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StarKid SPACE Tour Interview Part II & Exclusive Ticket Giveaway

November 11, 2011 by  


Just as we promised, we are back with part II of our recent chat with members StarKid. During part I of GIVE ME MY REMOTE’s exclusive StarKid interview we talked all about The SPACE Tour and what fans could expect when the tour hit their part of the country.

In the final installment of our interview, I asked Team StarKid some of YOUR fan questions.

Is the Starship story really over?

Are things ‘status quo’ on the Potter threequel front?

What fandoms are the StarKids excited about?

You’ll also find out which legendary character Joey Richter would like to play on the big screen; what Lauren Lopez and GLEE’s Quinn Fabray have in common (besides classmates); which StarKid Meredith Stepien would like to co-star with in a movie and much more.

The SPACE Tour Ticket Giveaway

Tickets are hard to come by, but StarKid wants YOU to be there. They’ve hooked me up with tickets to each of the remaining shows…and one special GMMR reader will score a pair of tickets to one of the final StarKid performances at Irving Plaza in NYC with special guest star, Darren Criss.

UPDATE: Sorry, the ticket giveaway is close and all the winners have been chosen and notified.  But I hope you’ll continue to share your favorite StarKid memories with us. I’ll be seeing Team StarKid next week when they come to Boston and I’m going to be sure to tell them to read all the wonderful memories and kind words you have shared. No doubt they will be touched.


84 Responses to “StarKid SPACE Tour Interview Part II & Exclusive Ticket Giveaway”

  1. Mary Schiffer on November 11th, 2011 5:46 pm

    “From now on, we be doing thing around here MY WAY. We be doing things around here THE UMBRIDGE WAAAAY!” Definitely my favorite quote from AVPM. 😀 When I first heard it, I started laughing so hard I almost peed myself.

    Also, would Darren Criss be at the Boston shows? Because if I met Darren Criss, that would far surpass “YO MOMMA UMBRIDGE.” (Sorry, Joe Walker.) <3

  2. Mary Schiffer on November 11th, 2011 5:47 pm

    Oops, and I would be going to the November 25th 8:00 p.m. Boston show.

  3. Kath Skerry on November 11th, 2011 5:48 pm

    Hey Mary – No, Darren will NOT be at the Boston shows. Just the two at Irving Plaza in NYC.

  4. Julia Molinaro on November 11th, 2011 5:58 pm

    My fave StarKid memory is when I was watching AVPS for the first time and I saw the scene when Bonnie (Hermione) sings “The Coolest Girl” because I’ve associated myself with Hermione since the first time I read Sorcerer’s Stone in third grade, and that song basically described my life. It was very touching for me, and I listen to that song when I need a pick-me-up.
    I would love tickets to the 2:00pm show in Boston on Nov. 25th at the House of Blues!! 😀

  5. Kath Skerry on November 11th, 2011 5:59 pm

    Loving all you Boston folks! I’ll be going to the 8pm show in Boston.

  6. Sarah Mac on November 11th, 2011 5:59 pm

    Favorite Starkid moment? Harry’s rant about Spiderman 3 in AVPM: “Yes, I know but the point of Spiderman 3 was that everything sucks and that falls to SHIT!” Second favorite part? Them singing Not Alone. Get goosebumps every time.

    I would want tickets for the Atlanta show (Tuesday, Nov. 15th at 8 PM)

  7. Sarah Jackson on November 11th, 2011 6:21 pm

    Wow my favorite moment… Hmm. I think the thing that makes this so hard is that every moment is totally awesome. If I have to pick just one moment, I think it’s the moment in LWL when Zack (Brian) asks Tanya (Lauren) for the kiss she owes him and she pecks him on the cheek and says “You’re my boy toy” and Zack just goes “I’m such an idot”. I don’t know why that scene has stuck with me but it just seems like such a Brian thing to do. Plus Brian is my favorite Starkid. He’s cowritten everything except LWL. He’s hilarious (ex: Remus Lupin or Flopsy) and in Starship, he really proved that he can sing as both Junior and Veeto. The show I want tickets for is Atlanta or maybe Charlotte (Atlanta would be better). Thanks for this opportunity and you interview was great. I loved Joe’s comments about how well written Starship is (it’s very true).

  8. Mardie Baldo on November 11th, 2011 6:36 pm

    It would be hard to pick one moment from the shows. I would have to say the highlight for me was meeting 15 of the StarKids at LeakyCon last July. The StarKid performance was totally awesome, spontaneous, and fun; and meeting them the day before at a private meet and greet was one of the best experiences of my life. Such a fun-loving, close-knit, delightful bunch of people. That’s why their friendships have transcended their years in college. They are all best buds and it shows in everything they do!

    November 26th, either show, at Irving Plaza.

  9. Lindsay Tomaszewski on November 11th, 2011 6:46 pm

    I don’t know if I could pick a favorite moment, but a recent moment that stands out…
    I was a dance practice and we were all just sitting around because a few other people needed to work on something else. We were all pretty tired and my friend, Meg, just lies down on the floor and goes, “I’m tired! can’t we just be death eaters?” I could help but bust out laughing and we spent a good part of practice talking about AVPM and StarKid.

    November 26 at 5:00 p.m. New York, New York (Irving Plaza)

  10. Ally Haley on November 11th, 2011 6:50 pm

    My favorite Starkid moment actually took place on the SPACE tour. I know it’s unlikely that I’ll win because I’ve already gone, but hey, if no one else enters for the Cincinnati show I’d love to make the 5 1/2 hour drive to go again. But anyways, my favorite StarKid moment has been hearing Status Quo live on the SPACE tour. That song, since I first heard it, has been my favorite StarKid song. Something about it just…hits me in all of the right ways. It’s racked up well over 700 plays on my itunes, and its to the point that my mom knows almost every word to the song because of how often it’s playing. But hearing it live? Hearing how beautifully Joey, Joe, Dylan, and Brian’s voices lock on it? It made me tear up in both Ann Arbor and Chicago. It is STUNNING to hear live. Clark did an amazing job arranging it how he did. It just…blows my mind. And for all of you who do end up winning this, as I’m sure I wont because of already seeing the tour, you’re in for such a treat. The entire set is amazing. :3

  11. Erika Quinteros on November 11th, 2011 6:52 pm

    I discovered Starkid by accident. But it was the greatest discovery ever made, because it gave me what could be considered the best summer of my life. It was one night, me and my best friend sitting in my room watching the entirety of AVPM while eating crackers and drinking caffenaited water.

    We stayed up all night (caffeine does not agree with us) and around 5am in the morning we began writing a parody of RENT. We were inspired. That summer we rounded up a bunch of our friends and we each took a roll and for the two months of summer we were together almost every day running around with a few cameras and homemade costumes with the silliest script ever, with songs written to the music in RENT.

    The connection from Starkid’s AVPM to this awesome summer I had is partly why I love it, because as Jaime mentions in the interview their friendship, their shenanigans (for lack of a better word…although it is far from just being shenanigans) has brought people together. And it brought me and those friends closer. It brought me and my best friend endless hours of fun and of something relatively productive to do.

    Team Starkid is beyond measure of a doubt as amazing and as wonderful as any one group of people could get, and my favorite thing about them is to put it simply: that they are friends doing what they love and getting absolutely all the support that they should get. Favorite moment of any of their shows: The speech that Joe Walker as Voldermort gives to Quirrel at the end of AVPM, in particular: “…And that you think killing people might make them like you but it doesn’t, it just makes people dead…”

    I am actually only available to go to any of the NYC shows.

  12. Emily G on November 11th, 2011 6:53 pm

    A StarKid moment that I will treasure forEVER is when my sister Trisha and I had flown into Chicago to see Starship and we were eating before the show, at the IHOP on N. Halsted, when suddenly we looked up and out of the IHOP window and Jaime Lyn and Corey were bustling down the street to the show themselves!! It was the first time I ever saw a member of the team in real life, and it happened totally coincidentally, AND it happened to be two of my very favorite StarKids of them all. It was so magical and it was kind of the first moment that really cemented “oh hey, we’re doing this, we’re actually here to see Team StarKid LIVE!” Just totally amazing and I still kind of can’t believe it happened 🙂

    If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d want the Silver Spring tickets, please.

  13. Brooke Helfers on November 11th, 2011 6:53 pm

    November 2009. I came across “A Very Potter Musical” while trying to find new music. One song was all it took to win me over. Seeing the entire group sing “Get Back to Hogwarts” showed me that true friendship is out there. I was going through a difficult time in my life and that musical made everything seem brighter. I owe the majority of my happiness to Team StarKid. If I got the opportunity to see them perform on November 13th at either 3:00 or 8:00 in Dallas, Texas, I would be able to cross one more thing off my bucket list: see a starkid show live. I hope to see y’all there!

  14. Gabi on November 11th, 2011 6:54 pm

    to be honest, I can’t think of just ONE starkid moment that is my favourite. Because to me, Starkid isn’t just a few moments; it’s the whole experience. It was cramming in front of a computer screen to be introduced to AVPM, and realizing that so many of my friends were already watching it. It was the rumors of AVPS, the tales from starship. So, forget one moment in time- my favorite “moment” is still happening; It is knowing that no matter what, there’s a community of friends I’ve been introduced to because of the team.

    11/26, NYC, noon. Please.

  15. Samantha Lupoli on November 11th, 2011 7:03 pm

    You had to give us the hardest question ever asked right? What our favorite StarKid moment is? Ok, well I’ve searched mt brain and 1 line from Starship kept replaying over and over: “Dude! That thing is an R-O-B-O-T!” “Can’t fool me with numbers Krayonder…” I can never keep it together during that scene, also; Tootsie Mega Girl (the simpleton formally known as Tootsie Noodles) is probaby my favorite character from all 4 StarKid productions. I would LOVE to be able to go see Starkid, my family doesn’t understand, but its a really big deal to me. It’s very hard to explain to non-StarKid fans what StarKid means to me, because I know they won’t understand. Its just something that makes me smile, laugh, and is something that lets me escape the seriousness and problem of everyday life. It would mean alot to me if I was chosen, it would honestly be a dream come true.

