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BONES Recap: ‘The Twist in the Twister’

December 9, 2011 by  

Hey, BONES fans! In case you haven’t heard, this is the last episode of 2011 (to learn more or comment on this, see Marisa’s full scoop here), so we want to make this discussion count. How did you like “The Twist in the Twister”? I had mixed feelings — so much welling up inside me, spinning around, rising up, and — oh wait, no…that was just Hodgins and I sharing the nauseated feeling that came from watching “The Sleepy-Time Cyclone.” Haha. I actually DID have mixed feelings though; that’s no lie. Speaking of lies, let’s move on to the ep, starting with…


The Scene of the Crime:  The episode begins with a young wannabe camp counselor talking to her potential boss about the fact that though she has never really been to camp, and she has a fear of it, she would make an awesome camp counselor. The conversation is tabled when she stumbles (literally) onto a skeleton. Screaming ensues, and later B&B show up to investigate.

The Victim:  Scott Braley, a 32-year-old amateur storm-chaser who specialized in tornadoes. He was reported missing by his brother a few weeks earlier. Scott spent a lot of money chasing his dream along with storms and was possibly about to ease his money woes by landing a big documentary film deal worth a quarter of a million dollars. He also had fixed up a motorhome, affectionately called “The MoHo,” that was worth a lot of money.

Potential Suspects and Motives:  Booth and Sweets talk to Scott’s brother, Kevin, who informs them about The MoHo. He seems pretty affectionate toward Scott, but when Toni Lawrence, a storm-chasing rival tells Booth that Scott and Kevin had a huge fight on the phone before Scott’s death, and when Booth finds out Kevin was going to cut his brother off financially, he has motive. Booth and Sweets also interrogate Toni, as well as Wes, her cameraman, Misty, Wes’s girlfriend (and lover of God and rainbows), and Nolan, Scott’s driver. With a big documentary contract up for grabs, anyone could be the killer.

The Lab Results: Fischer has arrived from another loony bin excursion, and he and Hodgins primarily work this case. The first observation of note is that though Scott’s body was found near a tornado site, all of the injuries to his body were post-mortem. With hemorrhagic tissue only near his head, Brennan and the team are able to determine cause of death as trauma to the head. Hodgins and Angela investigate the site where Scott’s body was and find part of his MoHo equipment; Brennan and Fischer work together (indirectly) to find out the direction of the storm. Hodgins and Cam identify shards of broken glass on Scott’s body and put it together to form a rainbow water bottle.

The Interrogation Room: After questioning Kevin, Nolan, and Toni throughout the episode, once Booth finds out about the rainbow water bottle, he’s convinced Misty is the killer. But she insists she’s never even seen Scott before. Booth shows her a picture of him, and she says she’s telling the truth — but she does recognize the MoHo…she once slept with Nolan in it, and she must have left her water bottle. Wes broke up with her a few weeks after that, so Booth questions him about the issue.

The Verdict: Wes doesn’t put up a fight nor lie about his actions (to Booth’s annoyance — more on this later), so therefore, he killed Scott, after thinking he had slept with Misty, when it was really Nolan. That’s twisted, pardon the pun.

My Verdict: BONES used tornadoes as a way to perhaps call out storm-chasers, but didn’t do much in the way of talking about the actual destruction they (tornadoes, that is) can leave behind. Whether it’s network pressure or what, the show has officially become “BONES-Lite” in my opinion.

For Hodgins and Angela, the episode mainly revolved around how exhausted they are and the pressure they felt from Angela’s dad to let him hang around Mikey. They are convinced that he’ll corrupt their precious little baby (and he is very presh), so they make up excuses for why he can’t babysit. Angela’s dad is bummed out and calls them on it. H&A finally agree to let ZZ babysit, and when they arrive home, rock and roll is loud and clear, much to their dismay. But MSVH is sound asleep, loving it. Speaking of love, I laughed at the press-on tattoo and how Hodgins freaked out about it.

Fischer mostly works on the case and talks to women on the phone, whether it’s his mother, his new girlfriend (Emma?) or his shrink, who may or may not be a woman. That storyline was meh to me, but I like when Fischer is in the lab, for his drudging sense of humor/life.

And Cam was mostly relegated to getting the team to focus on the case while not wanting to know any details of Fischer’s life. Not that I blame her. I’ve already used the twisted pun, so I’ll move on.

As for Sweets, I liked the way he called Booth out on his lying actions and especially liked his “Aren’t you though?” when talking about Booth’s over-protectiveness. I’m also glad that the B&B resolution didn’t involve Sweets.

Booth being a hovering crab is very spot on. I didn’t necessarily understand Brennan’s reference, but he did hover, and he was also crabby, so I buy it. I also liked the way Brennan bristled under his crazy over-protectiveness. I loved that Brennan called him on his crap (he needs this in his life, and he likes it), and that Booth genuinely apologized, but also basically promised that he was not going to stop hovering. All of that was good to me.

Yet, I can’t help feeling in some ways that they were more affectionate toward one another at earlier times in their partnership. I’ve never bought the rhetoric that “Viewers don’t want to see B&B mushy together because mushy people are annoying.” Mushy people CAN be annoying, but B&B done right are not (too) mushy — thus, I want to see more of them together. My logic may not be sound, and I’m holding out hope that in the post-pregnancy episodes there will be a little more zing, but for now, I’m not feeling the connection I want to feel between B&B.

BUT…I did love that she saved him some pasta, and that at the end of their days, neither of them are running away from their junk.

What I loved:

  • Brennan’s “Excuse me, I am a supremely rational being” argument to Booth when he said she had a little bit of the crazy in her. Yes.
  • Booth’s “There is nothing I want to know,” regarding Sweets offering up information on his relationship with Daisy. HA!
  • Fischer’s possible happiness and shock over such a thing. Good times.
  • Booth in the FBI t-shirt, eating lunch. Apologies if that is too fan-girl, but, that’s hot.

What I’ll learn to live with:

  • People who dreaded that BONES would become “all babies, all the time” might not have liked this episode, but so long as it doesn’t happen much more this season, I’m okay with it.

What I’d rather live without:

  • In a season with minimal (at best) B&B physical interaction (and after feeling shunted by the writers at the end of last season for wanting to see just a little B&B action up against a wall or something), I thought the doggy-style “assistance” moment at the crime scene was dumb. Way to stay classy and hold up those non-porn standards, BONES!

Enough from me! What did I miss? Did you buy the Booth and Brennan fight/reconciliation? Is it the end of the SUV as we know it?

The comments are open…see you in 2012!  

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82 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Twist in the Twister’”

  1. mugee007 on December 9th, 2011 8:52 am

    Your review is SPOT ON! And I totally agree with the last line.
    This episode just got me thinking why I continue watching this show. It was a total snooze-fest. BB to me just feel like two best friends having a kid. Ross and Rachael style.
    The season premiere was the only episode that I enjoyed. Why? Because BB felt and acted like a real couple. A couple in love if I may add. And you are right. If “mushy” is done right with BB, it just feels natural. In fact that is exactly what I want every Thursday. But this total ‘lack of intimacy’ is just not working for me. HH and co give me nothing to look forward to.
    After waiting for 6 years for BB to get together and the total cop-out that was ‘Hole in the Heart'(and Yes it was a cop-out) the occasional belly-rub is just not enough. And if this continues, I think i may just give up on this show.

  2. ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) on December 9th, 2011 9:01 am

    This episode did not grab me. I think the overall concept was a good one… but in the end it seemed lacking. Overprotective Booth is great… but we should have been seeing this from episode 1 – it is who he is. Choosing this particular scenario to have him lie about the supposed danger seemed odd. I don’t like him lying to Brennan at all, no matter the situation. I found this to be even more disturbing than the times we might have seen him do it last season.

    I talk over and over about how Bones is at its best when it can connect themes between characters and case. Lying? Didn’t see it. If all of the suspects involved in the case were doing some sort of game of lying to each other – this would have made more sense.

    I liked potential research discoveries about the tornado’s effect on the bones. I liked the reference to VNM and Brennan using the cell phone tower tracking technology to find Booth – I also like that this implies that Brennan could tell Booth was lying. She can’t always read most people, but she can read Booth. I really do like that.

    Agree with the lack of connection to the destruction that tornadoes cause. There was nice moment when Angela finds the teddy bear – and I don’t think it would have taken much to do more. That teddy bear scene, actually, would have been a fantastic way for Booth to emotionally prove his point to Brennan.
    Remember when the team used to go to the victims’ funerals? Wouldn’t it have been a cool ending to see the team helping with clean up?

    Did not like the Hodgins-Angela storyline. But I think that is a personal projection. Their reactions to breaking routine and all that is completely realistic, but I confess that first time parents who do the kinds of things they did completely drive me crazy. And did Angela change that much to become that controlling mom?

    Agreed that I did not like that ridiculous scene when Booth was supposedly trying to help Brennan up. Find another way to make us laugh about that.

    Chuckled at the Godspell callout – based upon interviews, some things will always be remembered about Stephen Nathan. Loved that Brennan showed up during the tornado… I expected she would and was not let down. GO BRENNAN! Also loved that she ditched Booth after the tornado passed. (Take THAT, Booth, for lying to me!) Loved that Angela’s dad, of course, knew just what to do with the baby (and the press-on tattoo!). Funniest scene for me was Sweets trying to whistle.

    And I’m also with you about B/B physical interaction. I really don’t want to be all about whether or not we see affection between B/B… but we saw way more when they weren’t “together” than we do now. How about in that end scene a welcome home/happy to be home grins? I’ve been with my husband for 18 years and we are not overly affectionate… but we still kiss each other good-bye and are still pretty happy to see each other when we come home. I was worried that Booth was going to grab his drink (can we do without that, please?) and sit on the chair opposite instead of on the couch next to Brennan. I don’t know what it is… but *something* is out of synch. Last season it seemed appropriate. This season this aspect of their relationship has seemed … incongruous with how they have interacted with each other in the past.

  3. Firefly729 on December 9th, 2011 9:31 am

    Tornadoes are one of my biggest fears, so I was really looking forward to this episode, especially knowing that it was going to be written by Karine Rosenthal, who usually puts a lot of research into her episodes. Like you, though, I wish there would’ve been more connecting the tornado with the characters. The case overall was just kind of ‘meh’, and the end just seemed anticlimactic. When the suspect didn’t even say anything, I felt like Booth – “That’s it?!? That’s all you’ve got for me?”

    I really, really love how the writers are integrating Sweets this year. Because of ED’s pregnancy, I expected every episode to have progressively more Sweets and progressively less Brennan, but I’ve not yet felt like I’ve been beaten over the head with Sweets.

    The doggy thing – I agree with you there. After last week’s episode, I felt embarrassed for DB & ED having to do this. I hope this was an edit SN or HH put in there, because Karine Rosenthal is better than this.

    The B&B dynamic – agree with Janet (though it seems like I always do! LOL) – something’s off. I don’t need or necessarily want to see B&B smooching and being lovey dovey with each other all the time or have them become like Chuck & Sarah – that’s not who they are. That’s not who I want them to be. But this dynamic they have currently doesn’t feel quite right either. I hold out hope that this is deliberate on the part of the writers, because right now it just feels like, as Brennan would describe – “a successful blending of familial obligations as well as monetary and property consolidation.”

  4. Val on December 9th, 2011 10:02 am

    To ProfeJMarie:

    You loved the fact that 8-or-so-months pregnant Brennan showed up during a tornado???? Just to prove a point? Just to spite Booth? Endangering her life and the baby’s in the process? Your hate towards Booth is so irrational and, well, dumb, you are loving the fact that a character who’s supposedly a genius put her and the baby’s life in danger for the sake of a feminist agenda. What woman in her right mind would do this? Whatever you worshippers of Brennan might think, she doesn’t have superpowers, her body is as fragile as a normal human body is. And her thinking should be logical.

    You found Booth’s lying in order to keep an irrational pregnant Brennan safe to be disturbing? To keep her out of harm’s way??? Than you are as objective and level-headed as a 12 year fangirl who think goddess Brennan can walk on water!!

    So, out of a poorly written filler episode, all you took is:
    ‘Bones can do no wrong, no matter how dangerous and whacky her actions are, as long as she can stick it to Booth, yay Brennan’ ???
    ‘if Booth is not presented as a yes-man slave ready to serve Bones need for sex, love and approval of all her actions, helping her only when she asks (ep 1), not ever challenging her decisions in any way, not even lying to protect and keep her safe (how dare he, the inferior gender?), the hell with that bastard’ ??
    ‘something is off with them as a couple, not what it should be: of course it’s Booth’s fault, it doesn’t matter he apologized, he should have kissed the ground she walks on because it’s all his fault, Brennan did absolutely nothing wrong, she even saved him some crumbs, I mean pasta” ??

    What is Bones online fandom made of?
    Teenage delusional fangirls desperately in need of a feminine role model?
    Or bitter scorned women desperately in need of a venting platform for all their men-induced frustrations? Pityful.

  5. John on December 9th, 2011 10:02 am

    I agree with all your points, but would like to add one.

    Having the music that loud with the baby (you could hear it down the hall) is not good for their ears, whether they like the songs or not. (Of course, I am part of the very small minority who hate Anglea’s father and all his actions.)

