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October 14, 2011 by  

Oh, Thursday night TV. If I was to have a mortal enemy of TV nights (a la Sheldon’s feud with Wil Wheaton), it would be Thursday. I’m fairly certainly Thursday kicked my butt this week (a fact I blame entirely on THE X FACTOR’s two hour episode), but there was still plenty of TV. (And I’ll have my revenge next Thursday.)

So let’s talk about what aired!

As “manipulative” as it may seem, I love that Bernadette was smart enough to bring Howard’s mother into her disagreement with her fiance when he mentioned he planned to go into space on THE BIG BANG THEORY. Howard’s mother has always been super involved in his life, so why shouldn’t Bernadette use that to her advantage? Howard was understandably upset, but the duo made up. Oh, and speaking of the aforementioned Evil Wil Wheaton, I love whenever he comes on. There’s a delicate balance when a recurring guest star pops, because I imagine the urge to overuse them is great, but TBBT uses Wheaton well. And now we get a possible Evil Brent Spiner!

Was I the only one wildly disappointed Mariah Carey couldn’t make it on THE X FACTOR last night? I feel like watching her and Simon Cowell judge auditions would be hilarious. Oh well. As it was, the pacing of the episode felt off, and I found myself a little bored over the two hours. The only performers who really stood out to me? Phillip Lomax (who sang “Please Don’t Stop the Music” in front of guest judge Rihanna), Caitlin Koch (“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”) and Drew Ryniewicz “It Must Have Been Love.” Did any other acts impress you?

As much as I enjoyed meeting Andy’s family on THE OFFICE, I’m still not sold on the show making him manager. It feels like too many of his issues and problems are things we dealt with when Michael was the manager. Oh well. However, I did enjoy Jim’s elaborate garden party prank on Dwight. That felt very much like their dynamic of old and the one time I laughed out loud at the episode was when Jim tricked Dwight into saying he was the best salesman at the very end. PS – Phillip Halpert?I know it’s probably terrible to veto a name they picked in honor of Pam’s grandfather, but eek.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is such fun. Just genuinely so fun. Now that Tyler is a hybrid, I’m slightly worried no good will come from this. After all, anything Klaus touches seems to turn to chaos, no? Like Stefan. Poor, poor Stefan. Now that his humanity has been erased, I’m curious to see how that will impact everyone around him who doesn’t know the truth. Given how obvious he was about being cold with Damon and Elena, I’m guessing the rest of the town will realize something is not right ASAP.

I heard COMMUNITY was really good last night, but there simply weren’t enough tuners on my DVR. Anyone watch?

Also feel guilty for not watching GREY’S ANATOMY, THE SECRET CIRCLE, PERSON OF INTEREST and PRIME SUSPECT last night, but they’re safely TiVoed/available to watch On Demand.

Given the vast amount of TV last night, what did you end up choosing?

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6 Responses to “About Last Night…THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, THE OFFICE, THE BIG BANG THEORY and More”

  1. Laffers18 on October 14th, 2011 11:40 am

    I LOVED The Vampire Diaries…loved loved loved it. Possibly loved it too much if truth be told but how could I not? Bad ass Stefan, irresistible (but insane!) Klaus…and Damon. Black hair, blue eyed Damon…isn’t he just gorgeous? (Please note- the only acceptable answer to this is yes. Or if needed, hell yes.)

    And I am both excited and terrified now Tyler is a hybrid…I mean, it’s all going to go to hell (and by the look on Caroline’s face at the end she agrees!) but it’s going to be one hell of a ride getting there.

    I can admit that I’m finding the whole Matt/Jeremy/Anna/Vicky thing kind of boring and, for all intents and purposes, it seems like that’s going to play a major part in the storyline at some point…I just hope it gets interesting by then!

    Oh…this Stefan and Damon role reversal? Love. It. I mean, Damon pledging to never leave her again? Swoon…and then he’s cooly interrupted by a sexy, smooth Stefan. Love. It…again! LOL

    I enjoyed Grey’s too, though I could have swung for Cristina at the end. I mean, she aborted Owen’s baby…you’d think she’d have the decency to not act so god damn sweet/lovely/motherly around baby Zola when he’s around, right? It’s just polite!

    Love the possibilities with Bailey and Ben now Eli is out of the picture…though I did kinda love Eli. He’s just not Ben! LOL

    And this got a bit long….my bad 😛

    P.S. I’m kind of in love with Jackson’s mum…is that weird? 😉

  2. Kath (@canakatydid) on October 14th, 2011 11:53 am

    Moze literally jumping over all the cars on The Office…funniest sight gag in a while!! Loved it!