    Either Boston show, or Either NYC Show on the 26th.

  16. Nicole on November 11th, 2011 7:07 pm

    My name is Draco Malfoy. I am a racist. I despise gingers and mudbloods. I hate gryffindor house. And my parents work for the man who killed yours. Want to be Friends?

    Has to be my favorite quote. And seeing the Starkids would be such a fantastic way to end this year with a BANG. November 26 at 12:00 p.m.: New York, New York (Irving Plaza)

  17. Holly M on November 11th, 2011 7:10 pm

    My favorite Starkid moment is when i went to a darren show in NYC last year, when he still was not too well known and had “the fro” ;). The show was awesome, it was only about 100 people squished into this tiny little room, and darren and charlene kaye both played their awesome music. Joe Moses was also there giving out CD’s which was a great surprise. After the show, everyone was super eager to meet darren (obviously, who wouldn’t be?!) so we everyone started gathering around him to say hi. I felt so bad for him because the poor thing was basically being slowly but surely pushed back into a tiny corner of the room. But, never the less, he was more than happy to sign, take pictures, and say hello to everyone. We had a short conversation about how i thought he was great and about UofM, but it was brief as i didn’t want to hold the rest of the girls up. I went up to Joe Moses and asked if he would sign something for me and he was more than happy to, as was charlene. I was wonderfully surprised as to how down to earth and nice they all were. They are and genuinely nice people, and i”m so grateful for everything they do.

    November 26 at 12:00 p.m.: New York, New York (Irving Plaza) please 🙂

  18. Catherine Vecchio on November 11th, 2011 7:11 pm

    There are so many favorite moments but the first time I ever saw a Starkid musical. My friend had mentioned it to me and the day I watched it had had a very bad and unlucky day. I decided to watch it and it brightened up my day. All the Harry Potter jokes were great. There was never a dull moment and I ended up telling everyone I know about it. The songs were incredible and I couldn’t get them out of my head. I loved how they took so many things from outside of Harry Potter (Zac Efron poster, Spiderman 3 comments, Wizards of Waverly Place, and the Darren Criss Disney songs reference from the second one) Whenever Im down I always look at Starkid videos and it makes my day. The cast seem so kind, funny, and just really great people to be around. I love watching them because they seem like they have way too much fun doing these shows.
    Nov 26 Irving Plaza 5pm
    Would also be a great way to end my Thanksgiving break and a great story to tell my friends back at college the next day.

  19. Jessica Daigle on November 11th, 2011 7:17 pm

    (One of) my favorite Starkid moments has to be their April Fool’s joke: posting Puppy Kitties instead of something Starship related. Not only because I totally fell for it, but also because Puppy Kitties in itself is hilarious and I randomly sing the theme song all the time. I work at a preschool and recently we were acting out nursery rhymes. We needed two cats but only had two stuffed animal dogs and had to pretend they were cats…It took everything I had not to laugh or sing in front of all the three year olds. (KITTIES IN DISGUISE, AS PUPPIES!)
    I love Starkid because the laughter they give us spills over into every day life and makes life that much more enjoyable.
    I’d love to go to the 2pm Boston show Nov 25! It’d be totally (and WICKED) awesome!
    Thanks GMMR!

  20. Susie on November 11th, 2011 7:34 pm

    Hmmmmm… favorite moment? I don’t know that there’s anything better than the first time you watch AVPM and Back to Hogwarts kicks off. I remember just being so wowed and amazed by the talent and creativity that went into. I was absolutely awed. I also don’t know that I’ll ever forget sitting at the midnight debut of Deathly Hallows 2 just BLASTING Harry Freaking Potter.

    Nov. 27, New York (Gramercy Theatre) (damn having to work on Saturday!)

  21. Emily Cable on November 11th, 2011 7:37 pm

    I’d have to say my favorite song from Starship has got to be Status Quo. Not only is it an amazing song, I love the message behind it. Its all breaking the boundaries that people set for you. That’s something I really believe in. Every song in that show has something to learn from and something to live by.
    Oh Starkid, you’re fun shenanigans and secret morals will forever be something that I will aspire to be.

  22. Jamie on November 11th, 2011 7:58 pm

    omg you asked two of my questions! thanks for conducting such a great interview.

  23. Catherine Moy on November 11th, 2011 7:59 pm

    My favorite StarKid moment had to be when I was at Comic-Con this year. I had been waiting outside the convention center since 1am for the Chuck presentation later at 10am and at around 3:45am I heard a scream. I looked to my left and a girl had run up to 2 guys carrying their luggage. It took me a few seconds to figure out who they were, but when I did I carefully placed my laptop down and scrambled then for my shoes. The two guys were Joey Richter and Brian Rosenthal. I ran over with my half-on shoes, complimented their work and asked if I could have a picture with them. They were very tired, but they were really nice and said yes. And then when I went back to my spot in line, the group that had been next to me asked me who they were. I told them they were part of StarKid and that they should check out their work. So not only did I get to meet a few StarKids, but I also got to show new people that StarKid is totally awesome.

    I’d love to go to either NYC show on the 26th, wouldn’t be able to go on the 27th cause then my sister wouldn’t be there.

  24. Kath Skerry on November 11th, 2011 8:03 pm

    These moments are so wonderful to read. Can’t wait until the members of StarKid can read the wonderful things you’ve written about their work.

    @Jamie- Are you Jamie from Minneapolis?

  25. Brittnee Thompson on November 11th, 2011 8:11 pm

    One of my many many many favorite StarKid moments was in Starship when Dylan starts to belt out that Bug needs to “Kick It Up a Notch.” I could always tell that Dylan had a fantastic voice (maybe by the one ridiculous-ly long note he holds in AVPM), but when he started singing “Kick It Up a Notch”, I instantly had goose bumps. Later in the show, Dylan and Meredith sing a beautiful duet together (The Way I Do), it just further confirmed my assumption. I am instantly happy whenever I hear his voice. It’s beautiful and so powerful!

    The whole StarKid troop is amazing. They are original and so delightful to watch. Just by watching their first show (AVPM), you can tell that these guys love to act; It’s their passion. Even if they don’t make a whole lot of money doing this right now (I am sure that is the over-all goal eventually), they still find a way to keep producing great shows. They also give back to the community. You don’t see a new acting group, or any acting group for that matter, giving back or helping out a community (referencing Funtastic Slamaganza). They deserve all the good and greatness that is destined to hit them. Keep up the great work StarKid, your fans love you so much!

    Show: Cincinnati, OH; November 22 at 8:00 p.m

  26. Nicole Singh on November 11th, 2011 8:33 pm

    Every Starkid moment is my favorite, in all honesty, but the one that has impacted me the most definitely has to be when Darren starts to sing “To Have A Home.” I remember watching AVPM and having teared up during Not Alone since that one hit close to home, but after watching the To Have A Home scene, I had come to the conclusion that I just had to to know more about Team StarKid. After that, I fell in love with every single StarKid. I had found a group of people who just affected me in a huge way, reminding me of what I loved and who I really was and what I wanted to be, by watching a musical that got famous by accident.

    I love Team StarKid because they showed me that I should embrace my love for musical theater, given the fact that I’m probably one out of a room full of people in my school who can name a Broadway show other than Cats. They also showed me that hygiene jokes are always acceptable. Ever since I became a fan of them a little over a year ago, I’ve discovered so many things, and changed hopefully for the better. I’ve met a handful of Starkid’s so far, and in the brief moments I had while getting an autograph, a picture, and making some small talk, I realized that not only are these people hilarious, talented, and impossibly good looking, but they were- honest to god- the nicest people I’ve ever met.

    Team Starkid had basically saved me. They’ve played such a huge role in my life. They’re to thank for bringing someone I barely knew into my life and making them one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Even though I have a long way to go, I know that the things I’ve taken from watching their shows and listening to what they have to say to the world will always be with me. They’ve shaped and changed the way I see things and the way I want to live my life. To be able to see them actually perform songs that cheered me up, made me snort (literally) with laughter, and hit soft spots with certain lyrics would probably be one of the best things that could happen to me.

    If I could see them at ANY of the NYC shows, any place, any time, I would be forever thankful. 🙂

  27. Jess Kaganskiy on November 11th, 2011 8:48 pm

    I only discovered Starkid this past summer. And i would like to say that i am so happy that i did. I feel like every moment is a memorable one, there are so many great quotes and songs in their musicals. One moment in particular that find so hilarious every time i watch it is in “A Very Potter Sequel” when the girls first meet Mama Umbridge and she gives them that whole speech about boys, alcohol, and parties the part when she says “Dolores, girl, you put down that cheesecake, you throw out that fondue, and STAND UP STAND UP GIRL”. It makes me think of my field hockey coach because that’s exactly something she would say. Basically all of the things Umbridge says are so funny.

    Another one of my favorite characters is Malfoy, in both “A Very Potter Musical” and “A Very Potter Sequel” there are so many fanstastic and quotable lines. Draco Malfoy might be my favorite character out of all of the plays. I was Malfoy for Halloween 🙂 All of the plays are so great i can’t even pick a favorite, when you watch them you just want to be a Starship Ranger or travel to Mars to go to Pigfarts.

    Meeting the Starkids or just seeing them perform live would be the coolest thing ever. I’m so jealous of everyone that got tickets to a show. They all just seem like really cool people and they’re really inspiring. I can’t pick a favorite Starkid, they all seem really cool and funny. I’ve been reading about the tour on twitter and it just seems so totally awesome, i would love to be able to go see it.

    I am only able to go to the New York shows, but i would love to go to one on November 26th either 12:00 or 5:00 at Irving Plaza.
    Thank You for this opportunity!!!