  6. SueK on December 9th, 2011 10:21 am

    Pretty much used to stories which start off good then go down hill. Well HH&Co. have managed to reverse that trope. The opening of this episode was ghastly. Not funny and did not show, as I supposed was intended, “Protective Booth”. It failed as both a sight gag and a precursor of the episode’s B&B theme du jour. What were they thinking? Were they thinking? So, it was all up hill from there.

    The case was actually quite interesting. At least the suspect pool was not as skimpy as it has been of late. Fischer was fine. He is actually one of my faves, but that may be because I like wry humor. Saw the rock rocking baby Michael to sleep coming when Billy G showed up.

    Booth and Sweets interaction was good whether case or B&B related. Wish Brennan had been a bit (OK a lot) more pissed at Booth. But (like forever) can forgive a lot of the Meh in this episode because of the two Booth in Tee Shirt shots.

    Agree about so far this season has been Bones Lite. If this keeps up there will need to be Booth sans any shirt to keep me interested.

  7. ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) on December 9th, 2011 10:26 am

    Hi Val,

    Actually, that is not at all what I said in my comments or what I took away from the episode. I’m sorry that you see my comments in that light.

  8. El on December 9th, 2011 10:47 am

    I am really trying to get on board with Bones again. However, last nights episode was just boring. It just seems to me like this show is just appealing to the B & B shippers and the DB lovers. I like both B & B (though not fanatical) and I like DB (again not fanatical) but I am having such a hard time getting that love for Bones back again. B & B are just off. I think their chemistry started to decrease in Season 5 but now that they are together, it should feel like they are together.
    I dont mean sex scenes, I mean the looks they used to give each other. To me, they were closer when they were just partners. I also think the doggy style scene was silly. Are these sitcom writers? It just seems like a sitcom where B & B are concerned because the episodes just find a way to make their conflict amusing.

    I have watched this show since Season 1 and loved it up until last year, even though I think it started to fall off in Season 5. I know I am in the minority because most fans and critics just think the show is so great again since B & B are together. I just don’t see them as together and found them much more interesting and appealing before (and I never thought I would feel that way)
    Hogela just bore me. Sorry, Angela is boring now.

    HH has said that we will not see anything that Hogela has gone through. Thank heavens, because it is really overdone. Cam needs more of a role than just keeping everyone doing their jobs. Maybe she is annoyed with all of the baby stuff too.

    I honestly have to say that I am looking forward to Thursdays when I don’t have to make a choice as to what to watch live. It will be Greys. I never thought Bones would be a second choice for me. I just can’t get that good feeling back from the show. Overall, I am just bored with it. Maybe January’s episode will be good. They have to focus on something more than contrived B & B issues and baby talk. Been there done that.

  9. 1mars on December 9th, 2011 10:56 am

    Hey Val, while your comments were funny and meant to be sarcastic, I dont feel you are too far off on either the fangirls or this episode.

  10. andrea on December 9th, 2011 11:44 am

    Well I thought the episode was embarrasingly funny-especially the sexual innuendo scene at the crime scene-I burst out laughing. So maybe I have a warped sense of humor-it reminded me of the trailer scene in “Double Trouble in the Panhandle” when Booth and Brennan were rocking the trailer to simulate sex. Booth asks Brennan if she was “this spontaneous during real sex” and she says “yes”. I thought that was pretty funny too-.I also didn’t suspect Wes the director of being the murderer. It made sense that he didn’t have anything to say to Booth-he was guilty-what could he say? I’m pretty tired of the criminals on Bones saying “I lost it” to explain why they murdered the victim!

    I didn’t think the story was meh-and I don’t consider myself a “fangirl”. There have been Bones episodes from other seasons that have not been my favs or ones that I didn’t like too much. Yes Brennan running off to follow Booth to the tornado scene was pure Brennan showing she could “handle” anything-maybe it wasn’t the best thing for her to do considering her condition-sometimes I think she still hasn’t come to terms with her impending birth and thinks she can do what she did in the past. (I was really surprised that she just left Booth and Sweets stranded though).

    I think the tornado montage showed enough of the force of a tornado and the devastation left behind. I didn’t think there needed to be more of a tie-in. The scene with the tornado and Booth barely escaping being hit with the windmill blade also showed the danger and force of tornadoes-it was a pretty awesome scene. So to me the depiction of the tornado storyline wasn’t “Bones-lite”.

    I also liked that Booth was so over protective of Brennan. It makes sense that he’s even more over protective than he was in the premiere; the closer Brennan gets to delivering their daughter, and the more she seems to be trying to prove she can still do everything she’s used to, the more Booth is going to have to step in. No, I don;t think he should of lied to her, but he probably knew if he told her the truth she would’ve have accepted it. (His apology was genuine to me, but hopefully he won’t lie to her in the future whether his intentions are good or not).

    Angela and Hodgins’ back story with baby Michael staying up all night was pretty humorous and right on. I have a friend who’s daughter was the same when she was a baby. She slept during the day and would stay up until all hours of the night. Even though my own daughter slept pretty much through the night, she’d continuously wake for a feeding every several hours. My husband and I were pretty bleary eyed, as are most new parents. So this was a believable storyline. And some new parents can be very controlling-I can understand how Angela and Hodgins wouldn’t trust Anegla’s dad- given all the crazy things he did to Hodgins in the past.

    However, I would like to see more affection between Booth and Bones. I agree with those posters who have said this. While the ending was sweet, I feel Booth and Brennan are “holding back” from each other-even tip-toeing around each other. Possibly because neither has really talked about how much they hurt the other in the past-they may need to have “The Talk” soon and bury bygones so they can move on without resentments they may be harboring subconsciously. There’s still chemistry, but it was somewhat muted in this episode. We need hello and good bye kisses from these two!

    So while I don’t agree with some of the opinions posted here, everyone is entitled to voice their feelings whether they are negative or positive. See you in January. Happy Holidays all.

  11. bonesjonsing on December 9th, 2011 12:04 pm


    Thank you so much for articulating my thoughts on the episode and the state of Bones on the whole. The lack of a genuine affection/connection between B&B is downright disheartening. The spark is gone and what we are left with is frankly boring. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and honesty of your review.

  12. Jess on December 9th, 2011 12:10 pm

    Yeah i agree with most of the comments posted here. This whole episode just felt awkward, especially the beginning between Booth and Brennan. Like another person commented above I loved this show up to the end of season 5/start of 6, then after that it just seems to me the B&B have lost that spark that they had in the previous seasons. All of this season so far, in my opinion, there has been something off between B&B, they don’t have the brother/sister relationship but they just don’t have the spark, its gone now.. Where is the chemistry they once shared? The looks that all once had us at the edge of our seats, pressing rewind to re-watch the seen over and over again? I know that B&B are together now but still there should still be the looks etc that they give each other. Basically now i just watch Bones for the cases- i never thought i’d be saying that.

    Anyway that is just my opinion i realize it is probably a unpopular one..

  13. andrea on December 9th, 2011 12:17 pm

    I don’t think the “spark is gone”. I just think it’s dialed down lower than before. Maybe this has to do with Emily’s pregnancy and though she was feeling good, it’s got to be difficult to work such long hours when pregnant! I think when Bones returns, we’ll see a lot more “spark” between B & B. I’m not giving up hope on Bones-in the past the second half of the season really picked up as the cases got more intense. Another serial killer arc is scheduled for the season half-which always makes for good drama. So keep the faith Bones fans…

  14. eridapo on December 9th, 2011 1:14 pm

    I’ve been holding out hope that the show could recovered to its past glory (Seasons 1-3), but I given up. I will watched until the birth of the baby, and I will then take Bones off my DVR. I will have gotten the closure. My obsession is cured. Thanks Hart.

  15. mom2abntb on December 9th, 2011 3:14 pm

    I also feel like the chemistry between B & B seems off this season. It is almost like its being forced, when before, it seemed so natural. I’ll continue watching Bones because it is still my favorite show. But…IDK…I’m looking for more zing and less roomate-y. I mean, if they’re going to be together and say “I love you” then they need to act it. My opinion.

  16. Grey Beard on December 9th, 2011 3:22 pm

    I am with Eridapo on this one. Bones started out as a crime based drama, with a little personal comedy thrown in to lighted things up a bit. But now we are offered a hour long sitcom riding on a weak crime scene backdrop. At least we have been spared the fumbling attempts of a father changing a diaper….. so far.

  17. AJ on December 9th, 2011 3:59 pm

    A gaint chasity belt is placed on my TV every Thursday night at 8:00PM.

    Never thought Fisher would check the tonsils out on his girlfriend during an episode and in the same 43 minutes Booth would comes home (again) hangs up his coat and pour a scotch, with his pregnant partner sitting on his couch. Ok, Ok, maybe I got it all wrong and it was not ED that drew the line with no touchy no feely while I’m pregnant, maybe it was DB. Maybe he can’t turn on the charm or sizzle thing with a pregnant woman??? Either way we have a series relationship that went from Yoazah! to roomates at best.

    I will first say to all the fangirls of this show- move on from slamming the intelligent opinions of those posting at TV commentary sites. It is very, very easy to post a few sentences about DB’s guns, that would be slang for arms. (There, that was an instant test to see if you are a fangirl. The intelligent made it past the comma and found out “guns” meant arms. If you are a fangirl, you just thought about his crotch, or .40 Glock as a phalic symbol.)

    For those us waiting on a somewhat realistic B&B relationship……..I think the dance is over, as in for good. I have given my attention to the first six episodes, I kept the hope that things would turn around, I kept watching. As far as last night’s episode……………UGGh.

    I have to go back to SN’s comments that were made in May, we were to get an “organic” relationship between B&B. If we wanted these two all over each other in the diner, then we were a buch of horny people who needed to go find some porn (I am paraphrasing, but got the meaning of his words exact.) Well cripes, I guess I will raise my hand and say if that is porn to you SN, then yeah, I need to go there. I need to see something that confirms these two are not roomates. Does SN know that the meaning of the word organic as an adjective relates to…… yielding, or involving the use of food produced with the use of feed or fertilizer of plant or animal origin without employment of chemically formulated fertilizers…………

    In other words producing something edible with crap. I find that completely halariaous at this point of the season. Ok, to be fair, maybe he picked the wrong word. And to be even more fair, I will say that the only relationship stimulating episode was the first, having viewed all six- and SN wrote that one. Still; why do I get the vision of SN and HH serving up scripts at the script kitchen in Manhattan NY with Bones and Booth in line ahead of me and being told- “no sex for you !!!”.

    The special effects were great, Michael is still the cutest baby on TV right now, and the tatoo of Gramps on his arm was the best part of the show, it was a whatever you are drinking comes out your nose when you laughed part of the show. Fisher is always entertaining at least to me, in a dark, very funny kind of way. And I like the little tiny pair that Sweets grew when he told Booth “don’t snap at me because you lied.” Nicely done.

    However, I have watched Bones for B&B for going on seven years now- it has always been about her first and him trying to work his way into a relationship with her, caring for her along the way. What could have changed in this episode to make me love it???? The set up was there for a heck of an argument- the soul searching kind, the what are we if we are not a couple(?) kind, he lied to her and for us die hard fans, we always knew there would be a heck of a blow up once Booth did that with her. Bones has always had trust issues, Booth showing lack of trust (even packaged really pretty as a protection issue) was a ticking time bomb. Instead, we got “I’m really really sorry.” OK Booth…….la la la la

    What are people who seem to like this stuff now saying………”oh Booths arms were great, Booth in a black T-shirt eating food twice made me weak in the knees………..” Well, all that is left to be said now is; Congrats to the exective producers of this show. You have a show that appeals to an age group who are watching the show and loving it for the biceps on a guy, not because the biceps are packaged with a killer of a plot, and a hopeful kiss when the leads lean in to each other’s personal space, and a kick as__ lady named Temperance who know martial arts AND sat next to a comatose Booth for four days writing a book about how they were night club owners /married (AU- yes) and oh………COVER YOUR EYES SN, HH AND ALL THE REST ON THE FOX SET…….having sex.

    Give me a reason to watch this show again. Please.

  18. eridapo on December 9th, 2011 4:55 pm


    That was devastating….

    I know what you mean about the fangirls. The Bones twitter feed now hardly ever mentions the case, the victim, or the storyline. It is all about DB, the cute Baby, and the belly rubs. In my heart of hearts, I believe that this was what Hart was trying to avoid with keeping them apart for so long. Had he given into the coupledom earlier in the series and focus instead on improving other aspects of the story, the show and B&B would be better for it.

    Right now, the Jeff. looks more like a nursery than a crime lab. Baby M. might be cute, but this Hodgela deal with the lack of sleep and keeping the baby in the lab is ludicrous.

    B&B can we just say that these two have settled for one another. They are two close friends who in a moment of grief gave in to lust.

    As an aside, the show runner of NCIS just put another nail in the TIVA coffin today, and the fangirls are out for blood. Luckily for NCIS, the show is not TIVA. The show is about the NCIS team and the cases they solved, so the TIVA sacrificed should not hurt the show.

  19. El on December 9th, 2011 6:15 pm

    I have to agree with above. I am older than I think most of these fans (although I was once a huge fan but not because of DB being good looking and I was not looking for white picket fences for B & B). What I think they are going for is the younger fan base. For me, these are two people who are mid 30’s and early 40 who are acting like people in their 20’s. Booth has been a father before although I do have to say for as protective as he was this episode for his “daughter” he showed very little emotion in finding out he was even having a girl. That I would have enjoyed and would have been “organic”.

