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BACHELOR PAD 2: This is a Competition, Right?

August 16, 2011 by  

Considering how many people came on BACHELOR PAD 2 to score $250,000, you’d think more of them would be taking the game seriously, right?

Instead, everyone is treating the game as if it was a vacation. Or perhaps THE BACHELOR or THE BACHELORETTE. You’re not here to find love, people. Sure, it could be a perk, but you’re supposed to be there for the money. (And not-so-secretly to get a few extra minutes of air-time before your reality career fades away.)

Which makes what went down in Monday’s episode of BACHELOR PAD 2 all the more baffling…

  • During the game to secure a rose (and therefore safety to return next week), the contestants were asked questions and about the opposite gender and then had to throw a paint-filled egg at the back of whomever they felt filled that requirement. When it came time for the guys to pick who they wanted to go home, it seemed like nearly everyone voted for Erica. (To be fair, I’d totally vote her tiara off, too.) However, when the guys all threw their eggs at her back when they had to pick who they weren’t attracted to? Ouch. This girl was getting physically pelted and it was clearly taking an emotional toll on her. It seemed unnecessarily cruel.
  • However, Erica lost my sympathy by pouting after that game that the boys shouldn’t have picked on her because Ella was fat and ugly. Um…way to ruin all the good vibes viewers might have had towards you, lady.
  • Michael and Holly, AKA the anti-Jake and Vienna, are a little tragic. He clearly loves her so much and the two are still reeling from their broken engagement. Since Blake is turning out to be an idiot (really Holly, what were you thinking?), if both those crazy kids stick around, maybe they’ll be able to patch things up.
  • After the majority of the girls threw their eggs at Jake to indicate they wanted him off the show, he realized he needed Vienna’s help to stick around. He asked to speak with her and she said she didn’t feel comfortable doing that without Kasey. He eventually backed off, but Jake tried again the night of the voting ceremony. Kasey and Vienna tore into him, but that seemed to swing sympathy Jake’s way.
  • Gia once again got defensive about Jake (seriously, why? He dumped you on national television and betrayed you during the last round of the game). She claimed he never said anything bad about Vienna…um, really? Did she see their breakup special? His words about her during BP2 haven’t been so great, either.
  • Melissa, who won a rose during the game (plus an additional date rose), promised Kasey the rose if they’d keep each other safe. However, when it came time to deliver, she gave it to Blake…who compared kissing Melissa to being a prostitute. I wonder if her breaking her alliance with Kasey is going to bite her in the butt in the near future.
  • I’m actually disturbed….when did Michelle become the sane person of this group?
  • BACHELOR PAD 2 host announced there was a twist in Monday’s episode — two girls would go home and all of the men would be safe. Not only that, but the women would also get their say in the vote. That sent waves of panic through the women, who scrambled to set up alliances to keep themselves safe.
  • Gia got pissed that Graham told Kasey that she was trying to break up the power couple — AKA get the others to vote off Kasey and Vienna. Gia angrily confronted Graham and took herself out of the competition. So let me get this straight: Gia, you made a strategic move against someone who you had previously allied with and when you get called out on it, you run away and don’t take it like a woman? Don’t pretend that you don’t know what this game is about, Gia! You were the only contestant who returned from season 1!
  • With Gia gone, only one woman had to leave. Bye-bye Jackie! But wait, there’s more. Not-Lea Michele was apparently so amazing that Ames couldn’t bear to part from her. After initially sending her off in the limo, Ames changed his mind, waved goodbye to his housemates and ran after Jackie’s limo and left the game with her. I seriously hope that relationship is worth risking $250,000…the two had just met!

What did you think of the latest episode of BACHELOR PAD 2?

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One Response to “BACHELOR PAD 2: This is a Competition, Right?”

  1. alli on August 16th, 2011 11:22 am

    I think Vienna is a whiner and a master manipulator.
    I don’t buy that Jake is a 100% good guy either, but at least he’s not trying to act like he’s in high school and rally all his friends into thinking Vienna is a leech and a fame whore ( which she is).

    Vienna is that girl who always loves drama and being right and that is a sad and pathetic combination. I would say good luck Casey, but if i had to pick the jerk of the house, he would be it, so i think he and Vienna pretty much deserve each other.

    Casey is 100% power affected. He and Vienna proved that last night when they lied straight to Ames and Jackie’s faces. People need to wise up and separate them and stop drinking the VC Koolaide or they will take the single victims down one by one. I would hate to see either Casey or Vienna win this and get more media coverage. It makes me nauseous to think of.

    I agree that Gia knew what she was getting into by going there again and that she just doesn’t like how she isn’t able to manipulate the situation this time. The difference between what Graham did and Jake did in my opinion though is world’s apart. Jake told Gia what he was planning on doing, so there was really no disloyalty there. Graham is definitely playing both sides of the fence.

    Melissa is just crazy. Blake tried to play her so he made the bed he’s lying in, but dang, get the heck out now Blake or she will be boiling your bunny. She is FATAL attraction material big time.

    Mike just breaks my heart, he is so sincere and it seemed like he alone felt bad about the way that princess Erica was being treated. I think that is a man with a great heart. I think Holly is being a complete fool and hope she wises up about Blake really soon.

    Michelle is so neutral she’s beige. She isn’t really taking anyone’s side, making friends with practically every woman and there for every weeping victim, she’s like the Mother Teresa of the house, and i would have to say probably the best at hiding what her agenda really is. She is in my opinion the one that is truly there to win the money and she’s being brilliant by being everyone’s best friend but still so under the radar. Think about it, if she and Vienna made it to the end, who would you vote for, the woman who whined incessantly and made everything about her or the woman who was there for you every step of the way? I think that is probably a no-brainer.

    Although i don’t want Vienna or Casey to win, i think it would be interesting to see how fast Vienna would throw Casey under the bus for the money, because you know she would. Better Guard and Protect your heart Casey cause Vienna is a man-eater and in it for #1.

    In regards to Ames, i applaud him, he didn’t really take a chance when he should of on the bachelorette and he lost Ashley ( which i think is better for him anyway), so he took a leap of faith this time and gave up a large chunk of change ( breaks down to about $125,000 after taxes, so he’s not really giving up $250,000) for a girl. I hope he really has found the Juliet to his Romeo.