  28. Gemma Lyons on November 11th, 2011 9:07 pm

    So far my favourite memory of being a part of the starkid fandom deffinatley has to be getting my starkid tattoo, because not only was it fun to give them a perminent representation on my body but I also got to tell a whole bunch of people, mainly my tattoo artist Dallas, about all the starkid shows. We are also travelling from England to try and see this tour so I’m hoping to make a whole load of new memories there!

    We can get to the NY evening show at the Irving Plaza or the Gramercy Theatre one in NY.

  29. Miranda Wolfe on November 11th, 2011 9:33 pm

    My favorite part about Starkid is how wonderful everyone is.

    The Starkids themselves are the best people to look up to: they’re silly, they’re wonderful friends and they always seem to have a good time. That’s inspiring for me, that they’re such wonderful friends and they work so well together. They don’t even make too much money from it – they just do it for fun and for us. They can always make a person feel good when they’re feeling down. I’ve heard all sorts of ways that Starkid has made an imprint on peoples’ lives; it’s many of us fans much more self-confident, happy and overall just better people. It’s even helped to end peoples’ depression or stop them from committing suicide, and that’s really inspiring for me that something so light-hearted and silly can make such a serious impact on a life. The shows are all very silly, but they all seem to have an underlying message – it’s just told in a more fun way.

    The fans are wonderful too. I have met wonderful people because of Starkid, both online in the fan community and in real life because of how Starkid has brought me out of my shell. I’ve become so much happier and more outgoing. It has also got me into singing and acting, which I enjoyed before but I was never brave enough to take it on in more ways than inside my bedroom, and now I’ve found that it’s something I really enjoy. The fans are all different, but united by Starkid, and that’s great. It’s amazing to me how many people can be brought together by something like this. We’re like a box of crayons; all different colors but all… crayons. I guess. We’re all so nice and silly and we understand each other, and I feel like coming home when I enter the fandom online. It’s just awesome.

    That was kind of long-winded and serious, but I think I got my point across, which is that Starkid is totally awesome, and it’s changed us all for the better.

    (Cough) November 22 at 8:00 p.m. Cincinnati, Ohio (Cough)

  30. Liz Raymond on November 11th, 2011 9:58 pm

    My favorite starkid moment honestly was watching their shows on Youtube for the first time. I was so impressed with A very potter musical that immediately after watching, that i began to view everything they had on their youtube channel. Each show that they produce gets better and better. I am amazed by their talent and cant wait to see what they have in store for the future. On a personal note, the song Coolest Girl has helped me realize that Hermione Granger is awesome and that every girl should aspire to be like her. The song has helped on my bad days, as I recover from a seven year battle with having an eating disorder. These shows have also helped decided that i want minor in stage management when i transfer to a four year college.

    November 26 either show at Irving Plaza

  31. Danielle Polin on November 11th, 2011 10:00 pm

    I have 4 favorite starkid moments. The first is the Darren concert I went to in June. It was one of the first few concerts I’ve been to and also the best I could have asked for. We were in the front row, he opened with my favorite Disney song, HE BROUGHT LAUREN LOPEZ OUT ON STAGE not even 5 feet away from me (!!!!), and then ended the show with a Starkid song :’).
    A few months later, we met Darren on the set of Imogene (only about 3 hours of waiting and hoping, nbd). Too starstruck to speak and too shy to ask for a hug, we did get autographs and pictures, AND walked across a street with him. He’s just the greatest guy though.
    The other 2 are both of the Joe Moses One-Man Showses shows I went to. I met some incredible fellow fans that I’ve somehow missed at every other event I’ve been to, shared Tumblr URLs and sang Get Back to Hogwarts, I met (and hugged!) Joe, AJ Holmes (let’s just talk about how beautiful and talented he is), and Britney Coleman, and just had a great time at great shows.
    Starkids are such wonderful people- they embody friendship and happiness but are honest and relatable enough to make fun of the same values. They inspire so many people just by having fun and doing what they love. They are loved for being themselves, and that’s really the best any person can wish for.
    (and I’d like to go to the Gramercy Theatre show in NYC on the 27th :])

  32. Ally Haley on November 11th, 2011 10:19 pm

    Okay, I officially have a new favorite StarKid moment that literally just happened and really shows the time each one of them takes to make fans happy. In Ann Arbor I got the good fortune of meeting Team StarKid and I wanted something special for them to sign, so I painted myself and a fair few other people canvases with the Starkid logo on them. When I was in there, each of them made me feel so special by complimenting me on them, and other fans I encountered who I had given them too kept saying “I’ve been getting so many compliments on this! Thank you so much!” but then, Jaime in particular seemed to really love it. So then I offered to make her one considering they’re not that hard to make and I enjoy doing it, and she said “I definitely would not say no!” so within the few days between Ann Arbor and Chicago I painted a larger canvas for all of them to share because I didn’t have the time to paint them each one as I wanted to after I offered to make one for Jaime. So then I gave it to her when she appeared in mid afternoon in Chicago and told me she was going to hang it on the bus and to tweet her about it and I was just…over the moon with excitement and happiness because…even if it wasn’t hung up on the bus it was just an amazing moment. Today, though, she tweeted me as seen here:!/jaimelynbeatty/status/135187078030966784/photo/1 and I honestly couldn’t be happier right now. This isn’t for an entry. This is just to share an amazing moment that just happened with people who may appreciate it. :3

  33. Yanitza on November 11th, 2011 10:51 pm

    Alright I am gonna keep it short and sweet. “B**** I ain’t Cho Chang!” The moment I heard that I was hooked. Followed by when Darren performed in San Antonio! Ahhh!

  34. Yanitza on November 11th, 2011 10:54 pm

    Oh an one last thing! Any Dallas tickets would be much appreciated! Just remembered that I sang that part of the song right when my Asian friend walked by…… I had to explain to her that I wasn’t racist! Haha good times!

  35. Leslie Huynh on November 11th, 2011 11:17 pm

    Unfortunately, I’ve never had any encounter with the Starkids, but my favorite moment ever was just discovering the musicals. I was obsessed with Harry Potter when I clicked on something called StarKidPotter. I was so confused but decided to check it out, and then I was hooked. Starkid dominated my entire 2010 summer and has made my life a whole lot brighter. I can’t help but smile when I see something Starkid-related. I’ve also made a ton of new friends because of them. :3 And I’d love tickets to the 12:00 show on Nov. 26 show in New York (Irving Plaza)

  36. Eden Girma on November 11th, 2011 11:20 pm

    I will always regard May 7 as the best day of my life. Why? Here’s the story –

    Three of my friends and I were in Urbana, Illinois for the Digitour, where Starkid was going to perform. Obviously, we were all practically peeing in our pants with excitement. So while we were waiting in this huuuge line in front of the theater, I told my friends in needed to go to the bathroom SUPER BAD. There was an empanadas restaurant very close by (literally, like 20 steps away), so I headed over there while my friends kept our place in line.

    The first thing I see when I enter the door of the restaurant is Brian Holden’s checkered shirt.

    At first, I didn’t believe it – RIGHT in front of me where all the Starkids that I’ve watched, sang along with, obsessed about. I rush out to my friends in line and breathlessly whisper, “Guys. The empanadas restaurant. THE STARKIDS ARE IN THE EMPANADAS RESTAURANT.” We all immediately left our place in line and went there, and my friends started freaking out once they saw Joey Richter, Lauren Lopez, Dylan Saunders, Joe Walker, Jaime Lynn Beatty – THEY WERE ALL THERE, JUST SITTING AT A TABLE, EATING EMPANADAS.
    Of course, we didn’t want to be super rude and go up to them while they were eating, so we kinda just sat at a table, being creepers, anxiously looking over our shoulders and giggling and trying to convince ourselves this actually ISN’T a dream (: (We ordered some food too, and it was yummy :D)
    Afterwards, we managed to talk to them. It was so amazing, because each and every one of them were SO nice, and it was just a really fun, casual conversation. At the meet and greet after the Digitour concert, they all remembered our names! (Merideth even sang a little song to us about the restaurant and us eating sandwiches!!)
    It was honestly the best moment I’ve ever had. (And that’s my story!)

    I’m really hoping that I could have the two tickets for November 26 at 5:00 p.m (Irving Plaza). Thank you so much for having this contest!! 😀

  37. Elizabeth Malley on November 11th, 2011 11:35 pm

    I think my favorite thing about Starkid is how genuine and sincere everyone is. Looking at their Twitters and fan’s reactions to meeting them, they are one of the funniest, most genuine groups of people I have ever watched perform. You can tell that they love what they’re doing and love performing for people that get pure joy from seeing them. I think this tour wasn’t for anyone but the fans. It is their way of saying thank you the only way they know how: by making us laugh. They are all humble beyond compare and share so much with their fans. They make it seem like not only are the Starkid members a family but the fans are a family with them. It’s such a loving fandom and I can only assume that is because of the loving example that the Starkids themselves set. As a college student, I can only hope I am half as lucky as the Starkids in finding a group of friends that I can share my passion with.

    I would love to go to the Orlando show on the 16th. It means skipping my night class but I have been good and do not have a single absence so far. Starkid is worth breaking that streak.

  38. Ashley Paw on November 11th, 2011 11:44 pm

    November 26 at 12:00 p.m.: New York, New York (Irving Plaza)
    November 26 at 5:00 p.m.: New York, New York (Irving Plaza)
    November 27 at 4:00 p.m.: New York, New York (Gramercy Theatre)

    Hmm, above the comment box it says speak your mind. Yep, i’m going to do exactly that! I’d just like to start of and say that i’m flexible to any of the above dates cause I live here in New York. Now onto my favorite part… Well, i’m tempted to say everything was amazing, which it was! But my absolute favorite part was from Starship where they found out Bug was actually a… bug! The way Denise portrayed February was amazing! Yes, she was a ditzy blonde but at that particular moment when she said “Why did you lie to me, Bug?” It was her finest moment. Then when Joey said “I knew I loved you the second I laid eyes on that mucus sac,” I was finished. Anyway, this scene was something that could have been taken right out of a Nicholas Sparks novel! It was just so beautiful and for a musical comedy to reduce me to tears? I was sold that these are some damn good talented actors and amazing writers.

