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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Things are really heating up in tonight’s episodes of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING! Will you be watching?

If those aren’t your speed, you can always tune in to WHITE COLLAR and get lost in Matt Bomer’s eyes…

Lots more, so read on!

Pretty Little Liars | 8pm on ABC Family
“The Devil You Know”
As the shocking news about Ian makes the rounds through Rosewood, Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and their families all try to cope with the outcome and some much needed closure. With her home life particularly in turmoil, Spencer stays focused on her family and the surprising support she gets from her parents. Emily, on the other hand, can’t seem to find the closure that others are relishing, but rather digs her heels in to find any shred of evidence they may have over looked. And Aria looks to find comfort in Ezra, but with their relationship still new to the outside world, the couple struggles to be so public so fast. With everyone looking for comfort and sharing a huge sigh of relief, could Emily be right and the devil they think has been put to rest is nowhere near the evil that still looms out there, just waiting for the Liars to get theirs? Meanwhile, Hanna gets a surprising look into Caleb’s life after his shady foster mother surfaces.

White Collar | 9pm on USA
“Scott Free”
A talented teenage con artist wreaks havoc in Manhattan, and Neal must decide if he should help him or take him down.

America’s Got Talent | 9pm on NBC
“Episode 613”
Judging is turned over to the American viewing audience as twelve of the top 48 acts perform live in Los Angeles for the chance to win the $1 million prize and become the most talented act in America. Howie Mandel, Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne star as the celebrity panel of judges and Nick Cannon hosts.

Memphis Beat | 9pm on TNT
“The Things We Carry”
When an iconic Memphis movie theater mysteriously burns down, Rice takes the case to smoke out the culprit. Meanwhile, with his mother in tow, Dwight hits the road to New Orleans to speak to his father’s killer, hoping any insight will prove that his father was never a dirty cop.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King | 9pm on ABC Family
“Girls Night Out”
As if being responsible for the San Francisco Mai wasn’t enough pressure, Chloe meets Nikki (Melanie Kannokada) and Lilah (Floriana Lima), who are both members of the South American Mai. The two girls invite Chloe out for a night of dancing, which she accepts, but Jasmine is suspicious of their motives. As their visit continues, Chloe becomes increasingly frustrated with the way Nikki and Lilah view human life, potentially creating a divide between the different Mai prides.

Combat Hospital | 10pm on ABC
“Wrong Place at Wrong Time”
When Simon learns the medevac helicopter has to make a routine supply run, he hitches a ride to the farm he bought from an Afghan family, as it’s en route. Plans go awry, though, when the chopper’s pilots spot white tracer fire and have to make an unexpected stop to pick up an injured U.S. soldier with multiple shrapnel wounds. Then one of Rebecca’s patients — a Romanian civilian — suffers a brain hemorrhage and emergency neurosurgery becomes vital to his survival. Since Simon can’t get back in time to perform the surgery, he must talk Rebecca through the operation via cell phone from the medevac. Meanwhile Bobby and Pedersen evaluate a high-ranking U.S. Air Force officer experiencing insomnia – the officer has a pending mission that’s critical to the Air Force’s strategic operations. And there’s no time for rest, as Marks deals with an overheating CT scanner, an AWOL surgeon and delivering an unfavorable diagnosis.

Covert Affairs | 10pm on USA
“The Outsiders”
Annie and Reva are captured by Belarusian police during a mission to install security cameras. While the pair try to escape, Joan sends Jai to head up a rescue operation.

Hawthorne | 10pm on TNT
“A Fair to Remember”
Christina and Tom keep company with Miles’ visiting children; internal-affairs snoop Jimmy Dupree (Bill Engvall) continues to scrutinize Renata; Bobbie participates in an article about the hospital; Kelly and Dr. Marshall inch closer to one another.

Also playing…

  • 19 Kids and Counting | 9pm on TLC: “Duggars, Doctors, and Discipline”
  • Deadliest Catch | 9 and 10pm on Discovery“The Island” and “High Tide”
  • Teen Mom | 10pm on MTV: “To Be With You”
  • Tosh.0 | 10pm on Comedy Central: “Episode 319”
  • The Little Couple | 10pm on TLC: “Another Egg-cellent Attempt”

What will YOU be watching?

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