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BONES Recap: ‘The Hot Dog in the Competition’

November 10, 2011 by  

Hey, BONES fans. So…this episode, “The Hot Dog in the Competition,” had a lot of disgusting, gag-worthy moments. Plus, there was a case.

Question: Why would the writers have a pregnant Brennan (and Emily Deschanel) run with all of her might and tackle a suspect to the ground to prove she can see things through Booth’s point of view? On top of that, when the suspect yelled at her, Booth also yelled at her (instead of standing up for her), leaving Brennan to feel foolish and apologize for her actions. And…all of this is necessary for Brennan to learn empathy?

In the interest of keeping this review scientifically clean — language wise — I’ll just say this: that is some serious equine fecal matter! Hey, Worst BONES Scene Ever…Hannah and her sunglasses called — they want their title back.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just this scene that stunk the place up. The case, Finn’s addition to the lab (and the team’s reaction to him), and the B&B stuff (more on this later), added up to one of the worst episodes in series history.


The Scene of the Crime: When a landlady breaks in to one of her tenant’s apartment for past-due rent, she discovers that the place is trashed. That’s no surprise, and apparently, neither is the fact that there is a dead body in the apartment. That landlady is cold! When Brennan, Booth and Hodgins work the scene, Brennan states that the victim is female, early 30s, and she suffered lacerations after being thrown through a terrarium in the apartment (complete with rats used for snake food) — resulting in a fatal laceration when her vertebrae was punctured. The body and its surroundings are transported to the lab for further investigation.

The Victim: Tina “Python” Thomas — a professional competitive eater who could dislocate her jaw and swallow food like a python. Her claim to fame is that she can eat 65 hot dogs in one sitting, and she once “shoved down a 12 inch wiener.” But as the case goes on, the team finds out that Tina was looking to bail on a high profile sponsorship. They have to figure out who would want Tina dead and how she died.

Potential Suspects and Motives: The apartment lease is under Gerald Sedlick’s name, but he has no details on Tina. The only thing Booth and Sweets can come up with is that she was very attractive and often around very fat men.  They interrogate Tina’s husband, who lets them know that Tina was a professional eater. Her promoter, Mitch, tells them Tina’s death is a great loss. After Ron Patterson, Tina’s stiffest competition, wins the competition she was slated to win, he has motive. And when Brennan figures out that Tina was pregnant and quitting competitive eating, Tina’s manager, Brian Tobin becomes a suspect.

The Lab Results: When Tina’s body is moved to the lab, it begins to expand and the missing python comes out from within the abdominal region. Ick! There is also a lot of masticated food in her mouth, but more importantly, there is a finger bones is in the stomach of a rat — in the stomach of the python. Cam recommends killing the python, but Hodgins insists that he have time to figure out a way to beat the snake’s metabolism rate and get the rat (and phalangeal bone) out without killing it. Cam gives him two hours. Meanwhile, Angela is pleased (and grossed out) to find that within the crushed up hot dog bits in Tina’s mouth, there is also a sliver of human tissue. The tissue belongs to Brian Tobin.

The Interrogation Room: Sweets and Booth do most of the interrogating in this episode, and when Booth questions Tina’s husband, he lawyers up. One fun scene is when Brian Tobin calls Sweets scrawny and says he’d rather be interrogated by “the pregnant chick.” Booth advises him not to go there, and Sweets explains that Booth is the father of said pregnant chick’s baby.

The Verdict: Tina was killed in a fit of rage by her promoter, Mitch. He killed her because she was going to break her contract on account of her pregnancy. Because he was bigger than her, when he pushed her, she just fell right into the terrarium and died.

My Verdict: I’m not a fan of hot dog eating competitions, so this case was a squeamish no for me all around. But I know that’s just my opinion. Thoughts from you?


I am not a fan of Finn and his “After all, we both speak science, and that’s all that’s important in here, right?” hick-esque pearls of wisdom. What DID work for me was the story he told about being able to curb his rage toward his stepfather because of an article he’d read by Brennan. But by that point in the episode, it was too late, and every single moment Finn was in was over-played. What was worse for me (and it might be unfair to lay this at Finn’s feet) was the way each other person in the lab reacted to him.

Let’s start with Caroline. It’s not like her to be judgmental, and her “sanctity of the lab” speech toward Cam felt…wrong. Why have Caroline in this episode only for that reason? Seemed like a waste. Cam spent most of the episode waffling between doing what she felt was right for Finn and taking Caroline’s advice. In the end, she took Caroline’s word and asked Angela to do a secret background check on Finn.

But when Angela was doing that, Finn caught her, therefore making Angela feel guilty as well.

Maybe that is what made me crazy about all of this — each person in this episode seemed negatively affected by Finn’s presence, whether he’s a good person or not.

This is especially true for Hodgins, who immediately resented Finn’s “fishing-hole” approach. I am not sure if Hodgins’ own affluent past played a part in this, but I can say that I was on his side — all the way.


When it comes to Brennan’s character, the writers missed the mark with this one. Sure, Brennan has made some mistakes in the past (and I think her not privately telling Booth about the gender of their baby is another one), but if there is one thing she has had, it’s empathy.

In the series premiere, she told Booth she wanted to help him with his “cosmic balance sheet.” Years later, on a Halloween night, Booth shot and killed their suspect, and she said she was sorry he had to do that. “I know you hate that,” she told him. “I’m sorry that happened to you.” Over a year later, she sat at his bedside when he suffered from a coma. Move ahead three more years,…he’s just broken up with his girlfriend, and when she found him alone, drunk, angry and hurt, she listened to what he had to say, she stayed, and she had a drink with him. Empathy.

There are many more examples, and not all relate to Booth (who, the more Brennan’s character is written unlike her true self, is written unlike his true self). Whether it’s paying for a funeral for someone less fortunate, anonymously donating money toward Wendell’s scholarship, taking care of Baby Andy, or revealing metaphorical “scars on the back” with Sweets, she has displayed time and time again that while she might not say the right thing, her heart is mostly in the right place. Metaphorically speaking, of course. She’s also the brain of this show, but in this episode, it was hard to see either.

In the past, Brennan was portrayed as deliberately keeping a wall around her — only letting in those she trusted, when she wished. She once expressed to Angela that she understood that keeping people (or a particularly special person) at arm’s length meant missing out on closeness. Angela told her she was right, and Brennan understood. Brennan understands almost everything — the story has always been what she chooses to do with that information. In season six, she (and we who watched) carefully navigated different levels of partnership, relationships and introspection, lowered that wall, and declared herself strong. Sorry for the BONES history lesson, but in the wake of this week’s episode, I can’t help feeling like that growth is nowhere to be found. Here, she was more…clueless. And worse, clueless regarding Booth, a man she has known and worked with for nearly a decade, a man she loves and is going to have a child with.

Will she ever be up to date with social cues or pop culture? Probably not. That’s not the issue. But she knows Booth — and if the writers take that away from their relationship, the history of empathy between them, well…pardon me while I call that a steaming pile of canine excrement. Brennan IS literal, but this “putting herself in Booth’s shoes” stuff was seriously LITERAL. The only way it could have been more so is if she’d walked to their closet and put on a pair of his Vans.

FOX advertised this episode with “To diffuse the tension between them, the couple agrees to experiment by putting themselves in each other’s shoes.” I was intrigued by that possibility, but as we saw, there was no “each other’s” happening there. It was another lesson for Brennan to learn. What’s the motivation there? Just for laughs? I mean…I’m not saying I didn’t laugh a few times (for example, when she was driving one handed!), but if Brennan “realized” all of those things about Booth at this stage in their relationship, earning herself an “experiment successful!” pat on the head — well, that is a shame, because those are things she already knew and she knows so much more.

Does it really make sense to anyone that Brennan would not invite Booth to an ultrasound of their baby? EVEN IF IT WAS based out of a need for her to have some independence, this is not how it was written. In this case, she didn’t invite him out of a sense of autonomy, but rather, because the ultrasound images are pixelated black and white, and Booth only likes movies in color. WTF?! That’s not asserting her independence or hiding behind a mask of indifference to keep out pain! That’s just ridiculousness. Okay, okay…enough.

What I loved:

  • Brennan placing the iPod speakers on her belly for her unborn child to listen while she did a skeletal reconstruction. I adored this; it made me tear up instantly. I loved it so much, I’m not even going to harp on the fact that it’s illogical to consider that the same character would think Seeley “If I’m the father, I have to BE the FATHER” Booth would have minimal interest in the details of their child AND that when pressed by Angela on whether or not SHE herself would like to have heard the information about her daughter second-hand, she shrugs and says she “wouldn’t have cared,” leading Angela to say “Why do I even try” like a condescending…oookay. Moving on!
  • Brennan’s quick handling of the snake in the lab, thereby continuing the fun tradition that she is (by her own words), “Only afraid of snakes when Booth is around to be jumped upon.” Wooo!
  • Finn walking out of the lab where he met up with Daisy and they ran away together somewhere far, far away.  Ah, if only!

