn’t know how to do that. Booth should have shown her! I wanted to see Bones loose herself in Booth, inhis eyes, in his lips, in his gentle touch……and cut. I wanted her to say “we broke the laws of physiks” the next morning. I’m pissed of! Really pissed off! And it is so good to see that other poeple feel the same! They better show a flashback next season or I’m done with them!

  74. Cheryl on May 21st, 2011 3:34 pm

    There has been no chemistry between bb all season. I agree a kiss or hug would have been nice. SN comments were flipant and downright insulting. But what I commented before was implying that there is something going on with the actors and it has been there all season.

  75. Eve on May 21st, 2011 3:39 pm

    SN, what ever happened to the story of B & B and their relationship being what drives the show. Fans were always told that these people ultimately belonged together because they loved each other.

    Now they will be committed because they are good and decent people and they are having a baby.

    No changies, no takebacks. Follow through for once with their story.
    The outlook of the producers on what their relationship has progressed to is just very sad. Brennan evolving over the seasons, looking for that family that she lost, all the fans rooting for her to find love and be loved and now we are told that they will commit to each other for a baby.

    Just a sad way to end up. Maybe Brennan was right all along not to believe in love. With the way this relationship has progressed, she has no reason to change her mind.

  76. janice on May 21st, 2011 3:42 pm

    I loved the S6 finale! I don’t need a full blown hot sex scene between them to know that they are made for each other — they just have amazing onscreen chemistry. I’m from Canada and saw the episode the day before — I was good and didn’t come her to spoil because it was a wonderful unexepcted surprise to me and I didn’t want to ruin it for others. It was just a great feeling when she said it and then to see Booth’s reaction then her’s — I never thought the show would go in that direction. I am so looking forward to S7 and how they now continue to build their relalationship with a child and their own differences. I hope they get a girl!

  77. Wealldie on May 21st, 2011 4:39 pm

    i have one thing to say THANK GOD HE WAS JOKING ABOUT that one part i mean i would have died

  78. cam'on on May 21st, 2011 4:45 pm

    in the hole in the heart, brennan grabs booth arm and angela smile… i understand that as an: oh, look a them: finally!
    and, how are they going to show sex after vincent being shoot? not polite…
    in the change in the game booth says that baby is a good thing if they love each other, so good news then, they love each other
    yes, i missed a kiss a bit but I’m happy how they handle it, imagination is powerful.

    (i hated booth-hannah escenes, those were not necessari…)

    can’t wait for next season!

  79. david on May 21st, 2011 4:57 pm

    the sex happened after nigel murray body was took to the airport.

  80. Eve on May 21st, 2011 5:05 pm

    Cam’ on. Booth was talking about Angela and Hodgins loving each other. Not he and Brennan.

  81. Liz on May 21st, 2011 5:37 pm

    Did Bones use Booth’s sperm or did the do the horizontal the nite Nigel-Murray died? Does this mean B&B are getting together because she’s pregnant? The only part I enjoyed in the finale was the baby being borne. Why wasn’t Cam in the finale or on the show most of the year?

  82. kelsey on May 21st, 2011 6:05 pm

    I am excited to see what happens in S7.
    And don’t feel cheated out of a love scene. I could tell B&B were different throughout the episode- I think that’s why Max was in the ep. He could tell there was a new dynamic between and he called them out on it a few times.
    It would be out of character for B&B to be “lovey-dovey.” That’s why Booth’s relationship with Hannah didn’t work- he was trying to turn it into something that it would never be.
    I am in favor of the two of them keeping their integrity and personalities- that’s how a real relationship works!

  83. amy on May 21st, 2011 6:41 pm

    If you remember back to the episode where they are discussing the problems with sweets book, Brennan told booth she could maybe be in a relationship with him when she was ready emotionally, so when Vincent died and she broke down indepbt of booth it was a message that she was ready to be with him. I’m completely satisfied with how it played out. Perfect. Can’t wait for season 7!

  84. Shannon on May 22nd, 2011 3:25 am

    PEOPLE……. BONES is a TV show. How can anyone care or be excited about the
    made believe charterer Brennan becoming pregnant.

    Next season the writers may decide to have the make believe Brennan say the Booth
    is not the father of her make believe baby. The guy from The Finder is the father.

    Since none of this charterers are real….. who cares.
    TV is for entertainment….

  85. Mary T on May 22nd, 2011 8:54 am

    Emily Deschanel Brooke Shields

    Emily Deschanel as she ages has begun to look like Brook Shields.
    I noticed this after watching a commercial with Brook Shields the other day.

    Bones has gone downhill this entire season. I record it and replay it the
    next day. I have found myself fast forwarding during this year. Why, for
    me the writing is bad and the acting nothing to remember.
    The last episode I enjoyed was the Doctor in the Photo.

  86. Sherry on May 22nd, 2011 11:56 am

    SN is wrong. We don’t want to see a sex scene, we just want a little romance acted out. Why don’t they just tell us they’ll eventually get married and we’ll fill in te scenes. Who needs the show. Of course, we want to see the touches, the hugs, and hear the lovey dialogue. Certainly a little something, we don’t watch the show to hear the ending, we want to see it unfold and he just skipped the middle chapters of the book.

    also, obviously Brennan wanted to get pregnant, God I hope a 35 year old professional knows how to “not” get pregnant.

    I don’t know if I want to buy season 6 dvd, the first half of the season was a waste of emotion.

    Can they at least pick up the story at the street scene and let us hear what was said, even if Brennan is bigger, give us something to feel good about.

  87. Nee on May 22nd, 2011 12:14 pm

    I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a producer be so insulting. I didn’t particularly care about not seeing a sex scene, but there was nothing particularly loving about the episode where they supposedly slept together either. He treated her like a friend, one he was worried about, and let her crawl into his bed and cry on his shoulder. If they had even tossed in a kiss there I could have seen it, even with the flash out, but…yeah. And all the “intimacy” between these two characters in the season finale was so forced, it felt…forced.

