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BACHELOR PAD 2: Erica Crosses a Line

September 6, 2011 by  

“I let Blake know I would be frustrated if he didn’t have sex with me” – Erica.

If that was the most offensive thing Erica said during Monday night’s episode of BACHELOR PAD, it might not have been so terrible. Instead, viewers had to watch Erica — who has been pretty despicable throughout the run of the series so far — essentially sexually harass Blake, who didn’t exactly want to sleep with Erica.

Look, Blake has been a pretty terrible person in this game, too. He played Melissa, he played Erica and he was sleazy while going after Holly. Nearly everyone in the house wanted him gone, heck, I’ve wanted him gone for weeks, but that still doesn’t make Erica’s actions in tonight’s episode okay.

After the remaining contestants coupled up for the remainder of the competition, they played the “Nearly-wed Game.” Graham and Michelle were pretty brilliant and devised a strategy to win — answer 7 to any question that asked for a specific number, Michael for anything about the men and Holly for anything about the women — it’s actually almost shocking that no one else came up with something similar. The bigger surprise was the couple that came in second place was Blake and Erica, beating out current couple Vienna and Kasey, as well as former couple Michael and Holly. Blake and Erica’s prize of a one-on-one date, and the duo headed to the Mission Inn.

Erica, who was annoyed that her partner was still smitten with Holly, decided they needed to have sex on the date. She didn’t seem to particularly care if he wanted to sleep with her and it wasn’t like it seemed like she liked him beyond wanting to “win” over Holly and it made the entire scene incredibly uncomfortable to watch.

Was Erica right that it would make more strategic sense for people to think she and Blake were a couple given the target on their back thanks to his relationship with Holly? Yes. Of course. But good lord, she crossed so many lines by trying to get him into her bed that I actually was thankful that Blake pointed out to her that if he was saying the things to her that she was saying to him, she should have been horrified. (Not to mention, viewers would have been up in arms.)

Her reply? She wished he had been that forward with her. At that point, she was trying so hard to get him in bed, I’m almost surprised she didn’t start taking off clothes. He was clear about not wanting to cross that line (or even spend the night away with her), and she really didn’t care what he wanted if it didn’t match up with her plans. No means no, and that’s a concept Erica clearly wasn’t getting.

Thankfully, we won’t have to be seeing much of the duo for at least the time being — they were voted off.

What did you think? Was anyone else bothered by Erica’s actions?

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2 Responses to “BACHELOR PAD 2: Erica Crosses a Line”

  1. Jaime on September 6th, 2011 11:09 am

    Erica makes my skin crawl! I am so glad she’s gone. How did she never get a clue that most of them were replused by her? Especially after the “target” game when they all pretty much said it out loud by throwing eggs at her!

    I’m also glad to see Michelle doesn’t come off as crazy as she did on Brad’s season. She is so much more likeable now.

  2. Jennifer (@jendfaz) on September 6th, 2011 12:15 pm

    Between Erica demanding sex from Blake and Kasey&Vienna’s obnoxious public fight about their sex life (or lack thereof), I was feeling pretty gross by the end of the episode. This show is taking sleaze to a whole new level.