What I’ll learn to live with:

  • Finn walking back in the lab. Haha. I guess he’ll be back for more episodes later this season — I’m hoping it will be a little less heavy-handed.
  • That the awesome, AMAAAZING news that Booth and Brennan are going to have a baby girl (AHHH!) got lost in the mess of this episode. I understand that the writers want to keep the show from crossing over into TOO much sticky-sweetness, but they need to also recognize that good moments and revelations can just be nice and don’t have to be sources of tension for B&B. And I don’t care how special the make-up moments are, at some point, they aren’t worth it if the fight it took to get B&B there is completely off-base.

What I’d rather live without:

I think I’ve already mentioned enough of these, so I won’t add more.

I’m not ready to write the show off or anything, but I’m also not ready to declare it the best season ever. I’m still somewhere in between, and I want to hear from you. What am I missing? Should I just be happy that B&B are together?  What are your thoughts on Finn, and the way the team reacted to him? Did you like Brennan trying to walk around in Booth’s shoes? There is more to discuss from this episode; the comments are open, so sound off!

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63 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Hot Dog in the Competition’”

  1. Sarah on November 11th, 2011 12:13 am

    Well, I don’t know about you but personally I loved the episode, the chance to make brennan see that she is not in this alone and that she should be including booth in all aspects to do with the baby, and she was sorry about what happened. I quite like that there is a back story to the new intern. All in all I’m loving the new season

  2. Christi on November 11th, 2011 12:15 am

    That was a really interesting take on what I really thought was a great episode. But I do agree, and you point out a lot of “backwards steps” in the evolution of Brennan. Her actions didn’t really seem like her, and her reasoning was not very justified. I actually changed my opinion of the episode based on what you wrote. Because you are right. Brennan isn’t thoughtless. She has more empathy than most people I know. So her character development this season so far has not been great. I loved Finn. I didn’t think his scenes were forced. I think he is going to be a great addition to the team, and I look forward to more of him. Not just because he has a Riggins look either!
    Insightful recap, and I thank you for pointing out things I’ve been trying not to dwell on. (I mean that in a good way)

  3. gina on November 11th, 2011 12:42 am

    anyone get the feeling Brennan still keeps Booth at a distance. NOT fully but she’s not available to him 100%. Now that they are together and having a baby, she has closed up a bit more. There is more at stake now than when they were just doing the whole “partners” things. I think this played out in the first episode and it did in this one as well.

    Look how she was with Finn and how she was in that scene with the music and putting the ear plugs to her belly…. its like she was two different people. I think she is still very much guarded and she is letting go little by little as each episode goes by.

    On other matters, not sure yet what I think of Finn… he’s okay… Want to see more of him. I love that they gave him a backstory already.

    I enjoyed the episode. I thought it was well rounded. Nice balance between B&B relationship and case. It was nice to see B&B in the feild again!

  4. Sam on November 11th, 2011 1:11 am

    That’s a good point, Gina. I think Brennan still has a lot of her imperviousness left to lose. This is all new to her – not so for Booth – and she is trying to learn how to deal with it.

    I don’t think it’s fair to judge Brennan in the same way as Booth. She views the world differently and has always acted differently. Also, he has experience being in relationships and having a child so it only makes sense that Brennan would make a lot more mistakes than him. Something people don’t seem to understand is that they are just mistakes. Brennan apologizes and tries to make things right, yet people can’t seem to get over all of the “bad” things she has done. Yet Booth does mean things and acts like an ass and all is forgiven? There are so many things that Brennan should (and has every right to) ask him about (namely Hannah related) but we all know that will never happen because the writers just love to make Booth look perfect.

    Ugh. Sorry for the rant. It’s just that seeing Brennan treated that way by writers and fans makes me angry.

  5. eridapo on November 11th, 2011 1:16 am

    I’m sorry Gina, but after six years we need to see something more. We need to see that Brennan has grown as a character. It seems that whatever she learned last year has been forgotten. What was the point of season 6 and the ordeal Brennan and Booth went through if in the end Brennan still fails to recognized how her words hurt Booth. This is becoming a farce already. One step forward five steps back. At this rate, Brennan will be pre-season one soon.

    I agree with you Sarah, the writers need to keep the tension between B&B by resorting to the same tire arguments of seasons past ruins any good scene later in the episode. It is as though each episode is written as lets make Brennan clueless and dense for the majority of the episode, but so people won’t be mad with us lets throw in a nice scene at the end. This no longer cuts it.

  6. Christi on November 11th, 2011 1:17 am

    Sam – I agree. Sometimes I don’t understand the writers with Brennan. Sometimes I feel like they are writing two completely different characters! The fans will always have something to gripe about. Either they hate Brennan and praise Booth, or vice-versa. It’s amusing to me, but also can be annoying. These characters aren’t perfect. They were never meant to be. They are just as flawed as the rest of us, and holding them up on this pedestal doesn’t help. I love the show. I love the quirkiness, the humour, the darkness, the forensics. I love the journey we are being taken on. I just wish that it was more consistent with the writing.

  7. El on November 11th, 2011 1:20 am

    I have to say I was not overly impressed with the episode. The accent on the new intern was a bit much but I like the overall storyline with him, and especially his last scene with Brennan.

    Does Booth ever go to the lab or do any scenes with anyone other than Brennan and Sweets? Caroline only had scenes with Cam. There were no scenes like in the past where all the squints were together in the lab. Everything just seems really fragmented and the characters jut split up.

    As for B & B. Other than the end scene which was cute, I really thought the rest was just silly. Brennan is including her daughter in her work but earlier says she would not care if she had not been told the sex. It just seems like they write Brennan more for humor or make her character just be so dense to cause tension and drama. I feel like their scenes are all forced and just don’t flow. They don’t have that natural feeling like they did in the past. I feel like they are both just “off” in their scenes and I really think it is the writing.

    I know that HH is really playing to the shippers and they are all thrilled that they are together and that is all they seem to care about. I realize he wants tension between them but tonight was just silly IMO. Brennan kept bringing up sex and I thought that was just silly. I cringed at the scene with her at the competition as well as the driving scene.

    They have skipped so much of the relationship and we are supposed to believe that they have been together for about six months, living together and in love and they have Brennan acting so silly. Last season they had her pining for Booth and realizing her “mistake” and all of a sudden she is clueless again. Is each week going to be about the writers exaggerating and issue, Brennan being clueless, and Brennan gradually coming around to Booth’s way.

    Honestly, I think you are one of the only honest critics of the show. Al of the others are just so enthused by the coupling of Brennan and Booth. They replaced the sexual tension with silly banter and the cold, obtuse Brennan again.

    Funny that Brennan can pick up on what is going on with Finn who she just met, but somehow has forgotten about Booth and what he cares about. Didn’t he tell her that he needed to be involved in their child’s life, etc.

    Sorry the whole B & B conflict was just so silly in this episode. They really have to do better than this.

    I know I am in the minority because I know all of the shippers out there are just so happy about the end scene that they overlook everything else. Maybe they just don’t see anything else.

    Again, the case was good and I like the other squints but would really like to see the whole cast interacting again.

  8. aaa on November 11th, 2011 1:42 am

    I hated this episode for all the same reasons the reviewer did, but I wasn’t surprised. It’s just all the criticisms about the Brain & Heart imbalance that people were complaining about in massive droves last year but that the reviewer didn’t really acknowledge before things got this extreme.

  9. Hai Pham on November 11th, 2011 3:50 am

    While I agree this might not be one of the best episodes, it wasn’t bad either. And I don’t know what’s your problem with Finn…I like his character. And the way each character reacts to him is rather appropriate.

    As for Brennan, it’s just a classic case of Brennan. What seems important to other people might not be as all important to her.

  10. JaneDoe on November 11th, 2011 5:23 am

    “As for Brennan, it’s just a classic case of Brennan. What seems important to other people might not be as all important to her.”

    But the very idea of “’empathy” is to recognize and feel with others despite Brennan’s own priorities. And it’s definitely something she had is spades, for Booth and for victims, before the show decided to turn her into RoboBones for comedic effect.

    Also have to echo everyone from way back last season who said the show destroyed the rational + heartfelt balance in favor of “Bones is heartless and needs to learn lessons about life through Booth” without any kind of balance from people learning through Bones’ point of view.

    The only nice scene was the new intern talking about Bones’ old paper, but the rest of the episode overshadowed that one moment. The show is so full of walking cliches.

  11. Lisa on November 11th, 2011 6:42 am

    I read a ‘pre-cap’ of this episode yesterday and the person said they enjoyed this episode more than the premiere. I did not.

    My favorite part was Booth & Sweets in the conference room with the husband talking about his wife’s abilities and the look on their faces because they think he is describing her sexual antics. So funny.

    I liked the scenes with Caroline and Cam. I thought Caroline asked some very pertinent questions. I was glad Cam had Angela follow up after Caroline’s second visit.

