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RINGER: Eric Charmelo and Pam Veasey on the Violent Twist in ‘A Whole New Kind of Bitch’

October 12, 2011 by  

[Warning: if you haven’t seen the “A Whole New Kind of Bitch” episode of RINGER turn away now. The following post includes spoilers on a key element of the hour and you won’t want to have it ruined.]

After Bridget finally revealed to Gemma in last week’s episode that Siobhan had died and B had taken over her life, things were bound to blow up in tonight’s episode. And boy did they ever.

Gemma tried to blackmail Bridget into sleeping with Henry, so she would have proof he had violated the infidelity clause in their prenup. Bridget refused and tipped Henry off, who became enraged and then confronted Gemma. A tearful Gemma called Andrew for help, but when Andrew stopped by her home, Henry answered the door. Viewers then saw their home was a mess and there was blood smeared on the walls.


So is Gemma really dead?

“You have to wait and see,” co-creator Eric Charmelo teased to reporters earlier this week. “There’s blood on the wall, so you fill in the blank however you want to.”

Whether Gemma is missing, dead or severely injured, the producers conceded this twist wasn’t planned all along — it happened organically during the writing of the series.

“”It was a decision that evolved to add tension to the structure of the show,” executive producer Pam Veasey explained.  “But we don’t count her missing yet…and it makes for interesting texture for Henry, for Kris Polaha’s character, who has to deal with this situation.”

Ah, Henry. Poor, lovesick Henry who just wants to be with the woman he thinks is Siobhan. Despite his cheating ways, I was fond of the guy. But given the last scene of the episode, should fans expect him to be heading down a darker (and much more unlikable) path?

“Let me just say, we pride ourselves and we love all these questions because you’re presuming things we want you to presume — but we’re far more clever than that,” Veasey teased.

“But Henry is a man on the verge,” Charmelo continued. “From the beginning, when he’s deprived of the one thing he wants more than anything, it will drive him to desperate measures.”

However, just because Henry may have done a bad, bad thing, don’t expect that to signal the end of Polaha’s time on RINGER.

“Regardless of did he or didn’t he, [Henry]’s going to be a part of this world,” Charmelo said. “Again, will he be friend or foe of Bridget? Will he be friend or foe of Siobhan? It’s two sides of the coin and he would be a part regardless of what side he chose.”

In other words, “Kris Polaha’s not going anywhere,” Veasy confirmed. “We like him, too. But there’s layers [to his character]…it’s such fun to find two sides to every person.”

What did you think of the bloody RINGER ending? Do you think Gemma is dead? If she is, do you think she was murdered?

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