    Look. B&B have ALWAYS done subtle well. A touch. A look. A single sweet word. I must have watched the look on Booth’s face at the end of the ep where Brennan goes to see her father in prison for Christmas and he brings her a tree a hundred times, just because that “Oh god, what do I do now?” look was so…priceless.

    Now it feels like it’s a choice between overdone and obviously fake or not there at all. Is it the producers? Have the actors suddenly decided they’re not comfortable with each other and the direction the show is going after all these years? Because that’s how I felt about the whole thing. Remember when Booth showed up after Sully left? When he crawled out of his bed to save her from the dogs? When Brennan stood with Booth and watched Max & Parker do science experiments together, and smiled when he gave her a pig? Where are THAT Booth and Brennan, because I haven’t seen them in almost a season and a half?

    Loved the cases this season, I really, really did. They finally got back to solving murders instead of focusing on B&B, and I was grateful for that. But there’s a huge difference between focusing on your primary storyline and neglecting your secondary plotlines altogether. I agree with whoever said the writing felt juvenile at times this season, with random tags tossed in to reassure us that yes, these characters would be together. Eventually. I mean-picking a date to get together? S1 Brennan would have said it was stupid and illogical. S3 Brennan would have said it was juvenile. S4 Brennan would have said you either get together or you don’t. So where did S6 Brennan get the personality transplant from?

  88. Eve on May 22nd, 2011 12:38 pm

    Nee, could not agree with you more. I see some feelings in Brennan’s expressions but none in Booth. But if the producers want viewers to come to their own conclusion, I guess they don’t care how the actor plays it.

    I watched all these seasons to see Brennan find love (and eventually a family)
    I want to see her loved back and now have that family. Angela and Hodgins are not what kept me tuned in. I truly think the producers just don’t care anymore (and maybe DB just does not want those scenes as well. I am not talking sex scenes but scenes that just show love between them. I want it told to me. Every time I have drawn my own conclusions they come back with an episode that just destroys what I thought was going on. So, yes, I need them to spell it out for me.

    This article has really turned me off SN and HH. I get they are producing a show and it is business but there should be some continuity to the show that they built up for 5 seasons before blowing it up. They said they would bring them all back together. If bringing them back with “obligations” to raise a child together is what it turns into without a truly “in love” relationship, then I am truly disappointed. Right now I envision Brennan giving birth and Booth saying “thanks Bones”. Fades to black.

  89. marypat on May 22nd, 2011 12:43 pm

    It’s unfortunate that SN is so insulting to the people who support the show. After 6 years of seeing them build, then destroy the relationship of 2 people, they snatch the logical conclusion away and then say if you wanted to see the pair finally come together,you must want to watch porn. What an insult, particularly after the rolling in the hay we were treated to with Hannah and Booth. How hypocritical of SN! I sincerely doubt that 99.9% of viewers wanted to see a porn scene between B&B. But like myself, most of us expected to see– oh– character and plot development–a growing tenderness between the 2 characters since Booth had been basically ignoring Brennan all season as he was too busy saying I love Hannah to anyone who would listen. I wanted to see Brennan’s character really mellow, as someone above mentioned, when she made love as opposed to just having intercourse with someone– and I mean, a short B&B moment before or after, something that would show change.

    Personally, I think its high time that the writers treat their characters and their fans with respect instead of snarky distain.

  90. Ann on May 22nd, 2011 2:12 pm

    Yes a kiss would of been nice or hell a hug lol. But I have to say even though she is pregnant people will still be tuning in for the will they or won’t they! Because until you actually see the kiss or the bedroom scene it’s almost like it didn’t happen! Makes me mad to say it but it’s genius!

  91. amy on May 22nd, 2011 4:01 pm

    Ann I 100% agree with you. I will definitely be tuning in to s7. Can’t wait!

  92. Raven on May 22nd, 2011 5:56 pm

    The writers and producer totally screwed it up. I mean, what the fuck?

    The ONE thing everybody was waiting for all this years, just “isn´t necessary to show”?
    Sure, Hanna & Booth no problem, Bones & several no problem, but Booth & Brennan is = porn? What the hell does this people got in their head?
    And that Stephen Nathan, how dare he say “We didn’t care”, about all the time the fans invested in this 6 year. I mean, a little respect for the people that put the food on your mouth you idiotic piece of…

    It just so surreal… All this time, the chemistry, the glances, the “hope”, the story, everything B&B were in all this seasons, GONE TO HELL, because of this bunch of morons.
    All we got was, a “sleep over” and bang PREGNANT? Without even a kiss, or an i love you? Beside , since when Brennan lost all her intellect and “forgot” to wear a condom, or pills or whatever. And this two people were supposed to be in love with each other, I don´t now all of you, but in the last 2 episodes I didn´t see any love there, not even real chemistry between the characters.

    I´m so dissapointed and angry at all this “hey, I´m pregnant” thing.
    I can understand that maybe it´s all resume to Emily being uncomfortable making a love scene in her state, or maybe something interpersonal with David, whatever it is , it fucked all up.

    I hope that this people show a little intelligence next season, and make a damn flash back or something to save this wonderful show and characters, which were degraded to a god damn joke.

    And people, please stop saying “OMG it was great”, because it was an insult to all of us. And I agree with the comments of Sherry, Eve, Marypat and specially Nee, exactly what I have seen, forced and fake.

    The moonlighting curse, is now a Bones curse.
    What a shame…

  93. Riley on May 22nd, 2011 6:20 pm

    My initial reaction to Brennan’s pregancy was total shock. I knew ED was pregnant, but I never once believed that her pregnancy would be written into the show given where the writers were in the B&B storyline. I’m not excited about Brennan’s pregnancy, but if written well, the storyline could turn out to be great to watch.