    I’m tired of Brennan ‘not knowing’. I was with Angela with her ‘why do I even try’ line to Brennan. How many times does the concept of family need to be explained to her.

    The Hodgins and Finn scenes were good too. We now have Opie and Thurston although Finn’s extreme Southern euphemisms were kind of wearing on me.

    Brennan’s scene with Finn when he came back and she put on an accent to match his and told him ‘there ain’t no second chances.’ That was cute.

    The end scene was charming. It was lovely of her to get a dvd of the ultra-sound for Booth, but I couldn’t help thinking how much better it would have been if he had been invited to see it first hand so she wouldn’t have to apologize yet again. I know all this is new to Brennan, but Booth’s feelings about family aren’t. She can only be awkward, yet endearing *to use a Sweet’s phrase* for so long before it becomes annoying.

    It was a good episode I suppose, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the premiere.

  12. ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) on November 11th, 2011 8:20 am

    This episode had me constantly confused by the message and the characters. It was a highly disappointing episode to me and left me really underwhelmed… and that is saying A LOT for me, who usually finds quite a bit in an episode to truly enjoy.

    Keeping Booth out of the loop with doctor appointments and financial advisor appointments is not that surprising and I think that is fitting for her character – the whole independence thing. I’m glad Booth isn’t getting angry about it, but I would have liked him to convey more emotion about wanting to be a part of EVERYTHING with the baby – because I’ve always thought that’s who he is.

    And yes – the empathy thing? You’re right… what in the world? Especially the nature of it…and HOW, after the indeed, literal walking in his shoes, did she figure out that she should have included Booth in things? I don’t see how, at all, that would have taught her the empathy she already clearly has.

    I would have rather have seen an extension of the diner conversation where Booth starts to talk about wanting to be a part of everything… bring back the whole family thing – because she would totally get that and make the connection immediately.

    Waste of Patricia Belcher’s time for this episode. She is so much more talented than this and her character is too rich for just this unnecessary role that she played.

    I really did not understand Hodgins’ reaction to Finn initially. It was S1 Hodgins. Hopefully we’ll get more on that in the future?

    Finn was over the top, but I like the nature of him and I do like the Opie-Thurston nicknames. I liked the Finn-Brennan interactions. I don’t understand why Cam wouldn’t have asked Booth to do the background check instead of putting Angela into that position.

    And for someone who is playing music for her baby, I don’t understand the lack of emotion regarding knowing the gender. Even Brennan would be showing some sort of hope and joy about the future of this child. I’m sure we’ll see something more of this in the future (I would HOPE), but I also would have liked to see Booth injecting excitement about this gender news with Brennan – much like they got excited about treehouses. Wouldn’t that have been an easy callback to talk about their little girl in her lab in the treehouse? It would be just like Booth to do that – the one who said he would take the guy down like a flea.

    The case? I liked the case. Eating contest and all related didn’t gross me out (not much does) and I liked the interesting bone observations (the jaw, the chicken bone, I guessed the pregnancy bit pretty quickly) and the python experiment. (I secretly would have really like seeing 2 different reactions from Brennan re: the snake… a jump on Booth-type one at the crime scene and then the calm one in the lab!).

  13. ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) on November 11th, 2011 10:33 am

    Wanted to add in that a poster on another site validated my original thought in that Brennan was listening to the baby’s heartbeat, not music — which makes everything else surrounding the baby and the gender and Booth make even less sense – because how beautiful is it that she is doing this? And so contradictory to everything else.

  14. samnickmike on November 11th, 2011 11:58 am

    I thought it was a good episode. I didn’t like how they downplayed the announcement that it is a girl though. I do think we are seeing Brennan put up some serious walls about this baby and what it truly means. Just as many people were shocked when the series took that direction without them even being ” in a relationship”, I think she is starting to feel that. It is a lot for her to deal wtih, and I think we are seeing some of that. Yes it is a bit back to earlier her, but I also wonder if it is very pronounced because there will come a time this season when something brings her to the realization of what is about to happen, and I hope it is all angsty, and I hope I am right. I think sometimes there are scenes that never make it to the final cut that may make things appear more fluid, I wonder if that happened here. I have never at this point hated an episode, just find some are not blockbusters, but do still enjoy this show a great deal and will continue to.

  15. samnickmike on November 11th, 2011 12:00 pm

    OH and I am probably in the minority here, or it seems I am, but I loved Finn. His accent was a bit over the top, but I think there is a lot of potential for him as a character and am anxious to see where the writers take it. I am also one in the minority who liked The Finder … so we will see.

  16. Jenny on November 11th, 2011 1:41 pm

    Heh I was totally on the other end of the spectrum. I really enjoyed the episode. Do I think maybe the Finn stuff was kind of heavy? Yeah… but I loved him. Do I think maybe Brennan was past being so clueless that the whole ultrasound thing was really off? Yeah. But overall, I still really loved the ep. hehe

  17. Tina on November 11th, 2011 2:07 pm

    Sarah I agree with you! Glad you can write what I feel! And I know I am not in the mirority. Thanks for the honest review!!

  18. Tina on November 11th, 2011 2:09 pm

    Minority not mirority. That is exaclty why I am not a writer! :))

  19. Owl on November 11th, 2011 2:21 pm

    ProfeJMarie basically said everything that I felt about the episode. except I loved the fact that Hodgins loved the snake, and I agreed with him in that it was cute (I knew one that I named Houle (pronounced “howl”, predecessor to the word owl) that was a snuggler and extremely friendly). They do not vomit that… violently, though. Hodgins must keep the snake and name it.

    I don’t feel as badly about this episode as with Feet on the Beach, but both had the exact same problem when it came to Brennan and empathy. Feet on the Beach bothered me more, I think.

    Brennan’s moment with Finn even demonstrated that she has empathy — she knew where he was coming from (and I didn’t mind that her questions were direct)… I mean, I don’t think anyone else would have asked those specific questions. Also, her comment to Booth about making the connection between her and the victim? I don’t think he did that, by his facial expression. Which then led me to feel really, really confused (and annoyed). It does, however, support my theory that the person on the show that appears to be least in touch with humanity is, in fact, the greatest. Oh, and the scene where Brennan pushed the guy really bugged me. Not that she pushed him, but what happened afterwards.

    I did not mind Finn, actually, I thought he was kinda cute. I didn’t mind his back and forth with Hodgins, because I could see where both were coming from (although… wasn’t Brennan’s dad helping him with that one case, and nobody cared but Brennan?). I liked how Cam stood up for Finn, got peeved with her asking Angela to research him, and liked the end with the cap.

    Honestly, I had a hard time with the case for its topic. I don’t eat hot dogs for the reasons Cam provided for them being so well preserved (unless I can find preservative-free ones). The case didn’t make me think — I told my mom who it was halfway in and was correct.

    I think the main problem is that the episode was written on a very superficial level. The case, the issue between Booth and Brennan, everything was superficial emotionally. I’m disappointed because I know that Bones can do and has done episodes that aren’t, and I’d say a good proportion of Bones episodes are deep.

    Theme: it’s the theme of doing the right thing and doing the easy thing (which is ironic, given that the episode was an “easy” episode vs a “right” episode).

    Did it make me laugh? Yes. Did it make me cry? No. Did it make me think? Kinda. Not the way that I wanted to. I still have hope, because of the last few scenes (and a lot more).

  20. Osteon on November 11th, 2011 2:41 pm

    While this episode is certainly not one of the best episodes of the series, for me, this is not one of the worst episodes either. As someone who watches the show primarily for the cases, I liked it that this episode, compared with the premiere, is case-heavy. The case and the addition of Finn (I adore that squintern!) more than made up for the Booth and Brennan dynamic in this episode. Snake coming out of the body? AWESOME! And yes, I was eating hotdogs while watching the episode!

  21. Mary on November 11th, 2011 3:04 pm

    Agree with you all the way, Sarah. Brennan (I’ve never earned a B in my life!) is empathetic – and has shown it in myriad ways (how about giving your profits from your best sellers to rebuild a town?) over the last 6 years. For me, the “brennan learns a lesson” scenes are not only not necessary, but condescending to her. I HATE it when Angela tells her, “why bother?”.

    LOVED Brennan in the scenes where she shared music with the fetus and interacted with Finn.