  3. Cori on October 14th, 2011 12:31 pm

    First of all, I must admit that I’m a long time reader of GMMR but first time poster, because last night’s shows were that good! And I am so excited to see this feature back! Thanks Marisa for putting this together!

    I ended up watching Community, Parks & Rec, and The Office with The Big Bang Theory on the DVR, and I must say all 4 shows had episodes worthy of rewatching because they were that enjoyable and because I’m sure I missed so many things the first time around!

    But NBC had a fantastic block of comedy last night (I refuse to accept that Whitney is a part of the NBC comedy block). Starting with Community – I loved that it was just the study group in the entire episode. Chang and Dean Pelton are great characters…but I like them better in small doses, and I feel we’ve had a Dean/Chang overload in the first 3 eps. I think it would have been a great ep for a first-time viewer to see, as the entire episode revolves around breaking down each character and how they impact the group in a very “Community” way (I mean, the entire episode revolves around a game of Yahtzee). Other highlights: Evil Troy and Evil Abed, the replica of the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Annie getting a gun (pun intended), and the troll that terrorizes Troy.

    Oh Parks & Rec, how I’m so glad I gave you a second chance. Last night may have been one of my favorite episodes of the series (if not the favorite). Of course I loved the Pawnee Rangers/Goddesses story between Leslie and Ron, but the absolute highlight was Ben Wyatt’s “Treat Yo Self” to a Batman costume. I missed most of the end of the episode because I was laughing so much every time he was onscreen.

    I was pleasantly surprised with The Office last night, mostly because of an episode long Jim-Dwight prank and seeing Mose again. I laughed a lot throughout the episode (something I haven’t been able to say a lot lately), but my heart broke for Andy. Personally, I like Andy as the manager – I think he provides a good balance to the funny and the heart that makes this show. I feel like he’s the opposite of Michael – Michael was a great salesman who was promoted to manager without him being a good manager, but Andy was a lousy salesman who has the potential to become a good manager (he’s not there yet, but I’m enjoying seeing him grow into that role).

    And since I’ve already written a BOOK, I’ll just say I agree with everything about TBBT, including Bernadette going to Howard’s mom and the use of Wil Wheaton and Brent Spiner (hadn’t seen him since Star Trek: The Next Generation!)

  4. Kath (@GMMRtv) on October 14th, 2011 3:56 pm

    I can’t remember a better night of television! Every show I watched was solid. I am so grateful that I gave COMMUNITY another shot last season because I truly love that show now. Last night’s episode was spectacular! I definitely didn’t erase it from my DVR because it’s worthy of a few more rematches.

    PARKS & REC had another stellar episode. Ben in the Batmam costume…are you kidding me? I love that they decided to make him a huge dork. Makes me love him even more.

    THE OFFICE was excellent last night. LOVED the classic Jim/Dwight interaction. Pranks are the best! I am almost on board with Andy as a Manager. Not quite, but almost.

    THE VAMPIRE DIARIES….ok I think I’m in the minority here, but until last night’s episode, I really didn’t like anything about Klaus. Every ep I was just waiting for him to leave or be killed. BUt last night…damn, he is everything! What a great, complex character. And the same could be said for this new version of Stefan. Keep him around. He makes things interesting. All along I thought that Damon was Katherine’s equivalent, but nope…it’s Ripper Stefan!

    AM I the only one that considered Katherine might make a move of Jeremy…and then thought how creepy that would be? HA!


  5. Sarah on October 15th, 2011 7:25 pm

    Thursday nights are kicking my butt, but in the best way (that came out wrong!)

    Community was AMAZING, and hilarious and just so finely-tuned…there wasn’t a wasted second there!
    Parks and Recreation is my new favorite show right now. It’s not new, but it’s new to me, so it counts 😀 The whole thing was just incredibly good. I agree with Cori (and welcome to the GMMR comments! 🙂 ) that it’s def one of my all time favorites.

    I’m also still loving Person of Interest–it’s really good! And I also love Prime Suspect.

    And I watched Project Runway–this is a pretty good season, no real villains, which is good by me.

    Thanks for the post, Marisa!

  6. Lesley on October 16th, 2011 11:31 am

    I don’t mind the name Phillip, but it bugs me that they said the baby was named after Pam’s grandfather Phillip Halpert…is there a story line I missed that makes Jim and Pam cousins? Her maiden name is Beasley.