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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Julie Plec Teases What’s to Come After ‘The End of the Affair’

September 29, 2011 by  

[Warning: if you haven’t seen tonight’s brand new episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, turn away now. The following post includes spoilers on key elements of the hour and you won’t want to have it ruined.]

So, are we all safe now?


While fans of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES knew Stefan had quite a past, we didn’t know his past shenanigans included being BFFs with Klaus and being romantically involved with Rebekah — who just happened to be Klaus’ sister. Poor Stefan didn’t know that either, as Klaus had repressed his memories, but he’s well aware of the fact now.

So where does he go from there? TVD executive producer Julie Plec talked with reporters earlier this week, and we’re here to share a few teases about what you can expect from the series…

The season of Originals: “One of the big questions that we left last year with was, ‘Why did Klaus take such an interest in Stefan — Stefan specifically of all people?'” Plec noted. “And what we really wanted to do was show the roots of Klaus’ character as it relates to his family, the people he has known for a thousand years and been with off-and-on for a thousand years. We notoriously know he’s daggered [them] one by one and carted them around in coffins. So this notion of this big, bad, evil hybrid…dick, I guess is what they said in this episode, who like everyone else in our show is in his own way, trying to fill a hole that’s been left inside of him for loss of family or desire for family or desire for that brotherhood. So that’s just the beginning…it’s the beginning of our glimpse into Klaus’ life. It’s the beginning of our glimpse into Rebekah’s life. It’s not the last we’ll see of their story or their family’s story.”

With the introduction of Rebekah to the story, should fans expect to meet more of the Original family?

“I would actually say, to be perfectly frank, that was our intention, until we did the math — the realistic math — and we’ve said there’s seven children,” Plec admitted. “That’s a lot of new people to bring into the story…certainly the mother will be someone we meet in the past, as will other siblings. We’ve already said we will see Elijah again. ”

And fans wont have to wait long to meet the family. Plec revealed the show is about to start shooting the origin story of the Original family, which takes place in 1000.

How will Stefan’s returned memories impact his relationships? Before tonight’s hour, it seemed like Stefan was a semi-reluctant helper in Klaus’ games. But now that he has the memories of their friendship restored, what will that do to their relationship?

“I think we’re going to wonder what’s going to happen in their dynamic,” Plec said. “The great Stefan-Klaus bromance of 2011 is really powerful and I think there is some fun stuff to explore there out of what Klaus expects out of that friendship and what Stefan is willing to give.”

And how about Stefan’s relationship with Elena and Damon?

“First we have to get him back home,” Plec teased. “And then there’s going to be all kinds of crazy shit that hits the fan before anyone has a minute to think about how these revelations impact their relationships.”

Elena’s relationships: “This [episode] is a big deal for the Stefan and Elena relationship,” Plec noted. “Because, I think, in her plucky little heart, Elena — while she’s very realistic and understands the realities of the world, she is also this overly compassionate savior of her friends, of her loved ones. And I really do think that she believed it was as easy as just getting [Stefan] out of that environment. And what he made very clear to her was that was just the beginning. ‘Your life will be spent taking care of me, worrying about me. And that’s not a life I want for you.’ And we’re going to see that theme continue a lot through the season as she struggles with her desire to help rescue this hero in her life and this person that she loved very purely and very deeply. But also, the realities of…learning the lesson that you can’t necessarily let yourself be consumed in your own life by saving someone else’s. And that’s a big thing that takes us on a long journey — that begins in this episode and takes us all the way through half the season.”

And what about the other man in Elena’s life?

“As far as where that leaves her and Damon, there has yet to be an admission of that chemistry from her part,” Plec continued. “In fact, next week’s episode kind of eliminates that a little bit. A lot’s gone unsaid, there’s a big elephant in the room as far as all [these] fun little stolen moments and romantic banter and their dynamic with each other hasn’t gone unnoticed with other people. And now that Stefan has said ‘Go away’ and Elena is back in Mystic Falls trying to pick up the pieces and get on with her life, it’s the kind of thing where her friends and her loved ones are going to be, ‘Uh…all right. What’s going on there?’ So we’re going to have some fun with that, too.”

Who the heck is Sebastian Roché playing?! Roché only popped in for a brief moment on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, but what can Plec tease about his character?

“Absolutely nothing,” she said. “This was a little hint, a little teaser, a little taste of that character, which will get Stefan asking the question — now that his memories have been refreshed — who is this guy and why are they afraid of him? People who should be afraid of nothing are afraid of this person. So he’s going to start wondering a little bit about that.”

What did you think of tonight’s episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES?

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