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ENTOURAGE Surprises: What You Can Expect To See In The Final Season

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The final season of ENTOURAGE debuts this Sunday, July 24, kicking off eight episodes that will tie up the Hollywood saga of movie star Vincent Chase and his childhood homeboys. What surprises can we expect from the series over the next two months? Keep reading to find out…

Foul-mouthed comedian Andrew Dice Clay has been missing from the Hollywood scene for a decade, but makes his comeback — both real and pretend — in a recurring guest role, playing himself. Apparently Dice is a longtime friend of Drama’s (Kevin Dillon) and when Drama’s new animated series, “Johnny Bananas,” was casting the voice of the orangutan, Drama helped Dice land it. At first, the time away from showbiz seems to have humbled the stand up comic who sort of whines his way into becoming a client of E’s (Kevin Connolly) management company. But once he hears that the “Johnny Bananas” pilot tested well with an audience, Dice insists that he and Drama walk away from the show until they’re offered more money. And when Dice decides he’s going to do something, it’s done. As for other famous faces dropping in, look for Christian Slater, Johnny Galecki and Jamie Kennedy to make cameos early on.

You may have already seen photos of a slimmed-down Jerry Ferrara on the gossip blogs, but the new-and-improved Turtle is featured in full effect on this final season of ENTOURAGE, showing off his new figure as if it ain’t no thing. In fact, the boys don’t even make a fuss over his new look and he continues to fend off jabs about how he ever landed “Tony Soprano’s daughter” and his current girl, Alex (who, p.s., has up-and-disappeared ever since their tequila product took off).

Remember how Sloane’s pops was after Eric to sign a pre-nup last we saw him? Well, it seems things haven’t gone so well for the happy couple ever since. Not only have their wedding plans come screeching to a halt, E and Sloane are barely on speaking terms when this 8th season opens. And when they do speak, there is some screaming involved.

Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) was not bluffing when she told her husband that she needed a break from him. This season, we will see Ari go out of his mind trying to figure out who the (bleep) his wife is (bleep)ing now that they’re separated. The answer? A well-known, real-life celebrity chef (“and businessman!,” as Mrs. Ari is quick to point out when her husband refers to him as “a cook.”) Ari will have a bit of trouble getting himself back into the dating game, but eventually finds himself in the bed of a female character whom ENTOURAGE fans are quite familiar with.

Though Vince (Adrian Grenier) was bloody, bruised and bound for rehab when the season 7 finale ended, Sunday’s episode will open with a newly-sober Vinnie Chase who seems to have really beaten his addictions, despite his friends’ doubts. However, his recovery will take a very dark turn when he runs into a Hollywood producer, with whom he has a past, at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Promising to make amends for a business deal gone bad, this dude tries to sell Vince’s TV movie screenplay to a network — yes, Vince is now a screenwriter, folks. Sadly, the guy’s substance abuse issues are nowhere close to resolved and, while Vince vows to help him move forward, he is determined to go down and could possibly take our boy with him in the process.

ENTOURAGE Season 8 premieres Sunday, July 24 at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.

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