    I read some of the fan sites and all of the talk about B & B is like this is only a romance show. Yes, I agree this could have been a great love story in a crime show. For me, personally, between the dwindling chemistry and the SL of Season 6, that great love story just seems like Booth could have been happy with anyone and that he has indeed, settled for Brennan. Being angry, grief sex, surprise pregnancy, etc. is just a poor way to resolve the Will they, won’t they. They are just dull to me when I watch them. I like the scenes with them with other people much more.

    Another thing, when their was continuous talk amongst the squints about B & B and all of a sudden no one comments on anything. Booth is never interacting with the squints anymore, except for the crime scene. He is never in any lab scenes, etc. All of this started before this season and ED’s pregnancy.

    Last nights episode just seemed like they were filling time. Even the scene with Fisher and his girlfriend was just taking up time. Angela and Hodgins are a bit much now. CAm is barely used.

    When they only had six episodes I really thought it would be six good episodes.
    I thought the Booth one was pretty good (not great) and two others were about a 7 for me. This one and the second one were about a 3 or 4 (although this one was not as cringeworthy as the second)

    The ratings were decent, but POI is gaining momentum. When Grey’s comes back it could be serious trouble. POI scored a higher demo last night and so did the office. This last episode in January better be really good to bring back viewers in the Spring. There is just too much competition. Maybe DB will have to start going shirtless (HA HA). It would not make a difference to me, but when I read some comments, I think it would thrill many viewers.

  20. alison tabor on December 9th, 2011 6:51 pm

    Sadly, I find this season to be rather boring. The “they are together because she is pregnant” story line is so uninteresting and does not due the dynamic between these two characters any justice. Even the ‘conflicts’ of where to live and over-protectiveness are snore-worthy. I am finding that I really don’t care that there are no new episodes until January. I still love Bones, but my interest level is not the same as in season’s past.

  21. Vee on December 9th, 2011 8:41 pm

    I had high hopes for this season but the episodes are not living up to the hype. Only the first one had some hope. The descriptions of the B&B relationship being “off” and that they are behaving more like roommates sums it up nicely. They are missing those meaningful looks and the unspoken communication that comes with true intimacy between friends, the level of sexual tension that was palpable. Now it seems like they are truly acting. The I Love Lucy (how’s that for a dating reference) formulaic progression in an episode is so disappointing in a series that used to inspire obsession in so many of us. Booth and Brennan both have moved so far from how they used to be they are unrecognizable. It has that same feel as when Hannah was there. I sure hope this goes away and that the writers get on the ball. The writing used to be quotable, and Angela used to have such great lines that were edgy for prime time. They have reduced her and Hodgins to sidekicks and their relationship is tepid. He is wealthy beyond belief and they don’t have a nanny? They don’t have some sort of artistic unusual nanny for this child? And yes, we all are sleep deprived with infants but we do function and no one’s workplace tolerates such ridiculousness as was in this episode. Most places will bounce you for being unable to come back into your job as usual after a maternity leave. Very poor writing and not consistent with how sharp and on top of things these characters used to be. Why do they play Booth like three men and a baby? I agree with the Meh rating for this episode. I still like Bones and will hold out hope that they have some better eps coming, but I sure hope they don’t try and blame the pregnancy and them becoming a couple on any downturn in the viewership. Perhaps the staff is getting tired? Trying for a different demographic instead of better writing? I hate to just whine here but those of you who have watched from the very first season know what I am talking about.

  22. Elena on December 9th, 2011 9:30 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly with all those above who said that there is something “off” about the B&B relationship now. Though I’m so happy they are finally together, I feel like HH and SN took the lazy route when it came to making this happen. They held out on allowing them to be a couple for a season or two too long, in my opinion. I hate to say it but I think they missed their moment. I mean, the chemistry they used to have was amazing…those longing looks between them were so hot…I was one of the people rewinding certain scenes over and over again bc I couldn’t get enough. And, yeah, you know what, Stephen Nathan? I DID want to see them get all mushy and hot and heavy with each other! You know why??? Because I waited 6 friggin years for it! Hey, a baby is nice, but this wasn’t the way I wanted them to get together. I’m sorry, it just wasn’t. I wanted to see them decide to be together, kiss, go on a first date, have a first night together and a first morning after. I wanted to see ALL OF THAT…and I know so many of you guys did, too. Let’s call a spade a spade…we B&B ‘shippers were robbed blind of some really precious moments that we waited so long to see.

    I will always love Bones, but I’m really disappointed so far this season. There have been some cute B&B scenes but, to me, it’s been so lacking in emotion and true chemistry. I’m hoping things pick up in the second half of the season, but I’m worried the show is going to lose a lot of viewers bc of the lackluster first half. Will people even bother to return after such a flat beginning and a looooong hiatus? I don’t know. I’ll definitely watch bc I’ll never give up on Bones, but I worry about the show’s future if this is the path HH & SN keep going down. Would it kill them to let B&B act like a real couple with an actual sex life?? Seriously…

  23. LMKemp on December 9th, 2011 10:21 pm

    I’ve also felt a lack of real affection between B&B this season. Even their previous “guy hugs” had more tenderness that what we’ve seen so far. I’m wondering if Emily has been uncomfortable during her pregnancy expressing any kind of intimacy with a man other than her real-life husband.

  24. TheTruth on December 9th, 2011 10:53 pm

    This is a long time in coming for me. I don’t post on any fansite for anything. Don’t really feel that strong about a tv show to do that. Bones is a show that I cared about. I am using past tense for a reason here. There was never a reason to post to places like IMDB or Fox boards, because it seemed to me that it was all about DB’s body, still is to this day. I started watching this show when it first aired, I was one of those fans that cleared the night out so I could enjoy the show. I have left that mode of thinking, and it happened in season six.

    I appreciate posts like what I have read here. AJ- you wrote what is in my heart, El- you are a good fan who posts consistantly for this show. Andrea is steadfast too- Prof M. you are always trying to remain positive. But we can not keep the charade up, really, can we?? I appreciate Ms. Curtis writing an honest review of a show that even critics, the ones who are not paid by Fox affiliates, would have to admit has gone terribly wrong in the writing department for this show.

    I read for years how much HH and SN and even DB and ED was afraid of the Moonlighting curse. They were so afraid of letting these two become a hot couple this season that they ruined the show. To the point of punishing the true fans.

    Let’s call a spade a spade, I am on board with stating my feelings about this show. We WERE ripped off in season six. Emily got pregnant and clearly, HH and SN freaked out and put NO thought to how to script this event for Bones. They have taken a beautiful and intelligent female role and dumbed it down to someone who shagged the FBI guy and got knocked up. I was never afraid of the shippers, I am one and by the looks across the internet, the shippers would have carried this show no matter what, no matter how mushy it was written. The fact about a shipper is they leave when the interest is killed. I am in that group. I am in the group that will raise their hand and say “hel__ yeah, give me some Bones love on the screen.”

    Sadly, I am more interested in getting these two broke up right now, having a tragedy with the baby at birth or what ever, just let these two find each other naturally, let them have the awkward dates and sex on the couch during a hockey game. I always have felt in my heart that DB and ED were very close, more than just friends during the first four seasons, my opinion here, so hold the stones back, many of you have thought that too. I think ED was crushed when DB was telling other women the same that he was telling ED- I thing that the dynamic changed because it had to, it changed between the two of them. That is something that HH and SN and all the writers can’t fix. Only ED and DB can come to an agreement about caring about the plight of the show and how the characters need to interact.

    The Twister episode in on my DVR and I have not watched it yet, don’t really know when I will. I have to be honest and say that Person of Interest has got my attention now.

    Sorry, I too need a reason to watch Bones in 2012. I don’t have the “love” any more.

  25. TheTruth on December 9th, 2011 10:53 pm

    This is a long time in coming for me. I don’t post on any fansite for anything. Don’t really feel that strong about a tv show to do that. Bones is a show that I cared about. I am using past tense for a reason here. There was never a reason to post to places like IMDB or Fox boards, because it seemed to me that it was all about DB’s body, still is to this day. I started watching this show when it first aired, I was one of those fans that cleared the night out so I could enjoy the show. I have left that mode of thinking, and it happened in season six.

    I appreciate posts like what I have read here. AJ- you wrote what is in my heart, El- you are a good fan who posts consistantly for this show. Andrea is steadfast too- Prof M. you are always trying to remain positive. But we can not keep the charade up, really, can we?? I appreciate Ms. Curtis writing an honest review of a show that even critics, the ones who are not paid by Fox affiliates, would have to admit has gone terribly wrong in the writing department for this show.

    I read for years how much HH and SN and even DB and ED was afraid of the Moonlighting curse. They were so afraid of letting these two become a hot couple this season that they ruined the show. To the point of punishing the true fans.

    Let’s call a spade a spade, I am on board with stating my feelings about this show. We WERE ripped off in season six. Emily got pregnant and clearly, HH and SN freaked out and put NO thought to how to script this event for Bones. They have taken a beautiful and intelligent female role and dumbed it down to someone who shagged the FBI guy and got knocked up. I was never afraid of the shippers, I am one and by the looks across the internet, the shippers would have carried this show no matter what, no matter how mushy it was written. The fact about a shipper is they leave when the interest is killed. I am in that group. I am in the group that will raise their hand and say “hel__ yeah, give me some Bones love on the screen.”

    Sadly, I am more interested in getting these two broke up right now, having a tragedy with the baby at birth or what ever, just let these two find each other naturally, let them have the awkward dates and sex on the couch during a hockey game. I always have felt in my heart that DB and ED were very close, more than just friends during the first four seasons, my opinion here, so hold the stones back, many of you have thought that too. I think ED was crushed when DB was telling other women the same that he was telling ED- I thing that the dynamic changed because it had to, it changed between the two of them. That is something that HH and SN and all the writers can’t fix. Only ED and DB can come to an agreement about caring about the plight of the show and how the characters need to interact.

    The Twister episode in on my DVR and I have not watched it yet, don’t really know when I will. I have to be honest and say that Person of Interest has got my attention now.

    Sorry, I too need a reason to watch Bones in 2012. I don’t have the “love” any more.

  26. RedRiderBBGun on December 9th, 2011 11:10 pm

    Holy crap, I LMAO

    To AJ- Never saw a soup nazi analogy used as well as it was here for the show Bones. Every time I ever see or hear HH in the future on anything, I will laugh thinking of him tell DB and ED, NO SEX FOR YOU!! Beautiful.

    They got no one to blame but themselves for the mess that Bones is now. When I saw the first two episidoes of this season I knew that even the leads were not into it anymore. Have not watched since. Enough said.

  27. Judie on December 10th, 2011 1:45 am

    Just to mention … my comment is going to be quite lengthy, so please bare with me. Honestly, if I had to make ‘heads-or-tails’ on what might hold some fact, I’d say that I think LMKemp’s comment regarding Emily feeling uncomfortable is accurate! Although, my own opinion is that things are ‘even more difficult’ than that. Here’s my take on why Booth & Brennan’s relationship seems to be ‘severely lacking’ to the point that all us ‘Bones’ viewers are noticing their ‘chemistry’ fail!

    The thing is, to me … I feel Booth & Brennan’s ”more-friends-than-lovers” relationship may NOT have to do so much with just the ‘Bones’ writing! It might have to do also with the ‘real-life’ actors themselves, and what they “will or won’t do” in portraying their characters ‘being together’! I mean, it’s been said how David Boreanaz & Emily Deschanel HAVE A SAY in their show’s direction … which, since both of them are PRODUCERS, would definitely make sense with that reasoning! Although again, what LMKemp said (regarding Emily, and being uncomfortable) made me think about what we ‘already know’ that has happened in these actor’s real lives. This is what made me believe otherwise … and how IT MIGHT NOT BE just the WRITING on ‘Bones’ that ‘made a difference’ in Booth & Brennan, and what is ‘displayed’ within their SUPPOSED-TO-BE-IN-LOVE relationship. It might be with the REAL LIFE ACTORS, themselves!

    OK! Just an FYI, as this is going to get somewhat ‘personal’ … but, it’s NOT like these ‘truths’ have NOT been stated ‘in the press’ already … so, it is OUT THERE, and known about, regardless! Let’s see, if memory serves me correctly. Emily Deschanel got married last year in September, after being in a 3 year relationship with her “at that particular time” BF, David Hornsby. Now, the thing that was ‘surprising’ was NOT that Emily actually got married … but, that she had NO MENTION of an ‘engagement’ beforehand! It was ‘all of a sudden’ (like ‘spur-of-the-moment’) that the public heard the news … Emily was married! Next, it was around 4 months later, and we hear she’s preggers? It was just completely ‘out-of-the-blue’ that she was going into marriage … and then, BOOM, she’s preggers, already! Now, of course, things like this happen every day in our lives, and in celeb’s lives. But, I was just ‘shocked’ … as there are ”not too long ago” (before she was married) interviews of Emily saying how she was NOT in any hurry to get married, and that she was HAPPY just being single. So, her marriage was very, very SURPRISING, as it happened rather quickly, and without any prior announcement!