  22. Fitzgibbon on November 11th, 2011 3:24 pm

    I agree with the honest review, exactly how I saw the episode, very poor with only 2 stars, the snake and the ultrasound picture. Brennan does not love Booth, she does not know him at all and now that she has a bit of him,well thats it and Booth is frustrated, playing with 2 dice,feeling tired and the interaction between them is forced, not like it used to be. I am a great fan of BONES, but that does not mean I cannot be critical, I want a season 8 but I really think they will be pushing it to finish this season and that makes me sad. Brennan had more empathy toward the new Goma than towards Booth and yet Booth and Goma have a lot in common!!.Bones people,better writing better directing and better dynamics that make sense please.season 1 and 2 were so good,what happened! 🙁

  23. El on November 11th, 2011 4:13 pm

    What happened is that HH thinks that as long as B & B are together, that is what the shippers care about. Honestly, I think it would be better if he just had them working the case in their scenes and kept all these ridiculous issues out of it.
    Yes, they are real issues, but the writers handling of them (i.e. making Brennan clueless and lacking empathy) is just a put off by doing it week after week.
    As I said, have them working the case and throw in the shipper scene at the end. Have them argue about the case. Honestly, if they are 6 months into the pregnancy they would have discussed finding out the sex of the child by now. People talk about that usually as soon as they find out about the pregnancy.
    I can understand the time jump, but if they think this is what people feel they missed out on, it is silly. I really expected much more from that end scene. Their connection just falls flat to me now.

    Last night I watched live instead of watching Grey’s Anatomy. What a big mistake since Grey’s was great IMO. This was not the worst episode but from what all of the other critics who previewed it, I was expecting much more.
    Once again, GMMR is about the only honest critic IMO or the only one who actually has followed the show.

    Season 6 was terrible for me personally and I really lost interest. Even though the premiere was decent, this season so far has not restored my faith or love for the show. Yes, I will keep DVRing but I think I will actually go back to the Office and watch Bones at another time (In January go back to Grey’s anyway)

    I really get a chuckle out of the creators saying that the B & B relationship is so organic this season. I personally am not seeing that at all. Maybe I am Brennan and just clueless but it seems like I am not alone by reading other fan comments.

  24. Debbie on November 11th, 2011 4:13 pm

    I really liked Finn, I think he has great potential and I’m sure they’ll be great lab geek pals with Hodgins. I enjoyed the episode. It’s not the bet one ever, but it isn’t the worse one either. By now, I’m pretty used to Brennan’s character contradictions. The Bones’ writers mess up all the time… I’d learned to let things like that go and just try to enjoy the show.

  25. alison tabor on November 11th, 2011 4:25 pm

    I did not like the new intern at all. It felt very fake and forced. The hat, the hair, the accent, is all so trite.
    I don’t care for the dynamics between the characters so far this season. Angela seems to be preaching to Brennan. Caroline is whining to Cam. Hodgens is all attitude. Too much Booth & Sweets (yuck!). Brennan & Booth are all about how they conflict. More than ever the cases are being solved in the last three minutes of the show.
    Maybe the new villian will add something positive to the show and pull the characters together. They all seems disjointed.

  26. Cherise on November 11th, 2011 5:20 pm

    I have to agree with you, Gina. Being a huge fan of their relationship, I was hoping for more intimacy and I feel like Brennan has gone back to season 1. I don’t get this. The same woman who knows that Booth loves brown sugar on everything and pays so close attention that she notices that he walks up the stairs with a different foot and holds his coffee mug in a different hand would know that he’d wanna be there for the ultrasound. Why are they writing her in this way? It’s taking all the joy of seeing them together. I know Hart wants to keep tension, but making Bones a complete moron isn’t the way to do it. Brennan knows Booth like the back of her hand and I am not seeing any of this displayed in season 7. This is the woman who told Hannah to get him an authentic rotary phone for a housewarming present because it reminded him of his grandfather! B&B’s relationship can work if you do it right. PLEASE DON’T SCREW IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for this episode overall, I liked it. I LOVED Finn. Don’t get why you hate him. I just hope that the writers don’t mess up a good thing. Give us the real Brennan back and the show will be golden!

  27. TinkonBrink on November 11th, 2011 6:28 pm

    What are you missing?
    Sarah Curtis…I don’t think you are missing anything. I think it’s the show that’s missing…lacking…
    I was an avid Bones fan but Season Six killed the show for me. I can’t even bring myself to watch Season Seven.
    Character integrity and continuity went out the window long ago and now the characters are treated like an Etch A Sketch. What was once established through past episodes, lines built up through time, the details crisscrossing…Shaken. Erased. Forgotten.
    The lessons learned by both Booth & Brennan (about themselves and about each other) seem to be built and dismantled so many times (for the sake of a reset…to prolong the tension) that all the beauty has been sucked out of the journey and it renders any subsequent milestones meaningless and without heart.

  28. Alexandra on November 11th, 2011 6:41 pm

    Gotta say I found the episode disappointing. I agree that Brennan has stepped back a couple of seasons and it’s annoying to watch! Not liking season 7 very much and hope it quickly improves. The snake scene – bit too calm considering past episodes. Now about Finn…don’t ya’ think the accent and phrases was a bit much not to mention the fact he’s only 18! Come on now….It’s like they found him on the street corner! The writers seem to forget that this is season 7….what do you think happened in seasons 1-6 because there’s history with Booth and Brennan!

  29. Sarah Maria ( UK) on November 11th, 2011 6:43 pm

    Sarah Curtis your review has really f***ed me right off! A review needs highs and lows not just judgement on everything. The show is epic and they need a strong hold for a new character (Finn) hence the accent (Which didnt bother me and im english so if I can deal you should be able to.) The gross gaging is part of it all if you havent noticed bones do have episodes like that early on its what makes the show. The People. The Cases and The Desturbing.

    Review by all means but be constructive over the matter. Think of the effort that went in to it all , think of the writers the actors and the time they spent to make a episode, the story line was weldone and I bet Finn is going to be loved if he is a regular which he most probably will be.

    Who else agrees? this was a TERRIBLE review for a 7 out of 10 episode.

    P.s Why would the writers have a pregnant Brennan (Emily) take the guy down…… its a show. Stunt people mats ,etc plus she used her hands not her bump and or fell so it was all safe.

  30. Jasper on November 11th, 2011 7:33 pm

    To those who enjoyed this episode, please telll me what show you were watching. OMG- this was *&%^$#! painful. The wheels have come off of the Bones car.

    Again, I ask, who was the Brennan in this episode, Who is this woman. There is clearly a disconnect with the writing of this show. I will point fingers now and continually til this turns around or the show gets canceled. With a ratings of 2.7/7 that WILL happen this season if the writing doesn’t hit the mark in the next four episodes. Fans will not come back if we get four more of what was shown last night. HH and others need to get their heads out of the &&^%$ of the Finder series and pay attention to the car called Bones that took a head on into a concrete pillar last night.

    The worst news that I can think of now is this: The next four episodes have been shot and are in the “can”- that means edited and ready for view. The direction chosen for this show will kill it.

    For the first time ever in watching this show, I felt DB’s akwardness as an actor. He was forcing the character Booth out of his skin, this was not Booth as we have ever seen him portrayed. From his lines being slightly over the top for the conversation (probably not phrasing that right, am searching for the right words) to his hand movements in one of the interviews. DB is either not “feeling” the scenes or is trying to hard. I would like to think here that even DB and ED feels that the scripts are not right. Oh God, how I wish that this is the case, that they know this is not going to work for this show. Bones has gone completely nuts, and now seems like she has a mental health problem. I am not saying that to flinging “mental health” lightly. How else can we get THIS Bones out of the Bones from the last season.

    The Doctor in the Photo was a dream episode. It was a coma episode for Brennan, I am sorry, but I now view that episode as never, never even played out for the characters.

    There was no break through, and this last episode doesn’t even show Booth giving the most normal of reactions to crushing hurt. He got mad at Bones in the diner in season one over not “getting” it when it comes to family, making decisions and doing things together. And now, he doesn’t even flinch when she dumps the gender of the baby at a crime scene. Let me get this straight; she slept next to him (maybe with him as in sex, why not, we can dream because we are never going to get confirmation with SN writing or approving scripts for this show), then she got up and went to a Doctors Appointment and had a sonogram. Then when asked by her best friend about not having Booth there, she gives a reply of “I wouldn’t care.” about not being there or told about it in person.

    Again- inconsistancies are killing this show.
    Again- the relationship can be explored in depth and in an adult way with the Bones and Booth we have learned about and watched grow over six seasons.
    Again- Either have B&B act like adults in love that made a baby, or ………………..(cover your eyes, ye faint of heart who thinks you have seen the “best yet” of Bones) kill the kid off, let that be a hurtful angst angle and let these two try to find each other agian.

    Honestly I see no other choice.

    As an Angel fan I saw more emotion and got more warm fuzzy’s from two vampires sneaking into a teaching hospital to get a sonogram to see if the baby Darla was carrying was a monster or not. Yeah, really.

  31. Vanessa on November 11th, 2011 8:52 pm

    Your review is right on the mark! My husband never reads the reviews or posts but even he said they have made Brennan like a robot! I’m happy B&B are together but the writing needs to vastly improve. Last season was awful and I had such high hopes for this one. There is no spark between B&B and it’s not because they are finally together – it’s the poor dialog. Now I am just “Ehh” if I see the show or not.

  32. Jasper on November 11th, 2011 9:26 pm

    Sarah Curtis- I apologize for not telling you in my first post –
    THANK YOU, thank you for being honest, and………….not working for fox.

