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BONES Season Premiere Recap: ‘The Memories in the Shallow Grave’

November 3, 2011 by  

Hello, BONES fans! If you are like me, you’ve been trying not to judge the BONES season S7 premiere, “The Memories in the Shallow Grave,” as this “thing” that must make all of season 6 “worth it.” That’s not exactly fair, right?

And yet, the writers made some deliberate choices last year that have greatly affected the series — and in the scheme of six seasons of Booth and Brennan circling one another romantically, putting them “together” will result, I believe, in plots that viewers will feel the most passionate about. But will it be passionate love, passionate hate, or passionate indifference? Though the last choice seems like an oxymoron, for some BONES fans, it still fits. Wherever we fall on the “Squee!-to-Screw THIS!” spectrum, I’m guessing we’ll at least have something to talk about. Starting, as always, with…


The Scene of the Crime:  When some enthusiastic tough guys stake out a new paintball course, complete with uniforms, serious equipment and lots of war metaphor, one guy falls to his paint-death, and onto a freshly dead corpse. Booth and Brennan join Hodgins at the crime scene, where he is examining for insect activity. Booth wants to carry Brennan’s equipment for her, but she assures him that centuries of women have been doing hard labor and then squatting down to give birth. She determines that the victim is female, late 20s-early 30s in age and the estimated time of death is within a week. Brennan is sort of crying as she is examining the damage; she is experiencing emotional inconsistencies. Booth says maybe the dead bodies are finally getting to her. She says no, and when Booth tries to take her picture, she is annoyed (and so was I). He says crying just means she’s normal. She says she’s not normal — she’s extraordinary. Word!

The VictimClaire Serrano. When Angela is able to put together a facial reconstruction that results in a database match, the team is surprised to learn that two missing persons reports have been filed on her in the past six months — both by her husband, a local pastor.  Claire’s body shows signs of serious trauma, including remodeling from gunshot wounds.

Potential Suspects & Motives Claire’s husband is a suspect, but he insists he’s innocent. When Booth and Sweets interrogate him, he tells them that Claire was suffering from severe memory loss, and that she’d run away and created another life for herself. Booth and Sweets talk with Yasrick, a doctor trained in assisting people with memory loss. He worked with Claire and introduces them to Trevor, a man suffering from Aphasia who felt very strongly (to the point of possible stalker issues) toward Claire. Trevor is convinced that Claire’s husband is trying to change her. When Claire is later linked to a robbery of around $80,000, her conspirator, Ricky Duvall, becomes a suspect.

The Lab Results:  Cam begins the lab work by sawing into Claire’s skull, and when she pulls out the brain, beetles and other bugs come out of it. GROSS! Hodgins is, of course, totally pumped about that. He identifies linseed oil from the grave remains, and Cam also confirms that Claire suffered brain damage within the previous 6 months. Brennan and the team examine her body and realize Claire suffered extensive physical damage as well as a gunshot wound, but Hodgins determines the murder weapon — a gardening tool used to dig graves, with a serrated blade at the end.

The Interrogation Room:  Booth and Sweets interrogate Serrano, Yasrick, Trevor, and Duvall, and each one has a different version of Claire. Sweets uses Chinese food as a metaphor to explain possible motive to Booth, who just eats the food. Ha! They get two leads: Booth realizes that Yasrick wasn’t in professional trouble because he counted cards in Vegas, but because he had a gambling problem, and Brennan wonders if the paint from the paintball war might be covering up some evidence.

The Verdict:  Hodgins and Wendell examine all of the paint splatters, and Brennan spots one with some sort of smudge. It housed a piece of gum, and the toothprint inside is as good as a thumbprint. Wendell tells Hodgins that “She’s having that baby so the next generation will have someone to make them feel dumb.” Ha! When Yasrick comes up as having bad bank records, Booth realizes he killed Claire for the $80,000. His toothprint is a match in the gum, and Booth arrests him.

MY Verdict:  A good case for a premiere. The victim’s situation was sad, and each of the suspects seemed like viable killers until the real one was revealed.


A general feeling in the lab is “Avoid upsetting Brennan at all costs.” I didn’t love that from a Brennan-story perspective, but it makes sense in showing how each character would react to it. For example, Cam felt a little threatened — I think she wants to be the “most feared” in the lab (and what are your thoughts on her ban on babies from the lab? Reasonable or ridiculous?). Wendell could see that Cam wanted to be that way, and he said she was the best, but when it came down to it, he was more anxious to please Brennan.