    I am, however, completely disappointed that we will not see important developments in the beginning of the B&B relationship. For six years, the writers have fed off the sexual tension between these two characters. The writers have used the “will they, won’t they” plot to continue the success of this show. So I’m amazed that they feel good about saying “oh, they did, but it’s up to the fans to imagine the details.” To keep so many fans tuned in for 6 seasons, waiting for this moment, then completely skip over the actual moment expecting us to use our imagination to fill in the blanks is just frustrating. In my opinion, the entire basis of a tv series is to have the writers tell us the story. To have B&B go from agreeing to be together eventually, to a comfort hug, leap to “I’m pregnant, you’re the father”, then bring the show back after everyone already knows about the relationship & pregnancy, is completely dissatisfying. If the writers believe that skipping over this part of the B&B relationship is a way to avoid the so-called “moonlighting curse” then I’m left to think that they are merely trying to appease those fans who clearly had no faith in their writing to begin with. I wouldn’t have expected a season full of “lovey dovey” moments between these two. I did, however, expect to see the moment they decide to take the next step, the first kiss, the other characters initial reactions to their new relationship, & with the pregnancy, at least the other characters initial reactions to that news. Those could have all been addressed in as little as 2-3 episodes & would likely have pleased many of the upset fans.

    In regards to Stephen Nathan’s answers to some of these questions, I found myself taken aback at times. At first, it felt like a slap in the face when he said “We didn’t care” in regards to how the fans might feel about certain things being hidden from the viewers. I’m choosing to interpret that as “We can’t care.” I would imagine as a writer for a popular tv series, you have to stop caring at some point. I think he & HH both know by now that they can’t please every fan, so why try. I can completely understand that & even though I’m displeased with certain aspects of the show right now, there are thousands of fans who are pleased & I can respect that. I was very offended by the insinuation that fans who wished for more physical intimacy in the last couple of episodes are only looking to watch porn. I have to believe that the many episodes in which they shot sex scenes with a multitude of couples, that they weren’t sitting back thinking that they were shooting porn the whole time. That being said, I don’t think most people were disappointed in the lack of a sex scene, but more of a lack of any kind of physical intimacy. There have been so many scenes in the series, where the fans were on the edge of their seats expected them to kiss, which built up the fans expectation of seeing the moment where they finally do kiss for the first time (as a real couple). There were two great opportunities in the last two episodes that a kiss would have sufficed to show some sort of physical intimacy. Wanting something as simple as a kiss, does not make us pervs! The only defense I can think of on behalf of Stephen Nathan’s insinuations here, is that…well, how many insults has he probably received by fans over the years, I guess it’s fair game. (Doesn’t make me any less offended though!)

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting to leave such a long comment, but apparently I had more to say than I thought : ) All in all, I’m still a fan of the show & will continue to watch next season. I don’t expect to be happy with every episode or plot development, but I have faith that the writers will continue to keep me entertained with each new episode. Oh, and on a sidenote…I have to give major credit to ED who I feel really carried season 6. She’s a wonderful actress who really deserves more recognition!

  94. Eve on May 22nd, 2011 7:53 pm

    Yes, ED did carry Season 6 and a lot of credit to TJ. DB did a wonderful job directing and had a couple of really good scenes and the sniper eps were good. However, I found his interactions with Brennan, even after hannah gone, was as if he was just reading lines. No chemistry, no real feeling, just blah. I know he was supposed to be “angry” but I just don’t feel it with him anymore.

  95. lindsay on May 22nd, 2011 8:03 pm

    When i found out that brennan was pregnant i was so happy and i am so happy to see what happens in season 7

    I am also a litlle angry at all of the the people who feel cheated out of a romance because if you do remember emily is pregnant in real life and probably couldn’t do a ”love scene”. Another thing is b&b are not a normal lovey-dovey couple and there was a little bit of it in the last episode, its not like they could go all out on everything .Also i’m pretty sure that theres going to be lots of lovey-dovey stuff in season 7. Lastly it’s not like the producers can please everybody so if you dont like what’s happening between b&b don’t watch the show

  96. not amused on May 22nd, 2011 9:56 pm

    “Was there any concern that people have invested six seasons in this relationship and this couple, but this very important detail of their relationship was kept hidden from the audience until she said she was pregnant in the season finale?”
    “SN: No. No concern at all. We didn’t care. We didn’t feel it was necessary and we still don’t feel it was necessary.”

    Ugh, I hate when SN and HH make comments like this. They really SHOULD care that we MIGHT feel just a tiny bit slighted by the fact that this couple we’ve invested so much in just goes ahead and makes a baby behind the scenes while we are completely oblivious. (Related: I cannot understand why he, and everyone else, immediately assumes that when we fans say stuff like this, that means we wanted a porno sex scene. UH, NO. WRONG. I DON’T CARE ABOUT A SEX SCENE. I just care about the very important emotional payoff and all those things that go along with it, things that we so clearly missed.)

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m VERY happy about the news. I just worry that, more and more, SN and HH aren’t at all concerned with what we, the loyal viewers who love this show, care about.

  97. John on May 23rd, 2011 12:00 am

    Personaly i have watched the show for six years now an i didnt think s6 was all that bad but i did feel like they kind of rushed the booth brenen thing at the very end i guess what i should say is it seemed like booth jumped from hana to brenen to quick for me.But still a fan an looking forward to s7.

  98. anjelik on May 23rd, 2011 12:18 am

    I just wanna say if they’re gonna skip a whole bunch, then we better get some flashbacks. I wanna see the reactions to the pregnancy/getting-together thing AT LEAST. Granted, it would be nice to figure out what exactly happened but whatever.
    Anyway, I seriously thought it was kinda dumb that she figured out she was prego a couple of days after it all supposedly happened. If that’s the case, then they better make a joke about her having a freakin period like every 2 weeks… otherwise, it’s not happening.
    Other than that, I’m chill w/ whatever they throw at us.

