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THE BACHELORETTE: Good Boys Turned Bad

June 21, 2011 by  

Oh, William. You showed potential. Then you kind of sucked for attempting to get cheap laughs at the expense of the girl you were trying to impress. But she forgave you.

However, on his two-on-one date with Ben C., we saw a whole other level of jerkiness. William manipulated Ashley by telling her Ben C. was thinking about doing online dating after he left the show. She got rid of Ben C. almost immediately, which I thought was kind of crazy. Seriously, Ashley? Don’t even ask him what’s going on before blindly trusting William? Ben C. was rightfully upset with being kicked off so abruptly, but Ashley seemed confident in her decision. And William was much more relaxed, thinking he had survived the toughest portion of the date.

Silly boy.

It was his childish behavior that ultimately undid William, as his actions on their one-on-one date reinforced that he was a 30-year-old boy. (How much are we betting that he regrets telling Ashley that phrase early on in their relationship?) While Ashley appears to be looking for something serious out of this show, William was clear in their discussions that he still had a lot of living left to do. Ashley quickly gave the overconfident William the boot.

To his credit, William actually seemed crushed that his relationship with Ashley was over. “I am the world’s biggest f***ing jacka**,” William said after he was eliminated. He said a lot of other expletives, but you get the point.

Was anyone else a little concerned about William’s final voiceover? Wanting to stay in bed and basically never coming up again? That…could be bad.

Elsewhere, Bentley is still looming. No, I’m not kidding. Apparently Bentley managed to screw with Ashley’s mind so much that she still cannot stop talking about him. And thinking about him. And wishing he was there. If they were in high school, Ashley would be the girl in the corner of the classroom drawing hearts around their names.

Ashley, even Chris Harrison was judging you. While he was trying to be respectful during their talk when she confessed Bentley was still a lingering issue for her, the implied tone of what Chris was saying was, “No, seriously, get over the d-bag.”

I’m still disgusted that the producers haven’t stepped in at this point to reveal the truth to Ashley about what went down. If the producers really feel like this show is a chance for two people to find love, they are jeopardizing the entire process by allowing Ashley to continue to moon over a guy who managed to slip by their investigators. If they don’t care about love, just air BACHELOR PAD all the time to continue on with the franchise. I can almost excuse the sleaze there because there is no delusion of happily ever after — it’s just people searching for fame, money and an occasional relationship.

Based on the previews, Bentley’s return next week is going to screw things up even more. And you know what? I don’t blame the remaining guys for being as pissed as they appear to be at Ashley. They are putting their entire lives on hold for this experience, risking a whole lot by falling for her — especially as they’re competing with multiple other men — and she’s been phoning it in for weeks. Bentley wasn’t even a subtle player — he was the kind of idiot you see and wonder how anyone could be fooled by them. And yet Ashley has been in knots about this moron since he left, despite the multiple warnings about him and his character. I almost hope one of the remaining guys leaves because they’re not okay with being treated like sloppy seconds.

What do you guys think? Are you disappointed by William’s attitude? Annoyed Bentley will be back next week?

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