I LOVED the scene where Brennan and Wendell and Angela are examining the body, and Angela asked Brennan if she cried. I didn’t love Angela saying Brennan crying was like an eclipse, but it was funny when, after finding out Brennan had a picture of Naked Booth, she couldn’t quite focus on anything else. Same here, Angela. Same here. Wendell getting Brennan to focus on the case was funny (mainly because it annoyed Angela).

Speaking of annoying, it will be if Angela ends up being Brennan’s “interpreter” for the season — especially in regards to situations with Booth. We’ve seen over the course of the series that what makes Booth and Brennan so special together is that they know one another best. While Angela’s pep talk to Brennan in this episode was nice (and how sweet was the Angela/Hodgins/Mikey home vid!?!), at some point, the writers need to stop making Brennan clueless when it comes to Booth — especially after last season.

After the season 6 finale, I was most curious to see how Sweets would react to this BB-relationship/baby situation. It made a lot of sense that Sweets would be very eager to do field work AND that he would just be hounding them (Booth especially) about how things are going in their relationship. I think he’ll just always be their little genius, obsessed (mostly in a good way) baby duck. His hounding and constant analyzing are based of out love for them. Thoughts from you on the Sweets/Booth dynamic in this episode?


I have mixed feelings about the Booth and Brennan scenes in this episode. I mentioned the “Squee to Screw This!” spectrum, and for me, there were moments that reached both ends. Seeing B&B comfortably spending time together outside of work is wonderful — I like the ease of their life together. Despite some of the issues they had, it’s clear that there isn’t a lot of drama — and it’s nice to see them happy AND together. On the other hand, I’m still not convinced they are “in love” or that they even really like each other that much — but I’m open to the show convincing me otherwise the rest of this season.

There seems to be a fandom-wide discussion on whether or not we need to see sex between B&B or if it should be private, but I’d just be happy if Booth didn’t say things like “even you should know what that means” (regarding family) and Brennan didn’t call God a sociopath. Comments like those from the two of them have me scratching my head and thinking, “What?” Booth and Brennan have always bickered, but (mostly) more in a competitive, sexual way — those types of comments in this episode seemed like little personal digs, and they aren’t in line with the character growth each one went (read: was forced) through last season.

The episode centered around their need to figure out how their living arrangements will work. I liked that Booth’s main reason for wanting them to have a place — it would be their place, all three of them. (Sorry, Parker!) Brennan’s reason for wanting them to have a place (that Booth is convenient to have around emotionally, practically and sexually) made me laugh. The episode ended with them in bed together, taking a look at potential houses online. I like that they are making a list of what they want — I am sure we’ll see how well that goes!

What I loved:

  • This possible marriage proposal rivalry between Brennan and Booth… I NEED this to happen. I don’t even need it to actually end with a proposal or marriage– and I don’t even care who “wins” or “loses” that bet. I just love the bickering playfulness and cocky attitude from BOTH of them. Do not screw that up, BONES writers!
  • Return of the cocky belt buckle!
  • Brennan’s picture of Booth cooking an omelet while naked — and she’s using it against him when needed.
  • I love the idea of B&B splitting money stuff down the middle: 50/50. While for some couples, that might not seem romantic and might seem kind of strict and rigid, it actually really works for these partners-turned-parents. It requires compromise from both (Booth letting her pay for even half, Brennan accepting that half of what he has is worthwhile) — and it’s a perfect example of good, old-fashioned B&B give and take.

What I’ll learn to live with:

  • The first time we saw this “together” Booth and Brennan say they loved each other was resigned, completely…blah, and in the middle of a fight (and not the good kind!). Are you kidding me?
  • Brennan eating Booth’s pie. I honestly don’t know why this annoyed me, because it is the sort of thing I think I might have enjoyed in the past. Somehow it didn’t play out — maybe because it was a pregnancy stereotype thing? Thoughts from you?

What I’d rather live without:

  • Booth and Brennan bickering about religion, money, etc, and other things that they’ve hashed out before. Sure, when their relationship boundaries changed, some of these hot topics might change, but really? All of them in the course of one case? We’re to assume that for the six months they’ve been together that this stuff has never come up? Cheap writing.
  • The “Brennan makes some emotional mistake regarding Booth, who is hurt by it, which confuses Brennan, who consults Angela, who tells Brennan that Booth is right (with a side of Angela reminding Brennan about foster care — WTF?), so Brennan apologizes to Booth, and they make up and Booth makes baby talk” plot — ugh. With the exception of the Boothy baby-talk (which was fun!), all of these plot devices are old and outdated. I’m hoping this was a one-time thing.