  99. Sarah on May 23rd, 2011 4:14 am

    Lets not forget that this is all MAKE BELIEVE…..this characters are not real.
    So lets not get emotional on comic books hero on TV . At the end of the day
    the actors just go home to their real husband/wife.

    I watch TV to be entertained.
    Anyway, BONES has become a SOAP OPERA….. I record the episode and
    watch it later. I rarely watch the complete episode. I fast forward as most
    scenes are now written for teen age girls.

  100. m. on May 23rd, 2011 7:09 am

    @Sarah well summed. I do believe that either their target audience has changed (to younger), or I’ve suddenly become too old and it’s always been targeted to younger people than myself.

  101. ann on May 23rd, 2011 4:02 pm

    you have made too many disgusted by bones being pregnant.

  102. Julie on May 23rd, 2011 7:33 pm

    Clearly some viewers didn’t notice that in the penultimate episode, when Angela was having false labor, it was 4 weeks BEFORE her due date, and in the last episode she gave birth 3 days AFTER her due date, so if you can count that’s almost 5 weeks in between episodes. So Bones would have been 5 weeks pregnants, and since women usually conceive about 2 weeks into their cycle she would be at least 2 weeks late on her period.

  103. CJ on May 23rd, 2011 8:53 pm

    Out of curiosity- how many episodes will there be in Season 7? When will Bones premiere? There will be 13 Finder episodes- is there enough time for a “full season” of Bones?

  104. sunny on May 23rd, 2011 9:23 pm

    @Julie–“Clearly some viewers didn’t notice that in the penultimate episode, when Angela was having false labor, it was 4 weeks BEFORE her due date,…So Bones would have been 5 weeks pregnants, and since women usually conceive about 2 weeks into their cycle she would be at least 2 weeks late on her period.”

    Clearly, you are quite wrong and didn’t notice that Angela was having false labor in *Signs in the Silence*, the ep BEFORE the penultimate. In SiTS she specifically stated she was 8 months along. If she was 2 days past her due date in The Change in the Game, then one month total has passed since SiTS. Considering a pregnancy is only 9 months we are FORCED to assume that two weeks have passed since the penultimate. that means Brennan is two weeks pregnant. IOW, she hadn’t even missed a period yet when she told Booth.

  105. anjelik on May 23rd, 2011 9:50 pm

    Julie, you my dear are a smart smart cookie. Wow okay that made the whole prego thing A LOT more believable. Thanks for noticing something I never would’ve 😀

  106. perseus' love chile on May 23rd, 2011 11:59 pm

    I think everybody’s said what i feel, but here’s it in point form:
    – this season sucked really hard until the last few episodes… the sniper battle was epic & beautifully done but where was that skill, timing, pace in the 20 episodes before that???
    – i still don’t believe they slept together.. i wish i could, but i bet it was the sperm bank that done the deed, after all Booth donated last year didn’t he?
    – How could she sure she is pregnant a week later anyway? Is there some passage of time thing happening that i can’t catch on to? i mean wasn’t Angela about to pop last week too?
    – i don’t go for the porn either & those scenes with Hannah seems gratuitous to me, but as everybody has said where is any love at all? I see they are much more relaxed with each other but to my mind the lack of certainty is just a safety for the producers, they can pull back & say it never happened now if they want! Damn.
    – I cannot possibly imagine that two professional actors would be feeling squeamish about doing a love scene just cos one’s pregnant in real life. And they can easily hide a belly if they want. That reasoning holds no water far as i’m concerned.

    In conclusion: all i take away from it is that the people running it are hedging their bets way past the finish line. They STILL may never get together. FFS its very frustrating. How they can take what could be a great show & pummel it into idiocy is getting me down.

    Or it would if Mentalist hadn’t smashed me in the face with their last episode. And Castle was pretty damn serious too.

    Thank goodness there’s other stuff out there for me.

  107. Magsafe's love chile on May 24th, 2011 2:34 am

    P.s. The Finder was cliche ridden irritating drivel. If they replace Bones episodes with Finder episodes then i’m coming to america to find the people responsible & i’m gonna f*** them up. That is all. They will lose viewers so fast their heads will spin, anyway.

  108. Alanaaa on May 24th, 2011 7:44 am

    What a great way to insult your 6 year long loyal fans but to suggest that we were all for a porno scene. That was the worst couple on television to ever get together. And I don’t mean the characters just the way the writers went about it. It was the most boring, non dramatic, and least romantic get together in television history. Are other fans seriously ok with how this went about, or are you all just blinded by your love for the show so you are convincing yourselves that this was the perfect and only way they could have ever got together. I personally don’t buy into it that alot of you are ok with this happening. I’ve been in love with this show since it started but after the last 2 episodes that may I point out were probably the most crucial episodes involving B&B relationship, I’m not certain I can watch this show go down in flames in season 7. Because if the last 2 episodes are any indication of what’s to come between B&B then all we will be watching next season is a relationship with no tension, no passion, no fire, just a completely disconnected relationship between B&B. Which btw is the complete opposite to the kind of relationship between B&B in seasons 1-5. Please give us a miracle bones, don’t throw this amazing show to the trash, because it’s worth so much more than that.

  109. Sarah on May 24th, 2011 9:49 am

    I am sad… just sad… I’ve been re-watching S1, 2 and 3 in dvd these past weeks and i still can’t believe what they did to this amazing show 🙁

    6 seasons of character development, where Brennan was supposed to discover the real meaning of life right before our eyes, where Booth was supposed to eventually show her the difference between true love and crappy relationships… and what do we get ?? A one-night stand ?? Comfort sex and Shazaaaam, she’s pregnant, end of the game ??! How sad is that !!!!

    I know that the writers are probably just desperately trying to find a way to deal with Deschanel’s pregnancy but this is just so lame… No love, no emotions, Booth is not even sure he’s the father until she says so !!
    What happened to the man who used to dig her out of sand with his bare hands, crawl out of hospital bed, half dead, to rescue her from a psycho ? What happened to the strong, independant woman who stared at him, mesmerized, when he told her about breaking the laws of physics ??? What happened to this show ??????