    TinkonBrink- If you are the person that posted the videos on YouTube for Bones in years past, THANK YOU, they were freaking fantastic !!!!! I miss them.

    But then again, I now miss the show called Bones that I used to watch 3, 4, 5 years ago.

    Vanessa- I am always interested in the men/hubby take on this show when they are fans too. I feel his pain. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Teresa on November 11th, 2011 9:39 pm

    Well Sarah, you pretty much said every single thing I was thinking as I watched the episode!! The only thing I didn’t agree with you on was the whole Finn thing. I actually really liked him. However, I completely agree with you on the whole not liking how he affected the other characters thing and the scenes with him in it were heavy-handed. I liked the idea of his character though. I can’t help but ask, who would you rather have in the lab, Finn or Daisy? lol I think my favorite line of your whole recap though is this: “hey worst BONES Scene Ever…Hannah and her sunglasses called — they want their title back.” It’s so true!! When that Brennan bowling down the suspect scene happened I just scratched my head and was like, what the heck!? But on a positive note… Booth and Brennan are having a baby GIRL!!!! I feel like I have been waiting years to say that 🙂

  34. Anna on November 12th, 2011 1:22 am

    i didn’t like this episode as well, it felt off. what i did after watching the episode was to watch season 6 episodes again. i was disappointed to see brennan act that way towards booth in this episode, when in season 6, she seemed to be attuned to booth’s feelings. watching her do this made season 6 brennan such a waste.

    and may i just mention her comment when she and booth was in the diner, discussing about the financial advisor? i dont like her comment, “a meeting with the financial advisor is practical, also you have no money..” and the putting herself in booth’s shoes?? SHALLOW. LITERAL. we all know brennan knows more of booth.

    what redeemed me from this is that in the end, despite what brennan did/say, booth was fine with it. that at the end of it all, booth was still happy. well, i was happy for them too.. i just feel bad for booth.

  35. Fred is My Homegirl on November 12th, 2011 1:50 am

    Where, or where, to start….

    Hey, what do you know, I actually followed the case this time! Probably because it had to do with food…not that I am a big fan of hot dogs, unless they’re kosher, but food is food, so…

    Finn, the new intern: I spent the first 35 mins trying to figure out either who he was, or who he reminded me of…then it hit me…he looks similar to Jesse Spencer from House, same doughy jaw, non-Oz accent. Just a super-annoying one. That was nice, because it took my mind off how horrible the episode was.

    A. I’m still not convinced that Booth and Brennan are in love. In fact, it would be more easier to believe that Booth and Sweets are in love. That whole, “I like it when you call me a Jedi” seemed more foreplayish than anything I’ve seen from Booth and Brennan these past few eps. For one thing, Booth still seems almost…disgusted by Brennan’s eating and keeps mentioning it. I don’t know what’s more annoying – the pregnancy craving stereotype or the fact that Booth keeps implying that she’s a pig.

    B. The ultrasound debacle.
    1. Booth’s reaction. Okay, he seems pissed…oh, wait…no, he’s saying that they’ll talk about it later. Fair enough, they’re at work, but…Did they discuss it later? Not really. Not in the manner that it would have went down. The old Booth would have laid into her, I’m sorry. But this ‘new’ Booth, well, he didn’t even really have a reaction to finding out he was having a girl anyway. Girl, boy, sack of potatoes, shrug, whatever.
    2. Brennan didn’t invite Booth along because he only likes movies in color. Perfectly understandable… W.T.F.? That is so beyond lame even for Brennan that I can’t even form words. But let me try…
    a. For all the weirdness and heartache that was Season 6, I DID see one thing worth a crap – visible growth in Brennan. Like when Booth was driving her and she realized basically that she’d missed her chance, and she wept. WEPT. BRENNAN. And for the first time in 6 years, I felt sorry for her, because I could see she was finally getting it….so…what happened do that chick? Brennan has retrogressed and then some. After all the heartache that she’s seen Booth go through with Rebecca and Parker (Parker, who? I know, right…), you think she’d invite Booth along for the ultrasound, regardless if he prefers Tom Cruise to Rudolph Valentino. Whatever…
    b. Since they are cohabitating (and obviously not having sex because Booth seems repulsed by her), you would think pillow talk would run along the lines of, “What are you doing tomorrow?” “I have an ultrasound, then I’m going to work. What are you doing?” I guess maybe Brennan reads while Booth watches sports. That, or they try talking but can’t hear each other because they are a MILE apart from each other in bed, as in the last ep.
    C. Brennan putting herself in Booth’s shoes. Now this was just tomfoolery. Especially when she tackled that dude. Again, I expected Booth to lay into her more, but in a “that’s my kid in there” kind of caveman way that (the old) Booth resorts to while Brennan calls him out on it. Nope, there was none of that.
    D. Sweets, my dear little duck, referred to the baby as the ‘little girl’ Brennan is carrying….that just weirded me out. He’s a psychologist. Why is he offering up additional, non-relevent info about a colleague up to a suspect? If I’M pregnant, I certainly don’t want ANY info on the fetus offered up to a potential murder suspect. But maybe that’s just me being paranoid…
    1. This also made me feel like Sweets cared more than Booth about what’s swimming around in there…
    E. The Finn criminal madness…First of all, if something is wiped from your juvenile record, it’s not wiped from your federal record. EVER. NOTHING is ever wiped from your FEDERAL record. Why? So the federal government knows exactly what you’ve done and what kind of person you are. Just in case you ever apply for a job with them…Since the Jeffersonian works with the FBI and testifies along with them, you’d think they’d hold themself to the same standards, for the exact reasons that Caroline stated – credibility in court. But whatever, this was just a heavily used smokescreen throughout the entire episode and has no real importance in the grand scheme of the Bones universe (unless he ends up killing them all)
    F. Cam gives Finn a Jeffersonian hat. Um, isn’t this the same woman who initially wouldn’t hire Zack because of his appearance? Shouldn’t she be telling this boy to get a haircut instead?
    G. I agree, Brennan listening to the baby’s heartbeat did not mesh with her aloofness over Angela’s “if it had been you” ultrasound question. Again, WTF?
    H. The viewing of the ultrasound. I don’t know about you, but Booth sitting five feet away from Brennan and poking her belly with one finger was just heart-melting. Please, people, act like you love each other. Even like. I’ll take that. If you don’t, I’m gonna start shipping Booth and Sweets.

    It wasn’t all bad:
    *****Hodgins referred to himself as an ‘ass hat’
    ****The Sweets and Booth ‘partnership’
    ***The snake thing was pretty cool.

    Please, Bones powers that be, send reinforcements, in the form of:
    –The smiling Hodgela baby
    –The cold, dead corpse of Daisy
    –Gordon Gordon
    –Hannah, I daresay, just because I’d like to see some sort of REACTION from these characters, because I have no idea who these pod people are.


  36. TinkonBrink on November 12th, 2011 9:45 am

    Jasper- Yes, that was me. I used to make the Bones vids. You can rest assured I will not be making any more! Sad to say really 🙁

    The sad thing is when Bones dwindles down this season there will probably be an outcry of how the “Moonlighting Curse” killed the show. The central couple resolved their unresolved sexual tension, satisfied their biological urges, reproduced and played house. A sure fire rating killer, eh? WRONG. Booth & Brennan have given rise to a new form of show killer…”The Bones Curse” This curse is the antithesis of the Moonlighting Curse. It comes from prolonging the inevitable for THAT long that all character progression and growth gets diluted down with the constant relationship reset.

    It’s like they start out with a perfectly acceptable piece of pastry. They are going to make a pie. They know that they’re going to make a pie, we know that they are going to make a pie. Everyone enjoys the pie making process and wonders what it’ll be like once the pie come out of the oven? So we start with the Booth & Brennan pastry…roll it out until it’s perfect. Then the pastry is folded, squashed back together to form a ball and the rolling out begins again…fold, squash, ball…roll out…and roll…and roll and roll until cracks start appearing and the pastry is getting a little thin in places. Now no matter what the heck you fill that pie with it’s gonna come out of the oven with the most dry and brittle pastry imaginable. It does not matter if you throw sugar all over the top and put a cherry on for garnish (marriage and a baby)…the process was far too protracted ruining what had the potential to be perfect.

    That’s all I have to say.
    If people are still happy with the show and still get enjoyment out of watching Bones…I’m just gonna say my bit and let them watch & be happy.

  37. Rachel on November 12th, 2011 10:42 am

    I loved Finn. LOVED him. And I was prepared to hate him, but I didn’t.
    I did, however, hate Angela. She was an outright a##hole, plain and simple.

    Brennan and Booth’s interactions were my least favorite parts of this episode. I have never once had that opinion in the 130 episodes before this one. I don’t know WTF the writers are doing to Brennan’s character and how she interacts with Booth. I don’t know if there is a difference because HH is busy with The Finder? Maybe Stephen Nathan is the one really calling the shots now and HH just signs off on whatever SN says, but whatever it is, it’s not working. I felt more honest love and affection between Hodgins and that python than I have between B&B this season. The interactions with B&B feel forced and strained still.

