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November 11, 2011 by  

So many things on Thursday and I was unfortunately traveling for most of it! Grr.

But, there were some interesting episodes on television last night, so let’s get talking about them…

It was fun to watch Penny and Leonard navigate the post-dating world as friends on THE BIG BANG THEORY. Have they really not hung out alone since they broke up? I suppose the addition of Priya, Amy and the beefing up of Bernadette’s role made it so it wasn’t really necessary for the duo to spend one-on-one time. And Sheldon conquering his fear of birds leading up to his ending announcement of  “I’m going to be a mommy!” (while proudly sheltering a bird egg) was hysterical. I hope the show doesn’t drop that plot and at least references the egg again.

It’s not a secret I enjoy BONES, but last night’s hour was so not my cup of tea. Hot dog eating competitions? Actual, literal, cringing from me. And Brennan neglecting to invite Booth for the ultrasound where she found out they’re having a baby girl (!) was bizarre. There is nothing in their history that would indicate he wouldn’t want to be there and while Brennan might assume some men wouldn’t need it, this is Booth. He said before they were even romantically involved that if they were going to have a kid, he wanted to be all in. Why would that change now that they’re a real couple? And HOW has this issue not come up in all the previous months of the pregnancy?! I understand the time jump was necessary, but Brennan never had another ultrasound? They never talked about finding out the gender? That aside, I will say, Brennan hooking up her music so she and her daughter could hear it just melted my heart. How utterly adorable! [For more on the hour, check out Sarah’s excellent recap here.]

THE OFFICE is just making me sad. I used to love the weird Pam and Dwight dynamic, and in theory it was nice to see them working together to try and “bust” Jim on finding the new temp attractive, but it just felt flat to me. I’ve loved this show for so many years that I don’t want to give up, but right now, I feel like I should avoid watching it Thursday nights and catch up whenever I can On Demand.

My horrible, dreadful TiVo didn’t record THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. I will be catching up on that, THE SECRET CIRCLE, GREY’S ANATOMY (which, unfortunately, I think I was already spoiled on), and THE X FACTOR today.

What stood out to you guys last night?


3 Responses to “About Last Night…THE BIG BANG THEORY, BONES and THE OFFICE”

  1. SueK on November 11th, 2011 3:18 pm

    Neither your cup of tea nor mine. The case/crime was meh. The snake in the body was, however, terrific. But what’s with Brennan? Any woman with a lick of scientific or medical sense would have an ultrasound way before this. How could even Brennan equate wide screen color movies with the ultrasound of ones child? That was the lamest thing that ever came out of Brennan’s mouth or the writer’s room. Not to mention the “walk in my shoes” shtick. That really could have gone somewhere. But what did we get? Brennan driving and talking about wanting intercourse all the time. As if that is all Booth thinks about. Well…don’t get me started down that road. This episode was just a mess.

  2. El on November 11th, 2011 4:43 pm

    REgarding Bones, could not agree more.

  3. MargieL on November 16th, 2011 1:32 pm

    I felt like this was the Season 7 version of S6E3, the “Jersey Shore” episode. Clueless Brennan, exasperated Booth, lousy story line, etc, etc. All in all, a waste of 43 minutes. It’s one thing for Booth and Brennan to have very different takes on life but, we are talking about 2 people who have been partners for 6 years and a couple for 5 months. The way this episode was written, it would seem they are little more than 2 people who recently hooked up and have little knowledge about who the other person really is.