But enough from me — what say you? Did you like this premiere, and its new opening credits? What moments are on your “love/learn to live with/ rather live without” lists? Let’s discuss! The comments are open!    

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34 Responses to “BONES Season Premiere Recap: ‘The Memories in the Shallow Grave’”

  1. Poetic_line on November 3rd, 2011 10:32 pm

    I was completely entranced by their new dynamic. I love their disagreements and those are central to their characters so it didn’t bother me at all.

    I loved the affection between them and saying I love you during an argument was perfect. They can push aside anger to refocus on what’s important.

  2. lilhobbit on November 3rd, 2011 10:44 pm

    Totally agree with you Poetic_line! Its hardest to say I love you when you’re mad at someone and the fact that they can do it without hesitation is awesome.

  3. Genny on November 3rd, 2011 10:47 pm

    This episode totally ROCKED!!!! Things I didn’t like: I didn’t like was that Booth walked off leaving Brennan sad AND I would have liked to have seen Brennan in the field more but this is apparently one of those necessary evils. BUT other than that, it was totally AWESOME!!!

  4. LJLanham on November 3rd, 2011 10:49 pm

    Great recap, Sarah! And I agree with pretty much everything you said. There were some plot devices I could do without… especially Angela “interpreting” Booth for Brennan. (And when is Bren’s BF ever gonna take HER side??) But I did really enjoy most of the epi and I’m looking forward to the season.

    I really liked the comfort level in the BnB relationship and the fact of where they are now in that relationship. I actually liked the way the “I love you” was used by each of them. It was right to be said in that instance and it wasn’t some grand pronouncement… underlying the fact that BnB are in an established romantic relationship. There’s gonna be plenty of room for growth, but I thought this was a good indication of how far they’ve come.

  5. Gg1101 on November 3rd, 2011 11:04 pm

    So, I haven’t been to GMMR since May when Bones ended. I always come here for the best discussion about Bones.

    I thought the episode was great. I love the new dynamic. The show feels very much refreshed.

    I love how they can say they love each other even when mad. I need to find a chick like Bones. 🙂

  6. huronia on November 3rd, 2011 11:10 pm

    In no particular order:
    I disagree on your take on the bickering. They have always bickered to the point where it’s difficult to know whether they like each other. Go all the way back to S1 and there are moments where they look like they truly dislike each other and moments where they come to each other’s rescue. That is a dynamic of their relationship. I personally am happy to see them play out these issues rather than have all of that resolved over the hiatus.

    I’m more convinced they are in love by small moments than by grand declarations.

    At least this version of Angela isn’t mean to her friend. I’ll take that over last season.

    On the money stuff, I would like to see Brennan challenge Booth to a sharing of expenses proportionate to their respective incomes. I would like to see them tackle the issue of equality vs. fairness.

  7. 1mars on November 3rd, 2011 11:24 pm

    While I agree with most of your comments I didn’t love their interaction. I’ve watched 7 years of Booth trying to break thru to Brennan and what is different now? He is still begging for attention and affection from her. I am not impressed.

    I will say something about Cam and the banning of Michael from the lab. First of all it is a OSHA violation to have children under the age of 18 in a lab, there are reasons for that and they all have to do with safety and infection. Cam was right, Hodgins should know better but then we have to suspend our belief system for a lot of things on Bones and other shows too.

    All this cute little bickering can develop into full fledged fights. It seemed the things they were talking about, marriage, money, living arrangement should have been discussed months ago and I am glad that HH told us they were a couple in love. From what I saw tonight, I question if that is true.

  8. myrnama on November 3rd, 2011 11:51 pm

    Just thoroughly enjoyed tonights episode! Made me laugh a lot, some tears, too!!

  9. Ryne on November 3rd, 2011 11:52 pm

    Could anyone post the full quote to the “God being a sociopath” scene? I thought it was really funny, but wasn’t able to DVR/record it at the moment.

  10. El on November 4th, 2011 12:57 am

    Agree with a lot you have to say. Still don’t feel the “love” between them, at least not a romantic love, but more of a friendship love. More like a oouple who has been together for years and not still in the first year of a relationship. I enjoyed the episode but I hope that every episode is not going to be so relationship oriented. Also, I don’t want every episode to be about Brennan learning something and Booth just being so right all the time,

    Finally, I really don’t want to see Brennan be the one to propose. I guess I still have not gotten over the Hannah storyline and I need to really see that Booth loves Brennan and is just not settling. That is just me

    Overall, good episode but still did not bring back the joy I had in watching Bones a few seasons ago. I will give it a few more weeks.

