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CHUCK Recap: ‘Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit’

November 5, 2011 by  

THE MISSION – Carmicheal Industries has been tasked with extracting the kidnapped younger brother of Karl Sneijder, the president and CEO of diamond giant Natal Jewelers, from a secluded and heavily guarded compound. Sarah gets a chance to show off her rock climbing skills but almost has a life threatening fall when Casey’s concentration is broken by thoughts of an old foe.

Gertrude Verbanski runs Carmicheal Industries main competition, Verbanski Corp., and they have everything that Chuck and company don’t — money, a futuristic base and large numbers of trained operatives. Gertrude and Casey had some “history” in Minsk in 1995 and she’s still hot for the Colonel.

Meanwhile, back at the Buy More, Big Mike is trying to film a commercial to encourage more people to vist the store and “Buy More,” but Jeff and Lester’s seedy attempts to be the face of the commercial are…seedy! Captain Awesome saves the day as he becomes the star. Cue the wind machine and the obligatory smile twinkle!

As the team suceeds in rescuing Sneijder’s brother they make the alarming discovery that they have been hired under false pretenses. It all works out in the end even though they have to hire Verbanski’s team to effect the rescue of Chuck and Morgan from the evil Sneijder’s impregnable fortress.

BETRAYED! The closing scene of “Chuck vs. The Bearded Bandit: was a shocker: Morgan offering his services to the competition because of his dissatisfaction with the role Chuck, Sarah and Casey have relegated him to? How can this be you ask? The ultimate BFF? It’s all true. He’s not satisfied with “stay in the car, Morgan.” He wants it all. Now.

MISSION ANALYSIS – What’s up with Morgan? “Intersect gone to his head?” asks Casey. Seems it has and then some. The writers pay tribute to the Annakin Skywalker episodes of STAR WARS as we watch Morgan flex his muscles and resist taking things slowly, complaining as he goes about not being trusted. Sounds like EPISODE III – REVENGE OF THE SITH! But all is not right. This isn’t Annakin Skywalker, it’s Morgan Grimes and he’s getting some unexpected reactions to using the intersect. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Chuck is still having his own problems with not having the intersect and is easy prey for Morgan’s attempt to make him think that Sarah is “handling” him. Sarah’s reply was classic: “You don’t need a handler. Besides, handlers can’t do this.” And cheers for the way she stood up for her husband in Verblanski’s office. “Oh, and by the way, it’s Mrs.”

The writers have always stressed the family angle and it’s still in play this season as shown by Sarah’s stout defence and Awesome’s contribution to the commercial. Don’t you just love a family oriented program?


  • Gas for the Lotus – Okay, I’ll cover that
  • INDIANA JONES sword vs. gun parody (George Lucas again!)
  • In 1995 I was still in middle school
  • No harm, no fowl. Does Casey even have a sense of humor?
  • The exact same picture of Ronald Reagan in Verblanski’s office that’s been in Casey’s house since he moved in.

YOUR INPUT – Your turn! How do you think the Annakin Skywalker storyline will play out? And who’s Luke Skywalker?

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