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THE BACHELORETTE: A Wedding is Not a Good Idea for a First Date

May 31, 2011 by  

Poor William.

While on paper, it might seem like an awesome idea that he had the first THE BACHELORETTE one-on-one date with Ashley, but I don’t know if he was quite prepared to get hitched to her that night.

Yes, apparently Ashley was worried that some of the contestants might not be ready for marriage, so on her date with William, she took him cake tasting, ring shopping and then to a wedding chapel.

Was he ready to marry her? Probably not. But he still said “I do” when it was his time to and left it in her hands to balk at actually swapping vows. Probably for the best she did back out, because if not, ABC would have had the shortest season of THE BACHELORETTE ever.

It wasn’t all fun and games on their date — Ashley and William both revealed they had alcoholic fathers and they bonded over that. She was a little worried he was totally goofy and couldn’t be serious, so his opening up to her calmed her fears and she gave him the first rose of the week.

Ashley called it the best first date of her life. Will that bode well for William in the long run? After all, last season Brad Womack told me that his carnival date with Ashley was the best first date he ever had, and he ended up giving Emily the final. However, it is fair to say the other guys are going to be hating on him for the foreseeable future for taking time with Ashley during their final cocktail party before the rose ceremony when he already had a rose.

I’m going to be honest, William seemed so incredibly charming during his date with Ashley, but when he was with the guys and boasting about the date, it rubbed me the wrong way. Hopefully he goes back to being the nice guy we saw in Vegas soon.

Oh and poor Ashley’s sincerity radar must have taken a serious hit with this whole Bentley situation. How about next season of THE BACHELOR (or THE BACHELORETTE) they give us a twist: the person looking for love gets to actually see the footage and the contestant confessionals — but the contestants don’t know it. You’d have the drama of contestants sticking their feet in their mouth, plus someone who is there with absolutely no good intentions will get busted. And we all know that when duplicity is revealed, it can bring us some amazing trainwreck television.

What do you guys think? Did one of the dates stand out to you tonight? Are you ready for Bentley to get off our screens, like the promos indicated he soon would?


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One Response to “THE BACHELORETTE: A Wedding is Not a Good Idea for a First Date”

  1. alli on May 31st, 2011 10:44 am

    So ready for Bentley to take a long run off a short pier. Could he be more heinous with his comments? Unfortunately i think he could and probably will be if he’s allowed to remain. There should be some clause in their contract that if they are dumb enough to reveal their duplicity, the producers should be smart enough to keep them off the show. Poor Ashley needs her sincerity radar over-hauled as it is just heading her towards the way wrong guy for ANY girl, not just her.

    Mask guys story kind of touched me having had personal experience with a close friend who had to deal with a brain injury. That is serious business that will alter your life perceptions. So my initial “its just a gimmick feeling” has some what faded with him and i’m starting to believe a little more in his reason for wearing it. Still…time for it to go, time to be the real guy and not the one with something to hide.

    I think the thing that bothered me the most last night, aside from Williams’ duel personalities ( i thought he was a real catch until his performance with the guys last night), was Ashley’s reaction to West and his confession about his wife. It may just be me but she i thought she came off as a little cold and uncaring to what was a very tragic and revealing moment from West. I would have expected more the reaction that Mickey got when he talked about his deceased mom.

    Next weeks teaser makes it look like Ashley is about to get her first devastating blow and surprise, surprise, looks like the dealer of the blow is going to be the ever gracious and truly sincere Bentley…huh did not see that one coming. Just kidding, of course i did…gracious and sincere are two words obviously not in Bentley’s juvenile repertoire.