    Next, we get to David Boreanaz, who (since Fall 2009, and for a good portion of 2010) was dealing with ‘marital problems’ because he exposed his ‘infidelities’ since he felt he was being ‘extorted’ by one of his mistresses. Although, since the beginning of last year, David kept filming Season 5 of ‘Bones’, and then, in mid-summer, he began filming Season 6. Still, many fans ‘noticed’ the ‘wear-and-tear’ on him … especially since David was losing alot of weight, and looking ’emotionally-drained’ as a result of going to ‘great measures’ to ‘fix matters’ with his wife and family!

    Hmmm! Something tells me that how others have mentioned the SPECIFIC ‘time frame’ of when things between Booth & Brennan seemed different (Season 5 or the beginning of Season 6??) Ah yes, people! This is where the ANSWERS lie. As first, David had those ‘infidelity issues’ … and next, Emily gets married to her BF of 3 years. Sorry, but it was within this ‘time frame’ that the show ‘Bones’ began it’s ‘downhill turn’ for our Booth & Brennan! So, LAKemp saying that Emily might feel ‘uncomfortable’ makes alot of sense. Maybe it’s Emily NOT WANTING to get ‘too close’ to her costar lead, Boreanaz, because she feels ‘uncomfortable’ in a LOVE SCENE with him, now that she’s married. Maybe it’s David NOT WANTING to get ‘too close’ to his costar lead, Deschanel, because he doesn’t want his wife, Jaime, to get any ‘suspicious’ or ‘misleading’ ideas. Or could it be, BOTH David & Emily are telling HH and SN that they DON’T WANT to get ‘too romantic’ in their Booth & Brennan relationship scenes because of the above! Hmmm, I’m just wonderin’! Actually, who really knows?? I just feel IT IS SOMETHING ALONG ONE OF THESE LINES since Booth & Brennan’s chemistry started ”terribly-nose-diving-for-the-worst” during this ‘particular time’ … which was during David’s exposed infidelity, AND Emily’s surprising everyone with her marriage!

    My feelings are this current storyline is more like Booth & Brennan are TOGETHER only because Brennan is ‘preggers’ with Booth’s child. Really, that’s the only way to explain Booth & Brennan acting like ‘they’re friends’ when they are SUPPOSED TO BE IN LOVE with each other! It seems more like a ‘one-night stand’ happened between them, and nothing more! It’s totally ridiculous! All I’ve got to say is … THIS BETTER BE CORRECTED with our Booth & Brennan … somehow, someway, and SOON! Otherwise, I don’t believe Season 8 of ‘Bones’ NOT HAPPENING is too far-fetched as ‘truth’! It’s like why look at the ratings?? We don’t want to see FAILURE … and a 2.4 demo tells Fox that FAILURE is NOT too far away! Again, know that ‘fixing-this-mess’ is in order … and forget LATER … it’s like, HURRY UP, RIGHT NOW! Make corrections starting with that next episode for January 12th! Seriously, there’s GOTTA BE ‘something drastic’ in the form of MAJORLY BETTER before ‘Bones’ takes that next hiatus until Spring. Otherwise, it the storyline stays the same … it’s gonna be CURTAINS for ‘Bones’ before the end of this Season. And WE WANT A SEASON EIGHT …… FOX!!! So, things NEED TO GET CORRECTED … and NOW!!

  28. Cherise on December 10th, 2011 2:32 am

    I actually loved tonight’s episode, but overall I have to agree with everyone. Where’s the chemistry? I see hints of it from time to time. Glimpses of classic B&B, but not nearly as intense as it used to be. Why? Maybe the actors are uncomfortable with ED being pregnant, but I think the main reason is because the producers are scared of making things too mushy. Well DUH!!!! They are a couple got dangit! We wanna see all the gushy stuff. What are you guys afraid of?!?!?!?!? What is the point of getting them together if it feels like they get uncomfortable when they touch each other for more than 2 seconds? We’re not asking for much. A peck on the cheek here and there. Those loving gazes that they used to give each other so often. Them walking together hand in hand. Screw the people who didn’t want them to get together!!! You chose to put them together, now SHOW them being together!!!!!!!! Give us back that intimacy that B&B easily shared. Things were steamier before they got together! This season is not at all like I hoped it would be; I expected more. I love Bones. I will watch it til the end, but I don’t want it to end now so GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Chris on December 10th, 2011 6:50 am

    For me this was the best episode of the season so far.

    Finally Brennan convinced me again she’s the same character she used to be. Enough with insecure Brennan every single episode, going to others for advice because she does not know how to do things. It can be nice once, but the second time is boring and unfair towards the strength and true nature of the character.
    Her going to the tornado area was a irresponsible, but it’s a tv show and I am glad I have my kick ass Brennan back.
    I loved Booth protectiveness, which was expected by him as well. And remember Brennan season 1 telling Angela she missed a someone in her life concerned about her? About where she is and what she does? In the last scene we can see that despite the fact that she still wants her space and she does not want to be limited by the pregnancy, she truly loves Booth just because he is who he is. She loves his protective side. As much as Booth loves her because she is like no other woman.
    Their scene eating the pasta was extremely sweet for me. I don’t know about you guys, but to me their love and connection is so evident.
    Would I love some more physical interaction? YES! On the other hand I understand there are several limitations due to Emily’s real big belly. Not a problem for me.
    Emily is actually the only one in the whole cast not convincing me completely with the acting this season, but again, I totally get it. I’m pretty sure in the episodes shot after her pregnancy she will be much more involved.
    David on the contrary is in great shape, not only his body, but for me he really nails his scenes. Totally. Booth is really shining this season.

    I also like the other characters much more than in the past, especially Sweets and the various squinterns (the new one was actually great), and overall I believe the authors are making a good job balancing the fewer scenes with Emily and the rest of the cast.

    What I really find boring, but for a few seasons already, is Hodgela. Enough with the couple/parents issues. Those two characters, individually, were great and had big potential. Michael is cute and adorable, but I’d rather him not becoming a recurrent character. Have the writers any new idea on how to use these characters?

    In any case, what really killed my addiction to the show was last season. Unwatchable, especially the first half. This season is much better, and has the unhappy task to put the broken pieces together. The fact that has a weird programming, with lots of hiatus is not helping either. On the other hand I do believe in Emily’s right to her maternity leave. So again, no complaints from me.

    This episode was for me really nice, I enjoyed it immensely, both the case and B&B interaction.

  30. Angie the second on December 10th, 2011 9:44 am

    Everything being said above I am in total agreement with. I still love the show, there are some wonderful/cute interactions between B/B, Hodgela, the squints and others, but where is that fire betweeen Booth and Brennan? I know they are together and I know that we have seen some couply moments. However, this comment is to you Hart and Stephen, I want to see that spark that was there in Seaons 1-5. I agree, we don’t need to see them having sex or making out all of the time. Like Thursdays ep, at the end when he put his hand on her tummy, they could have leaned in and gave each other a mushy kiss. I want to know why you all are not showing more lovey-dovey interactions between these two? Is it Emily, David or you guys at fault? Also, I am with the rest of you. I am holding out hope the second half of season 7 gets better. In all of the seasons we have watched so far, there has been that perfect balance of solving the murder, showing the chemistry between B/B, showing heartfelt interactions with the squints in the lab and tying up loose ends at the end of each episode. I so miss that. I just don’t feel that chemistry between B/B this season. Are they a couple or are they just people who are settling with the relationship because they have wanted to be together for so long while having a baby? Please, Hart and Stephen, bring that same connection between B/B back that was there before or you are gonna be losing so many viewers(you already are-notice said comments above). I say stick with what worked in the beginning. That is what made the viewers fall in love with Bones in the first place. Show more hugs and kisses. Couples do those things and without the urge to tear each others clothes off all of the time.

  31. Mary T on December 10th, 2011 10:07 am

    Bones has become unwatchable for me with all the babies, love affairs
    and dumb ass crimes.
    What happen to the crime drama of the first 3 seasons….
    It has devolved into a weekly soap opera….

    Brennan is now a female Mr.Spock….
    Booth takes advantage of a friend (Brennan) getting her pregnant.
    What happen to the high moral FBI agent?

    Except for the night of getting Brennan pregnant they are more of a
    brother/sister team rather lovers. While I waited for a relationship between
    B/B for 6 seasons. This is not what I expected….. There was more
    affection shown when Brennan was with Sully.

    I believe that Bones will end at the end of this season. The actors seem
    bored at times. Lets face it……. where else can they go with the plots.

    I have read that some of the Bones actors will be appearing on The Finder.
    This for me is they are A) getting a pay check B) if Bones is cancelled they
    will just go to The Finder and C) hoping that Bones fans will tune into
    The Finder.

  32. Jasper on December 10th, 2011 10:25 am

    To AJ-
    Ok, I passed the test, I read past the comma. Too funny, but accurate.

    The soup/script nazi comparison……classic. I will borrow if you don’t mind.

    To Judie and TheTruth-
    The time line comparison of DB’s personal life and the decline of the relationship dance is too perfect to be a coincidence. I am inclined to agree. Your post rings very plausible- perhaps Mrs. B cleared up DB’s work wife affair in the counseling sessions over the last two years, because the sizzle dissappeared.

    I won’t repeat what so many are pointing out here, but will expand on a thought about the “adjustment.” This is part theory …………maybe fits fact.

    After acting in scene after scene and weeks and nights on end with another actor, of the opposite sex, and grinding out sexual tension that does not get resolved on film………….perhaps the B&B could not figure out where B&B began and DB and ED stopped.

    I always wondered why HH allowed so much lap-over into the characters. Especially DB ala Booth. Philly connection, Hockey hockey hockey, cameras of all kinds used to decorate Booths apt. (DB is a photog. major), etc etc. Where does the acting begin and DB end? The theory being ED could have fell for DB and acted on it, both could have, but is Booth more or less not an extension of DB’s life? There is alot to work with from the first couple of seasons info on Booth, the military aspect, the single parent aspect, the gambling addiction side of life, all things mentioned shown briefly and anymore not at all. But we here him mention tickets to a hockey game frequently. You can call it picky, but keeping Booth on stage and not DB might have been helpful in 2009 and 2010.

    There is the very valid issue of DB dealing with the stress of the last couple of years. Am I the only person that thinks it aged him by 10 years??? And we are very unfair to think that the whole mess didn’t effect the cast of the show. They had to live with a wait and see attitude as to Fox’s reaction since they were named in two law suits due to DB. We are fools to think that this did not play a role in the last two seasons. Maybe not fools, how about “adults.”

    For all who are looking for more sexual tension, scenes, B&B moments, keep in mind that we have been told in spades (since that is a good theme here on this thread) that HH and SN are not going there with these two characters. We will most likely get more of the same and with no chance of flashbacks to see how it all started. Those are the nails in my fandom coffin. No flexibility, no righting a wrong with a fandom that will be talked about in years to come with other series with similar themes. What HH and SN has done is draw a line and say- “here it is, take it and shut up.” Kinda surprising when some fans seem to think they swayed season six’s story line by getting rid of Hannah.

    With a fandom that is taking the time to post for the first time to a commentary site, with a fandom that is pretty much on the same page about the character destruction, with fans who plainly are asking for a change- not that they want to quit watching (although most are teetering including me)……………the producers and writers of have their heads squarely up their………

    We need to stop writing, and stop watching.

    SN tweeted this past week a thank you to the fans, for giving him God like powers. This was in re; to the schedule change and that he and HH can’t control that. Nooooooooo, but the fact that the Bones episode touted as the first half of the season finale is being used for the sole purpose to promote your new show doesn’t hurt does it. Does it?? Smart as_ tweets deserve some good replies. Here is a P.S. for you SN- we didn’t miss your God Spell shout out in Bones- time to write a script or two for Booth and Brennan. Are you capable of dropping the goofy shout outs and get these two in a meaningful conversation? I bet you are NOT capable.

    Signed with one hand in the air, because I want to see some Bones “porn” too.

  33. Vee on December 10th, 2011 10:58 am

    It is so fun for me to read what others of you take the time to post! I have always felt that the DB debacle in his personal life had to affect the show, and I also found it hard to believe that his colleagues had no clue how he conducted himself off set. Yes, ED may have had a sudden wedding etc and her publicist may be spinning the whole thing as true love and a private life kept private, but the chemistry between the two actors has definitely changed. Whether it is deliberate or just a side effect we will never know. I do believe however, that they are skilled enough in their craft to work around these things, and something else is at work with the show that is causing the producers to take a certain direction. Once a show takes off and has been on air for a long time it changes the dynamic for everyone involved, from the fan base to the production, to the money. Fame and recognition change a lot for the actors. I just hope the show can get back some of the strong witty writing and strong female characters (not necessarily feminist by the way, just comfortable in their femininity and own skin, not playing off the male characters) back and get Booth back to the idealized all around true leading man who embodies (impossibly, of course) all those qualities we think we want in a man. It is escapism of course, romanticism in the best way, but with updated technology and cultural references. Angela and Hodgins need a reboot, Sweets needs a new love interest, Cam needs some new directives to get to implement, B&B need something to bring them back to being excited to being together finally instead of falling into a rut. Thanks for having this area to ruminate and vent! I still will stick with the show, if just to see how accurate we are in predicting the trajectory, and see whether the writers can still surprise us. I still think this group is a very talented ensemble and are fun to watch.

