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CASTLE: Andrew Marlowe Teases ‘Kill Shot’

November 21, 2011 by  

With just a few hours until CASTLE’s “Kill Shot” airs, how excited are you guys?

As we’ve already teased, the hour is a big one for Stana Katic and her character, Kate Beckett [You saw our chat with Katic, right?], and when I recently spoke with series creator Andrew Marlowe, he also gushed about how proud he was of the episode.

“It’s really a terrific episode,” he told me. “You get a handful of episodes a year that really stand out from the rest — that’s not to say the other episodes we do aren’t good, but we’ve had a run of really interesting, really intense shows this year. With ‘Kill Shot,’ I think the fans are going to respond. Especially the fans of Stana [Katic (Beckett)]. She does a tremendous job in the episode. Nathan [Fillion (Castle)]’s very good as well, but focusing on [Beckett’s] PTSD when a sniper attacks the city, [Stana] brought a new level to her acting. She was really terrific.”

As Beckett attempts to deal with the fallout of her PTSD, she turns to her shrink, Dr. Burke (Michael Dorn), to figure out how to best handle the situation.

“To me, those scenes [with Beckett in therapy] are really terrific,” Marlowe said. “First, I enjoy Michael Dorn — I’ve been a big fan. He’s got this this amazing, rich voice, so that everything he says really resonates, literally and emotionally. So that’s a lot of fun. But I think we’ve had great access to Castle the last three years: what he thinks, what he feels, he’s had a lot of people to talk to. But Beckett has really been more of a mystery. So to open up some of those doors and really get to know what’s going on behind-the-scenes has been gratifying for me in terms of dealing with the character and I think it’s been gratifying for the audience. I think people are really responding to getting a little bit more insight into what she’s been living with and what she’s going through.”

But given that many of Beckett’s recent trips to see her therapist have included significant insight into her relationship with Castle, should fans expect the same in tonight’s hour?

“I think it starts out with PTSD, but it goes beyond that,” Marlowe noted. “I think the things that they deal with in there inevitably deal with the Castle-Beckett relationship. It’s not going to be so on-the nose as we were in episode 5, when we really had a lot of fun with her really dealing with her frustrations with Castle and basically admitting to how she’s feeling about him. But this one has more serious undertones, but it goes to the root of identity with her that I think people will be intrigued by as we get to the end of the episode.”

Indeed, Beckett does come to quite the realization in the hour. But no, we’re not going to ruin that for you.

Will you be watching “Kill Shot” tonight at 10 PM on ABC?


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  1. Fitch on November 21st, 2011 8:42 pm

    Will I be watching it tonight? That’s a rhetorical question, right?