    Brennan is that clinical and cold regarding about rationalizing why she didn’t consider asking Booth to go to the ultrasound? Really? Since when? And Booth doesn’t flip out on her about it? Really? Since when? This is the same guy who has held a bitter grudge against Walter Sherman for 9 years because he came to arrest Booth for going AWOL when Parker was born. The show has established Booth as being very sensitive to missing “moments” with Parker since S1. So to have him not get all that upset that Brennan doesn’t ask him to the ultrasound doesn’t jive with me. And I agree with what others have said previously that if every episode is going to involve Brennan making a faux pas regarding the baby and/or Booth requiring her to make an apology every episode, that’s going to get old really quickly.

    At the rate this is going, if this weirdness and awkwardness continues on this way, if I ever rewatch the series I’m going to pretend that “The Beginning in the End” is the end of the series and that Booth & Brennan ran off to their respective ends of the earth never to see each other again. As far I’m concerned, things haven’t felt the same since. I never thought I’d think that Booth seemed happier with Hannah last year than he does with Brennan this year, but I do. I hope to heck something good will come out of this and that we’ll see some sort of spark again between these two. Seeing Booth and Brennan just cohabitating and raising a baby together are not enough.

  38. Lindsey on November 12th, 2011 1:03 pm

    Thank you so much for writing these reviews. After every bones show, I can read your review and figure out why I feel the way I feel. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who hated this episode. The writers are totally screwing with b&b’s relationship and it really sucks. I suffered through last year with everyone else, the whole time telling myself it would be worth it. This is not worth it. If booth and brennen and only act like booth and brennen when they are not together then that’s how it should be. I would rather see them not officially be a couple and be in love than whatever the heck is happening so far this season. With all this talk about the potential tension to be had between them on the religion vs science front, I’m not comforted that it will get better…possibly ever. If it doesn’t this just might be the last season of bones. As the diehard fan I am this makes me sad. However, every single episode like this one makes me more and more apathetic toward to show and it’s future.

  39. Priscila on November 12th, 2011 1:16 pm

    Your review is spot on. That’s exactly how I fell. I’ve been through the five stages of grief on season 6 and I’m experiencing it all over again. Only, this time, acceptance is not going to happen…

    What have they done to our Temperance?

  40. Laura L on November 12th, 2011 1:20 pm

    I wonder if in reality any man no matter how much he may care for someone
    would put up with Brennan. How can anyone love this female version of
    I know my husband would raise the roof if I did not at least ask him to come
    with me to the OBGYN….
    Yet Booth just acts the fool….. no affection or tenderness from the
    mother of his child.
    The writers no longer care about character development of Brennan….
    Booth can not honestly love Brennan and he needs to just on….. who could
    love a Mr.Spock or want to spent the rest of his life with her.
    He received more affect from Cam and Hannah than from Brennan.
    The excuse of she (Brennan ) is learning is tired and no longer works…..

  41. andrea on November 13th, 2011 11:19 am

    I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think it would be best if those “fans” of Bones who are now such “haters” don’t watch the show! These negative opinions are pretty annoying. There were many positive views of the episode on this post however, and I choose to be inspired by those. I don’t even feel like addressing all of the points that some posters are upset with. But if I were so upset and annoyed with the way a show was progressing, I would no longer watch it whether or not I was a long-time fan! Just saying…

    I know that Sarah has to watch and review Bones-but hopefully her negativity isn’t “catching”. Booth and Bones’ relationship is not perfect and it wouldn’t have been perfect if they’d gotten together earlier in the show instead of waiting six seasons. They aren’t perfect people- as we know. Brennan will revert back to old behaviors because old habits die hard-it may be annoying but that’s “human” nature. Booth will “forget” that he has to tell Brennan directly how he feels about something- and not “beat around the bush”. Remember when he finally told her his reasons for wanting to live together-that he wanted to provide a home for their child and not be like his father? Brennan’s reply was, “Why didn’t you just tell me before”.

    I am convinced that they do love each other-love doesn’t have to have couples constantly all over each other-and Booth and Brennan definitely won’t be sickenly demonstrative. (I found it quite annoying when Booth and Hannah were constantly kissing, etc). Booth for sure isn’t “repulsed” by Brennan. He thinks she’s beautiful and he is attracted to “difficult” or “challenging” women. Maybe some men like women who are so compliant, but others like women who are a bit more of a challenging personality!

    Enough said.

  42. eridapo on November 13th, 2011 2:26 pm

    I’m tired of people who claim that those with negative comments aren’t real FANS. Being a fan of a tv show does not mean you have to praise the show all the time. You must recognized when the show does things well and when it doesn’t.

    Since the 100 the show has been the recipient of a lot of criticism and deservedly so. Had it not been for the criticism that began in this site and echo by many a fan, the agony of season 6 would have been prolonged. How else do you explain the sudden end to the Hannah storyline. The negative reaction from critics and fans was overwhelming and ratings suffered. Hart recognized it and aborted the storyline, but by then more than ten episodes had been shot. This season the criticism is once again pointing out the shows failings. Fortunately only six episodes have been shot due to ED’s maternity leave. Hart still has time to once again correct what is wrong with the show.

  43. sunny on November 13th, 2011 3:13 pm

    Seriously Andrea, nobody cares if negative opinions annoy you. Just. don’t. read. them.

    Frankly I feel like the negative direction Bones has taken is the result of a misogynists revenge fantasy. Tough, strong, independent, brilliant, gorgeous, interesting female? COME ON BOYS, LET’S MAKE HER PAY ! Knock her down a few notches, humiliate her, make her apologize for every tiny infraction, force her to endure condescending lectures from asshole ‘friends’ who also happen to be a Frat Boy’s Wet Dream, turn her into a trivial doormat who can’t talk back to her man without fear of him rejecting her, write her man being constantly disgusted and/or impatient with her.. BUT AT THE SAME TIME present said man as a superhuman superhero for having to put up with this dribbling idiot.

    Did HH & Co. spend so much time and exquisite effort building up a multi-dimensional, beautifully complex female protagonist with the EXPRESS INTENTION of eventually tearing her down? Are they out to “teach” young woman that they can’t aspire to be THAT WOMAN without suffering dire consequences, which she must endure if she wants that hunky Alpha Frat Boy to marry her? I doubt we’ll ever know for sure, but considering HH’s public rage when Booth is [rightly] criticized for being a jerk to Brennan, I tend to think he’s always been a member of the He-Man Woman Haters club and Dr. Brennan is right where he always intended her to be–defeated and humiliated for daring to be a ‘subversive’ role model for young women.

  44. El on November 13th, 2011 5:41 pm

    I think we should all remember that this is a tv show. They are not real people.

    In saying that, after watching a video of HH at the Paley fest. it has completely tainted my view of him. I cannot understand how a man with any “class” would speak to someone like that and that fans think he is so wonderful. I can understand him being angry and frustrated but what he said to that fan was completely out of line. Is that how he views women who anger him. Maybe this is reflected as to how he wrote Brennan last season for rejecting Booth. I am older so I cannot even my husband or son speaking to a woman like that. I think it was awkward for the Emily and Michaela on the stage. He, however, did not seem to care what he said. Hopefully, Fox saw the video and at least addressed it with him.

    It is the writing that bothers me. I do not think they are real but to be entertained I have to see that chemistry on screen. Honestly, I began to feel that chemistry dwindling since season 5. Last year it was almost non-existent and I don’t feel it this season as well. I don’t need to see kisses, etc., but there has to be a spark for me to be entertained. I love the Office and even after marriage and children, Jim and Pam have always had that spark. Even in their SO storylines, they still had that spark between them. HH took away that spark completely last season, has decided that noone needed to see them connect (and I don’t mean sexually because they never had a conversation about Hannah or them getting together other than that stupid burning of dates). What he shows the viewers are these silly conversations that they have over their conflicts. Can’t they discuss the case like they did in the past.

    There are plenty of sites for fans to go to and a number of critics who enjoyed the episode and the season. You can go to those sites and read them. i dont go and post there because I don’t agree with them. I post here because I agree with Sarah. People who disagree have a right to post as well. Just don’t put down other people because of their views,

    I like the actors on the show so I dvr and watch later but sometimes I just turn off the episode. I actually watched this one because hubby did not want to watch Grey’s. I am sorry that I did not just go to another room and watch Greys because it was so good. Hopefully before the show ends I can say that it got its spark back.

    There seem to be many shippers who just love that they are together and spend endless hours find explanations of what their actions mean and what may have happened off screen. I want things to play out on screen. Yes, some things can be left to the imagination if you care to, but for me I really want to know why a character does something. These first two episodes just seem to have left out scenes and they just don’t connect well. But then, for me, last season for the most part, made no sense. All of the angst and heartbreak of last season and we end up with an even more clueless Brennan.
    What happened to the steep learning curve. I guess that they are now competing with the comedy shows. Temperance Brennan is now like a Michael Scott, except that it does not even seem like her supporting staff even like her most of the time. It gets harder to watch her each week, and it gets harder to watch each week having her learn a lesson so she can be worthy of Booth. Not a Booth hater, but would really like to see some balance in the show.