  34. Jean on December 10th, 2011 11:16 am

    I would love to see more of an emotional connection between B @ B. How about a kiss hello when he comes home. Emily is about 8 months pregnant and I understand why there isn’t more physical action between them. Hopefully there will be more in the 7 episodes after she has the baby. I am hoping that will show up in an episode centered around her getting the ok from the doctor to resume sex after having the baby. 😉

  35. mommahurley on December 10th, 2011 2:28 pm

    I feel a lot of the same emotions a lot of you are expressing… In this particular episode they felt like…good friends. Or longtime past the point of excitement couple…having a baby.. but… I’m not too worried about it.

    Emily was hugely pregnant at this point, it can’t be easy to be almost giving birth to your first child, and trying to act all sexy and in love with your goof friend… I’ll give it some time, and wait and see . … and this episode was planned written and shot, as a pre=finale episode…so, yes, It did seem a bit, flat… and they probably would have beefed it up a bit, if they’d known going into it, that this would be the year ender.

    Still we have gotten some pretty clear language from HH that once Emily gives birth, the viewers will get some hotter, more intense interactions. I’m sorry, but just from a logistical standpoint… how hot can it look on screen when Emily is that pregnant… She can’t possibly get into flattering they’re going for the realistic way women usually feel toward their mate while this pregnant… love lhem, yes… depend on them, yes… hope and dream with them… yes… make plans for the future… Yes…. Do hot and heavy up against the wall sex? Probably not! I can wait, because I know that’s coming in the future.

    Still I would love to see more moments like we got in the premiere, and in The Hot Dog in the Competition at the end… and when she comforted him during The Mail in the Mail…. We’re getting sweet loving moments, and that’s good, but they could still be just a little bit more affectionate… sort of the way Hodgins and Angela were..and still are. But I get that they are supposed to be different.. I just hope that HH and Co. remember to make them different than Hodgela, but not different from themselves seasons 1-5. I turest that they won’t let us down in the long run!

  36. Sarah on December 10th, 2011 2:55 pm

    I do not believe anything that HH says….. He has lied to the fan base over and over
    during the past several seasons.
    While a few posters have expressed the belief that Emily D did not interact with
    David since she was pregnant. A body double could have been used for some kisses
    hugs etc.
    Mary T (above) got it right. Brennan was showed more affection toward Sully a man
    she had an affair with than with Booth. Her own true love and father of her unborn
    They DO ACT like brother and sister not lovers.
    I guess after 6 years the actors are just bored doing the basically the same over and
    I wonder if the 4 extra episodes order by FOX is a way to tie up all the lose ends
    and end the show during the summer.

  37. El on December 10th, 2011 3:30 pm

    I have to say that it is not about showing hugs and kisses. The actual connection or spark that these two actors once had is missing. It began before season 6 and season 6 basically destroyed what was left of it. Even in the scenes in the first episode, I did not feel that connection. The main problem with last season for me was not Hannah, but the fact that there was no real connections between the leads. In an arc like that they usually show those looks between actors to let the audience know there are still feelings. Booth showed none of those.
    Even after Hannah left, there was still not much of a connections for me. Which is why them getting together over VNM felt even more wrong. I did not see anything more than friends comforting each other in that scene. To think it lead to such a loving moment as SN describes it, well, I just did not see it.
    Grief sex, yes.

    The producers have refused to explain anything that happened last year with “some things are better left unsaid.” Every fan is supposed to use their own imaginations about what happened. I don’t mean sex I mean how they resolved their anger and imperviousnes issues. I refuse to believe that Brennan would just jump into a relationship knowing how Booth felt for Hannah. How could she possibly feel secure. We know she had issues with Cam and Booth as evidenced in that intern murder episode. She asked if he would betray her.

    They just have not explained any of the actions. Gilmore Girls, even though it was annoying, split up the leads and brought in a new SO but you always knew there were still feelings between Luke and Lorelai. On the office, when Pam turned down Jim, you still knew how she felt about Jim. When Jim was with Karen, you knew he had feelings for Pam still. They were always the end game. Last season was just a mess and they have no intention of explaining it so it just leaves people bewildered. It makes them being together as a true couple less believable.

    So, they cannot blame things on ED” pregnancy. Real affection can be shown just by looks. JF is pregnant in real life and her scenes with Jim have not changed at all. That chemistry is still there.

    What I am really saying is that this was a problem before her pregnancy.
    Bones is not a bad show. It is just turned to mediocre. They went and turned it into mostly a show about their relationship and a minor show about the crime. Except that when they did that, they forgot they needed to concentrate on the connnection between those leads. The whole show just feels like it never settled back into its old ways. The Jeffersonian family is split. Booth is really not a part of that anymore. I enjoyed the days when they were all working together in the lab and Booth would come. Now everything is by phone and Brennan is going to the FBI most of the time.

    Maybe some of it is that the lab scenes take a great deal of time to shoot and DB wants less shooting time. I don’t know.

    Again, a decent show but past its glory days and for me, no longer a must see when it airs. I can catch it by DVR or on TNT the next week.

  38. El on December 10th, 2011 3:49 pm

    Forgot to say, last year I would have been happy to see Sully back. I really think ED and EM had great chemistry. He has his own show now so that would not happen. Last year was so bad that I really hoped B & B would not get together.
    Fine, they are now, but it is such a disappointment after six years. Yes, it is HH’s story, and he can tell it like it is. Many fans have written their own version of fanfic to fill in the blanks. I want it told to me or played out on screen. I guess I am the lazy one and not that the writers are lazy. I just want to be entertained.

    Ratings are down, yes they are usually for December, but the demo is down as well. Greys has not been on and even the office with a lot less viewers has been having the higher demo. Now POI had the higher demo and more viewers. HH really has to be concerned since Bones is being used as his intro for his new show. I wonder is this new schedule change with Bones has him concerned. He probably would have been better off with AI as a lead in.
    If it does not work out, he has no one to blame but himself. It is his show and his story. Now he has another show and another story. I will be curious to see how many of his long time fans will follow him. Sorry to say, I won’t.

  39. LadyJaneGrey777 on December 10th, 2011 8:36 pm

    I am so glad that I”m not the only one who feels this way.

    I get that they don’t want the show to become a sappy romance novel, but it just feels like HH and SN are going WAY out of their way to keep that from happening.

    The whole run of this show has been about UST and chemistry, and now they’ve done everything they can to avoid showing that.

    It’s like we’ve skipped from the chemistry/attraction phase of the relationship to the old-married-stale phase.

    What really bothers me is the big fat “I Told You So” from HH and SN — they’re going to try and blame the loss of interest on the part of the fans on the BB relationship. They’ll say, “See, we got them together like you wanted, and now you’re no longer interested.”

    It’s not the resolution of the sexual tension – it’s the complete removal of it altogether that has made me frustrated. I wish HH and SN would take a lesson from all these great fan fiction writers who are writing a MUCH better romance story for these two characters (Hello, Bones Writers Collective) in a way that is authentic and satisfying — and waaay more in character than what we’ve gotten from these last six episodes.

  40. julianne on December 11th, 2011 2:55 am

    I thought this episode was pretty cool, but I was disappointed in Bones decision to drive into a dangerous tornado just to follow Booth. Couldn’t she ask him to bring in some tornado chasers for questioning and get her scientific information that way? I know that Booth shouldn’t have lied to her and she is right to get upset about that but I also know that she is so stubborn that she would still have shown up even if it was too dangerous. At the beginning of the show the scene was funny and maybe a little bit ridiculous, she should just let him help her up off of the ground why make a big issue out of it and make Booth at fault. I know that when I was that pregnant I would have appreciated help in those situations. All of you David Boreanaz haters out there should get a life he’s a terrific leading man and goes out of his way to help the show, what more can he do? As for them not being lovey dovey in this episode unless they were having makeup sex and they can’t do that right now, then they are still reeling from a fairly serious argument and difference of opinion. In fact I’m surprised they still let Bones out of the lab and into the field at all. That is the part that is too unrealistic to me. Still I love this show and will always support it. We have to remember that Thursday night on tv is very tough competition and it is natural that their numbers may be down a little especially since FOX doesn’t do much publicity for Bones at all. Hopefully in January DB will do part of the talk show circuit to drum up more interest in the show. Or at least they might get more free publicity if he gets interviewed for his directing of The Finder.

  41. andrea on December 11th, 2011 9:09 am

    Ratings for Bones: 2.7 demo translates to 9 million viewers. Those are good numbers. Just saying.

  42. El on December 11th, 2011 10:20 am

    Those are not the final numbers. The final numbers were like a 2.4 and 8.1 million viewers. Yes, not bad, but third in the demo. Fox never reports the final numbers because they are usually lower.

  43. Firefly729 on December 11th, 2011 12:15 pm

    All Fox and CBS shows – not just Bones – were down that night, partially because it’s December and ratings are normally lower then anyway, and partially because of the big NFL game that was on that night – Cleveland/Pittsburgh, which preempted those networks in those markets.

  44. andrea on December 11th, 2011 1:10 pm

    Thanks for the numbers corrections-however like Firefly 729 says, December numbers are notoriously lower due to the holidays! I wouldn’t read anything more into Bones having slightly lower numbers.

    I’m looking forward to the second half of the season of Bones-especially with the new serial killer arc. I also have high hopes that Booth and Brennan will work out underlying issues that are what I feel is at the root of their lack of demonstrative affection for each other. I don’t think Emily or David are letting any personal issues be the cause of what some viewers are saying is the reason for the “spark being gone”. They are professionals after all. I think this is an acting choice that they have decided to go with. I am just convinced that the characters are still harboring hurt feelings due to what has happened between them this past year that haven’t been resolved. It may not be a popular choice as it’s resulting in fans thinking they no longer have chemistry. But to me it’s realistic. You may love someone, but if there are issues that you haven’t come to terms with, it will affect your relationship. Booth and Bones need to resolve whatever resentments they”re holding on to in regards to the Hannah debacle in order to really be “back baby”. This reminds me of the episode when Brennan was angry with Booth because she felt he should have prevented Zack from going to Iraq; she wouldn’t go out in the field with Booth-their relationship and partnership was definitely strained.

  45. andrea on December 11th, 2011 1:19 pm

    Oops meant to add: When Brennan admitted to Booth that she did blame him for not stopping Zack, Booth told her that he felt Zack needed to grow and experience life the same way she did when she left the lab to go out into the field with him. They were able to let the feelings of blame/misunderstandings/etc. go. I think Booth and Brennan need to have a serious talk and then move on. They really haven’t had one-they just rushed into a relationship a lot sooner than they would have if Brennan didn’t get pregnant. I just feel that sometimes things aren’t better left unsaid.

  46. El on December 11th, 2011 1:46 pm

    I did not mean that the numbers were down. Yes, numbers were down for all shows like they are in December. But for those watching new episodes that night, Bones came in third in the demo, which is what they really look like.
    I am not sure how that is viewed. If it keeps coming in third, it does affect the marketing and advertising dollars.

    I don’t think that Bones is a bad show, just not what it used to be.

    As far as them clearing the air from what went down last year, I really doubt it.
    HH has intimated that they will not. The line that “some things are better left unsaid” was put in for a reason. HH does not see where his story went wrong. He just wants to move forward and not look back. He said that Brennan and Booth don’t do that. Unfortunately, for many fans that is exactly what they want and will not get. That is the whole “Brennan is too rational” view of HH that she is not like other women. I still go back to when Booth was with Cam. It bothered her and I think it affected her in her relationship with Cam and Booth.

    HH wants to move on. It just does not make their relationship believable to many fans because of how it was not dealt with.

  47. Cherise on December 11th, 2011 4:48 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly with you, andrea! Couldn’t have said it better myself! ED and DB are excellent actors and would not let personal matters effect their work. B&B have rushed into this relationship and have some things they still need to resolve. I hope this does get addressed and we get to see B&B like we really want to!

  48. andrea on December 11th, 2011 7:28 pm

    Thanks for your support Cherise. El you’re probably correct in that those issues won’t be resolved due to HH and co. but I can’t help but hope. You never know.

  49. El on December 11th, 2011 8:03 pm

    Andrea, I hope that you are right and you get what you hope for.

  50. Sarah on December 11th, 2011 10:07 pm

    I see that FOX is going to replay The Finder episode this week as a Bones
    episode. FOX is really pulling all stops to get an audience for The Finder….

    It really seems that Bones is taking second place to the Finder.

  51. andrea on December 12th, 2011 12:03 am

    I will give The Finder a try, but for me it won’t replace Bones! I know HH and co. wants it to succeed of course, but please not at the expense of the original! I don’t consider Bones second place to The Finder and hopefully FOX won’t either. I mean Bones has bought a lot of revenue and success to FOX. The Finder is an unknown quantity!

  52. Laura on December 12th, 2011 2:55 am

    While I can understand FOX replaying The Finder next month as a lead in
    to new episodes. But I do not understand the reason for replaying it
    this Thursday instead of Bones.
    I recall that many Bones were angry when The Finder was shown instead
    of Bones last April. They (fans) felt misled by HH.

    For me I have no interest in The Finder. I watched the spinoff episode in April
    and will NOT watch it again.
    I bet that when Bones fans see that The Finder is on this week instead of Bones….
    The rating will go down big time.
    It does seem that HH is doing all he can to ruin Bones. I agree with Sarah
    Bones is taking second place to The Finder.