    And please, mister SN, stop saying we need to watch porn after forcing us to endure Booth/Hannah and Brennan/Sully bed scenes… It’s just insulting !

    The saddest thing, in my opinion, is that Deschanel and Boreanaz are still there, just waiting for a good script. On the very few occasions they got this season, they were amazing… But what can they do with such poor writing ?? 🙁

    — A sad french fan who used to count the days before french airings, and eagerly read forums for teasers and spoilers… but who won’t anymore…

  110. Kikacr on May 24th, 2011 4:39 pm

    Oh you are SO WRONG SN, we don’t want some porn scene, we want a LOVE scene, I waited 6 years for this season finale?? Absolutely NO, we had a complex character as Brennan, who is changing a lot, who doesn’t know the difference between make love and crappy sex, who has never been IN LOVE, and you lost the opportunity to give us a real love scene when she finally let someone (Booth) get close to her…I don’t need porn, I need to watch Brennan being IN LOVE with Booth, I want to watch the morning after, they sharing a gentle kiss or just saying I LOVE YOU.
    I just think they are wasting a really good story…how could you sacrifice a good emotional scene, and a good opportunity for the actors to shine, showing emotions, the same kind of emotions we waited 6 years to watch!! I can not belive they did that…oh, no, wait a minute, we are talking about Bones…then, yes, sadly, the writers did it again…they just ruined a good story AGAIN.
    And don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of Brennan having Booth’s baby, what I hate with all my heart is the crappy way the writers get the character in that situation…they said they are doing this in an original way or just to be loyal to the unique characters, well I disagree, I mean, Booth and Brennan had sex, and we had a season finale without a single private conversation, with a simple gesture between them, I mean they were acting weird, even distant, I can’t imagine them having an intimate moment without having a heart to heart conversation. It was a huge step for them…and we get NOTHING…I really demand a flashback, and explanation, why Brennan had this need to confirm that he was the father?? Why? It was because they just had a one night stand…urgh!
    I just say they did it again, they just did it again I am not sure if I like the route they are taking…I really love Bones, but I want a good script, something to make this amazing characters shine…
    I feel cheated, but that’s not new, with this writers that’s my overall mood with this show…

  111. Redrum on May 24th, 2011 8:22 pm

    Well it was a stumbling, point-missing end to a crap season. With just about every episode this season they managed to step in dogsh*t, really. In a way it says something that the actors are still there. They are waiting for a decent script & in the meantime they’ll use these ones. They try their best. They’re hoping, like we are. I guess they have mortgages like the rest of us, too.

    Ah, i dunno. I should google to find out if the writers were the same for this season as for the last 5 good seasons, or find the reason, some writers strike, or some natural disaster, or someones personal issues, or whatever, but it won’t help will it. Its done. Do i care? Not much anymore. The people producing this show don’t seem to care whether or not we care, either..

  112. Jules on May 25th, 2011 12:11 am

    This guy sounds like such a jerk. He has no respect for the fans at all. And the handling of B&B’s getting together (if they even did…) was pathetic. The laziest writing I’ve ever seen on a show. It’s like they weren’t sure of the best way to handle it, so they just didn’t bother. So completely LAZY!! Everything this guy is saying about not needing to see B&B get together, or that the fans should go watch internet porn, is disingenuous and insulting. He’s so full of it. And really, we still don’t actually know what happened! We never saw them so much as kiss, so how do we know they slept together? Brennan supposedly told Angela, but did she? We don’t have any idea what was actually said. And Brennan is now pregnant, and it’s Booth’s child. But that doesn’t mean they slept together. She may have been inseminated with his sperm, which would be another huge conversation and development that the fans were completely left out of. I think the writers/producers/whoever were really inconsiderate of the fans, and even the actors should be mad about the way this is being handled. I’m not excited for the next season, because I feel like they’re just going to try to continue feeding us a bunch of BS. I can do without it.

  113. Nopornpleasewe'rebones on May 25th, 2011 12:25 am

    This season reeks of contempt for the viewers. Thats my conclusion.
    Not from the actors, they did their jobs as well as they could with those scripts.
    Its contempt from the people who made decisions higher up, like:
    whoever decided to replace 80% of an episode with a pilot for smething so dire as the Finder… Unforgivable.
    whoever ticked off the rubbish scripts that made the characters we knew so well appear senseless and out of character… I dont understand why – did good writers cost more?
    And at the end when we didn’t get any sense of lovingness out of them even though they appear to be a couple now? Not porn, just some sense of some change in the relationship would have been enough… Its contempt.. They know the fans want this so they refuse to give it to us as some kind of arrogant in joke. They had their contracts renewed probably before the season even started & this season was so second rate its just pathetic.

  114. Sarah on May 25th, 2011 4:44 am

    Something also crossed my mind regarding ED’s real-life pregnancy… If i were an actress, lucky enough to land a job as a leading character in a show like Bones, i wouldn’t have a baby right in the middle of such a fantastic adventure ! Knowing what it will mean for my character : no more running around, kick-boxing, sword-fighting and so on, which were important parts of Brennan’s identity…

    After all, ED is young and she just got married, she could have waited a couple more years. I really think that if she had known she had scripts like the ones from earlier seasons waiting for her, she would have wanted to be fully able to use and enjoy them !! Which makes me think that she knew, months ago, that the writing was going downhill and that it wasn’t worth putting her private life on the back burner anymore…

    That’s just a feeling i’ve got, it’s not very useful and it sure as hell doesn’t explain WHY the writing got so bad, but i just wanted to know if it had crossed anyone else’s mind…

  115. s on May 25th, 2011 5:04 am

    three more things:

    1. Is it wise to believe every word that is said by producers like HH & SN? For example these same people said last year that the way they would handle the S6 would be satisfactory to the viewers, but did it turn out to be that way? No, I do not mean the last few scenes, but the whole season. Is it correct to say it will be/was a good season, when only the outcome is what people liked, and the journey towards it (with a few exceptions)…not so much? Now these same people are telling about what the next season, S7, will be like, and people are taking their word as pure gold again? You cannot assume it’s going to actually be good or bad until you’ve seen it yourself, so it amazes me how much faith people put in other peoples words, and how little of importance do the actions (how the final product looks onscreen) seem to mean.

