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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Monday, September 5, 2011

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Happy Monday! It’s a relatively quiet night on TV tonight, which probably just means it’s the calm before the storm of fall premiere week in a couple of weeks. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to watch! Take a look at the lineup below!

Bachelor Pad | 8pm on ABC
“Episode 205”
The contestants must couple up to compete as couples for the remainder of the season, beginning with this week’s challenge — the “Nearly-wed Game” — which tests how well the pairs know each other.

Secret Life of the American Teenager| 8pm on ABC Family | Summer Season Finale
“And Circumstance”
Amy starts to unravel Ricky’s proposal plans, but no one will give her any information. In the meantime, Ricky grows increasingly nervous about preparing his valedictorian speech, which is full of heartache as well as surprises. Once graduation has commenced, the Grant High students embark on what is to be the night of their lives. Just as the party is in full swing, Grace is stunned to see Daniel’s ex-girlfriend, while Lauren refuses to hook up with Jesse. In the end, two unannounced visitors arrive, delivering one final wish for Adrian.

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Hell’s Kitchen | 9pm on Fox
“5 Chefs Compete”
After an intense and dramatic night, Chef Ramsay raises the stakes for the remaining five contestants. The contestants compete in their black chef jackets and all five chefs must work together as one cohesive team in order to execute a successful dinner service. Chef Ramsay puts chefs to the test to determine who has what it takes to survive HELL’S KITCHEN. Tune in to see which contestants wind up on the chopping block.

The Lying Game | 9pm on ABC Family
“Twinsense and Sensibility”
After waking up from a terrifying nightmare, Emma learns that Sutton has been suffering from the exact same dream for years. With this discovery, Sutton asks Emma to reminisce on all the memories she has of her childhood with their birth mother, which for Emma is slim to none. It is not until a nighttime rendezvous with Ethan that Emma remembers pieces of her former life, allowing Sutton to locate the house in which Emma shared with their long lost mother, as well as secrets many around them have tried to hide. Will the house and the new information be the missing piece of the puzzle, or are the superstitions true? Can curiosity kill? Meanwhile, with Ethan facing a lot of trouble, Emma tries to convince Ted that Ethan is innocent. But when she pushes, Emma sees she has hit a nerve with Ted, leading her to believe that he might be hiding something. Although she does not know what, it appears Ted is feeling guilty and knows more than he is willing to share about their birth mother.

The Closer | 9pm on TNT
“Star Turn”
Brenda tries to hit all the right notes when investigating the puzzling disappearance of a stage father whose daughter’s new single is ready for release. On the flip side, new and potentially hopeful developments emerge in Brenda’s civil suit.

Rizzoli and Isles | 10pm on TNT
“Gone Daddy Gone”
The team investigates the death of a female dockworker in a case that comes with mob connections and possible revelations about Maura’s biological father. And as Jane attempts to dodge sensitivity training, Maura inches closer to Jane’s brother (Colin Egglesfield). Ed Begley Jr. and John Doman guest star.

Also playing…

  • Kate Plus 8 | 9pm on TLC: “RV Breakdown”
  • Ridiculousness | 10pm on MTV: ”Johnny Knoxville”

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One Response to “Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Monday, September 5, 2011”

  1. The Lying Game on September 5th, 2011 10:31 am

    I wonder how long we will have to wait to find out the story behind the twins adoption and what her adoptive parents are hiding from Sutton? Also what’s the connection with Alec Rybeck? He seems to be involved in everything except for what he should really be doing which is watching his daughter…