  53. Judie on December 12th, 2011 3:30 am

    Thanks, Vee for your comment! Without a doubt at all, I agree that the ‘chemistry’ between the ‘two actors’ has ‘definitely changed’. And I especially like ‘your mention’ pertaining to how Boreanaz & Deschanel are ‘skilled enough in their craft’ to ‘work around these things’ and that ‘something else’ is at work with the show that is causing the producers to take a ‘certain direction’! And to me … that ‘certain direction’ is ‘in regards’ to Booth & Brennan’s chemistry changing.

    There’s another ‘specific mention’ that I read in the above comments, too! Let me just say, Thank You, Jasper! … for the ‘much needed’ reminder! You know, honestly … I can’t believe how I ‘completely forgot’ about those ‘lawsuits’ that were filed against Boreanaz and Fox, because of that ‘harrassment issue’ that involved Boreanaz with a ‘Bones’ extra! Oh, Good Grief! … that ‘very own situation’ could seriously be THE CAUSE of this whole mess! Maybe, Fox decided to add a CLAUSE to Boreanaz’s contract stating that he can’t get ‘too physically close’ to ANYONE on the ‘Bones’ set, anymore! Hmmm?? That would teach him, wouldn’t it?? Ha!! Ha!! Ha!! OK! Yeah, it’s NOT AT ALL ‘funny’ to even JOKE on that subject! But, I wouldn’t be ‘surprised’ if ‘something like that’ became Fox’s overall decision. Really, what ‘aggravated me’ about that news, was that Boreanaz ‘settled’ that ‘harrassment’ case. Now, if you’re NOT GUILTY of the ‘actions’ filed against you … why would you pay a settlement?? Yes, it could have been Fox’s orders to Boreanaz, to have the matter ‘resolved’ as soon as possible, and without drawing ‘further attention’ to the media! Although, by paying a settlement, that just further made Boreanaz look like he really was GUILTY of those charges! Sorry! But, this doesn’t SIT too well with me! Probably doesn’t SIT too well with others, either … nor, does the whole incident SIT WELL with Fox. So, could it be Boreanaz might have a CLAUSE ‘added’ to his contract (as a result) … and therefore, NO MORE ‘OVERLY-INTIMATE’ interactions of his Booth character WITH ANYONE on the ‘Bones’ set, including Deschanel’s character, Brennan! And yeah, who knows whether this is True or not? Actually, I’m just thinking this might be another ‘possibility’ since we are NOT being told “THE FACTS” of ‘what’s going on’ with the show’s direction! I doubt we will EVER KNOW the ‘real reason’ for the ‘just-friends’ relationship, that Booth & Brennan are now ‘showing us’ every week! It’s too bad, too … as this ‘stale chemistry’ may cause the ‘collapse’ of ‘Bones’! Oh, and by the ‘same token’ … didn’t the Moonlighting characters, David Addison and Maddie Hayes, LOSE THEIR CHEMISTRY, too?? Hence, ‘following in their footsteps’ are now ”our very own” Booth & Brennan. Yeah, forget mentioning anything about a ‘Moonlighting Curse’ … this has become nothing more than a ‘Bones Curse’ … plain & simple! Although, if ‘The Finder’ fails first … then maybe ‘Bones’ can be ‘fixed’ in time! Keeping ‘fingers crossed’ … hopefully, Fox will renew it! Also, hope no more SURPRISES (this means you, Boreanaz … and Hanson, get back to concerning yourself with the writing for your original show! There!!! No more worries … ”Just-Fix-The-Mess”!

  54. Karen on December 12th, 2011 4:29 am


    You may be on to something…… I recall reading there may be some kind of internal
    tension going on.
    A few months ago both Emily and David cancelled their appearance
    to a yearly event. No believable explanation to the reason for not attending was
    given. This was a yearly event and by them not attending disappointed many fans.
    Some people said because Emily was pregnant. This was a real lame excuse….
    She acted long past this event and besides she could have done a video feed for
    her fans.
    I guess after 6 years the actors are just plain bored and are going through motions
    to for-fill their contracts . They do not need the money if Bones ends.
    Besides there is always the residuals from TNT for ongoing income.

  55. ILuvDOOLnBones on December 12th, 2011 8:33 am

    Everybody is on the same page…the episode was Bleh! For me my favorite moment was Brennan barging in the storm cellar yelling “You lied to me” that was Bones being Bones! I loved that she left him there stranded…she trusted he’d be fine…I loved that Booth was/is over-protective about her with certain things but where’s the Booth that trusts Brennan I’ve never really seen him question her decisions before and lied straight out to her…I am upset like the rest that the last physical affection we’ve seen was in the first episode of this season. I just hope once the baby has arrived we can have more emotion and affection. We saw more hands on between Booth and Hannah and Brennan and Sully then we do these two and B&B are supposed to be destined soulmates that finally overcame everything to be together thanks to fate (Vincent) and since we didn’t get to share in their emotional first time or the true 1st “I’m in love with yous” we should be getting something!

  56. ILuvDOOLnBones on December 12th, 2011 9:28 am

    Been seeing tweets from the cast Emily/TJ/David/James all saying “Bones is back” “Back to filming” “On Set” they seem happy to be so guess we have to stop assuming (me included) and hope for the best! It is a press party isn’t it…get the fans/viewers all in a huff about one thing or another and then surprise give us something else…who knows…till then! Keep thinking rationally!

  57. Mary on December 12th, 2011 11:01 am


    What do you expect them to say? Karen may be right on with her
    Brennan/Booth are more brother/sister than lovers. She did show more
    affection for Sully than for Booth.
    Why, only the writers and HH know for certain. But for me I can only
    say for me I am bored with the whole show.
    The writing and acting was much better in the past. Bones is a shadow
    of its former self.

  58. Judie on December 12th, 2011 11:57 am

    Karen … I completely agree that Emily Deschanel could’ve attended that ‘yearly event’ (which was Comic-Con) … Seriously, Deschanel was said to have been literally ”exhausted & tired” beyond belief, from her pregnancy … and that ‘many of us know’ was stated (in similar words) by her sister, Zooey (as well as other reports from the media) … So, if Deschanel was THAT TIRED or EXHAUSTED … then ‘how exactly’ was she ABLE to ‘keep filming’ ‘Bones’ … and ”UP TO 2 DAYS BEFORE” SHE actually GAVE BIRTH?? A miracle … to say the least, as that would NOT have happened … her ‘tiredness’ would have stopped her from having a ‘long hour’ schedule. Although, if her ‘devotion’ to continue filming (no matter how tired she was) DID cause her pregnancy to happen rather quickly … well, that could explain it. But, I still agree Deschanel could’ve gone to Comic-Con, as well … and the fact that her co-lead, Boreanaz, ‘bowed out’ from his ‘scheduled appearance’ too … only ‘made matters worse’ in ‘giving us an HONEST REASON’ why they didn’t attend, afterall. Really, I think we need to ‘face the facts’ … there’s ‘trouble in the mist’ for our ‘Bones’ show … and Hanson, Deschanel & Boreanaz all actually KNOW IT! Now, just the ‘real question’ is … what is FOX going to do about it?? Answer … another ‘EPIC’ show to take it’s place (or, at least, Hanson believes it’s EPIC) … the decision will be PUSH ‘The Finder’!! Oh yeah … that’s what is already happening! … Enough said!

  59. andrea on December 12th, 2011 3:57 pm

    Karen and Judie, I beg to differ! Emily is not contracted to attend Comic Con. She works 16 hour plus days and worked up until her due date because it’s her first commitment. It’s great when both actors were able to attend Comic Con, but they attend so many other events throughout the year that it must be exhausting, especially when pregnant. The filming of Bones started a little later this year, so it did conflict with the Comic Con schedule. I really don’t think there is an ulterior motive or that there’s “trouble in the midst”! In regards to some posters saying Brennan was more affectionate towards Sully, I think that is because she had no history with Sully; there were no hurt feelings or “baggage”. However, as affectionate as Brennan was towards him, she couldn’t commit to Sully. I think there are a lot of issues between Booth and I still say this is part of the reason they don’t feel completely comfortable with each other. There have been trusts that have been breached. Brennan devastated Booth when she turned down his offer of a relationship and Booth devastated Brennan when he moved on. Until these issues are at least addressed, and hopefully resolved, they will continue to “tip-toe” around each other! But I did like this episode and am looking forward to the second half of the season.

  60. andrea on December 12th, 2011 3:58 pm

    I meant to say “between Booth and Brennan”.

  61. Judie on December 12th, 2011 9:01 pm

    Andrea … you have completely ‘misunderstood’ my point! I never said Emily was ‘contracted’ to do Comic Con. My point is this …

    It was said (in numerous reports) that Emily Deschanel could NOT attend Comic Con because of ‘personal reasons’! Next, we hear the media reporting those ‘reasons’ for Deschanel’s absence, were due to ‘exhaustion’ from her pregnancy.

    So, what I wanna know is this … if Deschanel was ‘so-oooo exhausted’ from her pregnancy that she could NOT attend Comic Con, which is about a 90 MINUTE interview (while also being able to sit down, ‘the entire time’ that she would be there) … then how could Deschanel CONTINUOUSLY WORK 12-14 hours a day (while mostly standing) filming ‘Bones’?? Honestly, she must have been on some kind of ENERGY DRINK or PILL … just something to get her going … because from a ‘medical’ standpoint … it would be IMPOSSIBLE to ‘work that many hours, all at once’ while ‘extremely tired’ from pregnancy. The fact she DID ‘work like that’ makes me wonder why she would go to ‘such lengths’ to possibly ‘endanger’ her health, or her child’s health! Maybe, her ‘working like that’ was the reason her child was born 2 days AFTER filming stopped. Like I said … she could have ‘seriously endangered’ her own health, or her child’s health, by working like that! Really, what was she thinking??

    Although, since Deschanel was ABLE (somehow, some way) to work that LONG SCHEDULE … you would think she would have be able to attend Comic Con for a ‘measley’ 90 minutes! Yeah, that’s what I was implying ! So obviously … there is another reason why ‘her absence’ from Comic Con was stated as ‘personal reasons’! And sorry to say … but, ‘Bones’ filming was NOT THE ANSWER WHY. If it was THE ANSWER … it would have been ‘mentioned’ as Deschanel could NOT attend Comic Con due to ‘filming or scheduling conflicts’ … it would NOT have been mentioned as ‘personal reasons’! Sorry, but there’s ‘some other reason’ involved … and nobody’s ‘bringing it up’ as to what that REASON was! But, I’ll say this … that REASON affected Boreanaz & Hanson, too … as they also ‘pulled out’ from appearing at Comic Con … and their ‘excuse’ was also said to be for PERSONAL REASONS!

    Hmmm … Ring a bell yet, Andrea?? Again … not everything is as ‘wonderful’ as we think! Time to READ BEYOND THE LINES … something is just NOT RIGHT in all this … and sad to say … I’m betting “whatever that is” with ‘Bones’ will be REVEALED soon enough! And yes … I truly believe we better PRAY … and PRAY SO VERY MUCH for a Season 8 … cuz honestly, I DON’T BELIEVE it’s gonna happen! One word … F-I-N-D-E-R!!!!!! Why?? How’s this?? Boreanaz is DIRECTING one of their beginning episodes (so far) … TJ Thyne & JF Daley are filming their ‘guest spots’ on that show. Need I say more?? ‘Bones’ is in trouble, whether you believe it or not … time to ‘wake up & smell the coffee’! When ‘Bones’ costars are ‘guest spotting’ RIGHT AWAY on their ‘newfound spinoff competition’ … well, that spells ”something’s wrong”! You know, as well as I do … that ‘Bones’ costars should be MORE CONCERNED for their OWN SHOW! Face it … this is Hanson’s fault for PUSHING ‘The Finder’ down our throats (like other fans have said here) … I think that AFTER THIS SEASON, some of the ‘Bones’ cast will go to ‘The Finder’! It just seems like it’s ‘so-ooo convenient’ and ‘more than possible’ BECAUSE OF the costars ‘making their “Finder” guest appearance’! Which, BTW … is the show us ‘Bones’ fans DON’T WANT TO WATCH! So, why else put the ‘Bones’ cast on ‘The Finder’?? To get the fans to watch it, because the fans will watch the ‘Bones’ cast … and in turn, we will be saying ‘goodbye’ to our original, which is ‘Bones’! OK! Enough … I’m done ‘spelling it out’! … Believe whatever you want … but, when this actually happens … don’t say I didn’t mention it!

  62. Carol on December 12th, 2011 10:51 pm

    I went back to watch some of the old shows and found what is missing – those long lingering looks and flirtatious teasing smiles. These are still possible despite pregnancy. I agree with the commenters that the chemistry seems gone. I will watch a couple of episodes next year and sign off if it is not back.

    Also, for heaven’s sake, can they call each other by first names or nicknames when they are alone? How about if he called her Bren from his coma dream? Calling her Bones at home is just weird.

