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After all of the drama that went down at Sunday’s GLEE panel at Comic-Con, I was apprehensive about tonight’s episode of THE GLEE PROJECT. Before the show started, I was worried that my opinions of today would cloud my judgment, but in all honesty, the only thing that happened was I found myself annoyed at Ryan Murphy every time he was on screen.

The theme of the week was tenacity (which, if you were to play a drinking game based on how many times a contestant said “tenacity” or any of its derivatives, you would be on-the-floor drunk) with Max Adler serving as a guest judge during the homework challenge. The contenders sang La Roux’s “Bulletproof” and got angry with it, complete with chair-throwing and furniture-jumping. Max picked Marissa as the winner – which I found odd, as I would have picked Samuel or Hannah, since I didn’t think Marissa showed any kind of emotion when she sang – and made it her second win in a row.

Max then announced they would be singing a mash-up of “Under Pressure” and “Ice Ice Baby” and getting slushied during the video. Everybody was cool with it (pun intended), but understandably a little nervous about the cold temperature of the drink.

In all honesty, the video was a little forgettable, save a few cute scenes between Lindsay and Damian that were mostly reaction shots anyway, and a few funny faces due to the slushie shock. I do wonder, though, how Samuel is going to get all of that sticky stuff out of his dreads.

I don’t know about you, but what stood out to me the most this week was Alex being genuinely funny and not annoying and actually making me smile a few times throughout the night. Even though he’s been in the bottom 3 the last few weeks, I’m glad he’s stuck around and is really growing on me.

Surprisingly, Cameron, who is usually a favorite of mine, was kind of whiny this week. I mean, I have no doubt the slushie was cold, but he shouldn’t have stopped a take to shiver and wipe off, especially after he had been told he would only get two or three takes.

The bottom three that had to perform for Ryan were Alex, Marissa, and Cameron with them singing “…And I’m Telling You,” “Hate on Me,” and an original song called “Love Can Wait” respectively.

I kind of loved the fact Alex did his song in drag. After Ryan mentioning he didn’t get to see it last week, I thought it was a cute and surprising twist to the song. And he killed it, too! Keep it up, Alex!

Personally, I didn’t think Marissa’s performance had enough attitude. I can’t help but compare it to when Amber Riley sang the same song on GLEE, which was amazing. Her outfit was cute, which is pretty much the only nice thing I can say.

Loved Cameron’s original song! If and when he makes an album, I’ll definitely be downloading it. His quirky voice stands out and I feel like his CD would be great to road trip to. In the end, it was Marissa who went home.

Here’s the video in case you need a refresher!

Do you agree with the judges’ choice or do you think someone else should have left? Were you as indifferent to the music video as I was? How do you feel about the contestants doing “Teenage Dream” for their music video next week? (For the record, this is my opinion on the matter.) Talk to me!

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3 Responses to “THE GLEE PROJECT: ‘Tenacity’”

  1. alli on July 25th, 2011 2:36 pm

    While i love Cameron, he needs to step it up to stand out, because honestly he’s starting to blend.

    Not sure i understand why the icee has to actually be ice cold and sticky for real, seems like props could have come up with something that would have been believable – props people can be pretty incredible with things like that.

    I don’t really think Cameron was being a wimp though, some people really just do have a problem with extreme temperatures and he is very lean/thin so he he probably has very little body fat to insulate him.
    Have to say, he is still my favorite.

    Not sure i’m buying Alex’s nice routine, you dig a little deeper and I’m sure the Diva is still there.

  2. Toast with JAM on July 27th, 2011 5:48 am


  3. martin on August 13th, 2011 11:20 pm

    well, i personaly think, marissa didn’t deserve to be sent home, since she did such good performances and has a incredible voice.
    altough cameron is awesome and has a strong religious conviction which is honorable, he doesn’t seem to be really fitting in. he is uncomfortable and very disconected with both the team and the show.
    that’s why i think cameron would have been the best choice to leave the show.