    I would love to see the Team live because they are literally my life at the moment. I kind of got detention in school for singing a song from Me and My Dick down the hallway. Oops. I want to say they are my inspiration in life but I would be lying. Yes, I love them and all but I just can’t sing… or act. I can dance though so that should count for something! Wait, does that mean they are my part inspiration? Tyler dances and he’s damn good at it. 😉 Either way, I want to be a professional dancer when I grow up so i’m still going into the performing arts category. Maybe if they continue with their career, they will make it to Broadway and i’ll be in the background dancing. Who knows? I think I got of topic from the beginning sentence. Well, they are my life currently. When I first heard about the tour, I was so excited my house turned upside down! The tickets were cheap and I had a chance of going! Not V.I.P. though… those were still too expensive. I was on the phone with the LiveNation people and then I found out the tickets sold out in 15 seconds. Then I started looking everywhere for tickets! I checked stubhub and ticket liquidator but it’s not in my budget to buy the resold ones. My parents decided it was still too expensive. At this late hour I was browsing the wonderful internet and stumbled upon this. My immediate reaction? ASDFGHJKL. I have a chance to go! Hopefully you guys can make that happen. 🙂

    Since I told you why I want to go and stuff, i’ll tell you about myself. My name is Ashley and i’m 14. I live here in the wonderful (and loud) city of New York. I’m a die hard Potterhead and when I first heard of TSK, I actually got mad because I hate it when people make insulting parodies of Harry Potter. Then sometime in September of 2010, my friend Chariel, who encouraged me to watch it, came over one day and we played it. By Act 1 Part 2, I was hooked. First of all, they were HILARIOUS and I thought Joey was hot. It was his crooked jaw that attracted me. I decided that a while ago. After that, I watched AVPS which killed me inside! Plus, I saw more of Tyler and his dancing blew. me. AWAY. He’s also the reason I love dancing and even though he’s not on the tour, I thank him! I’m kind of entering this contest for my friend too, the one that introduced my to the wonderful world of Team Starkid. She would enter it seperately but her parents won’t let her. My parents basically encouraged me and told me I have nothing to lose! Then they told me to leave them alone so they could sleep. So here I am! Hope you’ll read my entry and consider me. 🙂

  39. Jasmin Rivera on November 11th, 2011 11:47 pm

    1.November 26 at 5:00 p.m.: New York, New York (Irving Plaza)
    2.November 26 at 12:00 p.m.: New York, New York (Irving Plaza)
    3.November 27 at 4:00 p.m.: New York, New York (Gramercy Theatre)

    If you were to meet me, you would think I’m your average NYC girl but once you start talking to me you’d realize how obsessed I really am. Well, I wouldn’t say obsessed…more like DEDICATED. I would have to say that I watch AVPM, AVPS, Me & My Dick, LWL, or Starship atleast once a day. I could recite some of each to you…if you’d like ;). StarKid, honestly, makes me feel like I fit in. Since I’ve been made fun of before, it helped me cope. In a sense, StarKid was and still is my security blanket. I’m not trying to sound all mushy but it really is. Honestly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Little White Lie. Since I watched StarKid before Glee, I knew who Darren was. He was and still is my favorite. So as I was watching Glee I saw Darren and I was confused for a minute. I was like, “Wait…haven’t I seen him from somewhere? oh…my…god…ITS DARREN. MOM ITS DARREN.” That is exactly how it went. My mom also loves Darren. I guess you could call her a cougar, roar. So both of us love Darren. My locker is covered with pictures of him. Hes just so supermegafoxyawesomehot. Do you know how loud I screamed during the kiss with Sami in LWL? My father said, “What the devil is going on here?” and I was like,” Dad how do you know that?” and he was like, “Well, you watch it all the time.” I EVEN HAVE MY FAMILY ON STARKID! Other than Darren, I also love Lauren Lopez. She is just flawless. I want to look just like her when I get to be her age. “You’re my boy, boy toy. You know you are my favorite boy.” Yeahhhh, Boy Toy is my ringtone right now. Shes adorable! I really wanted to go to the Space tour but as I was on the site ready to get the tickets….it said there weren’t any available. I was like what!!! So I kept trying and I couldn’t get any :(. My other friends have tickets except for me. They are all going. I really really really want to go. I would do anything. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  40. Sarah Jackson on November 12th, 2011 12:08 am

    @Ally Haley I saw those tweets and your poster looked totally mega foxy awesome hot!

  41. Ally Haley on November 12th, 2011 1:17 am

    @Sarah Jackson thank you xD I’m just…amazed right now still. I can’t believe that something I made is hanging there for them to see every day on tour. Just…jeeze. O_O xD

  42. Patricia on November 12th, 2011 8:32 am

    My favorite Starkid moment? I guess it was more like a realization of how awesome they really were with all the dozens of subtle references to other geek- and fandoms alike. When Richard said in an AVPS “I’ll be an indian brave” I just about squeeled because of the PeterPan reference. Nevermind the more ‘adultery’ references they seem to make left and right ;). I salute those awesome writing skills as well as the perfecting timing they’ve got there. Just watching/ hearing a small fragment makes my day. And I’ll be grinning like a fool again.

    Actually. I hope my favorite Starkid moment is yet to come.

    Because together with a fellow Starkid/ best friend we decided to fly from Europe towards NYC. We haven’t gotten tickets yet, but on the scalpers site they keep getting cheaper and cheaper. So just before we leave we’ll get a pair and take our chances! I’m in my last year of university and right smack in the middle of my exams, but I managed to rearrange them so that on the last day of them I’ll be leaving for NewYork and be just in time for the weekend to see them live (or to atleast cast a glimpse of them). ‘Sides. I’ve never been to either NYC or the US before. Might as well make it a kickass (intercontinental) roadtrip.

    so yea… ^^;

    I would prefer any of the NewYork tickets really. Not picky in that matter.

    Btw is awesome just reading bout everyone’s favorite Starkid moments. 🙂

  43. laura Restrepo on November 12th, 2011 1:56 pm

    first of all love both interviews!!!! my favorite part of STARKID is the message of the songs and the shows… everytime I’m having a bad day I just put on the songs and laugh!!! It also reminds me of my friendships with my college friends… my favorite description of them was when Alex from Leakynews said that starship was a bunch of friends playing make belief and inviting you to join!!!! It is how I feel about it and I love it!!!!! One of the reasons I really want to go to the show is because its my 25th birthday on November 20th and it would be the best birthday present ever to spend time making my day!!!!
    I want to go to new york any day or time as I live outside Philly and I can get to NYC really easy!!! However, if that is not possible I can also get to Ohio!!!! Basically I really want to go and the places near where I can go are all sold out!! 🙁 I love STARKID!!! PLEASE!!!

  44. Wilhelmena Dreyer on November 12th, 2011 2:44 pm

    I don’t want to win, but I do want to share one of my favorite memories. About a month and a half ago I found out I had PKD. It’s an incurable disease and it is very scary, I don’t want to go into detail about it but you can look it up online. I was with one of my best Starkid friends who is also a big fan when she said ” Get Back Up is the perfect song for right now!” So we sang get back up repeatedly along with other songs. Starkid literally got me through finding out I have an incurable disease. I do not want to win this contest because I have already been to the SPACE tour, I cried during get back up. Starkid is such an inspiration for me and watching their musicals or even listening to their music always brightens my day. When I went to the SPACE tour my friend and I were singing and dancing in our seats, at the end we got up and danced, some people were just standing there, I have no idea how! It felt like it was where i belonged. My only regret was not getting a souvenir program because of certain complications with my ride and the fake ending. <3 But it's ok I got tons of pics and I got a pin and slap bracelet (someone stood in line for me and got them). It was the best night of my life. I wish I could relive it over and over again. If there is some way Team Starkid is magically reading this: I want to say thank you, thank you for being an inspiration you made me want to become a good actress, you got me through several hard times, several fights, THANK YOU!! That is all, I hope the winner of this contest has the time of their life, just like me!!

    Hugs and Butterfly Kisses,
    Your Friend,
    Wilhe <3

  45. Collette Radau on November 12th, 2011 3:20 pm

    On November 9th, 2010, a man named Darren Criss came into my life.

    He lead the most beautiful group of boys named the Warblers into my heart and millions of others.

    He gave me beautiful music and the voice of a wizard angel to be repeatedly played on my iPod.

    He introduced me to the world of StarKid and their incredible fans. He gave me a home, many new friends, and one of the best summers of my life.

    He inspired me to not be afraid of my dreams, even if they seemed to big or silly, and now I am pursuing what I have always loved and dreamed of doing.

    His portrayal of Blaine and the development of his friendship and eventual love with Kurt made me believe in true love again, even though I have no examples of it in real life, even though I have been let down and disappointed time after time.

    He gave me not one, but a million reasons to believe, to dream, to love, to laugh, to live again.

    Thank you Darren for everything. ♥

    On June 27th, 2011, a group of people named Team StarKid came into my life.

    They gave me 5 amazing musicals to watch that me sing, laugh, and want to share with the world.

    They taught me to be myself, to not care what others think.

    They led me to the most kind, caring, crazy, lovable, fanbase in the entire world.

    They showed me that there thousands and thousands of other people out there who are just like me.

    They gave me one of the best summers of my life, filled with musical watching and friendship making.

    They inspired me to not be afraid of my dreams, even if they seemed to big or silly, and now I am pursuing what I have always loved and dreamed of doing.

    They gave me not one, but a million reasons to believe, to dream, to love, to laugh, to live again.

    They showed me that I am not alone.

    Thank you Team StarKid for everything. ♥

    I love Team StarKid. I love Darren Criss. That’s all there is to it.