    She looks pretty big in this episode. Six plus episodes of her like this may be a bit too much.

  11. ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) on November 4th, 2011 4:28 am

    I really enjoyed this episode. I’m not a flailing fangirl about it, but I found it a really *satisfying* episode. I felt that yes, even though they probably HAVE talked about living arrangements for the past several months, it felt completely in character for them to not have fully addressed it head on. Brennan’s logic to the decision at first (and later) felt natural and expected. She is in tune to Booth’s mood and emotions, but if she is a strong, independent woman and giving in to sharing her life so completely – even if she thinks she is ready, is still a huge adjustment. Booth responded in a hurt and angry fashion… but this is him, too. And then we see why, later.

    LOVED the I love you’s. In fact, my favorite part of the whole episode was when Brennan told him she loved him and he had this confident smile and wink with the reassuring “I know.” Because of course she does. It reminded me of Friends when Monica said to Chandler “welcome to a real relationship” after he thought they would break up after a fight. For #BONES to give us their I love you’s in this context – it just felt completely natural.

    I’d like Angela to validate Brennan’s thought process in ways other than the foster family history (although I love how easily the foster situation, the gambling, and Booth’s father, and Hannah-even if not directly named- all came up in the ep rather seamlessly). Meaning – like LJLanham says, she really should take her side. It is possible to side with your friend and still agree with the other side of the argument. 😉

    I could do without the hormonal stereotypes with pregnancy… and other kinds of stereotypes that follow, but I will put that in MY “learn to live with” section.

    The ep showed more argument vs bickering… and I thought it fit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if in future eps we’ll quickly see more bickering return.

    Casewise… had potential, but like most of the other season premieres, it gets muffled a bit by the relationship stuff. I like balance in most episodes – but given the showrunners’ affinity for relationships (although I like the idea that Hanson and Nathan are balance partners in this area… I think Nathan helps balance out the relationships with case) and history… I’m good with the imbalance for these season openers.

    Thought this season premiere was far more solid and tightly written than last season’s.

  12. Sara on November 4th, 2011 9:39 am

    Sure, it was a bit strange seeing them together like that all of a sudden, but it didn’t feel wrong at all. In fact, it felt just right. I thought it was great. I don’t understand how some people can’t see they’re in love, it was so blatantly obvious to me from everything they did in this episode.

  13. Rachel on November 4th, 2011 10:06 am

    Sarah, I know you’re a fan of the show, but I really appreciate that you use objectivity when writing your reviews, unlike other TV blogs where the reviewers use the website as a platform to publish their own glorified fangirling.

    Overall, I liked the episode, though I had the same hesitations about it that you did. Angela acting as interpreter of the world for Brennan is a tired bit, but I did appreciate Angela at least talking with Brennan this time, as opposed to talking down to Brennan.

    I liked the fact that we’re seeing them honestly discuss real issues instead of petty bickering. They’ve had 6 years of petty bickering over fluff issues, and I don’t need to see more of that. I liked that while B&B kept mum about their issues with regards to Sweets, Booth has no problems being blunt in telling Brennan that he was angry, and Brennan didn’t hesitate to call him out on the fact that he should have told her exactly why he was angry to begin with. I think it’s also telling that when Booth was blunt with her, that she let herself process the hurt she was feeling, rather than cutting him off and retreating into rational mode like she does with Angela. That was some of the most honest communication we’ve seen between the two of them. However, I did not like the fact that Booth added “that’s not rational” to his I Love You. At first I thought, ‘aww, he’s speaking Brennan’s language.” But the more I thought about it, the more of an insult that statement is.

    I, too, did not get warm and gooey feelings between B&B. I understand now why HH, SN, and even TJ Thyne have all been saying in interviews that they’re together, but how together are they? I don’t want Booth to live with Brennan because he doesn’t want to be like his dad. I don’t want Brennan to live with Booth because it’s more convenient. So I have to wonder if their feelings for each other – love vs. in love – is something that will evolve between the two of them this season. I certainly hope so.

    I knew going in to watching the episode that the case was supposed to have parallels with Brennan and Booth and bring out issues for both of them, but when I actually watched the episode it wasn’t as clear to me as I expected. Overall, though, I think this was definitely a better written premiere than Mastodon last year.