    2. I would like to hear HH’s responce to this question – HH has said in an earlier interview, that he has always know when in the characters lives would BB get together. Does that mean that he had always plnned it to be like this – BB meeting and being attracted to eachother, but not acknowledging that they are in love, and then trying to find a connection to another human being, but looking in the wrong places and trying over and over again to find ‘love/happiness’, but failing, and then realizing that the person they are meant to spend the rest of their lives with is right there, but since real love can only be appreciated after you break their heart and they break your heart, and you feel the pain and then a separation added makes their heart grow fonder of eachother, and then suddenly they are not dancing around each other anymore, and get together without ever discussing what has been going on (the writers make it sound like they did not discuss anything off screen either). Bam! just like that. Because they had felt the pain, and learned their lessons after the mistakes, and just decided that it’s not worth to protect their hearts like that? And a close violent death be the thing that sends out shockwaves and life just happening, because you know they have been a couple all along, and it’s the next logical step?

    In short I’m asking if he always meant them to get together just the way he had written in the ‘speeches’ his characters have been telling all these years? And that a pregnancy FORCES them to try to make things work between them? That a baby will be the catalyst that will make them deal with things they have been avoiding?

    Do the writers believe that there really cannot be any possibility of real joy (and happiness) without pain? And I don’t mean just in the litarary sense, but in reality, too.

    3. Will the show remain the same in the sense that unanswered questions from previous seasons will remain forgotten, and they move on with their story? Like the Afghanistan/Maluku/Paris/interns/Cam/Sweets going their separates ways to find each separately what it means to be human, and then come back together and never mention it really. And the Hannah, and how she was not the second best thing? And how Brennan knew ever since Maluku, and what she wrote in her latest book? And what about Parker, and Booth once again doing the same thing over and over again, being the guy who tries to do the right thing, and everything else. Will these things forever remain unanswered? Are the viewers to assume that what goes on between the characters is just theirs, and they have discussed it, because they are partners, and they discuss things before making a decision.

    What has happened to the characters who wanted things between them to work, and were worried when they were not working at their full symbiotic potential, and who (in a dream dreamed) that they discuss things with each other before making a decision, because they are a team, and to all the other things that they were? How did they suddenly became two people in their thirties raising a family togther? And that event FORCING them to deal with what’s left unsaid and undone? IF that will ever be addressed. 😉

    I’m confused at this – are they trying to write characters that are copied from real life and do things as people in real life do OR are they just using the literary tricks to tell a story through the characters. Because it feels like they are going back and forth, and trying to do both. For me it hasn’t worked. Nothing these characters have done or experienced ever since S5 began (talking about BB right now) has felt ‘honest’ and coming from their character. It has sadly felt like they are going through all this, and doing all this (the emotional scenes from 5×16, 5×21, 6×09, 6×22…) have felt like the words and actions are there only for the plot, not because of the fictional human beings. << if that made any sense to anyone

    *I'm adding this because I've read that if you're not posting anything close to praise, it upsets some people: this isn't to stir the pot, or to upset anyone, this is just a viewer trying to find answers to questions that will forever remain unanswered. Or answered in this viewers head, but never been confirmed on screen.*

  116. Nopornpleasewe'rebones on May 25th, 2011 8:11 am

    Sarah… ED is smart enough to know you don’t put your real life on hold for a tv show… Any tv show… Its just work.. And its just tv. Ah, so if only i could work that out too! LOL.

  117. Mary T on May 25th, 2011 10:37 am

    I believe that season 7 will be the last for Bones. My reasons are one the
    quality of the writing has been poor. The actors have other projects such
    as movies etc. They do not need the money.
    Also, after 7 years the show is just getting old and boring with all
    the office romances.

    The producer HH appears to be invested in The Finder….. instead of
    just having the Best Of Bones while the set is shut down for Deschanels
    maternity leave. He will have The Finder on in its place hoping to
    develop a following.
    So if Bones ends next year….. he has a shown (The Finder)) ready to
    fill the void.
    For myself I disliked The Finder episode despite all the hype about it.
    So, by having Brennan and Booth as parents… Bones is winding down.

  118. Penny on May 25th, 2011 6:50 pm

    I’ll keep tuning in to Bones, i guess, but this year was pretty disjointed, the characters fell into holes that made no sense, and its no longer my favorite show like it once was.

    The Finder was not something i will be watching, and i really hope it doesn’t replace Bones. It was very cliched & not likeable. Too cutesy. The actors were just playing it for cuteness & there was no truth or fire in it whatsoever. I guess i need some darkness in my characters. None of those actors or characters had any depth at all.

  119. ann on May 25th, 2011 7:33 pm

    she made missed 3 months/it usually take 6 weeks,marisa do you feel this could of been handle in a better way?you do know mad fans don’t watch a tv show,but hart hanson is wasting his time with the finder,after the way he has hurt bones.

  120. Kris A on May 27th, 2011 10:59 am

    I’ve had several days to stew about the last 2 eps. I’ve read a bunch of opinions and comments. Some of them were pretty good. Some were down right mean but I guess I’ve finally come to my own “intuitive leap”

    I think they spent the night together not out of grief for Vincent, which did bring them together, but because they realized that it could have been either one of them that died. They’ve been avoiding it for six years and neither one wanted any “regrets” because tomorrow may never come. The stars finally lined up and the rest is history.

    My only gripe is and why I’m dissappointed is because it should have been “AAAHHH finally” instead of “WTF” just happened. HH & co seem to think (or don’t care) that we can differentiate between gratuitous sex scenes and just a tender loving moment that would have made all things right in the universe.