  46. Collette Radau on November 12th, 2011 3:23 pm

    (sorry, forgot to put in that I would like tickets for the 1st or 2nd New York Irving Plaza shows!)

    Thank you ♥

  47. Rena on November 12th, 2011 5:56 pm

    My favorite moment is when AJ Holmes gives Joey the candy in the first AVPM. I laugh absolutely every single time I watch it, I adore that moment, it never fails to cheer me up.

    November 27 at 4:00 p.m.: New York, New York (Gramercy Theatre)

  48. Jessica on November 12th, 2011 6:01 pm

    …you can’t possibly expect me to just pick one favorite moment!

    I loved watching all of the shows on YouTube, I loved rewatching all of the shows on YouTube with my friends, I loved rewatching all of the shows on YouTube with my friends while trying to convince our other friends to watch it. I loved watching their miscellaneous livestreams and reading their tweets and interviews.

    The StarKids are absolutely wonderful and never cease to make me laugh. Their shows and songs are brilliant and terribly entertaining.

    They’re silly fans like the rest of us and it’s so nice seeing them do what they love 🙂

    Tickets to any of the New York shows would be fantastic!

  49. Cristina Grace on November 13th, 2011 10:09 am

    I have been a fan of Team Starkid for about 2 years now and I’d just like to say that I love them so much. I was going through a rough time, a dark time, internally, where I felt really worthless and a disappointment. Like everything I tried to do just made everything worse. It got pretty bad at one point. But, the song “Not Alone,” both the AVPM version and Darren’s solo version, l always seemed to cheer me up, no matter how sad I was. It never failed to make me smile. Whenever I feel down, I just pull up YouTube and watch all of Starkid’s musicals. A Very Potter Sequel is my favorite 🙂

    I narrowly missed my chance to get tickets for the SPACE Tour show in New York. I’d love more than anything to go to the 2nd show at Irving Plaza or the show at the Gramercy Theater. I hope you consider giving me the chance to see the amazing talents of Team Starkid live. It would truly mean the world to me and it would be an experience I would never, ever forget.

    Thank you,

  50. Sarah Jackson on November 13th, 2011 1:56 pm

    Hey I know I already mentioned my favorite moment but I would just like to say that my plans for next weekend have been finalized now and although Atlanta still works, Charlotte would be better. You have no idea how much these tickets would mean to me thanks so much for the chance.

  51. Courtney on November 13th, 2011 2:49 pm

    My favorite moment was when my 4 year old told somebody “I ain’t Cho Chang!” (I thought it best not to teach her the first word of the quote.)

    I’d love to see any of the NY shows. Thanks!

  52. Kathryn O'Toole on November 13th, 2011 6:20 pm

    I have many favorite songs by Starkid, but the one that’s been sticking with me the most lately is “Days of Summer.” This has been an exceedingly difficult fall for me; a friend and mentor who I was very close to moved away, my grandmother passed away, and then a very close family friend who has been like an honorary father to me passed away fairly quickly and unexpectedly. This all happened within the space of a month and a half…and “Days of Summer” has been the song I’m constantly returning to when I need some solace. Because it “don’t matter if it’s sooner or later, I know that it’s gonna be alright.” The people that I have lost this fall “are the part of me that make me better wherever I go”–and I owe it to Starkid for reminding me of that whenever I feel like I’m being crushed with the weight of it all.

    I don’t actually need tickets; perhaps I can attribute it to my shaky emotional state and the reliance on Starkid music I have developed to get me through all this, but I have foolishly poured forth money on two concerts already, and I have tickets for the Silver Spring show and the Gramercy Theatre show in NYC. So, this technically isn’t an entry for tickets; I just wanted to share my story of the incredible difference Starkid has made in my life, particularly during this rough period. They truly are totally awesome!!!

  53. Larissa Gonzalez on November 13th, 2011 8:16 pm

    HI!! My name is Larissa and I just turned 18 last month! I wanted tickets for the Orlando show on November 16th at 8pm for my birthday, but my parents were too late on getting them! My favorite Starkid moment is when my friends went to LeakyCon over the summer and met Team Starkid, they got a video of Joey Richter saying hi to me!!! When I saw the video I started to cry because Joey is my all time favorite Starkid and it was so amazing that he took time to say hello and that my friends actually asked him for me! I am absolutely obsessed with Team Starkid; I’ve turned all my friends into Starkids and plan to meet new Starkid friends! If I had to opportunity to go to the Space Tour in Orlando on November 16th at 8pm, I will probably cry again from excitement and be forever grateful to GMMR!!!
    Thank you so much!! []:D

  54. Ashlie on November 13th, 2011 11:49 pm

    My name is Ashlie, I’m twenty and thanks to my brother and my friend I’ve become a huge fan of Starkid. I would love to be able to win the Cincinnati, Ohio (Bogart’s) tickets for November 22 at 8:00 p.m. I’ve recently gone to the Cleveland show at House of Blues and it was just such an amazing experience ( which is why I would say it is my favorite Starkid moment) that I would love to do it all over again. Also, my favorite character is of course Umbridge due to the fantastic performance by Joe Walker.

  55. Gina on November 14th, 2011 12:50 am

    If I were to go to any of the StarKid shows, it would have to be one of the New York ones because I live in Jersey, and it would be the most convenient. I was supposed to go to the November 26th 5:00 show, but I’m not sure if I can afford the tickets anymore since both of my parents have just been laid off, and won’t be getting paid for a while. It really kind of sucks, but so is life lol.

    My favorite StarKid memory was seeing the Joe Moses One Man Showses on August 21. I went with my mom and my sister, and it was a blast. It was hilarious; the improv was amazing and the skits were so funny I was laughing the entire time. It was also an added bonus that I happened to be there when a ton of my favorite people were there besides Moses; to name drop a few: Tyler Brunsman, Chuck Criss (I didn’t get to speak to him, but he sat right behind me and believe me I DEFINITELY noticed him there lol), Mia Von Glitz, Joe Walker, Charlene Kaye, and Darren Criss. If you couldn’t tell, I’m huge fans of all of those people. It felt like, like, I can’t even explain it – it was almost surreal. Like, I’m in this small room with 7 of my favorite people for an entire hour. It felt crazy, which probably sounds really weird and creepy. Okay, I’m gushing, I’ll stop. But anyways, during the show, I even got balls-y enough to call out a song when Darren asked if anyone requested any and nobody answered. Of course, I came up with the most random song ever, that doesn’t have Darren singing in it (it was “Different As Can Be” just so you know), but still, he looked up to me and smiled and asked me to repeat myself, then after goofing off smiled and said “We’re just kidding!” This might not seem like a big deal, but when your idol talks to you, even in a crowd of people and for just a second, it was a HUGE deal. After the show, I even got to meet Charlene, Tyler, Walker, and Moses! It was amazing. They were all so nice and super funny. I couldn’t believe how down-to-earth and humble they were. They are just like, as weird as this sounds, normal dude just chilling. I mean, I know they’re normal, but it was weird; it wasn’t like they were in the middle of a meet and greet. They treated everyone like they were friends and made small talk and asked them if they enjoyed it, and I thought that was so cool of them. The whole night was amazing. I met people in line who loved the same stuff as I did, I got to go to the city for the day, and then top it off with that excellent show. That is definitely one of my favorite StarKid moments.

  56. Addie Jinaid on November 14th, 2011 4:48 am

    My favourite Starkid moment is actually when I first watched A Very Potter Musical. I had so much stuff going on in my life. I had lost someone very dear to me and I had a lot of issues to deal with and Harry Potter had always been a huge part of my life growing up, so my favourite moment was when the lights came up during AVPM. Darren was sitting on the suitcase and he wiped a curl away from his forehead and I was so intrigued because it was something new. I’ve always loved musicals so putting musicals and Harry Potter together just blew me away. The moment that I was totally hooked was when Ron and Harry were going to Diagon Alley with the use of Floo Powder and they just walked in a circle saying “Floo powder power, Floo powder power”. I burst out laughing. It was the first time I had really laughed in a while. It was so simple but it was the most hilarious thing to me at the time because of how ridiculous it was. AVPM wasn’t too showy and it didn’t try to ride on the fame of Harry Potter. It was just a simple musical by fans for the fans. It inspired me and changed my life in so many ways.
    Actually, now that I think about it I might have two favourite moments. Is that allowed? I loved the song “Days of Summer” and the little speech Harry gave after it and of course when they ended with Get Back to Hogwarts. That was the full circle moment. So many of us were sad that Harry Potter was done. The books were finished, the movies were almost completed, and the last thing we have left were the musicals which we believed were done. Harry Potter was our world. It certainly was mine. The amount of friends I made just because I was a Potterhead. The things I experienced because of J.K. rowling’s creation. Harry’s speech at the end of “Days of Summer” were to the fans, of course. Telling us that it wasn’t over. The books might be done and we might never have the experiece of getting excited for the next film to come out ever again, but that didn’t matter. Because we experienced it. And generations after us will experience it (especially my future children because I will force them to). Potter lives on forever. Every time I think of the song or the speech, I start tearing up. Team Starkid made me love the thing I already loved more. I made the best friends I ever had because of Team Starkid. I learned to smile again and to enjoy life. No matter what happens to me, I know just listening to a few Starkid albums, rewatching the musicals, or just watching videos of them goofing around will always make me feel better.

    November 26 at 5:00 p.m.: New York, New York (Irving Plaza) (I’m hoping to get tickets for this time so I can finally meet my best friend who is coming to that show. We met on Tumblr and she’s better than any other friend I’ve ever had in my life. She’s helped me so much and we videochat like all the time and I would love to share this experience with her, but I would be fine with any New York show as long as I get to actually see Team Starkid live. Fingers crossed!)

  57. Jeffrey on November 14th, 2011 1:15 pm

    I was introduced to Starkid by a close friend shortly after AVPM (The Harry Potter Musical at the time) was uploaded. From the moment the lights faded in on Darren and the music started playing, I knew that this was something magical. I have stuck with Starkid since the beginning and feel like a part of something when I see how many people claim the fandom as their own like I do. So to narrow down the past few years to one defining, favorite moment would be difficult and honestly a little belittling to the rest of the moments. I love it all as a whole. Starkid Productions. They have made me feel included in something special.

