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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Friday, September 23, 2011

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It’s finally Friday! And the busy week of premieres continues tonight! Keep reading for all of your choices!

Kitchen Nightmares | 8pm on FOX | Season Premiere
Chef Ramsay visits Plainfield, New Jersey, determined to breathe new life and energy into Blackberry’s Catering and Family Restaurant. Disappointed by the lackluster service and underwhelming food quality, Chef Ramsay forces the owners to take a long, hard look at their restaurant and gives them one last chance to turn things around. Find out if Chef Ramsay’s advice and guidance will be enough to save this family restaurant.

Nikita | 8pm on The CW | Season Premiere
“Game Change”
Nikita and Michael plot to take down Division and Oversight and are prepared to use the contents of the black box to do so. Amanda is now running Division but Oversight has assigned one of their own, a new agent named Sean, to keep an eye on her. Amanda’s first mission is to get back the black box from Nikita, and she enlists Alex’s help to do so. Alex refuses until Amanda tells her she will help her find the man who killed Alex’s father. Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael find help from an unlikely ally.

A Gifted Man | 8pm on CBS | Series Premiere
Michael Holt is an exceptional doctor who lives a materialistic life of luxury thanks to his work-obsessed career and powerful and wealthy patients; however, Michael’s ordered world is rocked when his ex-wife, Anna, an idealistic free-clinic doctor and the love of his life, mysteriously appears to him. In an attempt to go back to his “normal” life, Michael visits Anton, a carpenter who moonlights as a Shaman to try and extract Anna’s spirit from his body, but when Anna appears and asks Michael to go to her clinic to help keep it running, he realizes she needs him more now then ever. Curious about Michael’s sudden change in behavior is his efficient assistant, Rita, who works tirelessly to facilitate his schedule in order to accommodate his added responsibilities at the clinic. Touched by those in need and accepting of Anna’s compassionate “presence,” Michael’s attitude toward serving the rich and poor is turned upside down, and he begins to see that there’s room in his life for everyone.

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Fringe | 9pm on FOX | Season Premiere
“Neither Here Nor There”
Just one week after Peter Bishop saved the day and was then wiped from existence, the truce between the two worlds remains intact and the two sides are forced to work together. Lincoln Lee joins the Fringe team as they investigate a shapeshifter case that is very personal to him. [Have you seen what FRINGE bosses Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman teased about the episode?]

Supernatural | 9pm on The CW | Season Premiere
“Meet the New Boss”
Castiel doesn’t kill Sam, Dean and , warns them not to interfere in his business. Assuming his new role as God, Castiel sets out to right some of the wrongs in the world. Dean decides they should bind Death and order him to stop Castiel, but the former angel is one step ahead of them, leaving Dean to face a very angry Death. Meanwhile, Sam struggles to deal with the broken wall in his head.

CSI:NY | 9pm on CBS | Season Premiere
On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Mac and the team remember specific moments from that day that were indelibly burned in their mind.

Blue Bloods | 10pm on CBS | Season Premiere
When a supporter for the mayor elect is found dead, Frank is put on the spot when the mayor wants him to position it to the public as a random act of violence. Meanwhile, Jamie goes undercover at a bar and meets a suspicious patron.

Haven | 10pm on Syfy
“Business as Usual”
Audrey and Nathan investigate murders in which the victims were mummified; a secret from Duke’s past may affect his future.

The Soup | 10pm on E!
A weekly recap of various pop culture and television show moments of the week. The show is hosted by Joel McHale (COMMUNITY), who provides sarcastic and biting commentary on the hottest celeb news events and goofiest reality clips.

Also playing…

  • Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta | 9pm on TLC: “Bride Knows Best”
  • Four Weddings | 10pm on TLC: “…And a Talking Parrot”
  • Real Time with Bill Maher | 10pm on HBO: “Episode 225
  • Fashion Police | 10:30pm on E!

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