  63. Elena on December 12th, 2011 11:21 pm

    I think everyone is in agreement that the whole Hannah story line was just abysmal and did nothing for the show. If anything, it actually hurt the show. I think the show took a turn for the worst for me after Hannah left. I was so glad to see her go and hoping to see Booth realize that Brennan has always been the one for him. I wanted him to go after her and tell her that Hannah is/was nothing compared to her in his eyes. I wanted SO BADLY for them to have that moment where they looked at each other and said, “We’ve wasted so much time already. We’re ready. We’re in love. Let’s do this.” I was so hopeful we were getting close to that moment when they wrote those dates down on their tiny slips of paper and then burned them. I was so sad to see Vincent die but I was thinking this would be it for them. This would be the catalyst for them to look into each others’ eyes and realize how precious life is and how foolish it is to sit around and wait to be with the one you love.

    So, yeah, VNM’s death did ultimately bring them together. We got to see Brennan going to Booth in her time of sorrow and mourning. We got to see him hold her and them cry together…and then everything else was IMPLIED! Then, BAM, I’m pregnant, you’re the dad, now we’re together, la la la.

    Basically, what I’m trying to see is that from the point Hannah left until now, it’s been a big rush job. I feel like almost no thought was given to how to get them together. We’ve heard so much talk for so long about how HH & SN wanted it to happen “organically.” How is skipping all the awkward yet sweet firsts organic? The first date, first sleepover, first morning after, first “I love you.” Sigh. They really did cheat us out of so much that we waited so long to witness between Brennan and Booth…and you know what? It sucks!

    I think what’s bugged me the most about the whole thing is that I feel like Booth never realized or voiced that Hannah WAS the consolation prize and that he could never love anyone like he loves Brennan. So much of the specialness of their relationship was sucked right out when Booth proposed to Hannah…and it was never restored…not for me, anyway.

    I’m hoping to see some of that chemistry return once the baby is born and there’s more opportunity for some more physical interaction between Brennan and Booth. I’m so angry/disappointed about what Bones has become this season. There was so much potential for what would happen once they got B & B together. This is not at all what I had imagined. It’s just not.

  64. andrea on December 13th, 2011 1:01 am

    Umm Jude you don’t need to spell anything out for me. I get what you’re saying. Whew take a breath! If you want to believe the negative then that’s your choice. You however have no proof-it’s only an opinion. If Emily and David didn’t do Comic Con for “personal” reasons, they really don’t have to explain. When I said they weren’t contracted to appear on the panel, whether it’s 90 minutes or not, I meant they could choose to appear or not. However, they are contracted to do Bones-which is their first priority-there’s no choice in the matter. This is what I meant. In regards to Bones, I think there will be a season 8. I don’t think The Finder will be picked up for next season. That’s my opinion.

  65. Sandy on December 13th, 2011 5:41 am


    I disagree with you with regard to the event both stars did not attend after
    agreeing to participate. People spend money and time going to this
    event hoping to see the stars of Bones. So for some unknown reason the
    stars back out.
    I do agree with Mary that Booth and Brennan seem more like brother and
    sister than lovers. The observation that Brennan expressed more affection
    to Sully than Booth.
    Also, most of the men Brennan has been involved were in some why
    connected with Booth.
    Sully…. a co worker
    Jared …. his brother
    Hacker… his boss

    My husband said that even if he loved someone Brennan this type of history
    of picking men close to me would just move on….. Hannah at least had

    Also, my husband will not watch the show. He finds it boring.
    The target audience seems to be high school girls rather than adults.

  66. El on December 13th, 2011 9:58 am

    Andrea, I admire your devotion to the show and I hope it gives you the storyline satisfaction that you are looking for.

    In terms of Brennan, you cannot blame her for Sully because Booth had been dating her boss, Cam, secretly, I might add.

    Yes, I thought the Jared and Hacker were just ridiculous. This is the year they just started to make Brennan more clueless. The whole Hacker was just so silly and I cannot believe that this is who they give her as a love interest. HIs character was a total doofus.

    Of course, this is when they gave us Angela and Wendall, which I just cannot get over in the show. I can’t see where Hodgins took Angela back. The whole Ang/Jack/Wendall dynamic just does not work for me. They repeated this with Booth/Hannah/Brennan. HH thinks that these friendships really work.
    I just hope he does not go with the Booth/Brennan/Cam thing. I know lots of people want Booth to turn to Cam for problems again, but they were together twice. If Brennan were to turn to Sully or another ex for something, Booth would have a fit. HH just seems to think that Brennan is too rational but I think Booth turning to CAm would bother Brennan. Although it would give Cam a storyline.

    ED backing out of Comic Con could be for exhaustion etc. It is a trip to San Diego and lots of chaos. I just don’t see why they did not have DB or others from the show to attend. There were people who went specifically for them so I feel bad for those people.

    There have just been so few interviews since last year. I know DB did some but basically for his movie.

    In terms of writing, I think they definately write for a younger audience. JFD attracts the younger demo that they are looking for. A lot of the humor is written for a younger audience (the scene from this ep with him helping her get up). The thing is that B & B are not twenty something, they are 30 and 40 something. Booth has been a father for ten years. So much now written is just so immature. Brennan is now more of the comic relief in an episode than the brilliant anthropologist She usually goes from clueless, to brilliant, to clueless in each episode. And of course, she has to learn a lesson.

    I really wish Booth would stop snapping at people as well. When was the last time someone put him in his place. He is very snarky, much like season 1, with everyone. Ang and Cam need to give him some comebacks, but he has to shoot scenes with them. To me, Booth is still angry about something, and even with Brennan.

  67. El on December 13th, 2011 11:05 am

    Andrea, my last post was not directed at you. Only the first line. THe remainder was just general.

  68. AJ on December 13th, 2011 1:53 pm

    Sara Curtis !!!!!! Are you reading what the fans have to say???? What do YOU hvae to say about the obvious ??

    [b] I sincerely hope Sara Curtis is reading this commentary following her review of the show Bones. I hope she is reading each and every post. I hope and pray even more that some of the Bones Cast and crew are reading these posts too. I hope they are talking about this over their lunch on the set, drinks after work, breaks in between filming sequences.[b]

    I often thought the Fox employees were obvious when they posted to commentary sites like this, but have only spotted a couple. (Yes they do that more than you may know)

    It is as if the Bones fandom is taking a gasp and finally exhaling after getting punched in the gut at the end of season six. (For some it was the end of season five and ALL of season six.) The fans have been told multibple times by the producers of this show that there is no going back, reliving the “moments” that the fans who dare to be vocal are wishing for.

    I am typing this post expressly for ANYONE attached to the Fox show Bones- Please take these two ideas back to HH, SN, DB or ED, hel_ anybody that will listen;

    We have a break coming up- give us some two and three minute YouTube Booth and Brennan moments- You guys did this with “couples counseling shorts” and they were great. These were little chats that Booth and Brennan had on the couch seeminly outside of Sweets office. This is an excellent way to let the fans have some fun with B&B and make the break less painful. I know they don’t want to, but this is a perfect, perfect way to give us a couple of the “moments ” we want so much to see. Waking up together, Bone’s reaction to the pregnancy test, Booth not being able to concentrate on a sports game on TV because all he can here is ~ you’re the father.~

    Second idea- not ever done to my knowledge (and something I wished for in the Angel fandom days ahhhhhhhh, the love!) …………… have a fanfiction writing contest. HH and SN or DB and ED can pic the short, say 2minute scene from submitted fanfiction- and do a a YOuTube short with it. Heck do a top three or ten(!) and post them on the Fox site and other places each week before Bones starts up again. You would blow the minds of the fans and they would just about forgive anything……………(hmmmmm.) You may discover the next writer for the show- and at a decent price, my bet is “work for free” would be their motto. By holding a contest HH and SN and DB and ED would have some rules, draw some lines, but have some fun.

    Honest to God, how long would it take to memorize a few lines and have some fun?? Make the ground rule that the scene has to take place in an existing set location, no cost except a couple of minutes of film. And the fandom would just practcally pass out from the joy of it all. Send it to their phones via that new Fox application each week!!!

    Come on- even I am trying to help here, I can rake you guys over the coals, but I can find middle ground too. I am trying to do that here- help the fans to help you- not saying you even gotta use the fanfic scenes, but do something with some “shorts-videos”. Make a fun- one, make a hot one, make one that is steamy like season 2 and 3, make a doc. visit with Bones, make a Booth can’t wait to get off the ice from a pick up game cause Bones called him and flustered him a bit, make a pregnant food craving one- what did she send Booth out for at 1AM?,

    I can give you a million of them- no cost, just looking to enjoy a show that I once loved.
    Come on guys- say Hel_ Yeah!

  69. alison tabor on December 13th, 2011 2:34 pm

    Remember that line between Booth & Bones: “what happens between us is ours.” I think HH & SN and the writers have taken that line way too seriously. It seems like the fans are shut out of anything personal, private, loving that goes on between B&B.
    Additionally, I don’t read the credits to see who is directing the shows, but it takes a good director to capture those loving & longing looks between B&B. Haven’t seen one of those yet in season 7. Why not???
    And I often find myself thinking: Where’s the love Booth?
    I thought thaat Booth lieing to Brennan was horrid. Wasn’t even worth the laugh of bones “catching” him in the lie or leaving him stranded.
    Yes, I will keep watching, but I don’t have the same interest or anticipation I used to have primarily because I am disappointed with how they are portraying B&B as a couple of convenience when for 6 seasons prior there was so much underlying intensity. Now it should be outward intensity, or passion. But it just boring.

  70. Ellie on December 13th, 2011 3:41 pm

    Wow…. After reading with most of the posts….. I am glad that I am not
    along in my feelings on the downward direction of Bones.

    One of the best posts was the need to call each other by Temperance and
    Seely when alone. Enough with Bones/Booth…. they do have names.

    The past love interests of Brennan (Sully, Hacker and Jared) all having some connection
    with Booth is rather bizarre to me. Andrea made an excellent observation on this
    point. What were the writers thinking have Booth stepped on (figure of speech)
    by his co-worker (Sully) Jared (brother) Hacker (boss) when they all dated Brennan.
    No man would accept this…. could be this is a reason why he is angry.
    Also, Brennan is no longer close to becoming a feeling human but a female Mr.Spock.
    Since I am over 25 yo female. Bones is no longer written for me as a target
    I also agree that The Finder is the primary focus of the creators/writers
    of Bones. If The Finder makes it. Bones will just be a shadow of its former self.
    Since all the creative people will be working for The Finder.

    Bones had a good run and I guess it is time to just put it so sleep. A previous poster
    mentioned how Magnum PI ended with the marriage of Magnum.
    This is a way to end Bones.

  71. El on December 13th, 2011 4:44 pm

    I have to say that I enjoy coming to this site because I agree with Sarah and her reviews. I see a lot of what she sees (and the same with Marissa). I read other reviews and I think I must be watching a different show than they are. They talk about the sizzling chemistry and one talked about how each episode gets better and better and each season as well, and I wonder what the author of these reviews is really watching.

    The point us that we are all watching. I stopped last year and went back to Greys and caught up on TNT (not all of the episodes but over half) This season since Greys went on hiatus I have watched live. I can’t say they have really held my interest that much.

    HH really does not care what people think as long as they are watching. He gets a lot of great reviews from some critics. Ratings are still pretty good.
    There are the obsessed DB fans who will watch anything he is in. There are the obsessed fans who only care that they are together. There are those obsessed fans who have written their own fanfics as to how they got together.
    I just personally feel like I have misses something and I don’t mean the episodes that I actually missed. I have watched since Hannah left and the whole storyline of Booth and Brennan still does not feel right. I have had several family members who watch and have asked me what they have missed. They have watched all of the episodes but really thought there must have been some they missed because they could not understand how they were suddenly together this season.

    HH always says that it matters that people are talking. This is about the only site that people are really talking about the show and it is a very small minority. Most of the fan sites are very quiet. I don’t go on twitter but I heard it is active about the show. I think what has happened is like the show itself. Booth and Brennan have settled and it seems like most of the fans have just settled as well.

    Greys comes back in January and we will see what it does to the Finder ratings. Plus POI is getting stronger and the Office always does fairly well in the demo. I just cannot see the Finder being strong enough against this competition. Maybe AI will give it the audience it needs, but I can’t see it.

    As for Bones returning in the Spring, I am sure they will plan it when Greys is not on and maybe when POI is in reruns. That is why I can see the March return. If they wait until April when these shows start doing their end of season runs, I don’t think Bones will do well live. Yes, I think the DVR numbers will be OK.

    Maybe Fox will really start to publicize Bones. It really all depends on the Finder and if it makes it. Since the premiere there has been little promo for Bones. Even when HH sent out the Booth episode to the press early, I think Marisa was the only one who even wrote anything about it.

    I just don’t think the producers are even interested anymore in what fans have to say. They listen to who they want and block out anyone else. In their eyes, they still have a successful show.

  72. Judie on December 13th, 2011 8:08 pm

    Andrea … obviously, I did need to ‘spell it out’ … since you still ‘don’t understand’ what I’m getting at. Nice to see Sandy ‘got it’ and ‘posted it’ ‘in the ‘first line’ of her comment here!

    OK! Let me slooooooow this down, a little more … so you can see what I’m saying in regards to the ‘Bones’ ‘cancelling’ of Comic Con! One of your ‘above sentences’ said that —— “”The filming of Bones started a little later this year, so it did conflict with the Comic Con schedule.””

