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CASTLE: Seamus Dever Teases ”Till Death Do Us Part,’ Ryan’s Wedding and More

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CASTLE fans are used to exploring the romantic tension between Castle and Beckett, but in Monday’s brand new episode, the romance spotlight will be shifted a bit to celebrate Ryan and Jenny’s wedding! (About time those two crazy kids got hitched, right?)

To celebrate the occasion, I hopped on the phone with Seamus Dever (Ryan) to see what he could spill about the hour…

How was it for you to actually film Ryan and Jenny’s wedding?
Seamus Dever: It was fun! it was fun, because as your readers may or may not know, [Jenny] is played by my real wife, Juliana. So it was fun to dress up again and remember all the things that happened that day when we got married. And all those feelings and all those things, it was nice to have that. And we got some new wedding pictures out of it, too, which was cool. So it was a lot of fun and it was great to see everybody spiffied up. You show up [at work normally] and everybody’s dressed in their cop clothes, so it was nice to see them in their gowns and tuxes. It’s always an event when that happens, so it was fun.

And hey, if you can get ABC to pay for a vow renewal of sorts for you two…
SD: There you go!

How big a part did the wedding play in the actual episode? Obviously there’s still a case going on, but this is a big moment for Ryan.
SD: It’s one of those things where we’ve already done a wedding ceremony thing on our show like two years ago, so I don’t think they wanted to go down that path. The most interesting part is the lead-up to that — it’s all the feelings and the preparations and all the things that you’re doing beforehand. It was fun because everyone is trying to figure out who they’re going with. Weddings are one of those things where everyone has to start to deal with their feelings and evaluate their relationships. And everyone is single because my character is the only one who is in a relationship in the whole precinct. [Laughs] Everyone’s trying to decide who their date for this wedding is going to be, because nobody wants to show up alone. Esposito and Lanie are on the outs, so who’s Lanie bringing to the wedding? And Esposito’s really self-conscious about that and trying to score his plus-one. And Beckett’s trying to decide who her plus-one is going to be. And Castle thinks [his] is going to be Alexis, but then Alexis gets another offer.

It’s funny, because everyone is dealing with that in the lead-up to [the wedding] and Ryan and Jenny have decided to go on a cleanse before the wedding. One of those crazy, lemon juices and cayenne pepper things that everybody does because it purifies their soul and presumably helps them lose a little bit of weight and look a little better in their tux and that kind of thing. So everyone gets to kind of see Ryan come to a boiling point, because he’s not eating, so all of a sudden he’s getting a bit more edgy. And they’re not going to let him get away with that without making fun of him, so Esposito is all of a sudden eating more donuts around him and doing things that Ryan wants to do. So it’s all about the lead-up.

And yes, there’s a point where they discover some information that Jenny is involved in the case. There’s some information Castle and Beckett are holding back from Ryan in the fear that he’s going to be really hurt by it. So, it’s pretty interesting. It’s a very well-crafted episode. David Grae, he’s one of our best writers, he wrote this episode. And Jeff Bleckner directed it and Jeff’s a veteran director. He directed previously for us the “Nikki Heat” episode with Laura Prepon from last year. And David Grae wrote that episode, [too]. So it was nice to see that team back together, because I think they handle the romance and the comedy very well. And so in that respect, it was pretty cool to work on this episode.

Good to hear! When I spoke with CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe recently, I asked him how much marriage would change Ryan, and he said that was still up in the air. Now that you’re a few episodes ahead of us, do you feel that there has been any difference?
SD: We haven’t started dealing with that for any sort of repercussions…yet. But it probably will at some point. I think Andrew like to play with the fact — Andrew’s a very happily married man himself and I think he’s very comfortable in that. Marriage is something some guys can handle and some guys are afraid of. And I think he’s very comfortable with it, so I think it’s neat to see how it impacts everyone else. As a device, I think Ryan’s marriage is going to be used to let everybody know it’s okay to admit to some of these feelings, it’s okay to commit to relationships because everyone is single! [Laughs] I think he’s going to use that in the future. It’s up in the air, but I don’t see it being one of these things where they’re going to break up or get divorced or anything like that. I think it’s always been a stable relationship that he’s really comfortable with. I think it’s going to be one of those things that we see everybody else dealing with it, but I don’t know. It’s up in the air, but it should be interesting.

“‘Til Death Do Us Part” airs Monday, January 9th at 10 PM on ABC.

Make sure to check back with Give Me My Remote over the next few weeks for more CASTLE scoop! (And if you watch to catch up on old episodes while you wait for CASTLE’s return on Monday, head to their official website.)


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  1. Kath (canakatydid) on January 4th, 2012 5:35 pm

    As “always” thanks for the Castle scoop Marisa!

    (Did you see what I did there! 😉 )

  2. B on January 4th, 2012 5:41 pm

    That was a great interview. Thanks, Marisa! If this episode is as funny as Seamus describes it, it should be another classic episode of Castle.

    Also, SPOILERS! Still, I’m relieved to hear Alexis has a change of plans, so Castle and Beckett can spend some quality time together at the wedding, after hearing otherwise.

  3. Jill on January 4th, 2012 6:36 pm

    Thanks for that interview. Suddenly I can’t wait for the episode!

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    Thanks for all the kind words!

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    HA the stuff with the cleanse diet sounds pretty hilarious. Can’t wait; thanks for the good interview.

  6. Ellen on January 4th, 2012 9:45 pm

    Thank you for the terrific interview! This episode sounds like a lot of fun, especially since I adore Ryan and Esposito as much as I do Beckett and Castle. The Devers look adorable together.

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