    It is what it is, I’m a fan, love the show & characters and we’ll see what happens next.

  121. Beverly on May 29th, 2011 1:32 am

    After just reading this interview and all the comments (whew!) I have to agree with those who say that this season was a disappointment. I also just finished watching the first few seasons on DVD recently, and the difference is amazing.

    I have no problem with the writers bringing in Hannah at the beginning of the season for some added interest and I thought that ED’s scene in the car in The Doctor in the Photo was amazing. She is a truly gifted actor. Other than that, the season was kind of ‘eh’.

    I don’t even have a problem with them introducing a pregnancy to coincide with ED’s pregnancy. What I do have a problem with is what other comments have stated: Where is the intimacy between these two? Not sex — intimacy. The glances, the touches? They can long for each other, but they can’t be happy when they finally get together? Because neither of them seemed very happy in that final episode.

    The idea that everyone will know about the pregnancy when the season returns is horrible. Really? We don’t get to see that “reveal”? Come on, SN/HH, throw us a freaking bone (pun intended).

    I am a fan of the original Temperance Brennan books and I didn’t watch Bones for the first two seasons because I was afraid it would be a disappointment. When I did start watching, I was pleasantly surprised. Now, I’m not so sure that all the time put into watching has been worth it.

    I’m a huge fan of ED, so I will watch season 7, but I hope the writers decide to give her and DB the scripts they deserve. Otherwise, her incredible talent should be put to use elsewhere.

    The bottom line SN/HH, is that the fans don’t need to see it — but we do need to feel it. Get it together!

  122. SHERRY HARPER on June 9th, 2011 8:52 pm


  123. Sundy on June 10th, 2011 6:21 am

    I don’t care if they never show us what happened that night. That we can imagine.
    But afterwards, that we need to see, or at least learn. The morning after to begin with. How did they react? Did they talk about it? I agree with what’s already said, Booth was too firm about the difference between crappy sex and the real thing. And what they had must have been the real thing, so he wouldn’t just let it pass.
    What about the gap between the last 2 episodes? Were they in a sort of relationship? They had no scene with just the 2 of them up until the last one, so that could explain why we got to see nothing more than glances between them.
    What worries me most is the inevitable gap between season 6 finale and season 7 premiere. We got to see Booth’s first reaction to the pregnancy, but that’s not enough. Plus, I’d hate to miss how others reacted to the news, especially since non other than Angela knows that something happened, so it’d be like a bomb!
    I agree B&B couldn’t be the lovey dovey kind of couple. Their relationship should stay as it is, but be an ACTUAL relationship. I liked their interaction in the alternate reality. Now I ‘m afraid they’re gonna skip the whole thing and focus on the baby…

    Summing up, I find it intriguing sometimes when the viewers are let to interpret things the way they like, or to imagine parts of the story.
    But there are some things that personally I don’t want to imagine, I want to KNOW.

    Now about the murders being put aside and focusing on the characters, I couldn’t care less. I love crime shows (I’m a L&O fanatic), but I think Bones was always more about the characters, at least that was why I was watching it.

    PS: Having read only a few of the posts above, I’m sure I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said already, but still…

  124. BJ on June 10th, 2011 4:19 pm

    I’m really disappointed by the decision to not show everyone else’s reactions to the news that they’re having a baby. The “AWAY!” scene, as I’ve taken to calling the part where Bones divulges crawling into bed with Booth to Angela, is one of my favorites in the history of the show. I think that it was very realistic for the characters, both in Tempe’s initial reservedness (which probably turned into girl talk off-camera… couldn’t you have given us just a snippet?) and in Angela’s vehement refusal to talk about anything else at that moment. “Hodgins, I love you very much, but shut up and go away…” right now you are not the most important thing in my life, my best friend is! I would love to have a few more moments like this in the show.

    I think that maybe part of the reason for not showing reactions might be because the producers feel that it’s already been done, since we got yo see reactions a few years ago when Bones came in and announced the whole AI baby with Booth thing. I personally think that is bogus! It is not even close to the same situation. It’s unplanned, it’s “the old-fashioned way”, it’s not being used as some kind of cop-out for Brennan to have a baby Booth rather than a relationship with Seeley.

    Even if the producers decide to skip some of the reactions of the other people in the lab, I think that they really need to show Angela’s reaction. Also, it is vital that they show Parker and Max’s reactions. Booth’s Pops would be a take it or leave it for me, but the other too are such important characters to the story line that I think it’s vital that we get to see when they find out about the pregnancy. After all the talks between Max and Booth over the years… the threats two years ago… to not include the resolution of that would be nearly criminal to the audience. And Parker is probably the one who will be most affected other than B&B. I’ve been disappointed with the way he’s been mostly removed from the show this season because he’s the second-most important thing in Booth’s life. He deserves a larger role, especially if they’re going to focus more on the dynamic between the two of them.

    Furthermore, given all the stuff that B&B have gone through with the FBI monitoring their relationship through Gordon Gordon and Sweets, I think that there ought to be some fallout from the FBI trying to split them up as partners, telling Bones she can’t work in the field anymore, etc.

    I hope I’ve made a good enough case that the writers will consider relenting, at least in part. And if it really is a case of lazyness or busyness that’s putting the damper on the reactions being shown, then please, TAKE A STROLL DOWN FANFICTION LANE and get inspired! Find the pieces you like best from a bunch of them and mash them up with some ideas of your own! Just please put some of those reactions on film!

  125. bonescrazy on June 13th, 2011 10:09 pm

    Oh, come on ….. I for one have a very vivid imagination , and I can tell you right now. While it would nice to see a small indication of leading into something , I have been having some very vivid dreams on what they gave us!!!! I really don’t need porn to give me a thrill !!!!