  14. Alanna on November 4th, 2011 11:28 am

    I mean this as respectfully as possible: How in the heck could you think they don’t like each other? They are two totally separate types of people, so the bickering and misunderstandings are going to happen.

    I adore their new dynamic and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they handle the issues of their new relationship and their impending parenthood.

  15. Sarah on November 4th, 2011 12:05 pm

    Just popping in to say that upon further rewatch, I saw a lot more ‘B&B like each other’ than I had the first time I watched. So…that’s my bad on that one.

    I’m still not 100% convinced they are in love and not just happy to finally have the ‘will we ever get together’ stuff done between them (and do love one another in the humankind-partnership love they’ve shared for a long time) . Of course, that assumes that both have had some sort of internal expectation that they WOULD be getting together–which is a completely separate topic 🙂

    But all in all–yes, a lot of B&B affection toward one another, and I saw it more the second time I watched it, after I’d written this up. 🙂

  16. AJ on November 4th, 2011 12:44 pm

    To the writer of the aritcle- kudos for writing a well rounded article. This site has a couple of “Fan-girl” type writers who seem to think that the show Bones has done no wrong for six seasons. Well, season six dispelled that myth with virtually the entire fanbase and after viewing the opening of season 7, I see that the writers are …………………….listening and ……………….trying.

    I will be gentle, but honest here. If Angela dies or moves or gets a different job, then Booth is screwed, because I have never seen Brennan wrote dumber than in this episode. I base that on one line, or let’s just say the diner scene.

    The writers hit all baggage points in this episode for B&B, so it seemed like a hail Mary pass in the fourth quarter with 10 seconds on the clock. So much baggage was brought up that I am convinced as a viewer and fan of this show since Sept. of 2006, that these two are not together, and realistically can not be together. So if the writers intended for me to be blah- about the intensity of any relationship, then they have succeeded to a degree. Perhaps the goal here is to have the fans on the edge for yet another season, these two are staying with each other at night and having sex, but…………….they are polar opposites and Booth just likes to beg and Brennan just likes to insult the guy. I mean, I love these two characters, but OMG, Bones has to slug him in the gut with “I’m the financial secure one”. Ok, ENOUGH, let Booth start gambling again and be broke trying to make the money to keep up with her. (This feels like where the main arguements are going to be coming from this season)

    As many are already on the internet stating, there is a loss of chemistry with B7B. I have no idea and really don’t want to guess if that is between ED and DB-they are tired of playing these roles, or ED is just plain pregnant and uncomforatable being intimate with another male, even through a script and acting, but, she did not seem into Booth at all last night. Sorry, as seen through my eyes, and I have it on DVR and I have watched and rewatched, just not seeing it. I am willing to see what the last seven episodes hold after ED gets back from break and acts pregnant instead of being pregnant.

    Wendall was a relief point in this episode, as was Hodgins. The baby that is being cast as the Hodgins baby is too , too cute!!! He had all his gurgle lines down to a ‘T’ last night.

    So……..have the writers hit their stride with this show, no, not IMO.

  17. JJR on November 4th, 2011 12:50 pm

    I had a problem with the bickering, and even more with the “50/50” as a fair compromise. If it were the other way around, Booth would be majorly upset he wasn’t
    allowed to pay more. So now it seems hypocritical, not mature.
    If they were REALLY equal partners, they wouldn’t make a big deal about pooling their resources and getting the best house without calculating who paid for what.

  18. Jane on November 4th, 2011 1:28 pm

    Honestly, I thought the episode and BB were cute.

    But at the same time, I’ve lost interest/respect for the show. If this were my first episode, it would fall in the category, of ‘watch when there’s nothing else.”

    It’s sad for me that the show started out with the hook of “strong female, iconoclastic academic meets gutsy, realistic but not cynical FBI agent.” has turned into such a cliche of strong female actually just needed alpha male to step in and teach her the ways of love. The whole outdated 50/50 deal, constantly portraying Bones as insensitive and Booth as the fount of all wisdom, etc.

    PS- I’d be okay if someone, anyone on the show, pointed out that Booth is a hot mess on emotional matters too, but he’s always presented as the expert. So, yeah, BB romance cute, but the show’s just not as compelling as before.

  19. El on November 4th, 2011 1:52 pm

    I have to say that if they had actually dealt with what happened last season (the Hannah SL and the proposal) I might feel differently about this season. However, the producers went with “some things are better left unsaid.” Therefore, what I saw on screen is Booth being rejected and then coming back to Brennan. That once could have been “great love” was just diminished to making Brennan look like a consolation prize. Just how I feel. Many others seem to have written their own scenario so they are enjoying the new dynamic. I just dont want to write my own story. I want the show to give it to me. For me personally, many chapters are missing (and I don’t mean sex scenes, which I could care less about) I mean emotional chapters.

