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About Last Night…GLEE, NEW GIRL, RAISING HOPE and More

November 2, 2011 by  

Tuesday TV should make me happy, and yet I found myself cranky with many shows last night.

Before you berate me for not liking certain episodes, let’s talk about what went down Tuesday…

Oh, GLEE. No. Just no. One of my biggest problems with THE GLEE PROJECT (and the fact that you just knew they weren’t only going to add the winner to GLEE) is that the original series already has so many characters to facilitate and very rarely do they do them justice. The addition of Damian gave a storyline to Cory Monteith (Finn), who has been severely underused this season, but so much of the episode (and his storyline) was cringe-worthy. (Really, Quinn? Really, Puck and Shelby? A MUPPETS song?!) [For more on GLEE, check out Kath’s recap here.]

In theory, Jess walking in on a naked Nick should have been hysterically awkward for NEW GIRL. Instead, I found it painfully awkward (and most importantly, unfunny). I never hear another cutesy way to say penis, it’ll be too soon. Oh, and for the record, Nick (and Jake M. Johnson) does not have a “stomach.”

Nothing made me laugh more on RAISING HOPE than Jimmy’s “I’m going to make it rain, bitch!” rant. RH was the only Fox show I truly enjoyed last night, and I really hope the show does follow back up on Hope’s DNA and possible traits she’ll inherit from her birth mother. I mean, it’ll be worth it if only so we can get more “scary” reaction shots from that adorable baby.

RINGER is, well, RINGER. While it certainly appears Gemma is dead — and we finally got an answer to the identity of Siobhan’s mystery caller! — how much are we betting Bridget is miraculously pregnant? And, hey, “Siobhan” finally kissed her husband. Kind of crazy she was able to put it off until now, isn’t it? And this may put me in the minority, but I kind of wish they had just killed off Malcolm. He serves no purpose for me and up until now, his non-flashback scenes have felt forced. [For more on RINGER, check out Rachel’s recap here.]

UNFORGETTABLE is toeing a very tricky line right now. As much as I love the revelations we’re getting about Carrie’s sister’s case, if this is going to play out over years, I imagine they’re going to need to pull back on them soon. (Al and Carrie, however, remain one of my favorite new couples. This show has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the season for me.)

Poor 90210 keeps on getting relegated to weekend catchup for me. Did anyone watch it last night?

So…do you want to yell at me for not liking several shows? Or did you feel things were off, too?

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  1. Kath (canakatydid) on November 2nd, 2011 4:33 pm

    Bang on re: New Girl and Raising Hope!