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It’s just cruel. Twenty dancers with the highest of hopes and dreams have made it to the coveted SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE for Season 8 of the hit show. But after only one opportunity to perform, two of those dancers have to leave the competition. The results show are never easy, but to be let go this early has really got to hurt.

As a fan it’s not the worst thing. Last year we only had ten dancers to get to know, but since they are back to the Top 20 format this year…well, it all seems a little overwhelming. I can’t wait to know these kids a bit more over the summer. Well, all of them except the two that are let go this evening (too harsh?)

Before we get to the results, a brief round of applause for Sonya Tayeh and her fierce group routine. The dapperness of cane with a little naughtiness thrown in for good measure. Well done.

Now for the tough part…results time.

  • Melanie & Marko – Come on now, is there any chance these two are going home after that stunning routine? No way. – SAFE
  • Missy & Wadi – Pretty fierce ‘Pandora’s box of demons’ routine. –  SAFE
  • Yvette & Nick – Nick is an early fave of mine (and perhaps in the running for Kath’s S8 SYTYCD bf?), but I can’t say that I feel the same way about Yvetta.  But… – SAFE
  • Ashley & Chris – Adorable CeeLo routine but not a standout of the night for me
  • Jordan & Tadd – A strong Afro Jazz routine started the night but it’s not enough to keep them out of danger – BOTTOM THREE
  • Caitlin – She was partnered with Mitchell but with his injury she was paired with S7’s Robert. She was amazing and should be SAFE…and she is.
  • Clarice & Jess – He was great, but does he have to be cheesy 24/7? – BOTTOM THREE
  • Ryan & Rickey – Are they not going to point out the resemblance between Ryan and Cat? Am I the only one that sees it. – SAFE
  • Miranda & Robert – Perhaps the weakest couple of the night. I think they’ll be dancing solos tonight. – BOTTOM THREE
  • Sasha & Alexander – A great TWall routine to kick off their first week. They should be safe. – SAFE

So rather just having three couples dancing for their lives, the six dancers also have Mitchell competiting for a spot.

It’s time to Dance For Your Life

  • Mitchell – His injury left him unable to perform so he’s automatically in the bottom, but tonight he get’s a chance to dance for his life. He has strikes against him so he really needs to dazzle the judges. With that performance he dazzled me and I really hope he stays!
  • Jordan – She seems to be an early favorite, but if I’m being honest I need to see her do more than the sexy strutting around the stage. I think she’s better than her solo tonight. I hope so.
  • Tadd – Jordan’s parter Tadd really showed us why he is on the show with his hip hop jive. Fun solo. He should be safe.
  • Clarice – I’m on the fence. There is anything I don’t like about her, but Im not at the point that I’ll be devastated if she leaves.
  • Jess – He’s SO good at his style but again he irks me. Am I the only one?
  • Miranda – This girl had my vote to leave the competition tonight, but I liked her solo. Ugh.
  • Robert – He might not make it all the way, but we need someone with Robert’s personality in the competition right now. His solo wasn’t as great as it could have been, but the audience loves him (although they don’t love him enough to keep him out of the bottom three, so…)

Not an easy decision for the judges tonight.  I’m going to predict that Mitchell and Clarice go home tonight.  Maybe Robert…oh I don’t know.

Gaga in the house!

Tonight Cat announced that Gaga will be a guest judge on SYTYCD later that season.  And if you are a loyal SYTYCD fan you are asking the one question we all are asking…will that mean a return of Mark Kanemura to the show? Fingers crossed.  You know Gaga doesn’t like to be too far from Mark at any given time. Can you blame her?

Going Home Tonight

Guess the judges really are struggling.  In a SYTYCD first they are asking Robert and Mitchell to dance one more time before making their final decisions. WOW! Both guys do and Nigel, Mary and Megan decide to send NO ONE HOME!

It’s not the first time that this has happened, but having this go down in the very first week? WOW! Didn’t see that coming at all.

Really…all twenty dancers will be dancing again next week. But next week four dancers will go home. (Um, my DVR cut off so I’m currently confirming that’s true) Cut throat!

So are you glad to see everyone dance again? Who would YOU have sent home?




2 Responses to “Who Went Home on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?”

  1. Kath (canakatydid) on June 16th, 2011 9:16 pm

    Couldn’t agree with you more re: Nick (love him!) and Jess (shudder!). Also I adore Wadi!!

  2. laiq on June 17th, 2011 4:57 am

    Kath may have a fight on her hands for Nick as a sytycd boyfriend… I have claimed him already 😉