  126. Mary T on June 14th, 2011 7:25 am

    A way to show how others in the lab reacted to the pregnancy can be an
    episode where Brennan and Angela or Booth just talk about how the team
    members reacted. There can be several brief scenes of the various reactions
    to the pregnancy.
    They can have Brennan very pregnant…. but the scene using a body double
    with Booth as they give the news out.

  127. Sammy on June 30th, 2011 7:41 pm

    …So. I didn’t need to see the sex scene. I didn’t need any porn (or even porn related scene). BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SHE’S PREGNANT, AND WE DIDN’T EVEN GET A KISS!? I’VE BEEN WAITING SIX YEARS FOR A PROPER HAPPY ENDING KISS BETWEEN THESE TWO. …..upppsseeeeetttt.

  128. Amber on July 8th, 2011 5:54 am

    Aww, that’s cute you all talked about this through the end of June. I am sure there a great number of other Bones fans who didn’t because you know they don’t even know about the article. Well, I did. But you know anyway, I’ve been occupying my time in places that are much less negative.

    That is all. 😀

  129. AJ on July 11th, 2011 6:06 pm

    Hey knucklehead- let me define the word negative for you- READ THE DAMN ARTICLE ABOVE AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE COMMENT MADE BY NATHAN.

    Steven Nathan – you are an ass. Beyond insulting to possibly the most loyal fanbase FOX has had in years and years. Here is some math for you. I will use my base of friends who watch Bones as the real life slice of what has now happened to the Bones fandom-

    Out of ten of us watching Bones, two watched the season six finale. TWO!!!

    Five have it on DVR, but find Castle to be the show they will watch first now. That means they want to watch another show before the ending of what was their favorite show. IT”S JULY, and they havent taken the time to watch someting that they have heard and read about being a crappy ending for loyal fans.

    Three said they could take it or leave it and might watch it at some point in a rerun, but honestly got tired of waiting for something to be meaningful between B and B.

    I see the demise of this show in a group of people who used to love to talk about the show. They are done.

    You can’t possibly give the fans ANYTHING worth a damn relationship wise after that interview- you set the bar so high that even you Mr. Nathan and HH can never clear it in season 7, episode 1. You can’t put anything on paper that will make the fans forget that “all they wanted was B and B porn.” Boreanaz is a tire lifeless Booth in season six, completely out of character and Bones showed signs of being a lonely woman in need of love, but having no chemistry with Booth any more. They were written out of character at times and it all when to crap when you tried to sell us the grief sex crap.

    You see- you sold Booth on being the great family, no nonsense, I make love I dont “F” kind of guy, then you try to sell him as a take advantage kind of dick. You insulted the fans for falling for the I make love kind of guy- your character, YOURS. You can’t even figure out a decent romance scene for these to finally get together.

    Thanks for showing us the door- we are using it in droves.

  130. Terry Tilton on September 7th, 2011 1:51 pm

    what is hard is listening to all these dumb comments. the 6th season was good great ending great way to show when she got pregnant not how. NOW what about sully coming back into the picture??? people this is fiction!!!! good stories. and if you don’t like the writers version,DO NOT WATCH. or get hired as the writer and do it your way!!!!????NOT!!!!That is my opinion it may be wrong.NOT…….

  131. Patrick on September 22nd, 2011 10:27 pm

    I didn’t hate season six, but it could have been better.

    I do think some of the posters are totally unfair to Booth, I always felt he still loved Brennen, but after she rejected him in the 100th episode he felt he had to move on. Some fans seemed to want him to simply hang around while Brennen dated Hacker and likely sleeping with him (something people seem to forget, considering Brennen’s comments to Angela during the mummy episode).

    Season three seemed to be leading them to developing a relationship but then for some unknown reason in season four Brennen wanted to sleep with every guy but Booth. In fact through S4, it came across as all the emotion and desire was only on Booth’s part (I personally felt the writers wiped out all the character development Brennen had shown in season three).

    So she rejected him in the 100th and he moved on and some fans (mostly females it seems) wanted him to remain true to Brenen while she did what she wanted. Well guess what if you reject someone don’t expect them to simply wait around forever, and Booth moved on and got a girl friend in S6. Now I personally would have preferred if they had ended the Hanna story line earlier, but I think the character was needed for Brennen to finally realize she wanted something besides a simple partnership with Booth.

    They should have developed the relationship earlier and while we didn’t need porn, some intimacy would have been good. I thought the Blizzard episode started it along well, but then Brennen started flirting with that Walter character in the Finder (wasted episode), which made me go WTF. Until the last two episodes they really didn’t address it and the writers should have.

    I do agree that the statements made by SN are pretty insulting, and it is clear that he doesn’t have a clue on what is needed. The show has to show these two in a committed relationship that isn’t only because they created a child together, anything else and I think the majority of fans will move on (and at least for me it won’t be the finder, I found that episode horrible).

  132. Crystal-Joy on November 2nd, 2011 4:03 pm

    Wow that SN seems like a real prick.

    His whole business is entertaining the masses, and to turn around and insult the FANS that keep his show going is just disgusting. That is what irritates me more than anything else. I thought surely there would be a flashback seen with at least a steamy kiss the night that their baby is conceived. As many others on here have said, it makes no sense to accuse the fans of wanting to see porn when you showed Hannah and Booth bouncing around in the sack. It just makes no sense at all.

    I really hope I am wrong, and that they do have some sort of flashback scene.

    Does this SN guy really want people to think of Bones as one of those shows that started out great but went to crap by the end? Use your brains, producers. That’s what you get paid the big bucks for, right?

  133. Christina on January 16th, 2015 11:15 pm

    What a crappy ending to a relationship dance that lasted for several years (though I’ve been binge-watching for only the last few weeks). Not even to show the kiss that led to the “interaction”? No glance or passionate kiss? The writer interviewed above sounds douche-y or drunk, not sure which, but I’m very unhappy with the way they handled this. And then to not even show the reactions of the other characters, just to leap into their life together? That’s just downright cruel.