  45. Jasper on November 13th, 2011 6:08 pm

    Being a “fangirl” who would rate or state the episode was a 9 out of 10 and the crime was great and Booth and Brennan are spot on…………………..are out of touch with what this show was at it’s best. Fangirls will oooh and aaaah over Boreanaz in his shorts or Brennan doing a John Wayne impersonation minutes (in TV world time) after not understanding why the father of her baby is “interested at all in the baby’s genitalia.”

    Sunny- you may have hit the character trait in HH that I saw a glimpse of at the Paley Center with his response to a fan’s question. (Go watch his response to “andrea” on u-tube video Paley center 2011.) Quite a display of his temper and his thought process……….bottom line for him is:
    “My GI Joe doll, My show, My script approval……………..don’t like it, f off.”
    I get it that he has a right to play with his characters anyway he wants, but as a fan, I have a right to tell him, and his actor/producers that they have lost their collective f ing minds with the last episode.

    What I hoped more than anything is that DB and ED would speak up, that after getting out of bed, driving to a studio set for six years, playing the same characters, that they would have more than a slight interest or understanding of Booth and Bones, about where they would be after learning she got pregnant during the first time they were together (SN’s words not mine- they are all executive producers- don’t they all talk once in a while??). Do they not know about previous plot lines for other characters??? Do they understand that the father just found out about the sex of the baby at the same time as Hodgins and the police officer at the scene- who doesn’t even know them. Does ED and DB think that a plot arc about Hodgela’s baby possibly being blind was more intersting then them even being pregnant right now??

    I am in agreement with many other here and on the internet- there is a small window of opportunity for the writing to turn around. I can’t argue with a friend on another Bones site that says the six episodes will be followed by a show killing four month break. After the horrible 43 minutes last Thursday night, there is alot more good TV to be watching. We aren’t hanging on to see if
    a. the baby is OK
    b. the trip to the sonogram (we can never recover that moment)
    c. Booth getting pissed and leaving for a bit
    d. the mother of all fights- the airing out of six seasons of feelings (OMG the possiblities)
    well…………..enough of this I am not going to write the damn episodes for them. IF the Hannah hate turned a season around, then show us these two are a normal couple, and are in love.

    JASPER- I watched a few of your videos this weekend. It made me sad, not your wonderful work, but the fact that we have a B&B that can’t even give each other that “look”, that “I gotta have you now….” look. And they are sleeping together according to the show’s producers. 🙁

  46. Olivia on November 13th, 2011 7:02 pm

    I stopped watching Bones last year when Brennan suddenly became roboBones. She speaks like an automaton and acts completely clueless to common human emotion. It drives me nuts that her dialogue comes out stilted and hesitant. I want to fisnish her sentances for her and get on with it. And what happened to her emotional growth over the last 6 years? Why have I been wasting my time only to egress? Then to get cheated out of the greatest moment of RST ever in the history of UST? Nope not going through that again. I’ll stick with Caslte. The writing is much whittier and the leads have much more chemistry. No robots allowed.

  47. sunny on November 13th, 2011 7:42 pm

    @Jasper–“Sunny- you may have hit the character trait in HH that I saw a glimpse of at the Paley Center with his response to a fan’s question. (Go watch his response to “andrea” on u-tube video Paley center 2011.) Quite a display of his temper and his thought process……….bottom line for him is:
    “My GI Joe doll, My show, My script approval……………..don’t like it, f off.””

    Ahh, just as I suspected. Hanson is living vicariously through Booth, the Macho Alpha Elite Sniper cum Prodigy FBI Agent cum Lothario cum Most Noblest Action Hero EVAR.

    And if HH were a man like Booth and some uppity woman tried to lead him around on a string, well, he’d show her what-for, yessirree. Through the power of a living GI Joe doll he can act out whatever you want to call his… problem. Because clearly, from viewing that video, the man has problems.

  48. WTM on November 13th, 2011 9:22 pm

    In my view, to be a fan of anything does not mean positive comments 24/7. It means to be able to discuss the show and delve into it, no matter where it leads you. I “know” Tink and Sunny from elsewhere on the Net (*waves), and I’m of similar mind to them. I would also be considered a “hater” by Andrea, and I’m all right with that. I’m not going to like BONES just because it happens to be occupying airspace.

    I stopped watching at the end of S6 for the simple reason that I feel that BONES is so far below what it had every capability of being that I find it pathetic that Hart has wasted the resources of talent that David and Emily have. I had no problems with the concept of Hannah because I was hoping that we would get to see Brennan and Booth realizing that they were one for the other. Instead, I grew to intensely dislike Booth.

    When Hannah left, we had roughly half a season that could have been spent watching B&B deal with the impact of Hannah and grow closer to each other. Instead, we got “mad,” impervious” and a date-burning ceremony. It was like Hannah never existed. Only problem was, she existed enough for Booth to propose to her. She may be gone, but to “forget” her impact on a six-year relationship so as not to even discuss her is ridiculous!

    Then there was the death of VNM, quite possibly the most beloved of the squinterns. That sorrow was the backdrop for the quickie wham bam sex of a six-year coupling?! Yes, I know that Emily was pregnant, but there were plenty of verbal (and fully-clothed) things that could have been scripted to capture the beauty and magnitude of that moment.

    Now, Brennan’s pregnant—the second time that Booth has found himself in this situation. I would have been happy if this had come at the end of S5, or even if B&B had had any sort of discussion about Hannah with Sweets, that would have helped. (I find Sweets endlessly annoying, but in such an instance, he could have actually been useful.) When Brennan became pregnant, I felt that B&B were in so way emotionally stable enough in their relationship to even consider having a child together. If Hart wanted to make Brennan pregnant because Emily was pregnant IRL, then he should have scripted S6 differently after Hannah left. He wasted an opportunity, now the baby’s on the way, and I felt that he/she was better emotionally-equipped than either one of his/her parents. That’s when I decided to leave and take BONES off of my TiVo.

    So, I guess Andrea really can call me a “hater” because I do hate things. Things like mediocrity and wasted opportunities. Those things can’t be blamed on Emily getting pregnant or even on the existence of Hannah. In many cases, those things could have been dealt with quite adequately through a few lines of dialogue or scenes of interaction.

    So, yes, I hate. I hate when Hart Hanson had the resources and capability to give me a pure golden story…but he chose to give me the cheap copper version instead…and then tell me that I should be thankful for it.

  49. WTM on November 13th, 2011 9:36 pm

    Should be:

    When Brennan became pregnant, I felt that B&B were in NO way emotionally stable enough in their relationship to even consider having a child together.

  50. Jasper on November 13th, 2011 11:43 pm

    @WTM – “When Hannah left, we had roughly half a season that could have been spent watching B&B deal with the impact of Hannah and grow closer to each other. Instead, we got “mad,” impervious” and a date-burning ceremony. It was like Hannah never existed. Only problem was, she existed enough for Booth to propose to her. She may be gone, but to “forget” her impact on a six-year relationship so as not to even discuss her is ridiculous!”

    Exactly WTM- well put. Look at the mileage the writers could have gotten out of this topic, this discussion point alone. Life’s experience tell those of us who are a bit older (Clearing my throat…..) that the ex comes up, is compared to and if she took my sunglasses- argggggghhhhh. I could have gone along with Booth hitting Bones square upside the head with a line like “yeah I don’t have any money, but that never seemed to bother Hannah any.” There is an air clearing fight that can be drawn out through out one or even two episodes this season. I mean…………………….Hannah slept on the same mattress as Bones, but then again,,,,,,,,so did Cam, Rebecca……….

    I somehow magically know how much FBI agents with say about 15 years on make per year. 😉 In the DC area Booth would get something called locality pay on top of his annual salary. It is nothing to sneeze at. As he is written- an extreme alpha male complex present, then the money thorn wound would be bleeding profusely right now.

    @Sunny – An eyeopener of a video eh? Changed my mind instantly about HH. Even Boreanaz and Emily seemed embarrassed.

    @TinkonBrink – sorry for the mix up in my last post- I have made zero videos. I meant that to be directed at you…….again. 🙂 It is worth repeating, I MISS those videos.

  51. AJ on November 14th, 2011 10:35 am

    For the first time in six years of watching Bones, I turned the TV to another channel. It was 34 minutes into it and I sat there stunned. I had no clue who the characters were on Bones, I don’t know that I care to watch that show that was on Thursday night. I finished watching it on DVR last night and to echo others here; it was very painful.

    What bothers me now is that I used to be the fan that posted very passionately about this show- the character traits, the plot lines, the discovery of family secrets and the bonds formed because of them. Now, I don’t care to rewatch the show or defend it, not anymore.

