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AMERICAN IDOL Performance Finale Live-Blog

May 24, 2011 by  

Hey guys! I’m currently at the Nokia Theater press area for the AMERICAN IDOL performance finale. Given all the rumors about the hour — will Lauren actually be able to perform?! — I’m going to be live-blogging the episode. So keep reading for all the songs, mayhem, etc. from the hour…

8:00 – The show had been plagued with rumors earlier this afternoon that Lauren may be too sick to perform — and the recently eliminated Haley might be replacing her — but Lauren comes out to say she’s fine and she’ll be singing.

8:05 – Scotty kicks things off by singing his favorite song of the season, “Gone.” There’s barely any time to process the news that Lauren is sticking around before he’s already mid-song.

8:11 – Lauren sings “Flat on the Floor.” Wow, considering she’s apparently really sick, she sounds amazing. J.Lo appears to be willing Lauren to make it through the song. Thankfully, she does. The show is moving super fast, and we’re at our second commercial break of the hour, with no judging comments yet.

8:18 – Scotty’s hero, George Straight, chose “Check Yes or No” for Scott. Straight choosing his own song is a risky move, but it seemed rather effortless for Scotty. (But, um, what was going on with his expressive eyebrows?)

8:20 – No, seriously, why are they practically pushing people off the stage? One performance and then a commercial has the episode feeling incredibly disjointed.

8:24 – Carrie Underwood has chosen “Maybe it was Memphis” for Lauren. At this point, I’m just hoping Lauren’s voice can make it through the song. Yes, she’s a finalist in one of the biggest talent shows in the world, but she’s still a 16-year-old kid. Despite the fact that she’s sick, she does seem to be able to hit these notes and looks like she’s having fun.

8:27 – Finally, we’re getting the judges’ feedback. Randy loved Scotty’s reprisal of “Gone.” He thought Round 1 was a slight edge to Scotty. Round 2, he gave to Lauren. Jennifer agreed with Randy that Round 1 went to Scotty and Round 2 went to Lauren. Steven gave both rounds to Lauren “only because she’s prettier than [Scotty].”

8:30 – Oh goody, an “in it to win it” from Randy.

8:31 – Taio Cruz performs “Positive,” a song America helped write. Yay us.

8:37 – Scotty’s potential first single? “I Love You This Big.” They’re showing footage of his AI journey in the background, which is either adorable or cheesy.

8:41 – The judges loved his performance. There is no denying this kid has the potential to be a huge country star.

8:47 – Lauren’s voice is still holding up through her singing of her potential first single, “Like My Mother Does.” Lauren went into the audience to sing to her mother, which might score her a few votes in her favor. Lauren’s mother is in tears by the time the song is over.

8:51 –  The judges are LOVING Lauren’s final song. “Lauren has arrived, it’s amazing!” – Randy. “Lauren, with that song you may have just won.” – Jennifer. “The first time I saw you, you were my AMERICAN IDOL. I think America is going to find that to be true” – Steven (okay, it sounded a *little* creepy).

8:52 – Wait, we have 8 minutes left of the show and we rushed through the earlier portion? Really? You couldn’t have spaced things out better?

8:56 – David Cook is on, singing “Don’t You Forget About Me”…this is a yearly tradition to have the “voted off song” artist come and sing at the performance finale. Let’s see what time this thing actually ends…

8:58 – And we’re done. Two minutes early. Oy.

What did you guys think? Who should win the AMERICAN IDOL title?

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