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When did Tuesday become such an easy night? I’m sure when the Fox shows end up back in the mix, I’ll be eating my words, but for this week, things were relatively calm for the latest installment of About Last Night.

In case you missed our revival of ALN, basically, I’ll share my thoughts about what went down on the TV shows I watched the previous night and then open the floor for you guys to have your say in the comments. Hopefully, we’ll be watching some similar shows and we can debate/gush/rant/continue the conversation.

Sound good? Let’s talk Tuesday night TV!

This season, a lot of comedies focus on how men have become emasculated and if you viewed LAST MAN STANDING, you know that was one of them. While it’s certainly not the funniest comedy on TV, I love several of the actors and the show was fine enough. (Clearly, a ringing endorsement.) Maybe I have more patience for the series because there are some truly terrible comedies coming our way later in the season — and there are a few that have already aired — but I definitely didn’t hate LMS. But I’m very curious to see if any of you watched the show and what you thought of it.

RINGER. Oh, RINGER. While “A Whole New Kind of Bitch” was arguably the cheesiest hour the series has done to date, I find myself interested to see how they’re going to get themselves out of what appears to be Gemma’s death. It’s the CW, so I doubt they’re going to make one of the leading men a cold-blooded killer (going to exclude THE VAMPIRE DIARIES boys from this mix because of the whole vampire thing), and I’m not entirely convinced Gemma is dead. If she is dead, I actually thought the episode was leading up the her suicide. But we’ll see. And while I’m not expecting Emmy-quality episodes from the show, seriously, please, cut down on the cheesy factor. (And make sure to check back later for Rachel’s recap of the hour!)

Anyone else loving UNFORGETTABLE? I find myself really enjoying the series, but I do wonder how they’re going to use Carrie’s “gift” long-term. So far, we’ve had a crime scene that has exploded and a victim she knew which allowed the show to utilize her memory in really unique ways. I’m curious how they’re going to make the cases relevant to Carrie, say, 18 episodes from now.

I wanted to watch 90210…and then I realized I still haven’t watched last week’s episode. So now I have two episodes on my TiVo taunting me. I’ll be caught up by next week.

So tell me…what did you think of last night’s television? What show stood out to you?

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One Response to “About Last Night…RINGER, UNFORGETTABLE and LAST MAN STANDING”

  1. Laffers18 on October 12th, 2011 2:38 pm

    I enjoyed Ringer. It’s not a must watch for me, but still I can watch it and enjoy.

    Backing off on the cheese factor would be nice, but I can still watch it. I am intrigued with how there going to play the whole Gemma/Dead/Not Dead thing. It could be really good…OR they could totally balls it up. It’ll be interesting to see which one happens! LOL