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After ten weeks of exhausting competition, it all came down to tonight when the winner of THE GLEE PROJECT was announced! Before we discuss who won, though, we need to talk about everything else that happened in this jam-packed episode!

As always, it started out with the homework assignment. The contestants sang “Don’t Stop Believin’” for Ryan Murphy. When he stopped them at the beginning of the performance saying he wasn’t too impressed, I was nervous for them. But when he brought out the former contestants, I “awww”-ed out loud! I also thought it was cute they decided to dress in red as a tribute to tribute to the pilot of GLEE. Although they sounded perfectly acceptable and all twelve contenders’ voices blended, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, it’s a GLEE song you don’t touch. You could tell they had fun with it and that’s all that counts.

This week’s music video was to “Raise Your Glass.” I’ve listened to The Warblers’ version so many times, it sounded weird without the “jengas” in the background! The concept was the final four collected the former contestants as they made their way up to the roof of a skyscraper in Los Angeles building and had a dance party. I had a mini fangirl freak-out when I saw Cameron wearing a Warbler tie. He could give Darren a run for his money as cutest Warbler! I sang and danced along with them on my couch and loved every second of the performance!

When it came down to the last chance performances, the contestants tried to pull out all the stops to impress not only the regular judges, but members of the cast of GLEE, Ian Brennan, and their former competitors as well. Ryan let them pick their song so they could showcase their talent in a way they wanted.

Lindsay sang “Gimme, Gimme” from “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” She is so very musical theater. Personally, I can see her on a Broadway stage before GLEE. I know Lea Michele, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Matthew Morrison all came from Broadway and made the transition well, but I just can’t see her fitting in in the TV world. But I guess I’m going to have to since she won a two-episode arc on the show!

Damian performed “Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darrin and dedicated it to Hannah and Cameron. So cute! He is such a crooner. Everyone in the audience loved it. Max Adler seemed to especially appreciate it, since he himself is that type of singer. Hmm, could Damian perhaps fit in as a boyfriend for Karofsky? They would sound great together and could bring an old-school vibe to the show! Would that be something you would want to happen during his seven-episode arc?

Samuel’s last chance performance was “Jolene” by Dolly Parton. He sang it with his guitar as very stripped down, coffee house-type performance. It made him stand out from the other contestants who sang big, show-stopping numbers. I loved it! And apparently Ryan and the other judges did, too, since he called out his name first as the winner!

And finally, Alex, who of course dressed in drag. Were you expecting anything less? He sang “I Am Changing” from “Dreamgirls.” It wasn’t my favorite performance of his. His voice seemed to quiver in many parts and the drag just seemed like a gimmick. Although I’m not the biggest Alex fan, I’m interested to see how he fits in during the two episodes he’ll be in. Will he be friends with Kurt and Mercedes as many fans have been speculating?

Ryan really threw me off when he named the winner. After he called Samuel’s name, I was expecting a confetti shower and for that to be the end of the show. But after saying Damian had also won seven episodes and Lindsay and Alex were both getting two, then the confetti and celebrating began!

So are you happy with the outcome? How do you see Alex, Damian, Samuel, and Lindsay fitting in on the show? Are you like me and you just can’t wait for GLEE to be back? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of this season of THE GLEE PROJECT and all of our winners!

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One Response to “THE GLEE PROJECT Finale Recap”

  1. alli on August 22nd, 2011 10:38 am

    I think Damien should be the foreign exchange student who charms every Glee girl including Sue! Every girl loves an accent and to feel special. Look how special he made Hannah feel in that finale episode!! 🙂 All the boys should be jealous of him and all the girls/women should love him. His is an episode Arc I am definitely looking forward to.

    Lindsay to me is going to be the hardest to write, because even ten weeks later i still don’t see anything special about her beyond a great voice.

    Samuel will be interesting. I like what they kind of toyed around with in one episode of having him be the overtly christian boy. How deli-sh to have a smoking hot Christian boy who every girl wants to sleep with, but he wants to maintain his purity. It would be very frustrating to boys and girls alike…boys because he could have the girls they want and he isn’t interested in sex with them and girls because they just can’t help wanting him.

    Alex to me is the the episode that i can either take or leave, if I’m not busy, I’ll watch…if I am busy…no loss. It could be an interesting episode if they do make him dress in drag, but it feels so gimmicky to me and that is an episode and character he would have to really commit to and sometimes he’s just present but not really there.

    My hope is that after their arcs Samuel and Damien will be asked to stay on just like Max Adler was.