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The gang headed to Thailand in last night’s episode…and unfortunately I have nothing witty to say about it, because I haven’t seen the episode yet.


The good news, is I’ll be watching the episode as soon as it’s up on ABC’s website, so I will share some thoughts (okay, and some snark) as soon as possible.

The bad news is I won’t be able to join you guys in the comments as you weigh in on what went down last night. Which guys are standing out to you? What moment made you cringe the most. And should I even ask how many times the name “Bentley” was uttered? (I’m afraid of that answer.)

Weigh in below!

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2 Responses to “THE BACHELORETTE: Life Post-Bentley”

  1. alli on June 14th, 2011 1:49 pm

    In answer to the Bentley question…far too much. The good news is Ashley did let go of her emotions regarding him enough to have some very successful connections.

    All in all though the episode was drama free and well…kind of boring. Next week promises to make up for it though with…daa daa daa…the return of Bentley. Yes, snake man is going to be back in the house 🙁

    Must say i was pleasantly surprised by Ames. He really had her laughing and enjoying herself. Just wondering though, does it ever stop raining in Thailand? Maybe that was one of the reasons the episode seemed so blah, the weather was dreary and dark almost the entire episode.

  2. Tonya on June 22nd, 2011 4:57 am

    The Bachelorette – this season:

    Women ask me all the time, why can’t I find the right man? Just watch this seasons: The Bachelorette.

    She, alone, represents all screwed up women & women that screw men up.

    The first night she comes on the show, she tells the host ” Chris Harrison” of the show, that she knows already that one of the bachelors ” Bentley” is coming on for all the wrong deceitful reasons and not to even meet her, or fall in love. He is there just for publicity for his small time company.

    So of course he is the only guy she wants, because he doesn’t want her so before she lays eyes on him all the other men might as well be dust.

    They have proven that there is a part of the brain that is linked to stalking and obsessiveness – she has to have it!

    She fell in love before she saw his face – you could tell in the first 5 minutes with Chris Harrison – she was going to go for him & you knew Chris knew it too – he looked right then like they should just pull him off before the start.

    there he is with the giant stamp on his forehead that says: I AM A LYING JERK – who does she immediately fall for, him and only him?

    There are actually some pretty good men this year on the show and she can only think of, Bentley, why because women only want that bad boy or they are still so broken from childhood and they need more therapy to deal with that alcoholic parent.

    People with this issue like to set themselves for the fall – she knew he was bad and was going to totally treat her badly hmmmm and he leaves her as predicted by her over dramatic friend from last season, Michelle Money, within a few weeks…but as a typical creep…he lies and leaves her with that thing men do …… DOT DOT DOT …. so she can’t quit thinking about him…WHY?

    What a conniver he is on there telling everyone he wants nothing to do with her & they all know it…I cannot beleive all the other men have not just gotten up and gone home…she is not interested in them and it is obvious.
    Makes me wonder is she bi-polar or just yet another alcoholic’s daughter with the typical abandment issues?

    Thanks to this year’s show – if all Men & Women watch and really look at the psychological side to her, and this creepy guy and how they act – look at the good guys who are getting more and more confused by the night…no wonder some of them are talking about on-line dating when they get home.

    My prediction…no one wins this womans ice cold heart this year and if they do – I see a lot of needed therapy in their future.

    Thank you ABC for showing people truly how they really need to look deeply into their hearts and fix those childhood issues or at least recognize them and seek help…..I can help with healing energy and healing gems or just a psychic reading….but these are your answers watch this show & learn.

    This year it is about therapy and looking really deep into the unwrapped packaging we all come inside – we are all in a box called our life – but when the wrapping comes off – who are we really?