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THE BACHELORETTE: Ashley Dismisses a Guy Early, Emily Talks About Her Breakup With Brad (Kind Of)

July 12, 2011 by  

First of all, we reached a major milestone in tonight’s episode of THE BACHELORETTE — unless I’m completely mistaken, Bentley’s name wasn’t mentioned once!

In terms of actual dates, Ryan got his long-awaited one-on-one time with Ashley. It’s a bit bizarre he made it to the final 6 without getting an individual date, but hey, she saw something in him from afar. I had completely forgotten that he received the first impression rose all the way back at the season premiere. Heck, I had forgotten he existed until tonight. (Sorry, Ryan.) But it’s fair to say that after the way his date with Ashley ended, many fans won’t be forgetting him.

Poor dude didn’t even get the full date before Ashley dismissed him. She couldn’t hide her disdain/boredom with his work talk (and her telling Chris later that she realized she was keeping him from his job seemed like BS…all of the guys are giving up their lives to be there!), so she told him she respected him too much to keep him there. By the look on Ryan’s face, he didn’t see their breakup coming at all.

The only good news for Ryan is that in the limited time we saw him, he proved he could be an interesting candidate for THE BACHELOR. If JP wins it all, Ryan might be the most appealing story out of the remaining contestants.

As for Emily, she confirmed she broke up with Brad…but didn’t really say why. Nor did they really say why Brad wasn’t there. I don’t really know why the show spent about 20 minutes of air time on the interview when it felt like nothing new was learned, but Emily was near tears for most of the segment.

What did you guys think of the episode? Was Ashley right to reject Ryan? Are you happy we got the update on Emily and Brad?

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2 Responses to “THE BACHELORETTE: Ashley Dismisses a Guy Early, Emily Talks About Her Breakup With Brad (Kind Of)”

  1. Angie on July 12th, 2011 10:39 am

    Well first of all Emily was fake again! Close to tears HA! She really did want people to think she was so upset. She is such a liar when she says she loves Brad. I read that she prayed to God everyday for her to fall in love with Brad. I guess she forgets things she says!

    I feel so bad for Ryan! Ashley is not good enough for Ryan. I think Ryan is so cute and I would love to have all that engery around me that he has.

    I think we all seen a different side of JP and I don’t think his a sweet and a good person like he comes off in the beginning of the show.

    Ames is so goofy maybe Ashley likes that. Ben is okay but not goodlooking at all to me.

    I’m team Ryan all the way!

  2. Randi on July 12th, 2011 3:30 pm

    Ryan broke my heart! Ashley is not smart enough for him. He’s a tremendous guy and didn’t get a fair shot. Ugh, I can’t stand Ashley.