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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is about to go hybrid on us. Starting next week the top 10 dancers will be paired with returning SYTYCD All Stars who will hopefully help them up their game and work together to give the audience stunning routines every time they hit the stage. Each week, the SYTYCD Season 8 contestants will perform two routines.  One with another S8 contestant and one with an All Star. (Find out which former contestants will be returning as SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE All Stars this season.)


But before we get to the top 10, two more dancers had to go home tonight.

The Emmy nominated Cat Deeley (can I get a ‘Hallelu!’) has the sad task of sending one guy and one girl home tonight. After the incredibly powerful group routine choreographed by Kelley Abbey, it’s sad that any of these dancers needs to go home.

But here’s how it broke down:

  • Melanie & Mark – SAFE
  • Ryan & Rickey – BOTTOM 3
  • Jordan & Tadd – SAFE
  • Sasha & Alexander -BOTTOM 3
  • Clarice & Jess – SAFE
  • Caitlyn & Mitchell – BOTTOM 3

The only twosome I was really surprised to see was Sasha & Alexander. I thought their “That’s Life” performance was fantastic. Guess they really aren’t connecting with the audience.

After each of the contestants danced for their life, the judges had to decide who was leaving the show.  In a unanimous decision, it was Ryan who exited on the girls’ side and Alexander for the guys.

I’m more than fine with seeing Ryan leave as I think she should have been gone weeks ago.  As for Alexander, I never really connected with him so I wasn’t too heartbroken there either.

So now it’s time to really turn things up a notch. I couldn’t be more exited to have the All Stars returning next week. The pressure is on.

Thoughts on tonight’s elimination?


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