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NIKITA: Devon Sawa Teases Owen’s Return

September 30, 2011 by  

He’s back!

It’s been a little over five months, but Devon Sawa (Owen) has finally returned to the NIKITA canvas.

So what can you expect? I talked with Sawa earlier this week about his episode, Owen’s quest to get off the regiment and find Percy, when he’ll return and much, much more…

You’re back on NIKITA this week!
Devon Sawa: I am. I’m so excited. I saw the episode – it rocks!

DS: Yeah. Brilliant. It’s quick-paced, action-packed. It’s everything that NIKITA should be.

The season premiere was amazing, so I’m glad to hear the second episode continues the trend.
DS: It keeps going. It keeps going. It’s nice, you know, it’s actually nice being on the Friday time slot, where we get to do more action and…it’s fits us better.

Yeah. And the pairing with SUPERNATURAL is really fun. It feels like kick-ass Fridays on CW. There’s nothing wrong with that.
DS: Yeah. Exactly. It’s a little bit different of an audience. It’s more of the audience we want. We’re happy there. It’s great. We’re ready to just pack in the action now. [Laughs].

Personally, I think some of the best cult audiences are on Friday nights. Those viewers who are willing to stay home and watch you every Friday — that’s the audiences you want on your side.
DS: There you go.

So moving on to the episode, what can you tell me about Owen’s return?
DS: In a nutshell, Owen is running out of the regiment again. The last time we saw him, Nikita gave him a bottle of pills from Michael that would keep him going for a while. And he’s running out again, and in the words of Michael, before he turns into the Tasmanian Devil, he’s got to find a way off of it. So that’s his thing going on in this episode. And that’s how he’s going to look for this doctor to find answers and so is Michel and Nikita. And they run into each other, and they have another fun-filled episode.

And are things as tense as ever between Owen and Michael?
DS: You know what? Michael’s wall is coming down a little bit with Owen. They’re starting to warm up to each other, I think.

Well, that’s good.
DS: It’s not as intense anymore. And Owen has nothing against the whole Michael-Nikita thing.

It’s good if they play nice, because they’re on the same side. And if everyone can realize it and fight together, that’s the best thing.
DS: Exactly. You know, at this point, they are on the same side. I don’t know quite if [NIKITA executive producer] Craig [Silverstein] will ever change that, but at this point Owen’s got nothing against Michael.

As we’ve seen in the previews, Owen very much wants to take down Percy. Do you share any scenes with him in this episode?
DS: No, I don’t. I have nothing with Percy yet, but I’m after Percy, and I can’t wait to do a scene with Xander [Berkeley (Percy)]. I’m sure it will come. I mean, it’s got to. Owen wants Percy. That’s his thing. He wants off the regiment, and he wants Percy. So…

And he’s been vocal about it. If he keeps saying it, I feel like they’re leading up to it actually happening.
DS: You never know. The end of this particular episode, people are going to be kind of floored. It changes gears again.

Does that mean what we know of Owen will be changing? Will we be viewing him in a different light?
DS: Well Owen’s got his…I mean, I will tell you this — Owen has to find a way off the regiment. And that’s no secret. He has got to do it, or he’s going to, like Michael said, turn into the Tasmanian Devil, and no one wants that. But then Owen’s got another…at the end of this episode, he’s going to go off in his own little direction for a bit.

Interesting. Do Owen and Alex share any screen time this episode?
DS: There’s a scene in this episode that all the hero characters are in a ballroom, and they’re all in different sections of the ballroom, and there’s some eye contact with [her], but no scene. They’re close. It’s like a standoff, really.

And fans have been excited about the episode since someone — I think it was from WB publicisty — tweeted out a picture from that scene with you, Maggie Q (Nikita) and Shane West (Michael) all dressed up.
DS: Yeah. That, that actually leaked before it was supposed to cause I think that one of us, Maggie or myself or Shane, tweeted it out. Like, we’d taken a picture on our camera phone and it ended up, like, just leaking everywhere. [Laughs]

DS: I mean, it’s great. It’s a great photo.

I mean, if you’re gonna kick butt, and if you can make it look good…
DS: Yeah.

that’s not a bad thing.
DS: I was very happy to be in a tux this episode. Usually Shane gets to wear the cool stuff, and I get to wear, like, action gear. So, I got to put on a tux, and it was all good for a day. I could do more of that. I can see myself doing more tux stuff.

Excellent! Well you’re proving to them that you can actually pull it off, so…
DS: There you go. I just got to learn how to tie the tie. I didn’t get it.

Well, I figure someone has to be able to help around the set.
DS: Someone help me tie my tux tie. I can tie a regular tie, but I’m going to work on the tux tie in season three.

Have you been back to film any more episodes for this season?
DS: I’m going back in a couple of weeks.

Excellent. Have they clued you in to as what you might be doing then?
DS: No. They don’t. I like to look at Craig Silverstein over, over at the NIKITA place like, a little bit like the Division. They’re really on the [down] low. All like some guy in, like, a black suit and glasses will hand me a script as I get on the plane. They’re that secretive.

Well, I mean, it’s also probably helpful for them, in this case, because we’re doing a whole bunch of phone interviews. You don’t have the information, necessarily, to accidentally spill to one us.
DS: Exactly, cause I would spill it. [Laughs] That’s probably why they don’t tell me.

Well that’s fair.
DS: I’ll be like, “You’ll never, you’re never gonna believe what happens on NIKITA in episode eight! Let me just tell you.”

You’re like, “Owen gets to wear a tux the entire hour. It’s amazing!”
DS: There you go.

Is there anything you’d like to see him get to do?
DS: I’m hoping the next episode has a little bit more action for Owen. This episode that we just did is heavy on the Michael action. And he did a great job. I love doing action, so hopefully I go that way. There’s a lot of [things] … I’d like to do, I’d like to do scenes with Amanda and Lyndsy [Fonseca’s Alex]. I don’t know if it’s going that, that way…but, you know, who knows? I’m happy. I’m very confident in the writers on this show. They never disappoint.

Completely. And aside from NIKITA, you seem to be friends with a lot of well-known people on Twitter. Is there any other show you have your eye on, where you’re like, “God, I hope I get to guest star on that one”?
DS: Oh. Sure. I’ve become a Hart Hanson fan off of Twitter. I’d love to do some BONES or something. I mean I’ve always watched BONES, but he’s like a really cool guy. I met him once. And then THE VAMPIRE DIARIES people are cool. I mean, I’m meeting a lot of cool people via Twitter. [Laughs]

You and Hanson do seem to interact a lot, I’m surprised you don’t know each other better. You both seem to be very fond of each other.
DS: I like Hart Hanson. He’s got a very good sense of humor. I’m good where I am now. But if it ever fits, I’d love to go work with him. He seems like he’d be cool to work with. There’s a lot of good shows out right now. There’s a lot of good shows.

Completely agree. Is there anything else you have coming up that you want to talk about before I let you go?
DS: I have a movie coming out next year called THE PHILLY KID that’s an MMA movie. And it’s got a little bit of good buzz on it. And I just had a movie [388 ARLETTA AVENUE] in the Toronto Film Festival that I co-starred in with Mia Kirshner and Nick Stahl, and I’m just in a good spot right now. You know, I took a little break from the acting world for a few years, and I came back, and now…things are going great.

Yeah, and, speaking for myself, I’m so glad that we’re having you back on NIKITA, so hopefully we’ll see a lot more of you.
DS: I will do NIKITA ’til the bitter end. ‘Til they find an episode to blow me away in.

I hope that’s not for at least another seven years.
DS: Me too!

Make sure to tune into NIKITA tonight at 8 PM on The CW!

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