    I know there are a lot of people here that want the tickets. I get that. This is a big deal. Honestly, I already have a ticket to the Charlotte show. The reason I am entering this is to give my friend a chance to go with me. He can’t afford a ticket, so my best option to get him in with me is to try to win this. It would be so great if he could go with me!

  58. Erin on November 14th, 2011 7:45 pm

    I loved kid nation!! and avatar the last airbender! aaaaaaaaaaand i’m super excited for the hobit.
    But not as excited as i am for SATURDAY, when i go to the SPACE TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  59. Miranda Wolfe on November 14th, 2011 8:12 pm

    Rereading my comment, I feel like I was being really analytical (if that’s a word) and serious, and I didn’t talk about myself. And everyone loves to talk about themselves.

    I really am a HUGE Starkid fan. I only discovered Starkid fairly recently and I feel I am a bigger fan than some of the fans who have been with Starkid for longer. My friends and I spend spare time at lunch singing Starkid songs, from all of the shows and Little White Lie. We started a Save Calvin Foundation at our school and gave out buttons. When someone says something, most of the time I have a slightly related Starkid quote to say back to them and they get confused. I’ve become famous for being something of a quote-machine – even teachers don’t question it anymore, or my binder that I’ve decorated with photos.

    I love all the Starkid songs, and I’ve learned many of the dances – they’re just so much fun. I’ve written Starship and LWL fanfiction. I can easily recite most scenes from most of the shows. Sometimes I’ll recite them to myself in school, or with friends.

    I’ve converted all of my friends into Starkids – it’s not quite the same as my fan-friends online, but they’re still fun. I would LOVE SO MUCH to get these tickets. I keep checking back to see if anyone else wants the Cincinnati ones. It’s SO important to me.

    That’s all. I just felt like I should add something, even though I’ve now written a mini-essay. I’m kind of freaking out about it.

  60. Antara Chowdhury on November 14th, 2011 9:06 pm

    Because I couldn’t go to LeakyCon, I watched all the videos I could find of the StarKid performances. My favorite Starkid moment was when Darren sang the end of “To Have a Home,” and the other StarKids jumped up and wrapped their arms around him in one big group hug while Darren was still singing in the middle. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to actually be in the room with them, seeing the other StarKids crying (you can actually see Brian Holden and Lauren wiping away their tears) and realizing how much the words of the song relate to Darren being back with the Starkids after being apart from them for so long.

    Before he started singing, Darren talked about how a lot of the LeakyCon attendees met online and how gathering with everyone in one place is like having a home, and those words ring true for every single StarKid fan. The reason why I desperately want to go to the SPACE Tour is because I only know one other person who is a StarKid fan, and I don’t see her much because we go to different schools and live far away from each other. All of the other fans that I talk to are online. Watching Darren sing “To Have a Home” made me cry, because it was amazing to see how happy he was to be back with his best friends from college, singing at a Harry Potter convention. It’s so beautiful to see the simple joy that someone can have just from being with their friends. That’s what going to the SPACE Tour would give me – an opportunity to see my friend again, make new friends, and the simple joy of being with other fans.

    I’ve never been lucky enough to see StarKid perform live or meet other passionate StarKid fans, yet I still feel like we’re all one big family. Whenever I’m depressed, crying about my home life or about how stressed out I am from school, I watch the “To Have a Home” LeakyCon performance and it instantly makes me feel better. I think that’s the very essence of StarKid and why so many people relate to them – they make us feel united. I want to have the chance to be with other people who get me and understand why I’m so passionate about a bunch of goofy grown up kids who perform musicals.

    “For the first time in my life, I don’t feel so alone.” That’s how StarKid makes me feel. It might sound crazy, but when the StarKids have that big group hug, it’s like I’m a part of it too. This was my favorite moment because that hug is the very epitome of friendship and love.

    (If anyone wants to watch the video I’m talking about, here’s the link: )

    I can attend either of the NYC shows on the 26th, but the 5 PM showing is preferable.

    Thank you so much for this contest and giving us the opportunity to win tickets! It really means a lot.

  61. Amber on November 15th, 2011 12:59 am

    One of the things I like best about Team StarKid is that they seem like such a great group of people who truly care about, and are intensely supportive of each other. They are obviously a close knit group of friends who are getting this amazing chance to tour w/each other and share their music/jokes/talents/craziness with all of us fans. AVPM made me laugh so much and I love rockin’ out to the music. AVPS also made me laugh, but I thoroughly enjoyed how much the music had grown/matured. “To Have a Home” and “Those Voices”- still make me tear up every single time I hear them.
    Team StarKid, to me, is a wonderful group of people who inspire me to have fun, pursue my dreams, and enjoy my time with friends. I would be so excited to share the SPACE Tour experience w/one of my closest friends and meet some new awesome StarKid fans!
    If I won this contest, I would like to go to the 5pm NYC Irving Plaza show. Thanks! 🙂

  62. Jen Donsky on November 15th, 2011 1:11 am

    I honestly can’t say what my favorite Starkid moment is…there are so many quotes, so many scenes, so many songs to choose from. Rather, my favorite moments of Starkid are all the moments where you can just see how much they mean to one another. These guys have a friendship that I am jealous of. The way they interact with each other, rely on each other, help each other out, and just love each other because of who they are is so sweet and wonderful and is something I wish to have one day with my own group of friends. Just people I know like the back of my hand.

    I read through all of these comments before sitting down to write this and discovered that there is another “moment” to add to the list – the fans. Except they’re not exactly a moment, since their love and respect for the Starkid team expands far more than a single moment in time. But the way these guys have managed to reach out and affect the lives of so many people just because they decided to have fun and post a few YouTube videos of their exploits shows me how much the little things in life really mean to us. Team Starkid never had the intention of becoming famous – they just wanted to share their love for something with the rest of the world. And because they did that, they created a connection not only between themselves, but between their fans.

    I don’t know if I’ll win this, and I don’t think I’ll be too disappointed if I don’t since I know that there are plenty of others who are just as, if not more, deserving of these tickets than I am, but I am glad to use this opportunity to share with everyone how much Team Starkid has affected me, and how I’ve seen it affect people around me.

    If possible, the only shows I am able to go to due to location and timing are the Irving Plaza ones (either the 12pm or 5pm).

  63. Berrrac Appolis on November 15th, 2011 11:19 am

    My favorite moment was when Darren Criss sang To Have a Home and the other StarKids jumped up and hugged him while he was still singing! hahaha. And everyone was crying and all happy and the song fit perfectly with how he was back after Glee and ahhhhhh it was great!!!! *sniffsniff*


  64. Leah C. on November 15th, 2011 8:39 pm

    It’s hard to pick an actual MOMENT…so what I’m going to say is my favorite part of Starkid is what it represents. (Cheesy, I know, but bear with me). I think Brian saying these concerts are a “celebration” is really accurate, and “celebration” is actually a really good term for ALL of Starkid. At first it was a celebration of Harry Potter fans, but it grew into a celebration of music, theater, individuality, friendship, and so many other things.
    The Starkids and their music mean so much to every fan.
    Whether I get the tickets or not, I hope one of the Starkids reads this so they can understand how awesome they are! (: haha

    But that is definitely not to say I don’t want those tickets! haha. If I won, I would like to go to one of the three New York shows. Preferably the Irving Plaza ones, but I’ll take any of the three. (:

  65. Savannah Rountree on November 15th, 2011 9:04 pm

    “Calculus was tough.” I don’t know why, but that is probably my favorite line from any StarKid production. That, or, “I’m tired, Can’t we just be Death Eaters?” I love that because it’s so funny that Draco says that, because in the books he does actually become a Death Eater, so I like to imagine that Draco was just too tired to fight Voldemort so he became a Death Eater instead.
    StarKid also gives me hope, they were a bunch of college theatre students that made a musical with their friends, and now they’re making it work. I used to think that working in entertainment was this unattainable dream, but I see them working and it gives me hope. If I’m willing to work for it, I could work in theatre too. They’re having fun and doing what they love, it’s really inspirational (as cheesy as that sounds.)

    And, if I win, I would like Charlotte tickets :]

  66. Rachel on November 16th, 2011 6:29 pm

    I’d love to win any of the NY tickets

    and my favorite Starkid moment would probably have to be the scene in A Very Potter Sequel in the Hogwarts Express with Lupin cursing up a storm and the three kids just covering their ears and gasping. “Oh, shit you guys are just kids! I’ve gotta watch my goddamn mouth around you little bastards.”

  67. Janie Paw on November 16th, 2011 8:48 pm

    Any of the New York Tickets is fine with me! 😀

    I have to pick only ONE favorite StarKid moment? That’s going to be impossible. I love EVERYTHING StarKid. <3 The people, the plays, the lines, the merchandise, the songs; you name it, I love it. I feel like their plays, songs, and they themselves are just so relatable. I love StarKid so much, that I pretty much forced my close friends to watch the musicals & now they're in love with them too! If they ended up not loving them, well, that would suck royal hippogriff.
    StarKids aren't like your typical Hollywood celebrities. They aren't cocky; they're down-to-earth, humble people. I experienced just how "real" they really are when I went to both of the October JMOMS shows & met both Joe Moses & Julia Albain. They were both so nice and friendly & Joe even stayed for hugs, pictures, and autographs until every fan left. Their hugs also aren't the celebrity "I touched you, so it counts" hugs. They truly do appreciate all the support us fans give them, even we go overboard with the love.
    Team StarKid and their productions (including Little White Lie) are a part of my life. I can't go a day without saying something StarKid related AT LEAST 5 times. If somebody says "What?", I automatically say "What the hell is this?" ["Granger Danger"] . If I hear "Didja get my text?" in the halls, I have to yell, "Well, you didn't text me back!" When I'm cramming precalculus homework with my friends, I moan, "[Pre]calculus is tough!" I sing the songs loudly in the NYC streets without a care in the world about who hears and RedVines are a special after-dance (Lucius Malfoy is also my new dance idol) I treat myself to RedVines as a special after-dance snack (AVPS Lucius Malfoy is also my new dance idol). My alarm tone is "Who dares disturb my slumber?!" [Goyle] & my ringtone is "Ready to Go" [Me and My Dick]. My newly-converted StarKid friends & I even ordered Starbucks using our Farm Planet names (mine is Dancey Sleep).
    The members of Team StarKid have taught me that you can be yourself (crazy, loud, fun) no matter what your age is or what people say. They inspire me to follow my dreams, whatever they may be. It would make my 17th birthday (but don't judge based on that! Give it to the person who most deserves it. :D) the best ever to see my inspirations in concert.