  20. ks on November 4th, 2011 2:27 pm

    I understand people’s apprehensions and also feeling like everything they want didn’t happen in this episode, but there is still time for flashbacks once they are filming again and Emily is back to her pre-baby tummy.

    Personally, I really liked this episode and think the case needed to be weak so that we could “catch up” with what is going on between the two main characters. Think of how many people were upset that we didn’t see them consummate the relationship but that was certainly because that episode had such a strong case there wasn’t much time for anything else.

    My favorite part has to be Booth’s reaction to Bone’s call asking to help her. I liked that he answered quickly with “anything” when she asked for the favor without harboring any annoyance at their earlier, still unresolved fight, and then before she could tell him what the favor was he acknowledged that he might not have been fair to her. She reciprocated by being so moved when he told her that he just wanted to have a home for their child since he didn’t really get one from his father. I saw some comments on another site that said they didn’t think that these two seemed in love. I think it shows they are that they can continue to have disagreements about everything but still come back to wanting to make the other person happy.

    I also liked them saying “I love you” at the outdoor cafe. They hadn’t yet resolved everything but both of them saying it was very realistic to me with a real relationship. Even when you haven’t resolved everything it doesn’t hurt to remind each other why it’s worth working through that stuff, because you love each other.

  21. ben on November 4th, 2011 6:22 pm

    great episode, but who was the in memory of, at the end, such a young girl

  22. Jenn on November 4th, 2011 7:29 pm

    I have to agree with what Jane mentioned above, and place myself in the author’s “passionate indifferent” category of Bones viewers. I wanted so much for this episode to get me excited for the show like I used to be in the earlier seasons, but it just didn’t. I’m not even able to really put my finger on it, I enjoyed the scenes with B&B, but even that wasn’t enough to keep me from being distracted or turning away from the TV, because I’m just not as invested in the characters like I was in seasons past. I went from really looking forward to the show to last season when it almost felt like a chore to watch each week. I’m disappointed that a show that had such great and engaging characters initially has now taken them to a place where I really don’t even care what happens to them. I’m hoping that the next 5 episodes make me care about the characters again.

    Or maybe I’m setting myself up for failure by reading blogs, interviews with the cast and some spoilers which make me get excited for the episodes (passionate fan), but then when I watch I’m always disappointed and find myself bored most of the time (indifferent viewer).

    Also, totally agree with Cam about the baby in the lab. Maybe OK in the offices, but why would Angela and Hodgins even want to bring the baby into a lab. Having worked in a research lab for a few years, I wouldn’t want my kids anywhere near the chemicals and equipment that were in there.

  23. suzyku on November 4th, 2011 10:54 pm

    I thought this was a wonderful episode and absolutely loved the romance. the wonderful “looks” that were finally back again. They obviously do love each other in a romantic way, kissing, hugging, once again the “looks” they give each other. I absolutely loved the way Bones “finally” told Booth that she loves him, too and he says “I know you do”!

    I am absolutely thrilled that they are a full fledged couple and can’t wait for Bones to propose to Booth.

    They have brought back the humor which was sorely lacking last season. Bones is trying so hard to understand and to not hurt Booth now that she has finally acknowledged her love for him. Yes, she still has a difficult time always showing him her feelings but he, as always, is patient and will bring her around.

    Can’t wait for next weeks episode.

  24. Chris on November 5th, 2011 2:53 pm

    I didn’t even expect this episode to “prove” anything regarding the nature and intensity of the feeling between Booth and Brennan.
    The solid, emotional bond and deep love have been developed and portrayed for six seasons. What has never convinced me was the love between Hannah and Booth (from both!) but the love between Booth and Brennan has been proven and proven again in the past.
    I did not need this episode to go over again the same things. I’m glad on the contrary that the dynamic and relationship has finally reached another level, where they can comfortably say I love you without fanfare or Puccini singing.
    So for me it’s a continuation of what I have seen for 6 years.
    Yeah, the writing could have been more original (really the jokes about hormones are so boring), but overall I found the episode a fun and effective way to tie many loose ends, introduce the new dynamic and situation and fill the big time gap.
    So I found the episode really pleasant and nice to watch, so definitely very interested in what is coming next.

