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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Are you a fan of WHITNEY? Are you counting down the minutes until the premiere of ARE YOU THERE, CHELSEA? If so, you’re in luck because starting tonight, they will be back-to-back on Wednesdays on NBC!

Read on to see what else you’ll be watching!

Whitney | 8pm on NBC
“Private Parts”
When Alex refuses to share the password to his phone, Whitney, who believes that they should share everything, becomes upset. Deciding they both need some solo time, they each plan a night out without each other – but when Whitney comes home early she finds Alex in a compromising position. Meanwhile, Lily and Neal move into their new apartment together, but Lily is nervous about being herself, specifically in the bathroom.

The Middle | 8pm on ABC
“The Map”
After attending Aunt Ginny’s funeral, Frankie begins to fear that the family is missing out on important life milestones and vows to begin celebrating all of them. Meanwhile, Axl accidentally eats Brick’s Indiana dough school map project and is tasked with creating a new one, and Sue discovers that one of the boys on the wrestling team has a crush on her.

One Tree Hill | 8pm on The CW
“Know This, We’ve Noticed”
As Brooke and Julian begin to adjust to life with their new children, Haley and Nathan find themselves dealing with similar issues. Although they don’t know it yet, faces from the past threaten to interrupt plans for all their futures. Meanwhile, a mysterious problem arises for Clay and Quinn.

Are You There, Chelsea? | 8:30pm on NBC
When Chelsea gets a D.U.I., she realizes she needs to make some big changes in her life, including moving closer to where she works – Jerry’s Ultimate Sports Bar. She and her best pal Olivia, discover an apartment in the same building as their colleague Rick – just blocks from the bar – and move in immediately with the quirky and good-natured Dee Dee. Meanwhile, Sloane, whose military husband is currently stationed overseas, is due to give birth any day and is not convinced she can count on the freewheeling Chelsea to be there for her at the delivery.

Suburgatory | 8:30pm on ABC
“Out in the Burbs”
When Tessa is asked to show new guy Josh Sherman (Dan Byrd) around school, she becomes convinced that he’s gay, when in fact he’s an undercover narcotics officer. Lisa becomes deeply infatuated with Josh, and Tessa inadvertly convinces Mr. Wolfe to make special announcement to the student body. Meanwhile George re-evaluates his relationship with Dallas.

So much more. Keep reading…

Harry’s Law | 9pm on NBC
“Gorilla My Dreams”
Harry and Tommy, in the midst of duck hunting, discover that the owner of the hunting preserve has been covertly housing a gorilla. Swayed by the gorilla’s incredible intelligence and gentle demeanor, Harry agrees to help. Meanwhile, Adam and Cassie represent Annie Bilson, a young lady who seeks vigilante justice against men who abuse women by dressing up as Wonder Woman.

Mobbed | 9pm on Fox
“Episode 1231”
Host Howie Mandel and over a thousand strangers will help Sahara reveal a secret she’s been keeping from her family for years about the state of her marriage. But during the emotional flash mob performance, Sahara reveals the even bigger and more unexpected news that she has a six-year-old son her mother has never met. Find out if her family will show support and understanding when presented with the shocking news or if the secrets are too much for them to accept.

Modern Family | 9pm on ABC
“Egg Drop”
Luke and Manny have a big school project to design the best capsule that would protect an egg in a two-story drop, but when Claire and Jay catch wind of it, their own competitive drives kick in… and eventually take over. Meanwhile, Phil solicits the help of Haley and Gloria to sit as plants in the audience during a huge real estate presentation he has put together, and Mitch and Cam meet with prospective birth mothers and must try their very best to be charming and likeable.

Happy Endings | 9:30pm on ABC
“Meet the Parrots”
Dave’s father, “Big” Dave (Michael McKean), comes to town to introduce his new girlfriend, who shockingly happens to be Penny’s mother, Dana (Megan Mullally). Penny couldn’t be more thrilled that her thrice divorced mother has a new man in her life, but Dave on the other hand reacts childishly to the news. Meanwhile Alex, who is feeling lonely at the shop, decides to adopt an adorable parrot that turns out to be not so charming, spewing nonstop racist and homophobic rhetoric. And Alex enlists Brad and Max’s help, as she is convinced the Chinese restaurant next door is a front for a brothel.

Law & Order: SVU | 10pm on NBC
“Theatre Tricks”
An actress in an interactive theater production is raped on stage, while the audience believes it to be part of the show. The SVU detectives hit a dead end in their investigation when they learn the show’s passionate director (guest star Fisher Stevens) gave the audience, including the assailant, masks to wear during the performance. Detectives Rollins and Tutuola track down an obsessed fan of the young actress who recorded the assault while stalking her, which leads Detectives Benson and Amaro to a respected judge (guest star Kevin Pollak.) With the judge’s reputation on the line, the SVU squad explores the underbelly of the New York theater world to uncover who really orchestrated the public attack.

Revenge | 10pm on ABC
Emily sets her sights on a new target when a famed author who has deep ties with both the Graysons and the Clarkes returns to town; Conrad proves how dirty he’s willing to get when Daniel gets dragged into the divorce; Jack finally let’s his guard down with Amanda; and a stunning revelation is unveiled and becomes a game changer for Emily and the Graysons.

Top Chef | 10pm on Bravo
“Restaurant Wars”
The still-standing chefs sharpen their knives for the time-honored fan-favorite “Restaurant Wars” test. The all-encompassing culinary challenge tasks them to create an eatery, from its signage and logos to its menus and meals.

The Soup | 10pm on E!
A weekly recap of various pop culture and television show moments of the week. The show is hosted by Joel McHale (COMMUNITY), who provides sarcastic and biting commentary on the hottest celeb news events and goofiest reality clips.

Face Off | 10pm on Syfy 75-Minute Premiere
“Return to Oz”
Fourteen aspiring makeup artists face off in the Season 2 premiere, which has them re-imagining characters from “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

Also playing…

  • People’s Choice Awards | 9pm on CBS
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter | “The Tender Trap, Part 1” | 10pm on A&E
  • Hot in Cleveland | “Two Girls and a Rhino” | 10pm on TV Land

What will you be watching?

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