    "You think killing people would make them like you, but it doesn't. It just makes them dead."

    Thank you Team StarKid for being such a inspiration & for just being so damn supermegafoxyawesomehot. <3

  68. Alyssa on November 16th, 2011 8:55 pm

    Favorite Starkid moment probably a toss up between the Zac Efron poster in Dumbledore’s office and Draco’s refusal to be potty trained in AVPM.

    I’d love tickets to either of the Irving Plaza shows, preferably the 5pm show.

    (I’m sure this will have no bearing on whether I actually win but I had actually obtained tickets to the Irving Plaza 5pm show on Ticketmaster, had them in my cart, was checking out, and had problems with my credit card and lost them. Obviously by the time I tried again they were sold out. And I can’t even remotely afford to buy them on stubhub so this is my only shot.)

  69. Lana on November 16th, 2011 9:32 pm

    My favorite StarKid moment has to be the videos of them playing at Azkatraz 2009. The fact that they just showed up and started playing songs, and people actually came out to sing with them is just the coolest thing. I love how they had no idea that people actually knew the words, and their faces the moment that they realized are just beautiful. I just want to cheer them on, because they seem so down to earth and normal, and they seemed so surprised that people actually liked their work enough to memorize it. They’re such a theater family, and I love it.

    I would love to have tickets to the November 26 show in NYC, the 5 o’clock show.

  70. Hannah Dhunda on November 16th, 2011 9:44 pm

    Honestly, whenever I think of Starkid, or watch anything Starkid, I get warm gushy feelings inside and feel the ripples of giggles urging to burst forth from my mouth.
    I discovered Starkid when I clicked on a link from (an unverified) Dan Radcliffe twitter account that took me to AVPM. Since that faithful day, I have been on the prowl for Starkid fans and for people I could turn into Starkid fans so that I could have people to ‘fan’ with.
    I think, if I really had to choose, my favorite Starkid moment would be the very beginning of A Very Potter Musical, when the riff begins to play, the Starkid logo appears, and the laughter is cued. The Starkid productions have captivated me from the first twenty seconds of A Very Potter Musical, and have continued to captivate me with their cleverly hilarious productions ever since.
    Starkid has taught me and inspired me so much. The fact that regular fans have done so much to entertain so many and created a giant fanbase of their own is amazing, really. Starkid productions is testament to the idea that people with talent, and creativity, and drive can achieve so much. This provides me with cause to have hope and faith in a brilliant future (and also keeps me rather well-entertained).

    Thanks so much for this contest opportunity.
    Any New York show will do (:

  71. Juliette Parichet on November 16th, 2011 9:48 pm

    Hey GMMR !

    My favourite Starkid moment ever, if I am to choose just one, happened October 13th at half past midnight : Joe Walker commented on a facebook post I put on his wall, which was a link to the flashmob I organised.
    He said : “holy crap that’s cool! thanks so much.” (It’s my favourite moment, so, yeah, I’ve learned the post by heart).
    Now I will tell you why this is my favourite moment.
    A few months ago, in France (I’m French, but now I’m in the US for Three weeks), I knew no Starkid fan. But had a crazy idea : I wanted to do a Starkid flashmob. At first it was just a silly dream, I never thought it would work, but I told many of my friends to watch Starkid, and come join the flashmob if they could, and joined facebook groups about French Starkids so that people who liked Starkid could know we were doing this. And, people actually came. And I started to realize that it was actually going to happen. We spent the summer rehearsing, all of us, we became great friends through hard work, and then… on September 24th, we did our Starkid flashmob in front of Notre Dame de Paris, in the streets.
    Doing the flashmob itself was really amazing, especially since all the dancers had, somehow, in real life or via internet, become my friends. But I was so stressed out since I was organising the whole of it that I could not enjoy the moment itself as much as the others.
    After that, we edited a video of the flashmob and posted it everywhere on the internet; all of us tweeted it to all the Starkids, and some answered, (Jaime, Meredith, Denise, Brian Holden…)

    Now you must know that my favourite Starkid is Joe Walker, and while rehearsing, we were always joking about FINDING a comment someday, on the youtube video, by Joe Walker himself, showing he’d seen it. We never thought in a million year that this could actually happen.

    But, October 13th, not even a month after we did it, Joe Walker was commenting. He’d seen it. And he had commented on one of MY posts, even if many of my friends had tweeted him too. I felt so special. I freaked out, too. I tried to Skype, facebook, tweet and tinychat at the same time, cause I was so psyched I wanted to tell all of my friends about it, so my computer crashed. It could not handle the totally awesome-ness of being talked to by Joe Walker.

    But I will always look back to that as a dream come true. And that’s how Starkid taught me to dream bigger. Cause I never ever would have thought, seven months ago, that I would now count among my friends many a Starkid fan, and that an actual Starkid would have internet-spoken directly to me.
    So when people tell me : “Your flashmob was so cool, but I don’t have any Starkid friends, I could not do that” I tell them : make it happen. It worked for me.

    That was my favourite Starkid moment. It beats rolling around the floor (which I do a lot, good for shrugging stress off) being attached to someone in a Voldemort-Quirrell way (which I do a lot, good to have somebody to lean on -no pun intended) or eating RedVined (which I don’t do a lot, since these cannot be FOUND in France and we have to buy them on e-bay).

    I am available for any of the New York shows, so preferably one with Darren, but not necessarily.
    (May I add that I flew in from France at the time of the SPACE Tour, and that trip might be my only chance to see Starkid live EVER ? )

    Thank you, GMMR !
    Hugs and Butterfly Kisses,
    <3 (<= oh, a heart)

  72. Jessica White on November 17th, 2011 12:16 am

    It is really hard to pick my favourite Starkid moment! But I would have to say I love them as people. They are dorky, fun and not afraid to be themselves. They are my inspiration to be myself. I would love to see them at the November 26 at 5:00 p.m.:New York, New York (Irving Plaza) show! My life would be complete, plus it would give me and my friend who is away at university some time together. We are huge starkids. i love all their latest challenge videos and their tweets, i would love to see them in person too <3 My favourite song is Kick it up a notch, i have even made a tshirt with the lyrics. 🙂 Anyways I really hope to be considered for this giveaway!!

  73. Ansley Stone on November 17th, 2011 12:22 am

    I guess my favorite Starkid moment was watching AVPM because it came out right around the time that the 7th book came out. Growing up reading Harry Potter since I was 10 and it all the sudden being over made me feel like my childhood was over, but watching the Musical and the Sequel gave me something more to hold on to. They’re things I can watch when I need an escape from crazy college life and want to remember being a kid. And I don’t just like their Potter productions. I love them all because they all are silly and fun to watch but send a really great message. People can actually learn lessons from their shows. And you can dance to them, who doesn’t love dancing?

    Thanks for this! Either show at Irving Plaza would be totally awesome!

  74. Jennifer Kellerman on November 17th, 2011 12:31 am

    This is a really hard question to answer since I truly love all of Starkid’s shows. I found them by accident while I was home alone wishing for me to find something fun on YouTube. Once I found AVPM, I watched it maybe 10 times in a matter of two days, and my mother made me turn off my computer and come back to reality. I couldn’t believe that I found a group of kids who loved the Harry Potter franchise to come up with such a hilarious story! Because of them, I spent my hours between classes watching and listening to their work and made my days more bearable.

    So, I guess I would have to say that one of my favorite memories was while I was at school a couple months ago, and this girl who was a friend of my best friend, who is now one of my closest friends now, came up to me and asked me what I was watching. I had said, “You probably haven’t heard of them, but it’s Starkid –” and she cut me off and shouted that she LOVES Starkid! We ended up talking for hours about Starkid, Darren Criss, Joey Richter, Lauren Lopez, and the entire group. Afterwards, we were walking around campus singing AVPM and AVPS songs. We didn’t care who heard us, it’s college. Well, it ended up that there were quite a few people who love Starkid like we do and they joined us.

    Now because of Starkid, I have a friend who I trust completely. We both belong to a club at our school, Commworks: students committed to performance. We write and perform our own shows, even though the only people who come are required for class credit. Most of our club admire Starkid for what they have done, taking that risk of creating a musical and posting it on the internet for the world to see. We have actually tried to get Darren Criss to come to our school and do a performance workshop with us and our theatre majors. I never had the nerves to go on stage and perform beyond just being in the background. Commworks were my first friends at college, and to them and Starkid I owe them my courage of finally stepping up and actually do what I’ve always wanted to do, write and perform, even if it is baby steps at a time.

    Another thing that truly helped me finally stop being pushed around and bullied, something I never told anyone until I found my voice, is seeing how Darren Criss never gave up and continued to do what he loves. Even though he is my favorite Starkid, I look up to them all because they have the joy of having people their for them, supporting each other with what they want to do. Except for my couple friends and my family, I never had people there for me supporting me.

    If I am lucky enough to win, I can go to either of the NYC shows on November 26th.

