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Thursday night TV was…tame?!

Maybe I’m crazy, but on a Thursday night during November sweeps, I expected to be insanely busy trying to catch everything on television. Instead, I managed to be caught up on what I intended to watch by 10:15.

So on that note, let’s talk about last night’s television…

THE X FACTOR last night was wholly uncomfortable. While I don’t necessarily think that Astro should have been in the bottom 2, I thought when he asked LA if he should perform, that was part of an act. Instead, Astro was cross, lackluster and when he was called out on his behavior, he said he didn’t want to perform for people who didn’t want to hear him. I get that he’s a just a teen, but he’s not the youngest contestant there. I’m worried what will happen when Rachel and/or Drew face the same thing. And while Stacy definitely shouldn’t have gone out so early, I don’t think her own attitude did her any favors.

Of course THE BIG BANG THEORY‘s Sheldon drew up a relationship contract for himself and Amy in order to “officially” become a couple. We’ve seen over the years that Leonard has had to deal with Sheldon citing the roommate agreement on end, so I wonder if Sheldon will do the same to Amy (beyond last night’s episode).

Last night’s episode of BONES may have been my favorite of the season so far (true, we’re only three episodes in, but still). Booth and Brennan talking about the case on the couch? That is the them I’ve been wanting to see. They’re not perfect, but this is the couple we were rooting to get together for six seasons. I’m still not entirely sure why Sweets needs a gun (I get why the show says he needs a gun, but there is really no one else in the FBI who Booth could work with until Brennan is fully back?), but watching the process was hysterical. And I kind of want to take that certification test…it looked fun, right?! (PS – Can we have more baby Michael, please?) [Don’t forget to check out Sarah’s recap of “The Prince in the Plastic”!]

As much as I didn’t intend to watch THE OFFICE last night, the lack of CW shows and GREY’S ANATOMY made it possible. While it wasn’t my favorite episode of the series, last night felt…harmless. It didn’t offend my love of the show, but it didn’t stand out as being amazing. Does that make sense?

Kind of weird to be basically caught up on Thursday night’s television (with the exception of PERSON OF INTEREST, which has been moved to my “I’ll catch up on this as soon as I can devote the hours” list).

What stood out to you?

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