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Oh, Thursdays. The TV night that is entirely too full for its own good.

Let’s get talking about what went down last night…

While I completely agree that InTENsity was the right act to go home last night on THE X FACTOR, I felt terrible for those kids. Yes, they entered the competition and should know the chance to not win is really high, but at the same time, don’t cheer over sobbing children, America!

The women on THE BIG BANG THEORY completely knocked it out of the park. Amy’s paralyzing fear over being rejected by her girlfriends — and her subsequent quest for Sheldon to comfort her, physically — was heartbreakingly hysterical. I mean, you can’t blame Bernadette for wanting to limit Amy’s involvement in her wedding (especially given Amy’s reaction once she was asked to be maid of honor and her idea for a bridal shower) but at the same time, Amy’s despair over the situation made me want for things to work out. (And “Everybody Hurts”? Amazing.)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES delved into the history of the Original family and despite not getting to see many of our favorite characters, I think it might have been my favorite hour of the season. Rebekah finding out her brother killed their mother? Absolutely gut-wrenching. It feels like there’s no way this won’t lead to a deadly battle, and quite frankly, I don’t want to lose either character. Michael being the Original Father was an awesome twist I believe remained unspoiled. (If it was spoiled, I’m thankful I didn’t see it.) And the Salvatore brothers and their twisted version of bonding was fantastic. I like the new dynamic they share.

BONES had a solid debut with a really good case, my favorite squintern (I actually wish Wendall would pop up more), baby Michael absolutely stealing my heart (how adorable are Angela and Hodgins as parents?!) and Booth and Brennan being very in-character, despite the change in their relationship.

But as much as I enjoyed most of the hour, Booth and Brennan’s “I love you”s keep nagging at me. We’ve known for nearly six months that the show would have a realistic time jump, which by nature of the beast means we’ve a) missed things we wish we had seen (personally, I would have loved to have seen the team find out Brennan was pregnant, but I completely get why that wasn’t possible) and b) the some of the important issues they should have conceivably been dealing with in that time will be tackled now, even if it makes you scratch your head. Considering that these two are seemingly in a committed relationship, I suppose it makes sense they’ve already used the big “L” word, but given how it was never used when Booth took his chance in “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole” or Brennan admitted her regrets in “The Doctor in the Photo,” the casual way the two uttered the words in the middle of a fight just magnified how much we’ve truly missed in these months. [For a full recap of the hour, read what Sarah had to say here!]

Um, was anyone else super creeped out by THE SECRET CIRCLE? Poor Faye is going to go further off the deep end now, isn’t she? And I’m really curious how the Diana/Adam/Cassie/Jake/Faye relationships will shake up now that Diana and Adam are seemingly broken up. Adam’s speech to Diana in the car was sad/sweet and while they’re obviously not “fated” to be together, you can understand why he doesn’t want them to move on from each other.

Sorry, THE OFFICE, GREY’S ANATOMY and PERSON OF INTEREST. I promise I’ll get to you soon.

What did you guys think of last night’s TV?

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