    Well, where is ‘your proof’ in that?? Yes, I said ‘proof”!! You were talking how I have been ‘lacking proof’ in what I’m saying here. Which is completely being ‘misunderstood by you’, as others here ‘understand’ what I have been saying ‘since the start’ of my comments. My ‘evidence’ is based on ‘actual facts’ that were ‘reported’ by the media, as well as, mentioned by the ‘Bones’ cast, themselves in actual interviews. Everything I have said here is ‘backed’ by what has been stated as ‘truth’ … and anything that was ‘speculation’ on my part, was also ‘worded’ in a way that was ‘understood’ by many here … as several people have ‘agreed’ in their comments with my reasoning. Just because you don’t agree … doesn’t mean ‘I’m wrong’ in mentioning what has been ‘proven’ as fact! So, now where is ‘your proof in your one sentence’?? I wanna know who said the ‘Bones’ schedule was ‘conflicting’ … cuz I never read that Hanson, Boreanaz or Deschanel’s schedules were conflicted. Actually, what was ‘first mentioned’ regarding Comic Con, was the ‘actual dates’ of when ‘the event’ was taking place. Next, we heard about ‘some stars who didn’t have a show’ and also ‘some stars along with their show’ that were ‘going to attend’ the event! Next, we heard what ‘section/ballroom/location’ and ‘the time & date’ of their ‘appearance’ … or read it as ‘the actual schedule of events’ for Comic Con. I was ‘praising’ Sandy’s ‘first-liner comment’ because she HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! The actual statement was noted as BOTH STARS (Boreanaz & Deschanel) ”’AGREED IN PARTICIPATING”’ (thank you, Sandy!) in Comic Con. There was NEVER any ‘verbal response’ from Deschanel or Boreanaz saying that their ‘Bones’ schedules were ‘conflicting’ in being able to appear, or that such a ‘conflict’ was why they SUDDENLY had ‘cancelled’ their ”’PLANNED”’ appearance. It was just said (by first, Deschanel … then secondly, Boreanaz … and lastly, Hanson) that the reason was ‘personal’ as why they could NOT attend! Truthfully, I don’t care what THE REASON was … and you are right in saying that THEY don’t have to TELL US! Although, what I am saying is that it was ”’AN EXCUSE”’ they gave to us, as there was NO PERSONAL REASON to begin with! It was just ‘something happened’ that caused their cancellation … and whether it was really Fox’s decision, remains to be seen. Another thing is … a ‘good portion’ of the ‘Bones’ cast (along with HH & SN) ‘showed up’ at The Paley event, earlier this year … so, whatever DID HAPPEN to ‘decline’ their ”PLANNED PARTICIPATION” with Comic Con, happened in the time period AFTER their ‘participation’ in The Paley event. I’ve always ‘wondered’ if it was because of Hanson’s ‘outburst’ (at The Paley event) to a specific fan’s letter … could that have had ‘something to do’ with Hanson, & the rest of the ‘Bones’ cast, NOT making PUBLIC APPEARANCES for ‘Bones’ now?? And notice, I said ‘Bones’ NOT making public appearances … as Boreanaz did star on Regis & Kelly recently (yes, a public appearance) … but, it was to ‘promote’ his ‘Mighty Macs’ movie, not specifically to ‘promote’ ‘Bones’ … (and the proof is that they did show a clip from the ‘Mighty Macs’ movie … while, of course, nothing was shown from ‘Bones’) So, I’m thinking …. maybe, Fox wanted time for Hanson to ‘cool-down’ from his ‘particular comment’ he gave at The Paley Event … so Fox could have further decided no one from ‘Bones’ could attend Comic Con … who knows, maybe possible?? And yes, my comment of ‘who knows, maybe possible’ would tell you that ‘last comment’ was ‘speculation’ on my part! Just a reminder!

    So, do you now ‘understand’ why I have been commenting & discussing certain issues, Andrea?? Really, if it is all on the ‘negative side’ … it’s no fault of mine. It’s because of ‘what has been put out there’ in front of all us ‘Bones’ fans to see. Can ‘everything’ I mentioned be wrong to mention?? Hardly! There’s ‘truth’ to all of what I’ve been mentioning! I would WISH that I could be feeling ‘more positive’ on ‘Bones’ and their future … but, EVERYTHING I have heard ‘tells me’ another story. This is why ‘things are different’ now … and there has been NOTHING to show us ‘improvement’ is ‘on it’s way’!! I really hope the SECOND HALF of ‘Bones’ Season 7 does show us A BETTER story arc (especially for our Booth & Brennan) … although, because of what has been SHOWN TO US so far, and how it’s clearly NOT WORKING for their ‘characters or storylines’ on ‘Bones’ … I feel that if that DOES HAPPEN (where things start to improve) it’s only because they want to GIVE US a ‘happy ending’ for the ‘actual end’ of ‘Bones’ … and nothing more! So, how can we say ‘changes’ will be a good thing?? It could be just to ‘close out’ our ‘Bones’ show, the way WE WANT TO SEE IT END … and sad to say, but Hanson ‘no doubt at all’ KNOWS THAT … so, what else is there to say?? It’s only gonna ‘prove positive’ for ‘Bones’ … if Season 8 happens because FOX WANTS IT to remain on their programming! Sometimes, I wonder if Fox actually BACKS Hanson in ‘pushing’ the ‘Finder’!! I mean, look … ‘The Finder’ is getting alot of ‘promotion’ from Fox’s advertisements during the TV commercials! And also, you can even see those ‘advertisements’ for ‘The Finder’ when watching ‘Bones’ online! Oh well, I guess April (or maybe, that’s ‘looking at this’ too soon) … actually, let’s say May … will ‘tell us’ what the future holds for ‘Bones’! If I had to bet RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT on ‘Bones’ … I’d say ‘our chances’ for ‘another renewal’ are slim-to-none! If ratings improve … that’s another story! Just hopefully, ratings will NOT get ‘any worse’ than they already are. And I can understand those who say ‘Bones’ is now ‘targetting’ a ‘younger audience’ … but, the reason that is NOT CURRENTLY WORKING is because the DEMOS are NOT CLIMBING as a result of ‘targetting’ that younger generation! It’s ‘common-knowledge’ to know that ‘demographics’ are basically considered as the ‘younger generation’ results in ratings! So, how is this a good sign, if ‘Bones’ demos are declining?? Simple … it’s not good at all! More ‘negativity’ I’m pointing out?? Yes, it’s TRUE! Is it ‘my fault’ the ratings are declining?? No way, no how! The show’s problems lie with Hanson … if he would ‘get back on board’ with ‘overseeing’ what is happening with ‘Bones’ … that, I believe, could ‘make a HUGE difference’ in showing the fans HE CARES about WHAT HAPPENS to his ‘original’ show! But, since he’s MORE INTERESTED in his ‘Finder’ ”getting the ”all’s clear” go-ahead” … again, I can’t help thinking ‘Bones’ is going to drown. It’s all on Fox now … as they have ‘the ball in their court’ … and whatever they say WILL HAPPEN for our ‘Bones’. Let’s just ‘further hope’ that Fox isn’t ‘taking advice’ from Hanson! Otherwise, ‘Bones’ won’t have A SNOWBALL’S CHANCE IN ‘HECK’ for survival! So, like I said before … PRAY, and PRAY VERY MUCH for their Season 8 renewal! Now, just hope Fox can HEAR our prayers!!

  73. Phillip on December 14th, 2011 8:02 am

    If anyone is interested….. there are two clips of The Finder which can
    be viewed. Just go to Give me my remote and type in Bones.
    The two clips are horrible. Just watching the promo clips is enough to
    not bother watching the complete episode.

    If Bones was disregarded by HH for The Finder a major mistake was made.

  74. Eileen Datsko on December 14th, 2011 3:51 pm

    I’m wondering why you use all of those annoying ‘apostrophes’ in your writings. Your comments would flow much more smoothly without them. I don’t mean to offend you….just sayin…

  75. andrea on December 14th, 2011 8:08 pm

    You know what Judie, since it seems to be so important to you in regards to the whole Comic Con issue, consider yourself the “winner”. I did understand your post-I am not someone who is lacking in intelligence and your writing isn’t too difficult for me to comprehend! The word
    “proof” may have been the wrong one to use. I too read the various info you mentioned, (you misunderstood that this was the proof I was requesting) I just didn’t come to the conclusion that something was amiss as you did. It was that conclusion I was disagreeing with in my post-that was the “proof” I was referring to. I have no interest in having an internet put down with someone I don’t even know. In none of my posts have I insulted your intelligence, and spoken “down” to you in my posts. There is no reason to insult me! The is an arena to agree or disagree-however I feel there is no need to be insulting toward others’ opinions or beliefs!

  76. Jillian on December 15th, 2011 2:15 am

    Guys, there will be definitely be more romance in the upcoming episodes. Emily is probably just uncomfortable making out with a guys that’s not the father of her baby.

  77. Judie on December 15th, 2011 9:18 am

    Andrea … I see our ‘whole discussion’ has been turned into one huge ‘cat fight’ … and for absolutely no reason. Seriously, all I was doing was trying to have you ‘understand’ some things, I felt you were completely ‘unaware of’ … so, I ‘broke things down further’ in ‘an attempt’ to explain ‘those issues’ to you! I never said I had to be ‘the winner’ of the discussion … those ‘winner words’ are yours, not mine! My feelings are that I do feel strongly about ‘certain issues’ I’ve mentioned here … because there has been NO HONESTY in the results we have seen … and it is unfair to us, the fans (who have ‘stuck by this show’ and the actors, themselves) to be told otherwise! So, just because I feel strongly to the point of NOT backing down at all, doesn’t mean I’m acting like it’s a WINNER situation! It only means there are ‘reasons’ why I simply will not say ‘everything is fine’ with ‘Bones … and my own examples are ‘justifiable’ as why I feel the way I do. It also means that until we see ‘extreme improvement’ … I will not change what I feel strongly about!

    Now, what I was saying ‘directly to you’ was that the ”ring a bell, yet’??” comment, was me asking if you ‘remembered’ that ‘particular incident’ that was spoken about in the media. My ‘slooooow things down for you’ comment was me ‘explaining in detail’ what you might NOT have already known. And, for the record … I NEVER once said that you ‘lack intelligence’ … that was ‘your own remark’ … so, don’t ‘make it look’ as if I insulted you … cuz, I never did! I was trying to have you witness some of ‘the negative’ going on … because I felt you were ALWAYS SAYING that everything was ‘fine’ with the show, and there are ‘no problems’ to speak of … like as if, things are perfect, and nothing is wrong! Honestly, I see things differently than you do … cuz, it’s ‘quite obvious’ that there are ‘alot of problems’ happening with ‘Bones’! Although, if you ‘believe’ that everything is ‘just fine’ and in a ‘positive light’ … then, go ahead, it’s YOUR CHOICE to do so! You know, I just want to add … that it would’ve been different, if you would have said that you ‘understand’ there are ‘problems’ happening … but want to still ‘try and remain positive’ through it all! But, you didn’t come across that way … as your explanations just said how ‘you couldn’t see’ what I was pointing out! So, I felt you didn’t want to believe anything I had to say, regardless … and just kept saying how it was me ‘misunderstanding you’ in general.

    So, let’s end this ‘cat fight’ rather easily now … as we can ‘both agree’ in saying that ‘we see things differently’. Some people agree with what I have pointed out in discussion here … while others agree with your comments. So, there’s no need for us to further retaliate against each other. Let’s just move past this, and accept that we have different views! There … I’m ok with that! Are you??

  78. AJ on December 15th, 2011 11:09 am

    Andrea- the phrase is “throw down”,
    throw down, not “put down”.

    🙂 Just trying to put Some Bone’s humor in this commentary to lighten things up.

    Everyone here seem to be current fans, old fans who desperatly want to stay current fans, or fans who want to become “involved” with the sustainablility of this show. There is alot of strength and conviction with each person who writes in whether to a blog, commentary thread, or Bone’s fan site- they all deserve to be heard.
    I hope the powers that be with this show gets the hint.

  79. Sarah on December 16th, 2011 12:53 pm

    I just saw the early ratings for last night…. The Bones/Finder episode.
    There was a 3 million drop in viewership.
    Not very good news for The Finder to have such a drastic drop before the
    first Finder only episode is shown.

    Also, how much confidence does FOX have if it needs Bones to be the
    lead for the Finder next month. I bet Bones will suffer in numbers next month
    thanks to FOX.

  80. Frances on December 16th, 2011 3:42 pm

    I don’t know if anyone has commented on this already, so I apologize in advance if I am being repetitive. Don’t you think that the reason they have dialed back on the emotional connection between Booth and Brennan is because Emily is pregnant? In this episode, she looked like she was ready to pop! I’m pretty sure they have taken it easy with her since working all those long hours carrying a baby is tough. I’ve enjoyed the episodes so far. They are the fun loving Bones gang that I remember from the beginning. Maybe Bones-lite is good for now, cuz they are going to get to some more emotional story lines later in the season, when Emily is back from maternity leave.

  81. maroon on December 19th, 2011 1:18 pm

    The past season had been a disappointment, but I was willing to give this season a chance but… it was one boring episode after another, and this was the last straw. Sorry, Bones, it’s over between you and me. I just can’t be bothered to care anymore.

  82. Amalia on October 12th, 2015 4:50 pm

    I critically appreciate your posts. Thanks