    To be fair about it- there were a couple of good things about the show. But, only a couple. Finn would work out, the dialog with Hodgins is fun and they would have some great experiments toghether. He would be a good squintern in the long run. The crime was somewhat more interesting than last week’s, it felt like it had a beggining, alittle investigation and an end. It was fair at best and I find myself wondering who picked these story lines out as the lead off for season seven. Is this really the best they have got?

    Whether you are a shipper or not, love the crime part of the show or not, like the squinterns or Sweets analytical ways, you have to know in your heart that if things are not balanced with the leads(B and B), then all else cannot mesh correctly.

    I am going to open a big can of whoop a**$$ here, but I will make this short. I have loved ED and DB as actors who know their craft for a long time now- DB back to his days as Angel. They had a chemistry between them that was totally undeniable- they had to in real life have that chemistry, because that is often how selections are made in hollywood for leads in shows. HH can’t “Make” that happen between them. It can me implied in a script, but actors have to give the look, deliver the line, charm the other. DB and ED did that for the first 4 and 1/2 seasons- then, something happened.

    You see, when life happens, I think a person can’t help but have some of that seep into their job. It happen with me, if I am having a bad day at work or did not get the grande cup at Starbucks on the way into the office, then I am off- even a tad cranky. Others can tell.

    Look at the personal lives of DB and ED- things have changed and moral lines were toed. Most would agree crossed. I am not judging DB here, no hate meant toward him, all I am saying is that there were some very stressful times for them both in the last two years. ED met someone and married, and started a family immediately- a sign that she was ready to move into a new area of her life???? I think that life events spilled into DBs ability to “make chemistry” happen with ED in the roles we all came to love. It would be tough to play with emoting the sexual tension out of a script daily when your personal life was being outed. I am just saying that the time lines for personal change and stress exactly match with the filming and the dismal results of seasons five and six.

    I agree with the majority here that the “dance” went on too long, the moment was missed, and the Bones Curse will be talked about in a couple of years when it comes to …….Castle.

    2.7 / 7 ratings. It was fun while it lasted. Enough said.

  52. mugee007 on November 14th, 2011 1:25 pm

    Wow this episode just seems to have the majority disliking it. Makes me wonder what the powers that be were really thinking when they set out to do this episode. Did they really expect us to like this, to quote you Sarah ‘equine fecal matter.’

    The problem I think is that HH is just too warped up in creating conflict between BB rather than to just let them be. You have to replace the sexual tension with something else (his words not mine). As a result we get episodes like this one.
    Now would it have killed the writers to just give a wonderful sweet moment between BB going for an ultrasound and finding out the gender of their baby? For once I would love if BB were shown to be a regular couple in love doing regular things just like everyone else. The argument that BB are different loses all its credence when we have crap like this thrown at us. If you cant make “different” work and have to create silly conflict, please I would rather prefer the mundane than this inane superficial drama that is in no way organic.
    For too long have they kept the main leads apart and after the disaster that was season 6 we still get this miserable writing. Is it too hard for the writers to write an episode that leaves us feeling all warm and fuzzy like earlier and really makes the chemistry between DB and ED shine? Instead we have these contrite story lines where all that has gone down in the previous seasons is just forgotten.
    But well in the end HH gets what he wants. Millions turn on their TVs every Thursday night to watch the latest misadventures of Booth and Brennan. (This week could be excused because of Grey’s). He has the ratings to boast about. Crappy writing is excused as long it gets the viewers in. I wonder how long this is going to last?

  53. Carol C on November 14th, 2011 2:05 pm

    It seems that the writers had Brennan show more affection to Sully than
    now to Booth the father of her baby.
    Why, all of the bull that Brennan is growing as a person with the help of Booth
    is nothing more that BS.
    The writers have made Brennan into a Mr.Spock instead of a loving mother
    to be…. I read in anther blog from a woman who said what man would put
    up with now being told about a OBGYN appointment and the sex of their
    baby. No matter how much he may love her… most men would be gone.
    I hope this error can be corrected after the winter break…. but the
    damage may be beyond repair.
    It seems that the creative minds of Bones are now focusing on The Finder.
    Bones lost 1.5 million viewers from the first episode to this episode….
    My husband will not even bother watching the show with me….

  54. AJ on November 14th, 2011 3:50 pm

    Bones is officailly on the “Bubble”- in US TV language they have a good chance of not being renewed next year. Go to TV by the Numbers for what turns out to be accurate predictions year after year.

    As a fan, they don’t need to tell me this after the disappointment of last Thursday’s episode.

  55. Caroline on November 14th, 2011 7:09 pm

    Jasper, I couldn’t find the specific video at Paley you were referring to – I get too many hits. Could you give me the name or the length of the clip, to help me narrow it down? Thanks!

  56. Jasper on November 14th, 2011 10:29 pm

    @Caroline – type in Bones Paley Center What a Punk, the video is about 4 minutes and a few seconds long.

  57. Caroline on November 15th, 2011 1:17 pm

    Jasper thanks. Wow – well, wow – Michaela Conlin looked extremely uncomfortable. I notice everyone treated it like he was joking, but I must say he didn’t appear to be. He’s gone down in my estimation.

  58. El on November 15th, 2011 1:54 pm

    Yes, when I saw that video it really changed my opinion of him. I had thought a lot of him up until then. It kind of explains Booth last season and how he was written. Booth was angry and left Brennan one option. Go along with him or leave. Sort of how HH felt about fans of the show. Booth never explained anything during the season and HH felt like he did not have to explain anything to the fans.

    Many did not understand Booth’s thought process and I could not understand HH’s thought process in what he did to the characters last season. Only that both the character of Booth and that HH were mad. Probably why the character of Brennan was written the way she was as well. It was her who had the problem and needed to change.

  59. AJ on November 15th, 2011 1:55 pm

    @ Caroline and
    IMO David Boreanaz saved the embarassing moment for HH, and he is damn lucky he did.
    Actually to give credit where credit is due, Emily chimed in when David was giving a very detailed and serious comment to the question posed by Andrea. It was Emily who turned it to humor by telling David “So much profanity” ……..there’s a baby here (not exact quote and at least David was trying to give an answer and not be a smart ass).
    I agree Caroline that Michaela looked very uncomfortable.

    You know, it make one wonder if we are getty crappy episodes because it pisses HH off that the fans tell him and his script writers that they have blown it with the characters. After all, they created them, you think they could write them true to character.

  60. Ann (nelliesbones) on November 17th, 2011 6:58 am

    Oh God, thank you! I didn’t want to be ungrateful, but this episode just… sucked. It felt so occ. Brennan isn’t that dumb.
    I totally agree on the pure beauty of the belly/music scene as well.
    But I liked the new intern. He was my second highlight.
    I hope for this week’s ep, but the sneak peek with Brennan talking to the doll felt suspiciously like last week… :-/

  61. Callie on November 19th, 2011 10:43 am

    Ugh yes agreed on about everything. I hate that they’re regressing Brennan’s character just so she can learn a lesson of the week on how to be human when if the writing was consistent it wouldn’t be needed in the first place. I have a hard time picturing Brennan being so careless about the ultrasound we have had examples in the past that would allow us to believe otherwise, and the reasoning was extremely sloppy. It seems the writers think they need to regress the character in order to show character growth, but it wasn’t necessary at all, and it would have been a great episode if say Brennan had invited him to the ultrasound and is happy about how happy he is about coming and then at the end show them at the doctors office learning they were having a baby girl.

    I love the show obviously and the character of Brennan will forever be my favorite, so it’s very bothersome when they sloppily write her character as learning empathy for the first time. It wasn’t needed and kind of insulting to the character.

  62. Julia on November 19th, 2011 9:56 pm

    I’m a school psychologist and I have worked with students with Asperger’s disorder. If the show’s writers are representing Brennen as a person with Asperger’s disorder, then they are spot on. People with Asperger’s disorder can master empathy in certain areas, but when the paradigm shifts, like transitioning from a work relationship to a personal relationship, then they continue to have difficulty developing empathy in those new situations. I agree it’s hard to watch Brennen have to work to understand Booth on this level, but it is a true representation. I’ve experienced it with real people and I don’t think this is off-base. I’d be disappointed if Brennen suddenly did not struggle in these new situations. We see that she has a basic understanding of Booth’s character as she has known him over the years, but she’s learning as their relationship grows closer. I liked this episode and thought it felt true to the character. Especially since she is used to depending on herself. Like all of us, we don’t always get it right after we’ve learned from our mistakes. Again, the writers are just being real.

  63. MrsG on February 18th, 2012 3:35 pm

    that was a mouth full!
    a lil harsh at some points, but you did make a good point about Brennan already having empathy for Booth. I didn’t get that part eighter. and her charging at a man while pregnant? and Booth screaming at her? And for being a black and white video not including Booth?
    Yeah, it was a bad episode.

    But still is one of my favorite shows! I really hope the writers take note and don’t ruin this tv-series for us. WE REALLY LOVE BONES!