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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Tuesday is a pretty Fox-filled night for me, with GLEE, NEW GIRL, and RAISING HOPE all on my schedule. What about yours?

Lots more to pick from, so read on for your choices!

Glee | 8pm on Fox
“Mash Off”
Sue starts a smear campaign to take down her biggest competitor for the Congressional seat. Meanwhile, Puck has a crush, and Will and Shelby Corcoran encourage some friendly competition.

Last Man Standing | 8pm on ABC
“Home Security”
When a neighbor’s home gets broken into, Mike thinks his fists and a cabinet full of rifles are enough to keep a home intruder at bay. But Vanessa thinks otherwise and rallies the neighbors to start a Neighborhood Watch program. While Mike patrols the block, he gets wrapped up in some neighborhood gossip which gets him into hot water.

The Biggest Loser | 8pm on NBC
“Episode 1209”
The competition heats up as host Alison Sweeney tells the remaining seven players that they will be competing in a pentathlon – and they can only rely on themselves because this week, the game goes to singles. Contestants will earn points in each of the five events, which will test everything from speed to strength to nutrition knowledge. The pentathlon winner gets the coveted prize of immunity, while the loser gets a weigh-in disadvantage. The players get a very special surprise when eight-time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno arrives to lead the contestants through their final event, motivating them each step of the way. Also, one of the trainers reveals details about their difficult childhood to a contestant who is struggling with trust issues. And later, the weigh-in is followed by the most emotional elimination of the season so far.

NCIS | 8pm on CBS
“Engaged, Part 2”
As the NCIS team continues its search for a missing Marine, Gibbs and Ziva travel to her last known whereabouts in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Tony reveals his deepest fears and Gibbs is forced to relive events from his past.

90210 | 8pm on The CW
“A Thousand Words”
Silver’s video of Teddy’s Vegas wedding is leaked to the press, and has damaging effects on his uncle’s campaign. Liam’s modeling career is taken to the next level by Shelia and Annie is determined to help Dixon, even though the help he needs comes at a high price. Meanwhile, Ivy and Raj decide to plan for the future.

Man Up! | 8:30pm on ABC
As a rite of passage, Will decides to buy his son, Nathan, a cell phone, which in turn gives Brenda the idea to also purchase one for Grant to upgrade his old brick phone. Kenny is nervous about meeting his new girlfriend Jane’s parents, and as expected, when he finds out her parents are lesbians and also therapists, the situation goes from bad to worse. Her parents also own a coffee shop and end up giving Craig a music gig there, only to see the nice gesture backfire when he gets the wrong idea about the coffeehouse manager. Meanwhile, Theresa installs a tracking device on Will’s cell phone, which he fears will lead to her finding out about the secret Dad’s club he sometimes attends after work.

So much more. Keep reading…

Dancing with the Stars | 9pm on ABC
“Episode 1309a”
After the ninth week of performances, another celebrity couple is eliminated from the competition.

New Girl | 9pm on Fox
Jess invites Paul, a music teacher at her school on whom she always has had a crush, to the gang’s big Thanksgiving dinner at the loft, which naturally goes horribly awry.

NCIS: Los Angeles | 9pm on CBS
After Sam’s undercover mission in Sudan turns deadly, Callen and the NCIS team must track down their missing agent before it is too late.

Ringer | 9pm on The CW
“Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna”
Bridget begins to realize she is developing feelings for Andrew, while Henry and Andrew’s business partner Olivia bond over common interests. Malcolm is suspicious of Bridget’s new NA sponsor Charlie and Bridget makes an appointment with Siobhan’s therapist, hoping it will help her discover some insight into her sister’s life.

Raising Hope | 9:30pm on Fox
“Burt’s Parents”
Jimmy, Virginia, Burt, Sabrina, Maw Maw and Hope borrow a house to impress Burt’s wealthy parents who have decided at the last minute to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family. Things get interesting when the real homeowners return early, and Burt’s folks get a taste of what life is really like for Burt and Virginia.

Unforgettable | 10pm on CBS
“Golden Bird”
Al and Carrie investigate the murder of a teen who seemed to have no enemies. Meanwhile, Carrie looks to her estranged aunt for help with the investigation into her sister’s murder.

Parenthood | 10pm on NBC
“Sore Loser”
During an intense game of Braverman charades, Joel and Julia come to the realization they may have spoiled Sydney. Meanwhile, Adam and Crosby celebrate a new client at The Luncheonette and Adam experiences an awkward moment with Rachel. Also, Kristina is concerned about Max’s new friends at school, and Drew reaps the consequences of disobeying Sarah’s rules.

Sons of Anarchy | 10pm on FX | Special 90-Minute Episode
“Call of Duty”
A powerful foe threatens SAMCRO’s business with the cartel. Guest Cast: Benito Martinez, Tom Arnold, Patrick St. Esprit and McNally Sagal.

Covert Affairs | 10pm on USA
“A Girl Like You”
Annie keeps an eye on Eyal Lavin (Oded Fehr) while he’s in Washington, D.C., posing as a CIA agent.

Body of Proof | 10 pm on ABC
“Love Bites”
A pharmaceutical rep is found dead in the Schuykill River, but when Megan Hunt and the team investigate, there’s no blood found in her body. The team must locate the original crime scene to see if they can find the cause of death, but with suspects who have access to hundreds of unknown drugs, they may never know who or what killed her.

Also playing…

  • Tosh.0 | 10pm on Comedy Central | Season Finale: “Episode 330”

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