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BACHELOR PAD 2: Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl Tease the New Season

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While there is a ton of new television on tonight, I have to be completely honest — I cannot wait to see how BACHELOR PAD 2 unfolds.

I mean, have you seen the cast? Some of the craziest past contestants are returning and I will be genuinely shocked if there isn’t some sort of physical fight by the end of the season. (Not advocating it. But with that fiery bunch and given the history, there’s no way punches won’t be thrown.)

To celebrate the return of BACHELOR PAD, I sat down with Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl to talk about the new season, Jake, Gia, their strength as a couple and…James Cameron movies?!

Take a look…

New season of BACHELOR PAD premieres tonight. What can you tease about what’s to come?
Vienna Girardi: We’re really excited about BACHELOR PAD. We have a three hour premiere…I think we hit a home run with BACHELOR PAD. I will stand by that. We have an all-star cast. I know every season it’s “the most intense season,” but this is the most intense season. Honestly, this is going to be the first time Chris Harrison says “this is the most intense season” and he’s going to say it every episode. And it really is. Every episode gets better and better.
Kasey Kahl: Take JERSEY SHORE, take BAD GIRLS CLUB, take SURVIVOR, take THE BACHELOR and BACHELORETTE and put it in one show…
VG: And don’t forget BIG BROTHER, because we all live in one house.
KK: And you put all those in one, and you get BACHELOR PAD 2. And it’s not just a regular TV show: this thing is going to be off-the-wall drama. Neurotic behavior, people backstabbing, going back and forth. You have jackasses —
VG: Some pretty narcissistic characters. Some crazy kids. Truly crazy.
KK: It’s going to be really dramatic. But at the same time, it would also be fun to watch for the crowd [of contestants]. it’s going to be awesome. I really think this is going to be something people aren’t going to want to miss. I don’t think they’re ever going to be able to top this cast of BACHELOR PAD ever.

It was very interesting how they set up much of the beginning of the premiere, because there was a chain of people hoping someone else wouldn’t be on the show, and then that person would get revealed to be one of the contestants. This feels like it’s leading up to a major blowout.
KK: What did you think of the first episode?

From what I’ve seen of it, it looks incredible. I can’t wait to see the rest of the season.
VG: My whole thing is for three hours, we have to hold an audience’s attention. For me, I’m so ADD, that it will probably be the only show I can sit down for three hours and watch. That’s what I’m looking forward to.
KK: It’s going to be better than AVATAR.
KK: AVATAR or TITANIC. “I’ll never let go, Jack! I’ll never let go.”

And of course, Kasey, you’re now in a house with Jake, someone who very publicly hurt the woman you’re now involved with.
KK: My future wife someday, [her] ex-fiance. It’s just slightly difficult. You can only imagine.
VG: I think one of the hardest things about living in the house is being in the situation I was put in. We were both put in very hard positions, but for me, it was more or less, [Jake] had a year to apologize, you’ve had a year to make amends and you never did it. Don’t go on a TV show just to make amends with me. That’s what was really hard for me. I went on the show to have fun, meet interesting people, win $250,000, get a three week paid vacation with my boyfriend, great. And then to find out [Jake] would be on the show? It wasn’t my ideal situation. We ended up having a great time on the show and making some great friends and in the long run, it turns out it was wonderful. But for me, my mind was avoid [Jake], don’t talk to him, don’t approach him, just avoid him. And it’s very difficult to avoid someone who is constantly trying to talk to you. That is the hardest thing: to be cordial when you don’t want to be around a person or talk to the person.
KK: I just want you to picture this: my girlfriend, who I love very much, her ex-fiance, who emotionally and physically abused her, I have to sleep in the same room as this man. And I want you to put that into perspective of how I’m supposed to deal with that. So you can only imagine the emotions and the controversy and whatever else happened for the rest of the season, I cared about nothing more than kicking his ass off and protecting my girlfriend. Bottom line is he is not a good person. And if you talk to him for more than five seconds, he’ll tell you one thing and then he’ll contradict himself the second after. For instance, he says, I just want to make things right with Vienna, I don’t want to go on the show for publicity, and then he tweets about being on another show. Are you kidding me?
VG: And that was one thing I told people during our relationship. [Jake] didn’t go on THE BACHELOR to find love, he went on because he wanted to be famous. And he said, “No, I didn’t want to be on TV, I don’t want to be famous.” But since then, do you know how many reality shows he’s done? Seven reality shows! Don’t say you don’t want to be famous and don’t want to be on TV if you do seven reality shows.
KK: At least own it, bro. But that’s who he is. He doesn’t make good decisions. He’s a robot. You put one thing in his ear and it comes out of his mouth. But if you get him off camera, you’re going to see — well, you won’t see it because it’s off-camera, but he calls [Vienna] an effing c word. He says some horrible, horrible things. It’s awful. You’re going to be one person on camera and a different person off camera? You’re going to do things to my girlfriend that no man should do to another woman? I can’t wait for people to see how things turn out. Hopefully the truth comes out.

Given the intense emotional situations, with Jake and Gia — Vienna’s former friend — being there, is there anything you wish you had done differently?
VG: Yeah. Not fall for someone’s fake apologies. And that’s going for both of them. You will see what I’m talking about in the very first episode. Well, I don’t know what’s shown. But personally, for me, when someone says — especially since Gia used to be one of my best friends — to come up and apologize and to two seconds later do something differently than she said? That was something really hard for me on the show.

Is there anything you hope the viewers get to know about you from the show?
KK: We’re a strong couple because of the show. It’s a unique thing. We love each other. We want to be happy and live a normal life. Who knows what the future holds, but this girl is my forever. I love her.
VG: And that’s one thing — we’re not going to pretend we’re a perfect couple. We argue.
KK: We have her ex-fiance there.
VG: But all of that put together just made us that much stronger. One of the first things we said when we got on the show — and we tweeted this to ABC — was “thank you.” Not only was it a great opportunity, but it tests the relationship, and it does. If your relationship can last BACHELOR PAD, it’s gonna work. We felt that going into this. If it could last BACHELOR PAD, it’s meant to be. Nothing else in the entire lives will be as intense and emotional and crazy as BACHELOR PAD was. So that alone built our strength.

Will you tune in to the 3-hour BACHELOR PAD season premiere tonight at 8 PM on ABC?

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