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CHUCK Recap: ‘Chuck vs. the Business Trip’

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THE MISSION– Carmicheal Industries has no paying client (yet again!).  After their big score with the U.S. Government they find they must protect one of their own.  Clyde Decker, the C.I.A.’s agent you love to hate, has posted a kill order on Morgan Grimes.  With the help of General Beckman and a pair of slick new shades, Morgan is de-intersected.  The hit is called off, with the exception of “The Viper,” an assassin that goes dark and is unreachable whom Decker says he may have used on purpose.  Chuck plans to lure “The Viper” out of hiding by pretending to be Morgan at the Buy More sales convention.

Meanwhile, Awesome has adjusted to being a stay at home dad, getting involved in baby yoga and more.  As Ellie says, “He’s gotten into mommy groups that wouldn’t even call me back.” I wonder why? But is Ellie happy going off to the hospital and leaving baby Claire at home? Jeff Barnes doesn’t think so and tells Devon. Awesome makes a decision to return to work and let Ellie spend time with Claire. Jeff figured that out? Seriously?

The intersect has made a mess of Morgan’s memory.  He’s forced to watch the STAR WARS saga all over again because his memory was “melted down” by the intersect.  Chuck hands him EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE to start with, but a still vindictive Casey says to start with EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE because “no one likes the old ones.” STAR WARS fans must have been rolling on the floor laughing at that one.  Take that George Lucas! After a close escape in the Buy More, Morgan and Alex come to the realization that they will henceforth be just friends, although Morgan still loves Casey’s daughter.

Lester is growing more concerned about the apparent revitalization of Jeff, attempting to lure him into an illicit plan to win a trip to the sales convention under false pretenses, but Jeff rallies the store to work harder if they want to win the trip. A disgusted Lester tries to revert Jeff by pumping carbon monoxide into the store’s break room.  The only thing that happens is he poisons Big Mike and chaos ensues with Jeff rolling Big Mike out of the store in a wheel chair as Big Mike cries “Pineapple!”  Lester must learn that there are consequences, and so Jeff has the police arrest him and he is led away in handcuffs.

Back to the spy story with Sarah trapped in the Lotus while Chuck attempts to diffuse a bomb. No apple juice or porn site required this time. “The Viper” is finally taken down and all is well…until the last five minutes when Casey mows down “The Viper” and five (count ‘em!) of her assistants to put an end to the hit that somehow Decker didn’t really call off.

MISSION ANALYSIS– Sarah and Chuck are finding it hard not being a normal husband and wife.  They look at Ellie and Awesome and wish they could be like that.  Sarah wants a normal friend and so let’s her guard down long enough to be seduced by “The Viper.” She realizes that Chuck, Morgan, Casey, Alex and the Awesomes are her real friends and the best ones in the world.

The writing staff is really having a time with the STAR WARS references.  Mark Hamil, Morgan going to the dark side and now the poke at PHANTOM MENACE.

The whole rabbit costume scene (absolutely great!) reminded me of something I saw on YouTube a while back.  Yvonne Strahovski must have a thing for rabbits. Check this outand see if you think there’s a big in joke going on.


  • Beckman, on seeing the pinball and arcade games in Castle: “I’m so shocked you people are running out of money.”
  • Morgan’s last fling with the intersect and throwing stars
  • Casey giving Morgan only three of the INDIANA JONES movies.  We all know why too, don’t we?
  • “You’re not going anywhere ‘till you hippity hop over here.”

YOUR INPUT – What did you think of this episode?  Was it “Buy More, best job ever” for you?

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