    The only thing that did not convince me was actually Emily’s acting. Really not into Booth, always slightly moving away when David gets closer etc. I might understand but it was noticeable.
    David on the contrary was sparkling.
    I enjoyed very very much all the other characters, Sweets was very nicely fitting in the scenes, and enjoyed also the ones at the lab.

    I am also very very grateful to the writers because they are not changing Brennan. She has to love Booth but remain herself and keep her way of seeing the world.
    I do not agree with the comments that say we always have perfect Booth teaching her how to be, on the contrary, at the end he also apologised and that scene was very sweet.
    The fact that she says she wants to live with him for practical reasons is HER way to reach out for him. Same as he says he wants a place together because he wants to prove to be a better man than his dad. It does not make me doubt about their love, it just tells me that they are adorably together in this but still remain their own self with their baggage. Brennan will never reason or talk like any other woman. Not only I get it, I love it!

    So, as much as I hated most of last season, I really liked this premiere, one of the strongest and nicest premiere Bones ever had (Bones is not a show with strong premiere or finales, IMHO).
    I am glad the producers finally found the courage to make it happen.

  25. El on November 5th, 2011 5:52 pm

    Chris, just curiious if you saw that same bond between B & B last season.
    I definately did not. I found there chemistry dwindling even before season 6.
    I just don’t see that spark anymore.

    Originally I did not think much of Booth and Hannah but after she was shot, it seemed like Booth really did begin to really love her. Turning to Brennan so soon after the break up and her ending up pregnant is just too fast for me.
    He may have loved Brennan as well but he did love Hannah (at least that is what HH said.)

  26. tc on November 5th, 2011 11:06 pm

    I thought the episode was cute, but kind of “meh….” Not as great as I expected – probably because of all the pregnancy stereotyping, and I do see their relationship as more of a deep friendship, probably because of last season and the H debacle. And I REALLY didn’t like Brennan falling over and calling Booth to help her up. It was totally out of character and random. A & H have the cutest baby EVER playing their son – so smiley!

  27. Rachel on November 5th, 2011 11:07 pm

    @Chris – Yes, on Emily’s acting. I don’t know if it was an intentional Brennan thing or an Emily not wanting to kiss David thing, but yeah, it was noticeable to the point of being distracting. Everyone was commenting that DB had no chemistry with Katheryn Winnick last year, but honestly, he had more spark with KW than he did with ED this episode. I’m sure lightning will strike me dead soon for saying such a thing. 😛

  28. Fred is My Homegirl on November 6th, 2011 1:29 am

    First off…there was a case? haha, I kid, but seriously…I had no idea what went on with it until I read this review. And it isn’t because I was too busy anticipating squees…I just didn’t care. I know that Bones has always been proud of not being a typical procedural show, but still, there used to be cases I actually gave a crap about. Anyways….

    I did love the intimate look into their lives. The little things like making breakfast together in the morning. What I HATED was that they don’t seem like they are in love. And I know the writers were probably going for that familiarty, settled feeling of two people that had been together for 5 months…but that’s not how it came across to me. Their bickering seemed more like fighting and their tone toward each other seemed resentful, and they shot some pretty low blows at each other, I felt.

    To me, they seemed in love when Booth put it out there on the table, saying he was ‘that guy’ and she refused him anyway. And last season when he was with Hannan, there were times where I could really feel Brennan’s hurt, and knew that SHE knew she’d made a mistake. But these people now…it seems like they don’t even like each other, much less love.

    Sweets seemed pretty much how I expected him to be about this whole thing. But I’m wondering when he is going to push harder (if at all) about this work partnership not being a great thing now. Also, should Brennan be around decay and hanging out in a lab in her delicate condition? The lab where I worked at found other places for preggos to be. Just saying….

    Which brings me to the baby, who totally belongs in the lab as long as he keeps smiling like that. He made me forget for a few seconds all that seemed wrong with the episode.

    Like someone said above, I’m glad to be reading an honest view. I’ve never thought HH was Midas, I’ve never accepted the writer’s strike as an excuse for poor storytelling, and I sure the hell won’t think something’s great because the people we wanted together finally are. Because these aren’t the same people – this Booth and Brennan are totally unrecognizable to me.

    Please bring Max on to straighten these people out. Or Goodman.

    And the Hodgela baby.

    Kudos to the squirty eyeball, though. I was paying attention to THAT part of the case! 😉

  29. Mamm on November 6th, 2011 6:35 am

    Cute, but I guess it’s more bc I’m invested in the characters. I wouldn’t become a fan based on this, but I guess older shows can coast.