  75. Erin Beck on November 17th, 2011 12:55 am

    I’m not sure if there was one specific favorite Starkid moment of mine. I stumbled upon Starkid by accident and all of my friends & I are just obsessed now. This would be the first time I would be able to see them live, my best friend & I were supposed to attend the Slamaganza in Chicago but ended up stuck at home in NYC because of the hurricane. We weren’t able to get tickets to the tour, since they sold out so fast, despite us trying our hardest.
    if i had to pick a favorite song, i think i would have to say “status quo” from starship. it has such a positive message and it never fails to make me smile.
    November 26th, NYC, either show that day 🙂

  76. Marta Malolepszy on November 17th, 2011 11:19 am

    honestly, i cant pick a favorite starkid moment. all their musicals are amazing, i could be having the worst possible day, and i’ll listen to a starkid song or watch a video & instantly feel better. all of starkid means the world to me, and they’ve helped get me through a lot.
    November 26, 5pm

  77. Jessica Asillo on November 17th, 2011 1:09 pm

    November 26 at 5:00 p.m.: New York, New York (Irving Plaza)

    My favorite starkid moment was watching the musical for the first time ever. I had heard about the hp musical before but was never really interested in watching a 3+ hr online musical. But one night I was bored and was on youtube watching movie clips when I came across the hp musical, it was already late but i figured i only watching a couple of minutes and then finish it tomorrow. I started watching it and really enjoyed it. Once I started watching I couldn’t stop. I loved it so much i couldn’t wait to watch the sequel, so i pulled an all nighter and watched both musicals back to back. By the time i finished watching i had 1 hour before i needed to go to school.

    I’ve enjoyed all things starkid since then.When i heard they going coming to NYC, i was super excited,I woke up early so that i could be one the first to buy a ticket but was unable to get a one beacuse they sold out really really fast. I would mean alot to me to be able to see them perform live.

  78. Emily on November 17th, 2011 5:34 pm

    My favorite thing about Starkid is definitely just everything that they’ve done for me. They have made me laugh, cry, smile, freak out, fan girl and every other possible good emotion a person could feel. When I watch their shows, interviews, videos, live streams and just everything I seriously feel like I’m a part of something greater. Just by being their goofy, amazing selves I’ve learned that you have to always be yourself because you’re perfect just the way you are. This is something that no one could ever take from me, they’ve helped me see the light during times where I felt like I couldn’t do anything. They are a huge part of my life and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

    I tried to get the NYC tickets but as everyone knows it’s basically impossible. If it’s possible I would absolutely be honored if I could have the November 26th 5pm Irving Plaza or the November 27th 4pm Gramercy Theater tickets. 🙂
    Thank you for this totally awesome oppurtunity!

  79. Lex Spencer on November 17th, 2011 7:43 pm

    My favorite thing about Starkid is Joe Walker as Umbridge and the “did you get my text? you didn’t text me back!” quote. My bff and I use it ALL the time.

    I would be thrilled if I could get tickets to the November 26th 5pm Irving Plaza NYC show. It would be totally awesome 😉

  80. Jamie Tran on November 18th, 2011 1:56 am

    So I’m doing this for a friend, because she deserves it and wants it so badly. I am also going to the NYC Irving Plaza showing alone, and it’s just better when someone is with you to share in the excitement. I’m doing this for both selfish and unselfish reason, I guess. The last reason why I am doing this is because I want them to know that what they’re doing is amazing, and to thank them for just being themselves.

    They came to Atlanta, and it was after the show. All of the Starkids were signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. I have a lot of trouble with speaking up when I’m supposed to, and also being loud when I’m not supposed to. There was a huge crowd around Dylan vying for his attention. Every time he would be free someone would speak to him before I got the nerve to say something. There was a security guy (Darius) I was talking to while I waited, and he encouraged me to speak up. I tried, but I couldn’t get over my nerves enough to speak up. I was embarrassed and when I get embarrassed, my voice raises its pitch apparently.
    I said something along the lines of, “I can’t be assertive. I’m super bad at it” rather loudly.
    At that moment Dylan turned to me and smiled.
    He said “You can be assertive! I just heard you!”
    Momentarily flustered, my mind went blank. When my brain kick-started itself again, I realized he was still patiently waiting for me. I was embarrassed and ashamed that he heard me whining, and I just stood there woodenly. I guess he saw my obvious discomposure and deer-in-the-headlights look. He just smiled and talked to me naturally. He waited for me to put myself back together. He was just so easy-going about everything. When stuff like that happens, I always feel embarrassed about it, and hate myself afterward because of my awkwardness. Dylan made me feel like it wasn’t a big deal, and maybe to him it wasn’t.

    I was still tongue-tied throughout the whole conversation, but he stil made me feel just a little bit special. He took his time talking to me. Dylan made me feel like he had all the time in the world to talk to me. No rush, just a normal conversation. Dylan made me feel like I was someone, not just a fangirl, not just a super awkward person, but someone who mattered. All of the members in Team Starkid took the time to talk to me, but that moment when talking to Dylan was what made everything click for me. Before that, I couldn’t explain just why exactly I loved them so much. The generic “because they’re funny, and make great plays” was what I always said. I don’t usually examine my emotions all that deeply, so when I had the eureka moment explaining what made them so special to me, I was startled.

    In that moment, I realized that these guys are doing something they love. They do it because they appreciate their fans. They’re not afraid of being goofy in front of others. They act like themselves, and show a confidence that’s enviable (at least to me). I’m not an overly emotional person where I express my feelings freely. I usually just keep my feelings bottled inside, so I hope I don’t come off as melodramatic.

    It seems to me like they can understand fans like me who feel like they’re the most awkward person in the world. They make me feel like it’s not bad to be me no matter how goofy, awkward, nerdy, or weird I am. The Starkids may or may not have ever been those things, but they’ve made me feel just a little less alone in the world. Dylan put me at ease, whereas, in any other situation, I would have flailed and then gone home feeling worse and kicking myself afterward.

    It may not be the most memorable moment in the world to most people, but I’ll always remember that moment as when I felt normal and accepted for who I am–awkwardness and all. That is why I love the Starkids.

  81. Jamie Tran on November 18th, 2011 2:15 am

    So I’m doing this for a friend, because she deserves it and wants it so badly. I am also going to the NYC Irving Plaza showing alone, and it’s just better when someone is with you to share in the excitement. I’m doing this for both selfish and unselfish reason, I guess. The last reason why I am doing this is because I want them to know that what they’re doing is amazing, and to thank them for just being themselves.

    They came to Atlanta, and it was after the show. I had waited for almost 7 hours outside for the doors to open, and I was excited to be able to finally see them up close. All of the Starkids were signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. I have a lot of trouble with speaking up when I’m supposed to, and also being loud when I’m not supposed to. There was a huge crowd around Dylan vying for his attention. Every time he would be free someone would speak to him before I got the nerve to say something. There was a security guy (Darius) I was talking to while I waited, and he encouraged me to speak up. I tried, but I couldn’t get over my nerves enough to speak up. It might have been that I felt that I was imposing on them because there were so many other fans they had to see to. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t speak up, and when I get embarrassed my voice raises its pitch, apparently.

    I said something along the lines of, “I can’t be assertive. I’m super bad at it” rather loudly.
    At that moment Dylan turned to me and smiled.
    He said “You can be assertive! I just heard you!”

    Momentarily flustered, my mind went blank. When my brain kick-started itself again, I realized he was still patiently waiting for me. I was embarrassed and ashamed that he heard me whining, and I just stood there woodenly. I guess he saw my obvious discomposure and deer-in-the-headlights look. He just smiled and talked to me naturally. He waited for me to put myself back together. He was just so easy-going about everything. When stuff like that happens, I always feel embarrassed about it, and hate myself afterward because of my awkwardness. Dylan made me feel like it wasn’t a big deal, and maybe to him it wasn’t.

    I was still tongue-tied throughout the whole conversation, but he stil made me feel just a little bit special. He took his time talking to me. Dylan made me feel like he had all the time in the world to talk to me. No rush, just a normal conversation. Dylan made me feel like I was someone, not just a fangirl, not just a super awkward person, but someone who mattered. All of the members in Team Starkid took the time to talk to me, but that moment when talking to Dylan was what made everything click for me. Before that, I couldn’t explain just why exactly I loved them so much. The generic “because they’re funny, and make great plays” was what I always said. I don’t usually examine my emotions all that deeply, so when I had the eureka moment explaining what made them so special to me, I was startled.

    In that moment, I realized that these guys are doing something they love. They do it because they appreciate their fans. They’re not afraid of being goofy in front of others. They act like themselves, and show a confidence that’s enviable (at least to me). I’m not an overly emotional person where I express my feelings freely. I usually just keep my feelings bottled inside, so I hope I don’t come off as melodramatic.

    It seems to me like they can understand fans like me who feel like they’re the most awkward person in the world. They make me feel like it’s not bad to be me no matter how goofy, awkward, nerdy, or weird I am. The Starkids may or may not have ever been those things, but they’ve made me feel just a little less alone in the world. Dylan put me at ease, whereas, in any other situation, I would have flailed and then gone home feeling worse and kicking myself afterward.

    It may not be the most memorable moment in the world to most people, but I’ll always remember that moment as when I felt normal and accepted for who I am–awkwardness and all. That is why I love the Starkids.

  82. Erin H on November 18th, 2011 8:10 pm

    My favorite Team Starkid moment was when my friend first showed me the Very Potter Musical. We were watching it at night, and at the scene with Lauren rolling on the floor and talking about Pigfarts, I laughed so hard that I was crying, and couldn’t stop. I laughed for at least 30 minutes, and as soon as I thought of it again, I would crack up.
    Another moment is just everyday when I come home from school, and I had a hard day or if I am upset or feeling down, I start my comptuter and tune into Team Starkid. I’ve seen it so many times that I know all of the lines so I just sit there and pretend to be all of the characters. I laugh at all of their jokes everytime, and it always gets my mind off of things for awhile. Thanks so much for all the work you put in to your shows! Everyone appreciates it so much!

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