    BB were cute, and I didn’t mind the fight so much, but Booth (the writers?) did seem very chauvinistic, not cool alpha who could handle the original Bones.

  30. Mary on November 6th, 2011 1:06 pm

    I enjoyed the episode, and really appreciate your reviews, which are always interesting.

    Unlike some of the other posters, I saw the chemistry between B & B – but the chemistry has changed: it’s now “married folks/partnered folks” chemistry. The love isn’t new and hot and spicy — it’s the love of partners/married couples who have learned to compartmentalize sexual passion into appropriate times of their lives.

    IMO, what we are now seeing is the daily life of an almost-married couple, one of whom is pregnant. They don’t act differently toward each other than any other married couple on tv – including Hodgins and Angela.

    They are comfortable with each other and occasionally, their differences “pop out” into squabbles which they confront and handle well. remarkably well.

    Looking forward to more episodes as much fun as this one.

  31. Owl on November 6th, 2011 7:17 pm

    I liked this episode. In a scale just judging the season premieres, least to greatest, it’s smack dab in the middle.

    Theme: the theme that I found most prominent (two days after watching the episode) was the theme of doing the right thing vs doing the easy thing. Example: Brennan wants to move to her place because it is the easy thing. For B&B to move in together is the right thing. For the doctor, to treat his patient (and earn his money that way) was the right thing, but the easy thing was to steal the money.

    I loved the very end of the episode. That last conversation was great — it summed up the fact that they are different, but they also have some similarities. I think it was the best part of the episode, actually. I didn’t mind the “I love you”s, I didn’t mind the arguing, I didn’t mind most of the episode, but I loved that and I loved Brennan’s mid-kiss “aha!” moment (possibly because I always love those, and possibly because of Booth’s response).

    I think that Brennan’s response to moving in together was partly due to what Angela said, but more than that — it was the change that bothered her, not that specific act. We’ve seen her change living locations before, but I think that it is the implication of the move, that togetherness and the (very distant) fear of things failing, that bothered her.

    Did it make me laugh? Yes. Did it make me cry? No. Did it make me think? At first, no… but right now… I can’t stop thinking. I can’t wait until Thursday.

  32. get real on November 7th, 2011 9:51 pm

    What a depressing episode. Brennan was as cold as I’ve ever seen her. The writers brought her back to robot. She was never as robotic as she was this time. Remember Tony and Roxie in Vegas? Tony said “come back to me Roxie? and she did. Max told her “I always thought you and Booth would stop all the nonsense and settle down” Brennan made me sick, all that crap about God and since she was carrying the baby. living arrangements belong to her alone.
    Furthermore, I am disgusted about hormones all last year we were tortured with Angela and hormones now its Brennan’s turn. I have 2 kids and I felt wonderful during pregnancy. Who writes this junk?

    Brennan allowed herself to get pregnant. The atmosphere in the lab was depressing. Booth should sue for custody on the grounds that she is mentally defected. Last year Brennan was going nuts because of Hannah, this year she acts like she couldn’t care less. This will be last season, because Hart Hanson has moved on. Let me tell you my impression of the Finder. He was introduced to us sitting on a toilet. How disgusting is that? For that reason woman will not watch. A twenty something wrote that and an older male approved it.
    Doesn’t anyone remember “give them what they want.”
    Someone should make the writers go back and look at years past, and get a feel again for what these 2 are all about. Brennan was never this nasty. She hasn’t grown she’s regressed. Poor Booth he looks exhausted, trying to please her.
    Something I’ve never understood is that Brennan is a writer and in Booth’s coma dream she was loving. Most people say is that a book tells you more about the writer than the characters at least thats what Gordon Gordon said.
    David B/ produced this episode, how can he be good with this?
    So many things were wrong with this episode, Brennan even had to give Booth a disgusted look for taking her toast. Who gets disgusted over toast? How did this episode air? Didn’t anyone speak up?

  33. pigsflyforme on November 10th, 2011 2:56 am

    In terms of the fight type issues, I think Booth’s comment “even you should know that” is not necessarily a personal dig; I think the writers may just have been trying to show how intensely Booth feels about this issue–it sounds harsh because we did not see the buildup of tension that is implied about the living arrangements.

    I agree that Brennan’s “God=sociopath” comment was uncharacteristic and strange for her at this point. And yes the pie thing was a little stereotypical, although the getting stuck thing was pretty hilarious to me.

  34. V on February 4th, 2015 10:07 am

    About the case – we learned who killed Claire. Is that the same person who beat her up? It seems unlikely.